Sole TT9 Treadmill Review

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The Sole TT9 treadmill is very expensive but it is an investment that will help everyone achieve better health. With the ability to accommodate user weights up to 450 pounds, this is a solid option for those of you that are looking to lose a lot of weight. In addition, the speed and incline levels this product offers will provide a true challenge to those of you that are already physically fit. If you find yourself somewhere in the middle of these two ends of the spectrum, that's fine, as this machine will be able to provide you with everything you need to succeed in meeting your goals. Whether you are into fitness, boxing, running, soccer, wrestling, or any other activity, a strong cardiovascular routine will help you perform better. You will have access to statistics in real time. This can help keep you driven towards beating your past times and distances. With enhanced motivation, you will find better results in all of your fitness ventures. You will also be able to easily connect with your favorite fitness apps via Bluetooth. This is great news for those of you that like to keep track of your routines and watch your progress as your health and fitness improve. Overall, this is a truly great machine that will give you any level of challenge you are looking for.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Durability
  • Handles Up To 450lbs
  • Impressive Incline & Decline Options
  • Great Customer Service
  • Gym Quality
  • Large Display
  • Superior Longevity Of Use
  • Inaccurate Speeds
  • Fan Lacks Power
  • Insanely Expensive


Sole brand provides some of the finest treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, and elliptical machines on the market today. In the last 5 years, they have become one of the quickest growing Brands out there. They have expanded their lines and their footprint. All of their products come with good warranties to ensure that you get the highest functioning pieces of fitness equipment out there. Consumers are excited about how easy it is to work with their customer service problem to resolve any issues they may come across. When you put a lot of time and effort into your overall health and wellness it's nice to know that there are fitness equipment options out there that do it the exact same way. You will not be disappointed when you go with this brand. Regardless of the features, you are looking for you are short to be able to find what you need to succeed in your goals when you put your faith in this brand.

Basic Features

Obviously, when you put a lot of money into a piece of fitness equipment there are some basic features that you expect. This product has an excellent variety of basic features that will make your experience with this treadmill excellent each and every time. It does offer a cooling fan, however, consumer state that it is not very powerful. This may lead you to want to add another fan into your space. You will also be able to choose where exactly you would like your water bottle to be. With cup holders on both sides of the console, it will be convenient to reach for your hydration throughout your sweaty routine. This item has easy-to-use push-button controls that are convenient. it also features an emergency Stop Key. When this key is not in place the treadmill won't function. This provides added safety to those of you that have little ones running around the house.

Advanced Features

You'll be getting some seriously cool Advanced features when you decide to invest in this treadmill. You'll be able to easily sync your workout with your favorite apps via a Bluetooth connection. This product also has an exceptionally large LCD display. You will also be able to easily listen to your music through the in console speakers. It is important to note that people are actually impressed with the speakers on this treadmill. Typically, this is an area of complaint. You will also be able to easily stay within your target heart rate zone 4 fat burning, weight loss, or strength Improvement. This is due to the fact that this product has a heart rate monitor. You can use a chest strap but it would need to be bought separately. You'll have access to a pretty large variety of programs that will offer different levels of challenge and intensity. Overall, this is just a look at the many things that this treadmill can do. Once you start to use it we are sure you will discover many other features that help to prove how impressive this piece of equipment really is.


Switching up the level of incline while using this machine is a piece of cake. All you will have to do is press a button. Not only will you be able to add an incline to your routine but you will also be able to work on a decline. This is not a feature that we oftentimes see in treadmills, even the high-end ones. When you are able to work on an incline and decline you'll target different muscle areas. This, in turn, will give you improved results. it can decline up to 6% which is better than most others. The incline is also impressive. You can incline this treadmill up to 15%. Even those of you that are exceptionally physically fit will be able to find an incline that truly challenges them. Add these incline to the plethora of program options and it's easy to see why this item fits so well into such a large variety of Fitness levels and routines.


