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The Shock Doctor 851 ankle brace is going to give you a great level of stability and support. It is designed to wrap around your ankle in a similar fashion to taping. It is important to note that taping is still a stronger and more secure method. This item, however, won't take nearly as long as taping. When you are training in a combat sport like Boxing, Judo, Karate, or other mixed martial arts ankle injuries are common. This item will help to ensure you heal properly. It will also help to improve your, overall, recovery time. In addition, you will be less susceptible to rolling your ankles while wearing it.

Shock Doctor has done an excellent job in the design of this item. In addition, it is made from materials that will stand up to tough challenges. Oftentimes, a downfall to a brace is that it does not offer any grip. This can lead to slips and falls while you are training. Mats can be slippery. This product has grips on the bottom that will help to ensure your feet stay firmly planted under you. Another aspect people are happy with is the fact that it is a slim fitting item. You will be able to fit it inside of just about any pair of shoes easily. Overall, this is a great option for those of you that have tendons that are stretched out, have sustained an ankle injury, or require a higher level of support than a typical compression sleeve can offer.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Helps Relieve Pain
  • Great Adjustability
  • Bottom Grips
  • Good Alternative To Taping
  • Not Bulky
  • Fabric Eyelets
  • Doctor Recommended Design
  • Difficult To Put On
  • Pricey
  • Skin Breakdown May Occur


Shock Doctor brand came to be in 1993. Their very first product and the one they are most well-known for was a mouthguard. As time went on, this brand has become a leader in the protective equipment that boxers, fitness enthusiasts, sports stars, and mixed martial artists need to continue to feel great and well-protected. Over the course of time, they expanded their lines to include not only mouthguards but also protective equipment for your body, head, legs, arms, and other areas. Their items are exceptionally well thought out and will perform better than many others on the market. With that being said, you will be making a bit more of an investment when you go with this company as their prices tend to be a bit higher. As with most things in the world, however, you get what you pay for. The fact that their items can help you recover more quickly and stay protected while participating in training or competitions makes it worth the added investment.


All of the materials involved in the process of making this item were chosen because of their exceptional durability and functionality. This brand has done an excellent job in the construction of this product. The majority of it is made from nylon. This is a synthetic material that is exceptionally durable and will last through years worth of use and abuse. One factor in materials that consumers truly appreciate is small but meaningful. The islets in which the lacing system goes through are not made of metal. Instead, they are made of fabric loops which improves your level of comfort while wearing this item. You won't have to worry about metal eyelets digging into your skin. There are also long nylon straps that have velcro attached to the ends of them. This is to secure them in place. Each one of these straps has a fabric piece sewn to the top of it to offer you easy adjustability. There is also a wide elastic strap that will go around your ankle once you have this item in place. It offers structure, security, and a great level of compression. The tongue of this item is pre-curved and patted. Obviously, this is also going to play a role in the level of comfort you experience while using it.


You'll be getting one of the highest levels of support that you can find when using this item. As noted, you will not get as good of support using a brace as you would by taping your ankles. However, this is a solid substitute. It offers medial and lateral support. So, while wearing this you're not going to have to be overly worried about rolling your ankles. It truly can help prevent this from happening. The way the strapping system is designed you are going to find support everywhere you need it. It is not only seen in the ankle but you will also be supported throughout the arch of your foot. This can help with pain from plantar fasciitis. Taking the time to put this item correctly will ensure the best level of support. It will wrap around like a figure 8 which is the way you would tape it. This is why it does such a great job. Overall, customers are very impressed with the level of support this item provides.


Let's face it, wearing an ankle brace is never going to be the most comfortable experience. While this one is not awful, it is also not extremely comfortable. It offers exceptional stability and support which, in turn, means it's not going to be very comfortable because it will restrict your movement. In addition, if you'll Ace it up tightly for optimal support this can also become uncomfortable. It is important to know that wearing socks underneath this brace is imperative. If you choose not to you may succumb to skin breakdown. As you sweat while working through your training routine the item may shift slightly. This can lead to abrasions and possible infection. Obviously, you want to avoid this. It is important to know that this item can help to reduce pain by immobilizing your ankle some. This can lead to better Comfort during training sessions and afterward. Overall, we don't wear ankle braces for the comfort we wear them for the stability that they offer.


