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The Schwinn IC3 indoor cycling bike will allow you to bring your favorite spin class to your home gym. You will get everything you need to put it together and consumers say it is simple to put together. It is pretty quiet at lower resistances but it may be a bit noisy as you progress and begin to work harder as you build muscle. The flywheel is forty pounds which will give you a smooth ride.  A major benefit to indoor cycling is the fact that it is a low impact exercise that provides fantastic cardio training. You will be able to build strength, endurance, and speed as you train on this option. In addition, cycling can help you lose weight. So, no matter your desire and goals you can use this equipment to help you along your fitness journey. When you spend a good amount of time cycling, you will learn that your seat is exceptionally important. Customers are quite pleased with how this one feels even when you spend long hours working hard. It does have a holder for your water bottle so you can stay hydrated during your sweatiest workouts. Overall, this is more affordable than many others and people are very pleased with the performance it provides.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easy Assembly
  • Comfortable Seat
  • SPD Pedals
  • Sturdy Design
  • No Plastic Pieces
  • Tools Needed Are Included
  • Affordable
  • Smooth Ride
  • No Resistance Level Information
  • Higher Resistance = More Noise


For more than forty years Schwinn’s name has been synonymous with bikes of every variety. A leader in their industry they are still making some of the best options out there. You can see their products in your local gym as well as out on the streets. When you are looking for something cycling related you can rely on this brand to have some of the best options currently out there. They carry products at a large variety of price points so that you should be able to find the high-quality items you need at a cost that will work for your bank account. Consumers have trusted this brand for bikes and biking gear for generations. This is due to exceptional quality and a great commitment to their customers and their customer’s health. Overall, Schwinn is a name that won’t be going anywhere any time soon and they are worth putting your trust into.

Basic Features

When you purchase an indoor bike you expect a few features are going to come standard. You will find everything you are looking for and more when you invest in this product. There are multiple grip positions to help keep you comfortable, even during grueling training sessions. In addition, the handlebars are adjustable to suit a variety of sizes. You will also have the ability to adjust the seat. This will accommodate a variety of heights and give you a better fit for your ride. It features a water bottle holder that is oversized to ensure you can stay hydrated throughout your routine. It also has a holder for your cell phone or other devices. It will help keep you connected and focused on crushing your previous cycling goals with access to your music, apps, and more.

Advanced Features

This product has a few pretty cool advanced features. There are definitely options out there that offer more but with this one, you will have an LCD display that will give you information on the calories you burn, how far you have gone, and how long you have been cycling. You will need two double A batteries to use the display screen. This can be exactly the information you need to stay motivated towards your overall goals whether they are for building strength, endurance, or losing weight. It has the ability to track your heart rate but you will have to purchase the strap for it separately. You will also be able to change the resistance as much as you please easily with a dial. Overall, it offers a pretty decent amount of advanced features.


When you purchase this option by Schwinn you will be using SPD pedals. This is one of the most common types seen on indoor cycling bikes. You will be able to easily clip your cycling shoes in. In addition, you could use toe cages if that is what you prefer. When you participate in group cycling classes it is likely that they will use SPD pedals. The fact that this bike uses them as well as convenient and will save you money as you won’t have to invest in a separate pair of shoes. It has been noted by a couple customers that the clips on these pedals break easily. This has not been commonly reported but we do feel it should be noted as it was mentioned more than once. It doesn’t make them unusable but can be frustrating if you like to lock in.


One of the many different aspects that concern the comfort of an indoor bike is the seat. It probably plays the biggest role in the comfort you get while riding it. This model uses a seat that is styled like the one you would see used for races. It is ventilated and offers a bit of flexibility. Consumers are very happy with the comfort level they get from this seat. The adjustability of the seat and the handlebars also play their role in the comfort level that you have while using this piece of equipment. Due to the fact that you can adjust how you are sitting and the height of your handlebars you will be able to find your perfect level of comfort while riding. It will accommodate a good variety of heights and statures. The ability to lock your feet into the SPD pedals is another feature that plays a role in your comfort level. You won’t be fighting to keep your feet in place and that leads to a more comfortable cycling session.


