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Solgar BCAA Plus Reviewed Review Facts

Solgar BCAA is an Amino Acid booster that is appropriate for a large variety of people. We say this because it is certified Kosher, gluten-free, Vegan-friendly, and does not contain any GMOs. This product is also lacking in a lot of ingredients that many of us on the journey to fitness and optimal health like to avoid such as sugar, soy, wheat, artificial anything, and Sodium. Branched Chain Amino Acids cannot be produced by our bodies naturally and need to be consumed in one way or another. Adding a supplement like this into your routine will help decrease overall soreness after wicked long days spent at the gym or training for a variety of activities. This product uses what are called free form BCAAs which are great for absorbing quickly and easily allowing your muscles to start using these essential Aminos right away. Your muscles will be able to grow and repair themselves more effectively while using this product and you are sure to know the difference as your physique changes and your strength increases. There are not a lot of extras that come with this product but the results you will get while using it will show you why they are not needed.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • No GMOs
  • Brand Longevity
  • Zero Sugar
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Easy Pill Form
  • Certified Kosher
  • Easy to Swallow
  • Exceptionally Basic


With more than seventy years in the business, Solgar has been giving the world top quality nutritional supplements longer than many of us have been alive. They believe that through science and innovation they can help lead people to healthier lifestyles. Across the globe athletes, busy moms, boxers, and everyday active people can find products that will aid them in whatever venture they find themselves striving towards. Whether you are trying to lose weight or build muscle you can rest assured that this brand has a natural option just for you. You don't stay in business for this long without doing things right and we know if you give Solgar products a chance you will see why they have been so successful for so long.


You aren't going to have to worry about the taste of this product because it comes in an easy to swallow pill form. Using supplements means you have probably run into a few that taste simply terrible. Branched Chain Amino Acids are exceptionally bitter if you take them in an unflavored powder form. If you decide to go with a flavored variety you are usually stuck with a product that is too sweet and leaves your mouth tasting terrible. The fact that these pills are small and leave no flavor in your mouth is greatly appreciated by those who have yet to find a flavored supplement that they can stand to drink on a daily basis.


Flavor choice is not something to concern yourself when using this product. As we said before it comes in a pill form which eliminates the need for flavoring. This is good because so many other products use artificial flavorings that can lead to health problems. You won't need to stress over artificial ingredients when using this and that is a blessing in disguise for many of us. The fact that there is no flavor variety means you won't have to worry about what to mix it with or whether you are wasting money on something you are going to hate. Reap the benefits of Branched Chain Amino Acids without worrying that you will hate what you are trying to take on a daily basis.


Consistency won't be an issue with this product either. If you have ever tried to mix a basic Branched Chain Amino Acid booster then you know it is impossible. What you are left with is a chunky, gritty drink that at least part of ends up stuck on the side of your blender bottle. You won't run into any of those issues with this supplement. The consistency of products like this can really be a deal breaker if they are bad. So many people are textural eaters and drinkers that a gritty drink is simply something they cannot handle. Simply swallow a few small pills with water or another beverage of your choice and say goodbye to the awful consistency offered by other brands making similar products.


Branched Chain Amino Acids have proven themselves time and time again in terms of effectiveness. These three Aminos will do an excellent job of protecting and maintaining your muscles. On top of that, even after endurance workouts or training, your muscles will feel better than ever before. Over time you will more than likely not experience soreness after hard sessions at all. Additionally, your muscles will have the building blocks they need to pack on new lean muscle. Overall, adding an essential Amino Acids booster to your routine is very effective and will help you accomplish goals you thought may never actually be attainable.


Listing the ingredients for this product is much easier than it is for other products that are similar. With this, you will simply be getting B6, Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine. So many others put a plethora of different ingredients in their products to try and step it up a notch. The thing about this is many of us are already using supplements like Whey powders, pre-workouts, Creatine, and more. When you are already using these things and you want to add in a BCAA it is nice to know there is a basic version that you can stack and not worry about what nasty side effects you may experience or if you are getting too much of a certain ingredient. Keeping it simple is something we can all get behind when talking BCAA products.


We all want our bodies to perform at their highest level. This can be a huge challenge when you are sore, tired, or just sick of heading to the gym. Using Solgar BCAA will help your muscles recover much more quickly. What does this mean for you? Decreased, if not completely eliminated, muscle soreness. When you are less sore you will be able to work out at your full potential every day. The result of that will be increased muscle mass and strength. When you have that type of result what you will find is that no matter what you're doing your performing better. The increase in your performance will be seen the longer you continue to use a product like this.


