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The Smartwool Sport Fleece Training Beanie is the perfect product for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors, even when the temperatures drop. You don't need to let a little cold weather keep you from getting outside and doing what you love. Things are products like this hat, you can head outside without worrying about your head in your ears getting too cold.

This beanie uses Merino wool, which is some of the softest wool out there. It offers a lot of naturally occurring benefits that you can take advantage of. These include leaving the cap moisture-wicking, super soft, and breathable. This product has found that fine line between keeping you warm and preventing you from overheating.

Yes, you might see that it has a rather high price tag. However, don't let that stop you from giving this product to try. If you have a little extra money to splurge and convert this into your budget, many customers recommend doing so. Plus, if you weren't entirely satisfied, the company does offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee within the first two years. Even though this guarantee is provided to you, the vast majority of consumers don't need to use it. Most of them are completely satisfied with their product.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Super soft Merino wool

Highly durable

Great for winter weather

Superior fit

Openings for glasses

Ponytail exit (women's)


High price tag

No color options


Smartwool started back in 1994 when the founders wanted to be able to ski just a little bit longer without their toes getting cold. After discovering the amazing benefits of Merino wool, they created their first pair of socks; the rest was history.

They started working with the wool and found how comfortable and soft they were. In fact, it was softer than any of the other wool they had ever felt before. The material comes loaded with so many benefits. They just knew they had to use it for their socks.

Smartwool became the first outdoor company to use Merino wool in performance ski socks. This was a revolutionary idea, and something athletes hadn't seen before. They changed the way winter weather sports enthusiasts viewed their feet forever.

The brand strives to bring customers comfortable gear for all of their outdoor adventures. They wanted to allow their customers the ability to experience more and go further than with their other socks. This dream still motivates and pushes the company to deliver high-quality items.

The group of people that makes up the Smartwool company enjoy the great outdoors just about as much as their customers do. Everything they do is to help others enjoy their adventures as much as they do.

The company exists to help enable consumers to enjoy every adventure. Whether you are simply enjoying a stroll around the block, hitting the slopes, or hiking through the great outdoors, Smartwool products will be there to help keep you warm and toasty.


If you are heading outside for an outdoor workout, whether you are running and simply enjoying a stroll around the block, you want to try to stay as warm as possible in the colder months. When the temperature drops, layering your workout apparel is a must, and keeping a hat on hand to keep your ears warm is something you should consider.

Of course, there are far more occasions that you can take advantage of this product. It is an excellent beanie that will keep your ears and head warm no matter what you are doing. It has enough insulation that you can wear it in the winter months when the temps drop below freezing without a problem. Although, it is still light enough that you can wear it running or cycling in the winter months without overheating.


The Smartwool Sport Fleece Training Beanie is made out of a mixture of materials to ensure you are getting a high-quality product with excellent durability. The crown and sides of the hat are made using 56% Merino wool and 44% polyester. When it comes to the lower body of the cap, you will find 46% polyester, 38% Merino wool, and 16% spandex.

Merino wool is a super soft material that is made out of the wool of Merino sheep. The content is known for the many exceptional qualities it possesses. The yarn is amazingly soft and breathable. Additionally, it offers a more delicate and shinier look than other fabrics. This wool is one of the most sought after wools on the market.

In addition to the wool, you will also find polyester and spandex. These additions are incorporated into the mixture to increase the durability and increase overall comfort. The spandex gives the beanie a nice little stretch for an optimal fit. Additionally, it is durable enough that it won't lose it's stretch over time like some other elastic materials will.


As mentioned above, the Smartwool Sport Fleece Training Beanie is made using Merino wool. This material has the ability to provide exceptional warmth while still leaving the cap breathable enough to prevent your head from getting too hot. It is essential to ensure you are wearing breathable apparel, especially when you are active. It will allow your sweat to evaporate and leave the clothing while preventing you from overheating. Of course, as it is a winter hat, you need to make sure you are staying warm enough. The use of this wool has the uncanny ability to keep you warm enough without the pesky side effect of overheating.


If you are training in the cold, you want to make sure that you are trying to stay as comfortable as possible. It doesn't seem like a lot, but your hardware can help increase your overall comfort level. The beanie will help keep you warm and toasty, even in the coldest of weather. If you opt to head out for an outdoor adventure when the temperatures are low without a hat of any kind, you run the risk of getting too cold and causing yourself discomfort.

The vast majority of consumers can agree that the Smartwool Sport Fleece Training Beanie is comfortable. The wool gives it a soft feel that keeps you warm enough not to freeze. Not only is it super soft, but it offers a fantastic fit for optimal comfort. The spandex used in the construction of the beanie helps give it the perfect amount of stretch, so it fits your head perfectly.


