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Six Star Whey Protein Reviewed Review Facts

Six Star Whey Protein Elite Series is brought to us by one of the number one supplement brands in the world, MuscleTech. MuscleTech has been proving themselves over and over in the world of bodybuilding, sports, Boxing, Martial Arts, and many others that lead an active lifestyle. This Protein Powder is packed full of everything you are looking for in Whey products. Carrying one of the highest levels of Protein per scoop, reaching your daily goals will be a cinch. It also carries a very high level of essential Amino Acids. This is important because Amino Acids are what your body needs to fight off sore muscles and allow them to build and maintain themselves.

This product is advanced and contains ingredients that will support faster muscle growth and strength. This has been shown time and again due to the use of this product by the people that really know. The ones that have been testing and trying out supplements for years. This product does contain Creatine which is part of the reason it works so well. Regardless of your activity in life, if you are busy and trying to stay fit, this dairy-based Protein will allow your muscles to recover quickly and will aid in your overall fitness goals. Read our Six Star whey protein review and find out more about its features.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent for All Athletes
  • Micro-Filtered = Fat Reduction
  • Fast Absorption Rate
  • 2x Strength Building Potential
  • Gain More Lean Muscle
  • Quick Recovery Time
  • Easy To Mix
  • Smooth Texture
  • Many Dislike the Flavor Changes
  • Contains Artificial Sweetener
  • Bad Aftertaste
  • Container Issues
  • Lengthy Mixing Procedure


MuscleTech has been offering top-quality supplements to athletes and active people for more than two decades. With advanced products like Six Star Whey Protein Elite Series and Nitro Tech Whey Protein, it is obvious why people keep coming back for more. MuscleTech gives complete information about their supplements and while you may not love every ingredient, at least you know what is actually in it. When it comes to muscle building, recovery, energy, and support they have done their research and you really will show improvement in muscle building when using this product.


Taste is a major factor when choosing your daily Protein supplement. When using the unflavored option, it is exactly that, unflavored. You won't have to worry about altering the taste of your favorite Protein Cheesecake or pancakes. Looking at the flavored options there are mixed reviews over the taste. MuscleTech recently changed the formula for several of the flavors and the general consensus is that they should have left well enough alone. Newer customers seem pleased with the taste and texture of their flavored options but know that if you have tried it in the past it may not be quite the same as you remember. It does use an artificial sweetener which causes a poor aftertaste and for some make shakes and smoothies too sweet.


With some brands, you get fifteen to twenty different flavor options. This is not what you will get with Six Star. It is offered in five different flavors and they are the common ones. You can purchase it in an Unflavored option, Vanilla, Triple Chocolate, Strawberry, and Cookies and Cream. While this is not an exceptional amount of options it is enough to ensure you can change up your routine when you need to.


If you take the time to mix this product correctly it will leave you with an excellent consistency that is smooth and well-mixed. The process is a bit lengthy but will guarantee you a shake or smoothie that you can actually swallow. To accomplish this perfect consistency you want to start with a small amount of liquid in the bottom of your favorite shaker. Next, you add your flavor of choice and give it a good shake. Then you will want to add the rest of your liquid and shake again. The small amount of liquid in the beginning and the initial shake is essential in making sure you get your desired consistency.


MuscleTech has proven time and again that their products really work. Six Star Whey Protein Elite Series stands up and takes the lead as one of their most effective products. With results that show lean muscle growth at about seventy percent above your average Whey product and two times the strength increase it speaks for itself in terms of effectiveness. Additionally, this product and brand have been trusted for generations across the globe. It's a safe bet when something is so widely used that it is going to give you the results you desire or at least aid you in your gym journey to get there.


The ingredients lists vary slightly depending on which flavor you choose, however, they all contain a blend of Block Chain Amino Acids which we will cover a bit farther down. Then you, of course, have their Whey Protein Blend. This is a mixture of Whey concentrate, Isolates, and Hydrolyzed Whey Protein. Combining these items is common in diary-based Protein powders.

There are artificial and natural flavors used as well as a gum blend for consistency and easy mixing. They use Calcium Carbonate, Soy, Salt, Potassium, and the artificial sweetener Sucralose. When looking at Whey Protein powders compared to all-natural options this ingredient list is long and a bit daunting for some, however, we assure you these are all common things found in these types of supplements.


Getting enough Protein from the foods we eat can be difficult and adding a punch of it with a shake or smoothie can ease the burden of trying to figure out how to reach those magic Protein numbers. Our bodies need about a gram of Protein for every pound we weigh. Each scoop of Six Star Whey Protein Elite Series contains thirty-four grams of Protein. This is a lot compared to many other options on today's market. If you use a double scoop, which many people do, you are looking at sixty-eight grams of protein. This is a huge step in the right direction and should make the worry of meeting your daily Protein goal a thing of the past.


The sugar content is about two grams per serving which is pretty low. Thinking about sugar many of us veer towards natural sugars because they taste better and are better for our bodies. MuscleTech's Six Star Whey Protein Elite Series uses Sucralose to sweeten it. This is an artificial sweetener. Commonly used in this type of product it can cause it to be overly sweet. That does not seem to be the case with this option. It does leave an aftertaste that is unmistakable. With all products that use this artificial sweetener, you will have a chemical like taste left in your mouth and most people aren't in love with it. The overall flavor is good so many can get past the post taste.