Changing your level of resistance is a breeze. It is weighted around the perimeter. You can adjust it with a dial and make it as heavy as you want to. This will allow you to take your workout to the extreme or keep it light depending on how you are feeling for the day. There are twenty-five different resistance settings which give you great versatility in the difficulty of your workout. It is important to note that you will not be able to track what level of resistance you are using. This is a frustration for many users but most just find it to be a minor inconvenience. We should also mention that at higher levels of resistance you may notice a bit more noise. At low resistances, this machine is very quiet but other settings are quite a bit louder.


This bike uses a belt drive. This is a standard way for an indoor bike to function. There have not been any complaints from consumers about issues with the drive. Many options you will become frustrated with your belt slipping or not lining up correctly. Schwinn truly knows bikes and therefore you can trust that this product will stay properly aligned. The drive belt handles the weight of the flywheel nicely. Consumers are pleased with the overall functionality of this drive. They have noted that it stays pretty quiet until you get to pretty high levels of resistance. Some find the noise level to be a bit of a nuisance but overall it’s not too bad. Consumers are happy with the setup and design of the drive for this indoor bike.


When you are trying to set up your home gym the size of the bike you buy can play a major role. Especially if you like to use a variety of gym equipment like treadmills or punching bags. The dimensions of this bike are pretty standard. It is forty-five inches long, twenty-three inches wide, and forty-nine inches in height. This will take up a bit of room but the advantages of it outweigh the size. It is made of high-quality materials and it is quite heavy. This will make moving it around your gym a bit difficult so once you pick a spot for it you will likely want to leave it in that place. It has been noted by one customer that is exceptionally tall that the size of this bike is a bit small. Overall, consumers are happy with the size of this bike.


Everything you are going to need put this bike together will come with your purchase. This is, obviously, very convenient. Everyone that has reviewed this product has said the same thing, it is a cinch to put together. The manufacturer says it can take up to two hours to complete the setup process, however, customers have stated that they have done it in as little as twenty-five minutes. You will likely have to spend more than 25 minutes putting this option together but ultimately, it is barely an inconvenience. It is important to note that you need to be careful how hard you tighten the bolts. Over tightening can lead to them breaking in which case you will need to replace them or you may find that your bike is unusable.


There are a variety of advantages that come with using an indoor cycling bike. When used on a consistent basis that can help you with your weight loss, strengthening, and increased endurance goals. These are not the only goals they can help you reach. This bike, in particular, offers some advantages that are very convenient. Like the fact that they use a type of pedal that is almost always seen in your local gym. This will make picking out your spin shoes easier than ever before and they will transition nicely between your home gym and your local gym. Cycling is a low-impact exercise that is a great cardio workout for anyone that decides to participate in it. You won't have to worry about weak or painful joints because of the low impact nature of this type of exercise. Overall, cycling is a great exercise to add to your weekly routine.


All products on the market today come with at least a few disadvantages. This one doesn't have too many to speak of. The one that is most commonly complained about is the fact that you can't get any information on the level of resistance that is being provided while riding this indoor bike. With a lack of resistance information, it can be difficult to track how many calories you are actually burning and this plays a major role in keeping you on track with your diet and exercise routine. Another place where customers have a few complaints as in the level of noise that this bike makes when you increase the resistance level. While the resistance level is low it is very quiet, however, it does become quite noisy as it increases and can be a major distraction at the highest settings. Overall, these are the biggest complaints about this item and for the most hurt people find them to be an inconvenience and not a deal-breaker.


Consumers feel as if this product is a great value. The price tag that it carries is more affordable than many others that are in the same category. This does not mean that it is inexpensive. Regardless of what exercise bike you decide to purchase it is going to be a bit of an investment. Some budgets may have to take some time and do some savings before they will be able to afford it. Now, in comparison with others that offer the same type of features, this one is quite affordable. It is made of exceptionally durable materials that will give you long-lasting use. If you already participate in spin classes you will find that this one is very similar to the ones that you use at your local gym. With all of the great features and aspects of this product, we would have to agree that we feel as if it is a great value.

Bottom Line

When you are training for a chosen activity, trying to lose weight, or you are simply trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle the use of a stationary bike has many advantages. You'll be able to easily adjust the seat and handlebars to find a great level of comfort even when you decide that you're going to ride for miles and miles. Most people find the seat more comfortable then other bikes they have ridden in the past. You will also be able to easily see some of the statistics that can help keep you focused and on track on the display screen that this product has. It offers great durability and longevity of use. Making an investment in a piece of gym equipment can be intimidating as no one wants to waste their time and money. When you choose this option we're certain you'll be satisfied with your purchase.