We were happy to see that there are quite a few different sizes available in this item. Often times, with this type of item, we don't get much of a size variation due to the fact that they offer good adjustability. This particular item offers a nice size guide that will make it simple to figure out what you need. There are five different options available to you. You can order this item anywhere from an extra small to an extra large. This should make it easy for everyone to find the perfect fit and level of protection that they need. You will want to be careful when measuring to ensure that you select the correct size. You'll want to measure your ankle about an inch above the center of your ankle bone. This will lead you to the perfect fit. Customers have noted that measuring is important and as long as you're careful you should be happy with the size that you order.


One area that this product is lacking is in breathability. The materials they use are extremely durable and offer high levels of support for injured joints. This does not equal breathability. In addition, you are going to want to wear socks underneath this brace and that's going to add to the overall level of heat that you experience. In fact, this product is made to hold some heat in at therapeutic levels. When you are wearing protective gear it can be an exceptionally hot and sweaty experience. So, the fact that this item does not have any features to help with breathability is a bit of a letdown. Keep in mind, however, here again, we do not use ankle support to keep us cool and comfortable we wear it because we need it. So, the fact that this item isn't very breathable is not one of the most important aspects to take into consideration when you are deciding if this is for you or not.


This item offers a fantastic level of adjustability. Not only are there multiple sizes available to you but all of the strapping associated with it can be adjusted. It starts with the lacing system. Obviously, like a shoe, you will be able to loosen and tighten the laces easily. It is important to note that some consumers have mentioned you'll need to unlace it quite a bit to be able to put it on and take it off. This is what makes it take more time. The figure eight straps that wrap around your ankle and foot are also adjustable. As noted, they have tabs sewn to the top of them for easy adjustability without taking off your shoe. The last piece of this item that is adjustable is the elastic strap that wraps around the top. There is a large piece of velcro here too. It will allow you to loosen and tighten this area exceptionally easily. Overall, the level of adjustability that you get with this item is better than most and A major advantage to those that need to change the fit and feel throughout the day.


When you have sustained a fairly serious ankle injury and you are in the recovery process this product comes with some major advantages. It's going to limit the movement in your ankle so that it has the proper amount of time to heal. If you don't allow it time to heal you'll continue to injure it which can lead to your tendon stretching out to the point of needing surgery. Obviously, this is something we all want to avoid. This item also offers fantastic adjustability. You'll be able to find the perfect level of comfort and support due to this. It is also made of truly durable materials. As you continue to train in fight sports like karate, Taekwondo, and kickboxing it is likely that you will sustain ankle injuries more than once. So when you invest in an item that's going to last you a plethora of time you will always have it there and ready to go if an accident should happen.


There really are not a ton of negative comments in regards to this item. This is a nice thing to see as often times products we want to invest income with a plethora of downfalls. One thing to take into consideration in regards to this item is it does take a bit of time to put on and take off. Realistically, if you were to take the time to tape your ankles or have your trainer do it it will take even longer. So, while this will take some getting used to once you have it down putting it on and taking it off is barely an inconvenience. The only other area that you really need to be careful has to do with skin integrity. As you sweat in this item rubs you may notice that you are experiencing some skin breakdown. A good way to avoid this is to simply wear a sock underneath your brace. It will add to the level of heat you experience, however, it will keep your skin in great condition.


Consumers feel as if this product is an excellent value. It is true that the price associated with it is a little steep compared to others in the same category. You can find braces with the same level of protection, structure, and design for better prices. However, this one does have a couple of features the others may be missing. We say this because they have built-in convenient aspects like pull tabs at the top of the figure eight straps. This makes this item easier to adjust than most others. There are also very few disadvantages associated with this item. You won't have to worry about lesser-quality leading to your brace breaking down. Overall, customers are very pleased with their purchase of this item and we believe that you will be too. Upon only a couple of uses, it is likely you will be able to easily see why so many feel that this is an excellent value.

Bottom Line

When you participate in hard-hitting sports like boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, and other mixed martial arts sustaining ankle injuries are not uncommon. Finding the correct brace to help you recover more quickly and feel your best can be difficult. This option will cost you a bit more money than others but it will meet all of your needs. True, it's not the most breathable nor is it the most comfortable, however, it is going to give you a great level of stability and support as you nurse your injured joint. This brand has been making items to help you heal for quite some time and they do it brilliantly. You can see this in the fine details of this item. We believe you'll be making a great choice when you decide to invest in this product by Shock Doctor.