Schwinn 830 Treadmill Review

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The Schwinn 830 treadmill offers a ton of features that will easily accommodate most of your wants and needs. It carries a price tag that is not nearly as intimidating as other treadmills that offer the same type of aspects. You will have the ability to create your own routines. This can help to keep you motivated and also ensure your routine stays interesting. If you have several people in your household that will be using this, don't worry, you can save up to four different profiles for easy access to your personalized routine. It offers a good variety in speed and inclines to provide the perfect level of challenge for you to improve your goal meeting potential. Whether you want to shred calories and fat to lose weight or go on some endurance runs to improve your strength and stamina, this treadmill will be able to keep up. Athletes, boxers, runners, wrestlers, and every day go-getters love the hardcore workout they can get with this option. On top of that, consumers that are just beginning to work toward healthier weights and overall wellbeing can pair this item with a healthy diet to get dramatic results. It is important to note that this product does have its quirks but considering the price, we feel that many of them are easy to look past. Overall, customers are pleased with the improvement they are seeing in their health, waistlines, and life when consistently using this item.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Straightforward Assembly
  • Sturdy Design
  • Separate User Profiles
  • Ample Storage Area
  • Affordable
  • Large Deck
  • Easy-To-Read Display
  • Cushioned Surface
  • Stop Key Dislodges Halting Workout
  • Weak Fan
  • Slow Speed & Incline Response
  • Speaker Quality


Schwinn started out as a brand focused on building bicycles. Over the last hundred years, they have continued to develop, grow, and expand. This has made them a leader in a large variety of fitness equipment. When the world continued to grow, this brand-new that they needed to grow with it. Expanding their lines, they now offer everything you need to gain or maintain a great level of physical fitness. Whether you are looking for outdoor bikes, indoor bikes, elliptical machines, treadmills, or other cardiovascular Solutions this brand has a stellar option just for you. With the ability to accommodate a large variety of price points and features that customers are looking for this brand continues to grow. Consumers are more than pleased with their equipment due to the fact that each piece offers great durability and wonderful designs. When a brand has been in business as long as this one it's easy to understand why so many people trust them and it builds confidence that you'll be getting the best equipment available.

Basic Features

When you are making an investment towards your health there are some basic features that you are absolutely going to want to see. This product should be able to check off all of your boxes. Naturally, you will be able to choose the position of your water bottle to maintain proper hydration through all of your sweaty workouts. This item will also give you access to a variety of different hand positions so that if you don't feel quite stable on a treadmill you can study yourself. Whether you like to read, watch TV, or listen to music while you exercise this product will accommodate you with a convenient media Shelf. The controls that you will come into contact with are all so simple to use. You can adjust the speed, incline, programs, and other features with a simple press of a button. The design of this product is foldable, like many other treadmills. This will help you to save some space in your fitness area. It also provides a fairly large running path which will accommodate a bigger variety of people.

Advanced Features

You'll be getting a huge variety of advanced features if you decide to go with this treadmill. The large LCD display will make seeing your statistics simple. It will give you access to information such as the number of calories you have burned, what your heart rate is, and the distance you have traveled among others. There are quite a few preset programs that will help you achieve your exact goals. There are also four different user profiles which will give you the ability to save the routines you like the best. On top of this, you can also customize your programs to suit your needs. Keeping yourself connected is a breeze with this option. It offers a USB port so that you can keep your tablet, cell phone, or other device is charged and ready to go. While the in console speakers may not be the best quality they do give you the ability to listen to your favorite music throughout your entire routine. You can stay in your target heart rate zone simply while using this machine, as well. With a built-in heart rate monitor and the ability to connect with a chest strap, this can help you stay in the zone for cardio, fat burning, or strength enhancement.


You get a decent amount of incline options when you decide to go with this treadmill. It does not offer the 15% incline that we see in the highest-end options. It does, however, allow you to increase the incline up to 12%. A small complaint from customers is the fact that this product inclines at a half of a percent at a time. Most other treadmills only increase at a tenth of a percent which allows you to truly choose the exact level of inclined that you want. Increasing at half a percent at a time could lead you to a bigger challenge than you are looking for. It is also been mentioned from customers that the time it takes for the treadmill to respond and incline is rather lengthy when you compare it to others you may have tried in the past. Overall, it does provide a very good level of challenge to every level of fitness.


