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Putting a spin bike in your home gym can give you major advantages in a variety of activities. The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycle is an affordable option that will give you great longevity of use. Even if cycling isn't your thing and you are into sports, running, boxing, or other activities, adding a biking session or two into your routine can help keep things interesting. Your body can get used to the exercise you do on a regular basis. Switching your routine up can help you achieve your goals more quickly and help you avoid annoying plateaus. This option is quite basic but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It will provide you with a challenging workout regardless of your fitness level. You will be able to improve your weight, strength, endurance, and more when you give pedaling a try. A nice thing about biking with this product is that it will allow you to exercise while you do other things like watch TV or listen to music. This is because it is very quiet. The structure and design will give you a smooth ride each and every time you decide to take it for a spin. Overall, this is a good option when looking for a basic exercise bike.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Fairly Affordable
  • Simple Assembly
  • Easy To Relocate
  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Solid Construction
  • Won't Wobble While Riding
  • Limited Maintenance
  • Simple To Use
  • Squeaky Brakes
  • Difficult Warranty Process
  • Exceptionally Limited Features


Sunny Health & Fitness has been giving fitness enthusiasts equipment solutions for more than fifteen years. This brand knows that Superior customer service and great products are the ways of keeping customers loyal. They provide both of these things. What are you are looking for a treadmill, recumbent bike, or a variety of other gym equipment they have solutions for you. There are options not only for your home gym but for your business if this is the kind of equipment you are looking for. Their solutions are more affordable than many others that you may have looked into in the past. When you get excellent durability from the quality products provided by this brand and all for affordable prices it is easy to see why so many people have put their trust into them.

Basic Features

This bike is seriously stripped down. When looking at basic models, this one is as basic as they come. There are not a lot of features associated with this bike but there are a couple that we would like to mention. You will be able to adjust not only the seat but also the handlebars. The seat is able to be adjusted up and down as well as forwards and backward. Having a just ability in the handlebars and the seat provides you with a more comfortable ride during long training sessions. You will also be able to easily change the resistance with the turn of a knob. This can be easily done throughout your routine so that you can find the level of challenge that you are looking for. The only other real feature on this bike is the emergency stop. If you need to quickly put your pedaling to an end you will simply need to press down on a lever that will stop the flywheel from spinning immediately.

Advanced Features

As far as advanced features go, this product really doesn't have any. It is missing some of the basic features that we've come to expect, such as a water bottle holder. So, when turning towards Advanced features it was not surprising that this product doesn't have any. Most exercise bikes in the same quality category have an LCD display which will allow you to track a variety of different information about your routine. This product does not have any sort of display. In turn, this means that you will not be able to see how far you have gone, the number of calories you have burned, or how long you have been biking. Some customers find this to be a major inconvenience as they like to have easy access to these pieces of information.


You'll be getting a durable set of pedals when you decide to go with a spike. It is important to note that is been mentioned from the manufacturer that you need to be careful when installing the pedal on the left-hand side of the bike. Pay special attention here as you will need to turn it counterclockwise. These foot pedals are caged to help lock your feet in place. They are fairly easy to adjust and will help to improve your thrust wow using this piece of equipment. They are regular bike pedals and if you're into spinning you may be looking for an SPD style pedal. If this is the case you can simply switch them out. There have been some concerns over the durability of the crank. It is important to note that this piece is not covered by the warranty.


Consumers are very pleased with the level of comfort they get while using this bike. Obviously, there are some that don't find it to be very comfortable at all but the general consensus is that this bike is pretty good. Let's start by talking about the seat. It is a bit wider and more cushioned than others you probably have sat on in the past. While this is an advantage for some people others find it to be a disadvantage. A larger seat may lead to chafing. If you find that you do not like the saddle of this bike it can be easily swapped out. It may take a bit of an investment and some time to find a bike seat that you truly love but once you do it can make long hours exercising easier than before. The other place we like to discuss on a bike, in terms of comfort, is the handlebars. These ones are adjustable and they are also padded. This makes them much more comfortable than others in the same category.


The people using this bike are thrilled with the different levels of resistance that this bike has to offer. It is a simple turn dial that will allow you to easily adjust the resistance level throughout your workout. This will allow you to work harder than ever before or lighten up a bit on what days you are feeling less than stellar. The resistance of this bike is given from a braking system. As you turn the knob, 2 felt stoppers will move closer to the flywheel. As they put pressure on it the resistance will increase. It has been noted from customers that there is no odd smell associated with this which is a nice aspect because we commonly hear this complaint with this type of resistance. Overall, it gives you a large variety of options in terms of resistance and you will be able to get one of the toughest or easiest workouts. It is entirely up to you.


