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SciVation Xtend BCAAs Reviewed Review Facts

SciVation Xtend is a Branch-Chain Amino Acid supplement that will support you in muscle recovery, maintenance, and building. Adding the BCAAs your diet isn't providing can be easier than ever by using this product that contains seven grams of essential Amino Acids per serving. Working hard at the gym or in your home gym can lead to some seriously sore muscles. If you don't get the BCAAs you need that soreness can last for days. The addition of a supplement such as this can aid you in saying goodbye to that soreness. On top of that, your muscles will be protected while you exercise them. This means your muscle won't be deteriorating as you work out, instead, they will continue to build and strengthen. Another cool thing about this product is it will help keep you hydrated with Electrolytes. They offer a great variety of flavor choices and some decent options in size. Consumers have been using this product to help maintain and gain in the category of muscles for years and we think once you give it a try you will understand why. With less muscle soreness you will be able to work out longer and harder giving you faster, better results than you have ever seen before.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Zero Sugar
  • 7 Grams BCAAs
  • Zero Carbs
  • Zero Calories
  • 1 Gram Citrulline
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Contains Electrolytes
  • Great Flavor Variety
  • Aids in Quick Recovery
  • Mixes Easily
  • May Upset Stomach
  • Very Sweet
  • Chalky
  • Some Contain Red Food Coloring
  • Artificial Tasting


For more than a decade Scivation has been providing people from all walks of life with superior supplements to help them become their best selves. With innovation and science, they have made a great variety of products that are proven by biology to help you throughout every step of your daily routine. They believe in some very simple things. Use great ingredients, proven sciences, and listen to what their customers are saying to be successful. In helping everyday go-getters, sports stars, gym rats, and anyone trying to improve their health and fitness with products that really work for their intended purpose, this brand has become exceptionally well-trusted. When you give them a try we believe you will see the same value their other customers have.


There are very mixed reviews in terms of taste. Due to the fact that there is a huge flavor variety you should be able to find at least a couple that you are a fan of. Many people are saying that this product is gaggingly sweet and you may want to consider watering it down some to ensure you can drink it. It has also been reported quite frequently that this product tastes a bit chemical-like. There are also comments about it leaving a bit of an aftertaste in your mouth. Some like the sweetness and feel that the flavors are quite true to what they are supposed to be. Ultimately, we use supplements for their effects, not their taste and as long as you can find a few that are drinkable the taste should not be too big of an issue.


When it comes to flavor variety Scivation XTEND has you covered. They offer eighteen different flavor options that will keep things interesting for you for some time to come. Dislike a flavor? No big deal with there is seventeen other ones to choose from. So, let's look at what you can choose from. There is Strawberry Kiwi, Watermelon, Tangerine, Strawberry Mango, Pink Lemonade, and Pineapple. They offer an unflavored option if you don't want to deal with it being too sweet or want to add it to something else without changing the flavor. You will also have the option of Orange, Margarita, Lemon Lime, Mango, Grape, Green Apple, Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Freedom Ice, and Blood Orange. This type of variety doesn't exist with every brand and it is something that many appreciate in regards to this product.


The consistency of this product is very well regarded by customers. So many supplements on today's market don't dissolve completely leaving you with a gritty drink and part of your serving stuck to the sides and bottom of your blender bottle. You won't have to worry about that here. It dissolves completely and easily. Mixing it with different liquids is completely fine if you don't prefer to do it with plain water and it will till mix easily and completely. It has been noted that it leaves a chalky feel to your mouth but a quick rinse with water afterward should help with that. Overall, the consistency of this product is good and will be easy to swallow once you find the flavor you prefer above the rest of them.


Branch-Chain Amino Acids are responsible for muscle recovery, growth, and support. This product carries the ingredients necessary to ensure this happens. This product is very effective and with a bit of time, you will notice a major decrease in muscle soreness even after a grueling home or gym workout. While actually working out your muscles will be better protected from breakdown. Your strength will increase more quickly and so will your lean muscle growth. Customers have noted that they didn't really notice a difference from other BCAA supplements until they switched from this one to another. They then found increased soreness in their muscles and longer recovery times as well as reduced strength and muscle growth.


This product does give you some ingredients that are not just there to add BCAAs into your diet. They include Vitamin B6, Sodium, Potassium, and an Electrolyte blend to help you stay hydrated while at the gym sweating buckets. Different brands offer different features in their BCAA supplements and depending on what you are looking for you can find options that will seriously aid in weight loss or others that will give you a huge punch of a variety of vitamins and minerals. It also contains Citrulline Malate which will help in your overall performance.

The most important piece of BCAA supplements are the Amino Acids that are included. The three main Branched-Chain Amino Acids that you are looking for in this type of product are L-Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine. You will get all three of these plus L-Glutamine. Our bodies produce some Amino Acids naturally but the rest we need to get from the foods we eat or the supplements we take. Getting enough can be difficult but with this great blend of BCAAs, you will have no problem at all.


When thinking about performance-enhancing supplements we don't always go straight to our BCAA booster, more commonly we think about our pre-workout supplement. This product contains Citrulline which is known to increase blood flow allow more Oxygen and nutrients to reach your muscles. This will aid your recovery time between sets. It will also allow you to pump harder and longer. By increasing your reps and sets your muscle building will skyrocket. Additionally, you will make it through each set a bit easier without noticing as much muscle fatigue when heading toward the end of each set. Overall, customers agree this product is pretty good at increasing your performance.