As we have said, this is a very basic Branched Chain Amino Acid product and what that means is it is not going to help you too much in terms of hydration. Now, it is important to consider the fact that you will be taking a drink when swallowing these pills. This is important because it is an excellent chance to get in as much water as you feel you need to fit into your routine. Adding in extra water, naturally, increases hydration. This is important not only in your overall health but also in your muscle health. Maintaining proper hydration levels ensures your muscles perform as they are supposed to and can maintain themselves better. You will also notice a decrease in fatigue when you are making sure you have enough water in your diet.

Vitamins & Minerals

The one little extra that this product includes is vitamin B6. It is included in this product because it helps your body metabolize the Amino Acids you are ingesting. This is a great benefit, especially when it comes to speeding up your recovery times. Other than that there are no other vitamins or minerals in this product. This is not a bad thing considering most of us try and eat a balanced diet to get the nutrients we need and if not you are probably taking a multi-vitamin to help make up any deficit. Overdoing it on vitamins can be dangerous and cause toxic levels of certain ones to build up in your system. When using this product along with your other supplements, you won't have to worry about this occurring.


Caffeine is an ingredient that seems to be running rampant through all different types of nutritional supplements. This is a major problem for a lot of people. Whether trying to avoid caffeine by choice or because you are sensitive to it, it can be hard to find a product that doesn't contain any. You can use this option and have no worry about caffeine. Many avoid it because of the side effects it causes such as increased anxiety, nervousness, headaches, and terrible crashing effects. We understand that some of you are in love with all things caffeine and that isn't a problem either. You can easily take these pills with a cup of coffee, your favorite energy drink, or any other caffeinated beverage you choose to add a bit of energy to your daily BCAA supplement.


This product only has four ingredients and none of them are being used as filler ingredients. You don't succeed for more than seventy years by using useless ingredients to drive up prices. This is something that was happening often and hiding behind proprietary blends. As this was found to be happening more and more brands stay away from using proprietary blends and opt for clear labeling. The very short ingredient list here is an aspect of this product that we like due to the clarity it gives us on their formula and what we are actually getting. Making products look more nutritional than they are or bulking them up just to charge you more money is appalling and when you decide to go with this product a thing you won't need to worry over.


A serving of this option is two small pills. You will get one hundred pills per container which means you will be getting fifty servings. There is no option in container size. This can be a bit of a let down for those that just want to try it for a bit before they commit to it. Likewise, for those that like to stock up for months in advance, fifty servings aren't quite enough. Now, realistically, fifty servings is great compared to other brands that offer no size variety and you only get twenty servings per container. This gives you quite a bit more and plenty to last well over a month.

Side Effects

Due to the fact that this product doesn't have a huge ingredient list, it also means it does not have a huge side effect list. Pretty much every nutritional supplement that you buy is going to come with some sort of side effects list. There are no complaints of this product causing adverse effects, however, there are a few things that could happen depending on your constitution. You may experience a lack of motor function, muscle fatigue, bloating, or nausea. These are all usually quite minor but it is important that you are aware of them. Nursing women, people with medical conditions, or those of you that are pregnant or taking prescription medications should speak with your doctor before starting a supplement such as this one.


Adding Branched Chain Aminos into your life will give you some major advantages in and out of the gym. You can work long and hard with decreased worry over the soreness that usually follows. With the soreness-factor eliminated you will be able to crush it daily at the gym. Increased strength will start to show and the added muscle growth will too. As you continue to use this product you will continue to see improvement in these things. Behind the scenes, your muscles will be well-cared for. The increased maintenance will ensure you continue to feel great and your muscles don't reduce because of breakdown from overuse.


There really are no major flaws in this product, brand, or the formula used. You will get good doses of all three of the Branched Chain Amino Acids your body can't produce for itself. One thing that can be said is there is no size variety. The lack of any variety here means you get fifty servings period. This is not a major deal for most people. It does also carry some side effects but again pretty much every product that you buy like this comes with some. Overall, there is nothing about this product that we truly hate and we think if you give it a chance you will start to understand how this brand has been in business for as long as they have been.


This product is a tremendous value. The price tag that it carries is astoundingly low especially when you consider how many servings you are getting. If you are already budgeting for supplements adding this one in is going to be no big deal and most budgets are going to be able to afford it very easily. When you add to that the fact that this product is clean and clear about what is in it you see the value increase even more. The impact it will have on your body and your muscles will be amazing with long-term use and here again, we watch the value of the product increase. It has so many things working in its favor that we feel it is one of the best values for this type of product, on today's market.

Bottom Line

This product can be used by just about anyone and does not contain any ingredients that are detrimental to our overall health. It is exceptionally affordable and is made by a brand that has maintained its strong presence in the world of nutritional supplements for an extended timeframe. Consumers agree this is an excellent product that will support your muscles the way they need to be to help you reach your fitness and physique goals. You don't have to worry about a terrible taste or a pill that is so large you can't swallow it. This product is simple to use and gives you a plethora of benefits. We feel that you should give it a try and let the test of time prove to you just how awesome it really is.