Schwinn 270 Bike Review

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The Schwinn 270 is a comfortable recumbent bike that will help to keep you challenged in your fitness routine. There are quite a few really cool advanced features that will help you stay connected while you train. Not only will you have access to your favorite apps you will also be able to use the app that this brand has developed. When using these types of things you can keep your routine interesting and they can keep you on track. There are a huge variety of different programs that you can choose from to find the right level of challenge for your fitness situation. Whether you are trying to lose some weight or build up your endurance this bike can help. The console is easy to read and gives you a great amount of information. This bike offers a smooth ride that won't wobble, even at high levels of resistance. Biking is great not only for cycling enthusiasts but also for switching up the routines of athletes like boxers, runners, and Yogis. Schwinn is known for their amazing bikes and this one fits into their lines exceptionally well. When you decide to invest in this product you will be investing in the improvement of your fitness, health, and well-being.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Easy To Read Display
  • Several Built-In Programs
  • Excellent For Cardio
  • Improves Weight Loss
  • Built-In Fan
  • Very Comfortable Seat
  • Quiet Ride
  • High Price Tag
  • Buggy Console


Schwinn is a brand that has been synonymous with bicycles for well over a hundred years. They originally started producing bikes for leisure and four races. As their company progressed they started to Branch out into other areas. This includes exercise equipment. Not only do they offer a great variety of biking options you can also find home gym equipment like treadmills and rowing machines. When you are looking for products that are not only reliable but also innovative impact with today's technology this is a good place to turn. With their wide variety of options, you'll be able to find something that not only fits into your budget but also easily into your gym and life. Everyone from mixed martial artists to office Personnel can find benefit in their routine by using the great products provided to us by Schwinn.

Basic Features

This high-end option provides you with all of the basic features you would expect out of a quality exercise bike. You will be able to adjust the seat to easily find a comfortable position to work through your routine in. This model also has a larger cup holder which will accommodate a variety of water bottles easily. For many indoor bikes, the LCD display is considered an advanced feature. Due to the fact that this product has so many features we have moved it into the basic feature section. The display is backlit and there are two different screens that provide a variety of information. This product also has a media shelf. This will allow you a convenient place to put your cell phone or tablet so you can stay connected to your favorite apps, listen to music, or catch up on your favorite show all while you work up a sweat and improve your fitness.

Advanced Features

When you are looking for an exercise bike that offers a good variety of advanced features this one is a great one to turn your attention to. There are 29 different programs built into the cancel. It gives you a variety of different options to help you keep track of things like recovery, Fitness, and heart rate. So depending on what you want to work on, there will be a setting just for you. This bike also has a charging port that you can use while riding. you can simply plug your device in with a USB cable. You will have access to maps from around the world that you can use to ride alone or with your friends. This product also offers a heart rate monitor. It is important to note that it does not include a chest strap. On top of all of this, there is also a fan. When you are working hard and becoming exceptionally sweaty a fan can be exactly what you need to keep you going strong. While this covers most of the features of this product there are other things that it can do. Again, if you are looking for something that is technologically advanced and will give you all of the bells and whistles you need this could be your perfect choice.


The pedals on this bike are slightly larger than standard bicycle pedals. This will allow a larger variety of feet to fit comfortably on them. They do offer some traction however it is not bumpy. This means that you will be able to use this bike and thin socks or even with bare feet if this is how you prefer it. they do offer secure straps that will go over the top of your feet. These straps will keep your feet firmly in place on the pedals and allow you better thrust as you work through your routine. There have not been complaints from customers about the straps on the pedals breaking which is a complaint we typically see with this type of device. Overall, this is a sturdy pedal option that will give you a smooth and quiet ride.


Most people find that this recumbent bike is more comfortable than most others. The seat is a bit wider than you would expect an offers a great amount of padding. This will allow you to sit comfortably even on extremely long rides. It also offers a seat back that has perforation. This will keep you cooler as well as help support your body to improve your overall level of comfort. The seat is adjustable so you won't be able to find the perfect distance away from the pedals to ensure a good ride. There are also two different options in terms of handlebars. It offers the standard handles down next to the seat and then the additional option of handlebars by the console. The ability to adjust your positioning will allow you to maintain an optimal level of comfort throughout your entire routine.