Keeping carbs down is just a part of daily life, especially if you are trying to lose weight. If you are on a carb-free or exceptionally low carb diet you will want to stay away from this product. It contains about eight grams of carbohydrates per serving. This is quite a bit higher than many other options out there. Due to the fact that most people use two scoops, you are talking sixteen grams of carbs in a drink or shake. This again is quite high and may crash your carb count for the day. It is up to you to decide if the pros of this formula outweigh the carb count.

Amino Acids

Most Whey Protein powders have added Amino Acids, referred to BCAAs. This stands for Block Chain Amino Acids which are also called essential Amino Acids. These acids are responsible for keeping soreness away and promoting the maintenance and building of your muscles. Our bodies produce some Amino Acids but we need more and get them from the foods we eat and of course, we can add them in with supplements such as this. Six Star Whey Protein Elite Series uses a blend of BCAAs that will give you almost seven and a half grams of essential Amino Acids that your body is craving after a hard day at the gym. This level exceptionally increases muscle recovery time and you will feel the difference within the first few uses of this product.


Fillers are an interesting topic. There is no set guideline for what is considered a filler and what is not. Some flavoring can be considered filler but what we look towards is the use of gums. Most Whey products contain one type or another and they are used to ensure you get a decent consistency. This product uses several different gums. It seems it is all for consistency but you must be careful as some use them to pump up the volume of what you are receiving which can decrease the quality of the product. MuscleTech doesn't seem to be doing this and it shows in the results you get when using it. So, while some may see the ingredient list and take a step back, remember the proof is in the outcome.


The standard serving size for this is one scoop. That is quite common, however, it has been noted that many people use two scoops to really get a boost to their Protein levels after a long gym session. MuscleTech does offer a few options in container sizes. You have the choice between a two-pound, five-pound, or eight-pound container. This makes some upset because if you just want to try it you have to buy at least two pounds. If you don't like it, it can be frustrating and a waste of your time and money. However, finding that you love it and being able to buy it in higher weights allows you to buy it less often. No one wants to order Protein powders every month and with these size options, you won't have to worry about running out for quite some time.

Side Effects

Overall these types of products are fairly safe for just about everyone. While with use there are some common things reported as side effects and this product is the same. You may experience headaches, nausea, excessive thirst, bloating, cramps, fatigue, and reduced appetite. Additionally, if you have any sort of Lactose intolerance this product can cause you some stomach pain and increased bowel movements. The fact that it contains Creatine does make it possible for other side effects such as muscle cramping and diarrhea. These side effects are minimal and are not cause for concern unless they are extreme.


The advantages of this product are fairly clear. When it comes to wanting to add extra Protein and BCAAs into your routine it makes it easy. It will speed up muscle growth and recovery time. When you are at the gym every day and working hard to lead a fit and active lifestyle the last thing you need is sore, weak muscles slowing you down. This product will help ensure you can keep up a fast pace without feeling all the negative side effects. The flavors available are well received and that is always a nice thing as no one wants to have to choke down their shake every day. You will see fast turn around times for strengthening. In a world of instant gratification, it's nice to find a product that helps us see the change in our bodies quickly.


The list of disadvantages of this product is pretty small. It does carry a higher carb count than most. This can be a real problem for a lot of people. Keeping carbs down is essential and can be difficult when using this choice. In addition, they do use Sucralose for the sweetener. This causes a not so great aftertaste and can lead to an exceptionally sweet product. Most don't comment that this product is too sweet but that wholly depends on your idea of sweet. Lastly, it does contain several gum products. This does add to consistency but it does raise a red flag as none of us want to pay for useless fillers.


In terms of quality, there are few products that are as good as this one. MuscleTech uses the best ingredients and they have done their research to ensure you get exactly what you need. The flavors quality is lacking in some opinions and not so much in others. As we know, personal taste plays a huge role in that. The container does have some flaws that are commonly seen and we hope MuscleTech will increase the quality there. Overall this is a great product that will do exactly what it says it will when used correctly.


Compared to other products such as this the cost is quite reasonable per pound. Most budgets will be able to absorb the cost quite easily. When you add to the decent price all of the benefits you get it makes it a stellar value. You won't feel pain in your overworked muscles like you used to and you will start to see growth results quickly. You can order it in a variety of sizes and when buying it in the five-pound option you actually save a bit of money per pound. There are enough flavor options to keep you interested and it is quite versatile in its uses. Overall this product is a good value and we are sure if you add it to your Protein arsenal it will be one you use over and over again happily.

Key Features

  • 100% Whey Protein

  • 32 Grams Protein Per Serving

  • 7.4 Grams BCAAs Per Serving

  • 4x Muscle Building Potential

  • 180 Calories

  • 3 Grams of Fat

  • Contains Creatine

  • Bottom Line

    If you have been searching for a supplement to boost your Protein and offers a decent amount of flavor and option sizes this could be the one for you. With fast recovery times and increased muscle building and strengthening potential, you are sure to love the effect of it. The flavors may be a bit lacking but when mixed correctly you will be hard-pressed to find a product with better consistency. Generations of people have relied on this product because it produces results and easily aids them in their fitness journies. The price is fair and it is well received by the majority of people who give it a try. We are sure you will like it too if you give it a chance.