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SNLMY Kung Fu Shoes Review Facts

Staying active in today’s world is so important. There are a variety of ways to get your blood pumping and so many different products out there to wear to make being active a little easier in a variety of ways. But what if you’re someone who enjoys a diverse array of activities? Are there products out there that could be ideal for starting kung fu and hip-hop dance? Or how about parkour and tai chi? The answer is yes! There is a large number of martial arts shoes aimed at being multi-use and more convenient for the consumer.

This vast assortment of multi-use products are great for various settings and may appeal to those seeking to save time while running from one activity to the next. One great product available for use in various settings is athletic shoes. Not only can multi-use products such as shoes be handy for saving time while jumping from the gym to the dance floor, but they can also be stylish and affordable! Making your favorite active gear usable in so many ways.

SNLMY has designed a shoe that’s next level convenient for those who are active in a variety of different ways. Their multi-use leather shoe could be your new favorite pair of athletic shoes, comfortable and well designed this product is a must-have for the beginner or experienced athletes alike. Being able to easily make your way from one activity to the next without skipping a beat almost sounds too good to be true!

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This multi-use athletic shoe is manufactured to be reliable during continuous and heavy use, yet soft and breathable for those high-stress times where airflow is needed most. The materials used together work to provide a comfortable fit with a slip-proof grip that won’t alter your footwork.

The main part of this product is soft leather. The leather is so durable it’s able to withstand continuous use yet soft and pliable enough to be comfortable for everyday use. The cross-stitching through the leather creates a fashionable design as well as a cross-flow of air for breathability.

The sole of this SNLMY Kung Fu shoe is made up of non-slip rubber. And is specifically designed to provide better traction for a grip that won’t trip up your footwork. These materials are designed to aid in making footwork a breeze and won’t alter movement or accuracy.


There is a pretty well laid out size chart available for those having difficulties with picking the correct size. However, if that does not help you this product tends to follow US sizes fairly close. A bit of a narrow fit, though the materials may stretch out a tad with use.

This SNLMY multi-use athletic shoe is meant to fit like a glove. A lightweight design that won’t slow you down this product comes in a variety of sizes and colors. This is a unisex product that has different colors available and is fashionable enough to be worn by anyone.

Upon purchase of this product you may find at first they will feel more firm. After getting through the initial “break-in” period with this product, you may find that the shoe feels less narrow and more flexible. It should be noted this is a normal process for all shoe products and should be planned for when deciding on an appropriate size.


Kung Fu may be apart of the name of this product, but let me assure you this product is designed to be used in a variety of athletic ways. From hip-hop dance, all the way to parkour the SNLMY athletic shoes are up to the challenge of holding up through it all.

What makes these shoes ideal for so many areas in the athletic department is simple. These shoes are manufactured to rise to the occasion simply by featuring some of the things every activity generally needs in a shoe. Made to be slip-proof, reliable and with the athlete in mind. With gear this universal and great you can keep your focus on improving every step of the way.

After all who doesn’t love a product that’s easily usable in multiple areas of life? Especially with the busy chaos that life normally is, saving time while moving from one part of the day to the next is never a bad idea! Being fashionable while doing so doesn't hurt either.

Color Options

Having options for color makes this product even more universal than it already is. Some martial arts uniforms require certain colors. Though not all forms of martial arts or other athletic activities necessarily require a certain color, for fashion purposes having options may still be an added bonus.

The SNLMY Kung Fu athletic shoe already offers so much in its design also being able to pick from 3 different color options really shows you how thought out this product truly is! These different options are great for different athletic situations as well as being ideal for providing something for men and women.

The color options are black, red and white. Both black and red share in having a yellow-colored Chinese symbol and the white design has a black colored Chinese symbol. This symbol is linked to the Taichi martial art called Wushu. It may also be known as “Wu” and also reference to the world “martial” in martial arts.


The sole in all 3 color options available is a light brown color. The rubber material may not appear to be anything too particular at first glance, though it certainly has a few key features that help it stand out above others. One great feature is the great maximum grip for added traction that is packed into a multi-use tread design.

Another great feature about the design of the sole for the SNLMY Kung Fu shoe is that the rubber sole comes slightly up onto the heel of the shoe providing an extra surface area with a grip that is not often seen with other athletic shoes. This additional feature for this product also makes this shoe great for practicing heel to toe movements.

The sole can easily become arguably one of the most important areas on a shoe. It is at the very least the area most will find make or break a shoe when it comes to wearability. With a design so thought out and with such great features packed into each step, there’s not much more you could ask for within an athletic shoe.


Everyone is in search of a bargain. Something about finding a nice high-quality product for a lower price really makes a product stand out amongst the rest. It’s not often a true deal comes around and when one does pop up it’s always best to check it out at the very least!

The SNLMY Kung Fu shoes are easily a fantastic deal! This product provides you with a sturdy and comfortable athletic shoe. With endless opportunities for use, it won’t be long before this purchase pays off. You may even find this product is such a deal it’s also a great possible gift idea for an active friend or family member.

There is a slight price difference with the larger sizes, though not by much. The increase in price does not take away from this product being a bargain. With a design so thoroughly thought out and a handful of ideal features at a great price, you won’t regret making these multi-use athletic shoes apart of your go-to gear.

Why Shoes

When thinking about martial arts gear, shoes may not be the first thought that comes to mind. And some forms of martial arts are strictly barefoot for various reasons. But if you're practicing a form that allows athletic shoes, you may want to consider them and here's why.

One of the first reasons athletic shoes, like taekwondo shoes might be right for you is to reduce exposure to bacteria and fungi. Shoes create a barrier between ourselves and the ground around us. This protects us from any bacteria or fungi that can be typically found in most public areas. When it comes to hygienic reasons, shoes could protect you and those around you as well.

Another good reason for athletic shoes is for support. Proper foot and ankle support is very important and can aid in preventing injury by providing a solid foundation and firm support. Without proper support, it is much easier to end up with a rolled ankle or a sprained foot.

There is a vast array of reasons for why athletic shoes and the proper fit is very important. These few examples may seem insignificant but can make the difference between a successful practice and a practice that results in injury or exposure to athletes foot. A great pair of athletic shoes truly is a must-have.

Bottom Line

In all these heavy-duty athletic shoes are an ideal addition to your favorite collection of athletic gear. With options available for color and such great features for a vast array of activities packed into the SMLMY Kung Fu Shoes, it’s hard to go wrong! This is a product that was made with the active community in mind.

Fashionable and comfortable generally is not a statement that goes together when you are talking about shoes. This pair of Kung Fu shoes easily accomplish providing you with a comfortable fit that also looks great! The cross-stitching over the leather creates a unique design that also contributes to making sure the product is breathable. Having a product that is unisex and is also well put together in such a thought out manner shows the quality and care put into these shoes.

There are very few reasons why this particular multi-use athletic shoe would not be a great purchase. For the most part other than some may have a slight difficulty with finding the correct size. Aside from that the snug fit and variety of uses for this product in itself make this athletic shoe stand above the rest.