The deck of this product offers a good level of cushioning. This means that it is going to absorb more impact than most other treadmills. It is important to note that due to the cushioned surface you will not feel as if you are out running on the road. One of the advantages of this type of platform is the fact that your body is going to take much less shock. What this means is that even after miles of training your muscles and joints will not be nearly as sore. It will also improve the amount of time it takes to recover. Another feature about this product that helps provide a great level of comfort is the fact that there is a fan in the console. While customers have mentioned the fact that it is not very powerful it is still nice to get a bit of a breeze during a sweaty routine. One other aspect that helps to keep customers feeling secure and comfortable is the fact that there are multiple positions that you can hold on while you work out. Oftentimes, people using treadmills don't feel as stable as they would like and the ability to hold on can improve that feeling.


This item offers speeds that can keep up with the highest rated treadmills. You can choose your speed anywhere between 0 and 12 miles per hour. What this means is that regardless of your fitness level you'll be able to find a challenge. If you are running more than 12 miles per hour it may be advantageous to look into a self-propelled treadmill as a motorized one will not be able to keep up. The speed adjustment does take a bit longer than with many other pieces of equipment that are like this one. It can be a bit of a frustration as you are waiting for it to come up to speed or even more so if you're trying to reduce the speed. It is very simple to make adjustments and there are a couple of different ways to do it. This is very convenient and overall customers are pleased with the range of speeds they have to choose from.


This treadmill is fairly large, however, it is not nearly as big as some of the gym and club-style treadmills that we have seen in the past. It is a bit shorter and a bit more narrow but it does provide ample deck space to accommodate long strides. The length of this item is barely over 72 inches long. Obviously, you can fold it up to save some space and consumers have mentioned that this is exceptionally easy to do. The width of this item comes in at just over 35 in. This is honestly quite standard and only a tiny bit bigger than most. It can accommodate users up to 300 pounds. This is a fairly high rating among treadmills and will open up the ability to use this for weight loss to a huge number of people.


You'll have quite a few advantages that come along with this product. One of the first that we would like to mention has to do with assembly. Putting together a treadmill can be an excruciating amount of work, especially, for those of you that are not mechanically inclined. Everyone has stated that this product is very straightforward to put together and comes with a detailed yet clear instruction manual. Most people will be able to complete assembly within 2 and 1/2 hours. Another major advantage to this product is the impact reduction on your joints. Running can be really difficult for people with ankle or knee problems but the soft surface of this product will help you feel better than ever. It also offers versatile programs as well as customizable programs. With four different user profiles, each person in your home will be able to find exactly what they need to target the area of fitness that they are trying to achieve.


They're actually a few things we need to discuss in terms of disadvantages that go alongside this product. There have been quite a few complaints from customers stating that the emergency stop key dislodges easily. Due to the fact that it doesn't have a strong connection you could find your workout ending abruptly several times as you tried to finish out your routine. Obviously, this can be very frustrating and annoying. Another aspect that customers are not totally thrilled about is the weak output of the fan. This is more of an inconvenience and can be easily rectified by adding a fan to your fitness area. The speaker quality of this treadmill is also not the best. Here again, this is more of an inconvenience than a disadvantage but it is something you should be aware of. The last thing that customers are not excited about is the amount of time it takes for this item to respond to speed and incline changes.


Consumers feel as if this product is a very good value. The price tag that it carries is not nearly as astronomical as others that offer the same features. While there are some disadvantages and buying this product, for the most part, they are more inconveniences than actual downfalls. The customer service department of the Schwinn brand is excellent. What this means is that if you run into any problems with your piece of equipment they will be there to help you through it and solve whatever is going on. Taking the time to review all of the things that this product can do and the advantages it will give you and your overall health and wellness is important. It also makes it easy to see why the people using it feel as if it is a good value. Trusting this brand can help you achieve better overall fitness and health.

Bottom Line

If you do not have a huge chunk of money to sink into your treadmill but you are looking for something that provides you with a good variety of basic and advanced features you may be looking at the right option here. It is more affordable than many others and provides ample running surface for larger consumers. You will have access to a good variety of workout routines as well as be able to customize one's to suit your specific needs. Schwinn is known for producing high-quality fitness equipment and that is easily seen when you take a look at this treadmill. Overall, we are certain that if you decide to go with us item it will help to improve all of the areas of fitness you are looking to improve, including muscle building, weight loss, and endurance training.