This product is not lacking in terms of resistance options. Many basic models only offer eight or so levels of resistance and this may not be enough for those of you that are truly physically fit. This option will give you 25 different levels of resistance. You'll be able to change it easily with the push of a button. so, regardless of if you are just starting out on a fitness venture and you are looking to lose weight or you are already extremely active and just trying to change up your routine, this bike has a resistance level to suit your needs. Working up a sweat will be no problem at all and improving your overall health will be easier than ever. Consumers are more than happy with a wide range of resistant options that they get with this indoor cycle.


Recumbent bikes are always a bit larger than other styles of indoor Cycles. This one, in particular, will take up a decent amount of room in your home gym. It is 64 inches long. not only is the length of a bit longer it is also quite a bit wide. The width of this item is almost 28 inches. Typically, consumers not overly concerned with the height of their bike but if you are curious this one comes in at almost 50 in tall. It is important to note that this product does have wheels for relocation if you weren't to need to move it to a different space. Not everyone will be able to easily fit this item into their home gym and may need to look for a smaller version.


There is not a whole lot of assembly that is required with this product. When you receive the item the bulk of it will already be put together. There have been notes from the consumers that the instruction booklet is a simple diagram and if you don't take your time you may make mistakes. The general consensus is that you will be able to get this bike fully assembled and an hour to an hour and a half. This is a bit longer than others, however, this bike offers more features so it's not surprising that there is a little more effort that needs to be put forth when assembling it. Another thing that is important to note is that consumers have said you will likely want to use your own tools to put it together as the ones that come with it are not the best quality. Overall, regardless of your ability to build things you should have very little trouble assembling this exercise bike.


There are some awesome advantages and choosing to go with this recumbent bike. You'll be able to stay easily connected to your favorite apps and this, in turn, can lead you to better tracking of your workouts. When you are able to challenge yourself each and every day in a variety of different tasks and activities it can help you maintain the drive to keep working hard. As you continue to challenge yourself you will find that you get better results from your fitness excursions. With built-in programs and easy-to-use features deciding what you want to do is simple. Recumbent bikes are excellent for those of you that have joint issues or are recovering from an injury as it is an exceptionally low impact workout. Other advantages of this product are the little-hidden gem features like a built-in fan and speakers. This bike will truly help you keep things interesting day in and day out.


This product doesn't come with as many disadvantages as we commonly see with others in the same category. It has been noted from consumers that the app in the console can be a bit burdensome. The technology behind it has a few quirks and it can make it frustrating and difficult to sync your information with your favorite apps. This does not seem to be a major complaint but it has been noted more than once. The other piece that customers are not exceptionally pleased with is the price tag. This product is quite Advanced and offers a plethora of features. In turn, it carries a much higher price tag than some people are able to afford. These are really the only complaints we see with this product. The fact that there are so few is quite impressive and helps us to rest assured that this is a solid option in fitness equipment.


The people riding this bike feel as if it is a fantastic value. As previously mentioned, the price tag is quite High. Many people will have to spend quite a bit of time-saving up money if they want to add this machine to their home gym. While it will take a considerable on a chunk of money to buy this product, once you have it you will not be disappointed. It offers a huge variety of features to accommodate many different needs. If you are truly trying to challenge yourself this bike will be able to do it. Regardless of if you are just starting out or if you are an experienced cyclist this item is a good option. It will grow with you as your strength and stamina increase. Overall, we would agree that this product is a really good value and a sound choice if you decide to make the investment in it.

Bottom Line

There are certainly more affordable options available to you if you are looking for recumbent bikes. Not all of them will give you the advanced features that you see with this one. In fact, most don't offer as much as this one does. Even sums that carry higher price tags won't allow you to charge your cell phone, watch your favorite shows, and turn on a fan to keep yourself cool all while improving your health. Customers have given this bike excellent reviews and there are very few disadvantages that come along with it. When you are ready to take your fitness routine to the next level this bike will be right next to you through it all. We believe that if you decide to make the investment you will not be disappointed.