This option uses a chain drive. in terms of drive systems, this is one of the very most durable options. You'll be able to use this bike for years without worry of needing to replace a flimsy belt. Belt drives are commonly seen but they snap easily especially in affordable options. A chain drive will also give you a more realistic ride. It will be quiet and smooth and allow for a nice take off as well as a steady ride. Another nice feature of a chain drive is the fact that they are typically very quiet. You won't have so much of the whirring noise that you expect when using an indoor cycling bike. Overall, customers are pleased with this drive system. It is important to note the adding some oil to the chain on occasion can help improve the durability of this product.


The size of this bike is fairly average When comparing it to others in the same category. It is a bit longer than most coming in at 49 inches. or people really have a concern, however, is with the width of their bike. If your home gym is small fitting a large piece of equipment and can be a major burden. This bike is only 20 inches wide. What this means is that it should easily fit into most spaces. It is important to note that there are wheels on one end of this product so you can easily be relocated if you need to free up some room. The maximum weight that this product can handle is 275 lbs. This is not as much as others. if you exceed the recommended user way you may want to look towards a different option to ensure you get the best durability and use out of your exercise bike.


The manufacturer states that it takes roughly two hours to set this bike up, however, consumer say it takes significantly less. Due to the fact that this product is extremely simple, it is also easier to put together than many other varieties. They will supply you with a clear instructional guide as well as the tools needed to get your bike completely set up. You may find that the tool supplied are inferior and that using your own is advantageous. Regardless of if you are excellent at assembling things or if you are complete novice you should be able to put this item together with very little problem. As previously mentioned, you want to be careful when attaching the left pedal as it needs to be turned counterclockwise rather than clockwise. Overall, customers are very happy with the ease of the setup process.


There are a plethora of advantages that come with adding an indoor cycling bike to your home gym. Regardless of the type of activity, you like to participate in this is a good addition to your routine. So, if you like to participate in yoga, Taekwondo, or even kung fu you can add biking in to improve your performance in just about everything. It is great for helping you to build muscle and burn fat. The low-impact nature of this type of workout is excellent for those of you that are recovering from injuries or simply have bad joints. When trying to lose weight this is also an excellent option to help you along the way. Improving your strength, endurance, and overall health are easily done when you decide to go for a ride. These are only a few of the many advantages that adding a cycling routine to your schedule can do.


While this product does have a couple of disadvantages we don't feel as if any of them are major issues. Consumers have noted that over time the brakes on this product to do become squeaky. What this means is that as you increase the resistance you may end up hearing a bit of squeaking. Keeping your machine well-oiled can help you avoid this. Another complaint from customers is that the process to use the warranty is exceptionally difficult. It only covers parts of the frame and it can be very frustrating trying to deal with the department that handles this. The only other thing that customers aren't thrilled about is that this product is exceptionally limited in terms of features. So, if you are looking for something with a few bells and whistles you're absolutely not going to get it here and a different option may be more suitable for you.


We feel as if this product is a fairly good value. The price tag that it carries is more affordable than many other spin bikes that are currently available to you. While it may take a bit of saving you will be able to afford this one more easily without taking a devastating blow to your bank account. Consumers also feel as if this product is a fairly good value. The reason it doesn't rank higher here in this category is due to the fact that it is so limited. For the price that you were going to pay, there are many other exercise bikes out there that offer more features. If you are going to make an investment in this type of product, obviously, you want to get the best bang for your buck. If simplicity is what you are looking for then this product may be right up your alley.

Bottom Line

You won't have to make nearly the investment when you decide to go with us exercise bike but you aren't going to get much in terms of extra aspects. You will absolutely be able to challenge yourself with a variety of resistance settings. This can lead you to stellar workouts and improved results in your performance and in reaching your goals. Overall, customers are more than pleased with their purchase of this bike. They find it to be quite comfortable even during long sessions of writing. It is pretty quiet and it is exceptionally durable. We feel that this is a sound investment if you really are looking for something that is basic. It is probably best suited towards beginners or those of you that don't really care about seeing your statistics.