This product is exceptionally quiet. This will aid in the overall comfort of not only you but the people around you. When you are trying to focus on your favorite tunes or TV show allowed piece of equipment can be very distracting and throw you off your game. This treadmill does offer a cooling fan. However, as previously noted, it's not very powerful so likely won't do a very good job of keeping you at a comfortable temperature. You will have access to a couple of different points in which you can hold on. This is great for those of you that are looking for a more stable walk or run. It is important to note that consumers have mentioned that the plastic piece on the bottom of the treadmill is pretty large. This could lead to you taking it while you are walking or running and trying to hold on to the heart rate monitor. You need to be careful as this could cause an unnecessary slip or fall and lead you to injury.


When you decide to go with this option it provides you with excellent speed variation. Just as with the incline, you can adjust the speed with the simple press of a button. Consumers have mentioned that they feel as if the transition between speeds happens relatively quickly and smoothly. However, it is also been noted that this treadmill is not accurate in terms of speed. Some consumers that have mentioned that they are seriously into running and know their cadence very well have stated that well sometimes fast and sometimes slow the speed is just not correct. It can go up to 12 miles per hour. This is fast enough to provide a great level of challenge to even the most physically fit. Starting out it just a half a mile an hour, those of you that have a lot of work to do, we'll be able to start out slow and work your way towards higher rates of speed as your health and fitness improves.


This treadmill is quite massive. If you do not have a lot of space to devote to a treadmill you will want to look towards different options. Honestly, this one is larger than almost every other one out there. The length of it comes in at 84 inches. for comparison, most gym style treadmills have a length right around 80 inches. The width of this product is also a few inches bigger than most other treadmills. It comes in at 36 inches. This product weighs in at almost 400 lbs. This is going to make it exceptionally difficult to move it around once you have it set up. You will want to assemble it in the location it's going to stay and if it has to be moved you will want to get some help. This item can handle up to 450 lb of user weight safely. We don't often times see treadmills that are rated this way. Obviously, if you are just starting out on a major weight loss venture this is great news and maybe the perfect fit for you and your new lifestyle for years to come.


Using a treadmill of this quality comes with a plethora of advantages. One of the main advantages of this item is the fact that it offers a decline as well as an incline. This is an aspect that customers truly love and gives you a more versatile workout. You will also be able to easily connect with your favorite fitness apps. Using these types of applications help you to stay motivated towards meeting your goals. When you can see your performance and prove it helps to promote the drive required to continue on your current path. This product will also help you regardless of if you are just beginning to try and become more fit or if you are already in optimal health. With true diversity in speeds, incline, decline, and programs whatever level of challenge you are looking for you will be able to easily find. So, as you can see regardless of if you are trying to lose weight, train for a marathon, or just get a bit more active this product will help you along the way.


There are really only a few things we are consistently seeing consumers have negative comments about in regards to this product. The most imperative one is inaccurate speeds. It can be difficult to keep accurate track of your workouts if the treadmill you are using does not offer the correct speed at which you are traveling. This is not a comment that we have seen frequently, however, it is popped up enough that you should take it into consideration. Another problem with this item is the lack of power in regards to the fan. While this is more of an inconvenience than anything, when you're paying this kind of money for a product, you would expect a higher quality fan. There are no complaints about it, however, some people may find the size of this product to be a disadvantage. It is quite large so it may be impossible to fit into your home gym.


We feel as if this product is slightly better than average value. The price tag that it carries is absolutely astronomical. Many people will have an extremely difficult time working it into their budget. In fact, some may never be able to work it into their budget. It does offer a vast variety of features to help you attain optimal levels of physical fitness. With that being said, there are significantly cheaper options available to you that have extremely similar features. This is a solid machine that will give you any level of challenge that you are looking for. The durability of it and the design will enable you to use this item for years to come. It truly can help you become a healthier individual when you decide to use it on a frequent basis and parrot with a healthy diet. Overall, if you decide to make the investment into this treadmill we do not believe that you'll be disappointed.

Bottom Line

If you make the large investment that it will take to own this piece of gym equipment you will be getting a treadmill that will give you years worth of use. Regardless of your level of physical fitness, it will be able to provide you with ongoing challenges. Easily keeping track of your statistics can truly help to keep you motivated and working hard towards your goals. It does offer several features that we don't always see in high-end treadmills. this is aspects like the fact that it has a decline option. Consumers love the fact that they can sink their routines with their favorite fitness apps which improves determination and accountability. Overall, while there are cheaper options, this one is a great choice if you can find a way to work it into your budget.