The Smartwool Sport Fleece Training Beanie is a one size fits all hat so it can accommodate the majority of consumers. The cap fits those with a head circumference of between 21.5 and 23.5 inches.

Of course, even though it is one size fits all, there are always going to be some people that don't fit into that category. If you have a larger or smaller head than the average consumer, then you might have a little trouble fitting into it. However, most people have no issues at all.


If you are spending your money on a product, you want to try to make sure that you are getting something that is durable enough to stand up to your active lifestyle, you don't want to head out for a training session only to find out that your hat just isn't cutting it anymore. It's frustrating when any of your athletic apparel wears down or stretches out.

Thankfully, that is not a problem that you will have to deal with when it comes to the Smartwool Sport Fleece Training Beanie. The combination of Merino wool, polyester, and spandex ensures that the hat is made out of excellent quality materials. Not only are the materials durable, but the construction is on par. Smartwool takes exceptional care to deliver products that will last you a long time.

In fact, the company stands behind each and every one of their products. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They have stated that if you find yourself unhappy, for whatever reason, within the first two years after your purchase, you can send the product back without issue. They stand behind their products and strive to provide you with high-quality products forever and always.


The Smartwool Sport Fleece Training Beanie offers a basic and straightforward style, something that you would expect from an athletic hat. It is only available in one color, black, but that is OK. Most customers are content with the black color since it is neutral and will go with just about anything else they are wearing.

The hat offers special openings that can accommodate your sunglasses when the sun is shining bright. Just because it's cold doesn't mean it's not extremely bright outside. These openings will keep your shades firmly in place, so they don't fall off your face while you're out and about.

If you opt for the women's version of this beanie, then you will also have the benefit of an extra hole for your ponytail. This special exit will allow those ladies with long hair to pull their ponytail out the hole for added comfort while on the run.


When you are shopping around for your cold-weather athletic apparel, you want to try to save money here and there when you can. Unfortunately, sometimes your left spending a little bit more than you'd intended so you can get a superior product. The Smartwool Sport Fleece Training Beanie is a bit on the pricey side, especially when you compare it to other beanies on the market.

Just because the cost is a little higher then you expected doesn't mean it's not still an amazing value. The Merino wool used in this hat is full of amazing features that make a little extra cost well worth it.

Customers are not disappointed with this purchase at all. If you have a little bit of extra spending money and want to splurge a little bit on a great quality beanie, then this is the product for you.


This product is super lightweight. Customers can appreciate the fact that it only weighs 1 oz. There's no need to feel like you're running around with any extra weight on your head, causing you discomfort or distractions while you're on-the-go. Additionally, since this product is moisture-wicking, you are going to have to worry about it absorbing your sweat or moisture from rain or snow, which can cause it to weigh down.


The Smartwool Sport Fleece Training Beanie Offers a decent amount of protection for your outdoor runs. First and foremost, it is a winter hat and does an amazing job of protecting you from the cold. If you're heading outside in below-freezing temperatures, you need to make sure that your ears and head are staying warm enough, and wearing a beanie as this can help with that.

In addition to keeping you warm, this hatch features reflective detailing on both the front and back. This is great because if you're heading out on overcast days, early mornings, or late evenings, you run the risk of being stuck in low light conditions. It's essential that you're staying seen by passers-by, so there are no unnecessary accidents. If you're heading out when the lighting conditions aren't the greatest, you should consider pairing your athletic apparel with other reflective gear. However, this is going to give you a little extra reflectivity to keep you safe.


It is super easy to keep this hat nice and clean. You want to make sure you're washing it regularly, so it doesn't start to stink. You can machine wash the beanie in cold water, preferably on a gentle cycle. You do not want to put it in a dryer or use bleach, as those things can speed up the wear-and-tear process. To dry the cap, you lay it flat and wait for it to dry. Two things that you can do, however, use a cool iron and dry clean the product, if that's something you need to do.

Bottom Line

Customers love this product. It is made out of Merino wool, which is loaded with amazing benefits. It is naturally moisture-wicking so you don't have to worry about the hat getting wet. The materials are breathable, keeping you warm enough without causing you to overheat. The list of advantages goes on and on and on. There isn't really much not to love about this product.

Unfortunately, customers have stated that the Smartwool Sport Fleece Training Beanie is a bit on the high side when it comes to cost. That is something to be expected, primarily because of the wool that's used in the construction. Yes, it might have a steep price tag, but most consumers have stated it's well worth the cost.

If you're heading outside for any adventure during the winter weather, grab one of these beanies to keep your head warm.