Including Electrolytes in their formula is a great way to ensure you are aiding your hydration levels. This product gets mixed with quite a bit of water which, naturally, helps you stay hydrated. Dehydration can be a big problem when you are using supplements and finding a product that really helps you in this category is excellent. Not only that, but this product comes in a pre-mixed variety. The pre-mixed option comes in an almost seventeen-ounce bottle. This is a decent amount to ensure that no matter how much you sweat you are replacing it with much-needed water and electrolytes. Consumers agree that this product makes water intake an easier thing while using it.

Vitamins & Minerals

Some brands offer a serious vitamin and mineral profile helping you to meet daily goals easily. This option doesn't come with too many. You will be getting six hundred and forty micrograms of Vitamin B6. This is one of the harder vitamins to work into your diet and you will be getting about a third of what you need with just one serving. You will also get Sodium and Potassium while using this Branched-Chain Amino Acid supplement. Adding sodium to your diet may be a problem for some, but it doesn't carry a crazy amount of it and most people will be able to work it in without a problem. Potassium is another mineral that people tend to not get enough of and can help if you suffer from cramps.


Oftentimes we see brands adding caffeine to their products so that it will help boost your energy levels. More and more we are seeing it added to everything including our BCAA products. This product does not contain any caffeine and for many, it is a relief. Many people today are cutting the caffeine out of their diets altogether or are seriously limiting it. For others they are sensitive and caffeinated products literally make them sick. Caffeine is also to blame for a variety of adverse side effects. The fact that this product doesn't contain any caffeine means you avoid any and all problems that it could cause.


Depending on who you talk to there are a variety of ingredients that can be considered filler ingredients. It all depends on how and what they are being used for. Things like coloring and flavoring are found in a ton of products are not typically the culprit. Lesser brands use things like maltodextrin to beef up their product and make it look like you are getting more than you are so they can charge more. They also add ingredients to try and fool third-party testing clinics, making their product appear to have better nutritional value than it actually does. This again is to drive up prices. You will not have to worry about those things with this product as it does not contain filler ingredients and has been tested time and again to ensure this is the case.


When using the powdered option a standard serving is one scoop or about fourteen grams. If you decide to go with the pre-mixed option you will be drinking the whole thing to consume an entire serving. You do have some option in container size too. There is not only the pre-mixed option but you can also purchase containers of twenty, thirty, or ninety servings. The nice thing about these options is they give you one that allows you to try some flavors before buying an entire months worth. Additionally, once you find those favorite flavors you can order enough to last you a month or a few months. This saves you some time, effort, and money. The more you buy the better the price gets and is something to keep in mind while purchasing.

Side Effects

Whether using protein powder, pre-workouts, or BCAA boosters, most supplements come with side effects. This product can cause some problems. You may experience stomach upset or nausea. Likely you will notice an increase in your need to urinate because you are adding extra hydration into your routine while using this product. There is also the chance of fatigue and loss of coordination while using BCAA supplements. Some medicines can be affected by the use of this type of supplement. This means if you are on medications you will want to check with your medical professional before adding a product like this into your daily routine.


When you add this supplement to your routine you will quickly notice that you aren't feeling nearly as sore as you normally would after a tough gym session. The longer you use this product the more you will find soreness to be a thing of the past. On top of that, this product also contains Citrulline which will help you reduce recovery time while actually working out. Your muscles will build and strengthen faster than before. You won't have to try and make sure you are getting the right amount of essential Amino Acids in the foods you are eating. With a simple shake, you can work them in at any time of the day. Your muscle maintenance will also improve, allowing you to continue your hard work without your muscles cannibalizing themselves from overworking.


The disadvantages of this product are pretty slim and in our opinion rather unimportant. This product works really well but it is certainly lacking in terms of taste. Offering a ton of flavor variety you will probably be able to find one you can swallow easily. However, the general consensus is that this product is horribly sweet, to the point it's almost impossible to drink and needs to be diluted. It also has a chalky feel and a not so great aftertaste. This product contains Sucralose which is known for these things. Hopefully, They will work on their formula some more and find a better balance so that the taste improves.


Obviously, depending on what size variety you order the cost will vary. The more you purchase the cheaper it is per serving which over time can save you quite a bit. This product is quite affordable for most budgets and shouldn't take much adjustment to your monthly supplement budget if any. Value has some to do with price but more importantly, it has to do with the overall product. Customers have trusted this product for quite some time and the reason for that is that it really works and it works well. You will notice the difference quickly and the addition of Electrolytes, Vitamins & Minerals, as well as Citrulline only increase the value even more.

Bottom Line

This affordable and average tasting BCAA supplement is going to give your body what it needs to recover more quickly than ever before. You will also gain the advantage of increased muscle strengthening, maintenance, and building. Using this type of supplement is typical because you are looking for exactly these things. You can order it in a raw form so you can add it to just about anything or you can grab a flavored variety and give it a try. You can trust that it is made of top quality ingredients as this brand goes to great lengths not only to ensure it but prove it. Their labels are very clear and this product does not contain proprietary blends that will keep you guessing. Overall, this is a solid choice in BCAA supplements.