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Suzies Good Fats, also known as, Love Good Fats make protein-boosting snacks that will fit perfectly in just about any diet, including Keto. Low on carbs and high in fats that are good for you, this bar will help keep you full and energized throughout your day. It is exceptionally convenient and can be consumed at any point in your day. There is very little sugar in this product which is appreciated. In addition, it contains eight grams of protein per serving. This is quite a bit lower than others you may have tried in the past. It may make reaching your daily protein goals a bit more difficult because of the lower protein content. They come in a good variety of flavors and this brand has spent the time to ensure they taste great. When you are headed to the gym, out for a run, or just dealing with your busy life, this bar can help give your body the fuel you need to succeed at a higher level. This product is wholesome and does not contain the artificial ingredients we so commonly see with this type of nutritional supplement. Suzies Good Fats are a decent option when it comes to protein bars and overall customers seem to be satisfied with them.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Low Sugar
  • Great Flavor Options
  • Decent Protein Boost
  • Helps Muscle Recovery
  • Low Carb Count
  • Convenient Snack
  • Keto-Friendly
  • Helps Curb Appetite
  • Chalky


Suzie's brand came to be because she was tired of listening to the world saying we needed to live on a low-fat diet. She is spent the last few years developing and researching information about natural sugars and about fats. She strives to make a delicious product that would allow you to have a snack at any point throughout your day that actually satisfies your sweet tooth. She found that adding healthy fats to your daily routine can help speed up your metabolism, enhance your mood, improve your overall happiness, improve energy levels, and a variety of other things. They only used high-quality ingredients and they taste so good you'll be surprised at how good for you they actually are.


After scouring a ton of reviews we have found that customers are quite satisfied with the taste of this protein supplement. They are not overly sweet nor does it seem as if they leave a terrible aftertaste in your mouth. How is a supplement like this one benefits our life is the most important thing, not the taste. However, it is a relief to know we can find a truly nutritious product that kills our sweet tooth and allows us to stay on track with our diet and exercise routine. It is often been noted that the flavor varieties actually taste like they are intended to. Many options you may have tried in the past are extremely artificial tasting and it is a nice ass back to this product doesn't fall into the same category.


You are going to get a fairly decent flavor variety when you decide to give this product to try. They offered two options that are plant-based meaning they are vegan-friendly. You can choose from chocolate chip cookie dough or peanut butter and jelly if you want the plant-based option. Their regular bars are available in four different flavors. Here you will have your choice of peanut butter chocolate, coconut chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip, or Rich chocolatey almond. As you can see this is a good variety and will help keep you interested in your daily protein snack. When you have to eat the same thing every day it can get boring and lead you to consume unhealthy snacks. Being able to mix it up will help you avoid this response.


People are not completely in love with the consistency of this product. They say it is quite chalky and dry. This makes it difficult to chew and some people have a hard time getting through the entire bar. The outside coating is well-liked. Consumers say if you eat it with a glass of milk or something else to drink it makes it much more pleasurable. Others have noted that this product feels sandy in their mouth. This, obviously, can make it difficult to swallow. While we expect grittiness from supplements like protein powders and pre-workout, there are many options in protein bars that are not like this. Susie's has some work to do to ensure people will keep coming back as the texture of this product is seriously lacking.


This product may not be as effective as others due to the fact that it does not contain as high of protein levels as many others. Eight grams of protein per serving is enough to help boost your levels a bit. This will give you some reduction in muscle soreness. it will also enhance your muscle growth as long as you stick to a strict exercise routine. Extra protein also helps maintain your muscles which means you will suffer less deterioration went overworking them. In terms of your diet, this product is very effective. It will help you curb your appetite in between meals and is a healthy option.


Looking over the ingredient list for this product it's nice to see that it is not full of artificial ingredients and sugar alcohols. Susie's really does use high-quality ingredients that are proven to work. Keep in mind that depending on which flavor variety you choose to go with there will be a slight variation in the ingredients list. You will be consuming a blend of healthy fats and they do vary based on the flavor variety that you choose. With each option, you will be consuming palm oil, milk protein isolate, Palm kernel oil, whey protein isolate, rice flour, natural flavoring, sea salt, and Whey Crisps. It is important to know that this product is made in a place that handles soy, tree nuts, and milk products. If you are allergic to any of these you'll want to avoid this product that's not suffering an adverse reaction. It is also important that you know there is an option for a plant-based bar. This bar does not contain whey proteins. For a complete list of each options ingredients, you can visit this brand’s website.


The plant-based versions of this product yield 190 calories per serving. If you choose to go with the non-plant-based ones you will be consuming 210 calories per serving this is a great number of calories for a snack-sized protein supplement. Most people like to keep their daily snacks between 2 and 300 calories. For the most part, snack size protein supplements, yield right around 200 calories. So, as you can see this is an average amount. It is enough calories to ensure that you will stay satisfied until your next meal, however, it is not so heavy that you're going to feel full and sluggish. Maintaining control of your appetite by consuming healthy calories is essential and weight loss and overall fitness.


These sweet healthy treats only have one gram of sugar per serving. This is amazingly low and will help keep you on track with your diet. Just about anyone can fit this into their routine with little to no trouble as it is an exceptionally small amount of sugar. It is important to note this brand does not use a bunch of artificial sweeteners to make up for the fact that it's low on sugar. Consumers are exceptionally happy with us low sugar content for a variety of reasons. One of them is they don't need to worry about experiencing a sugar crash shortly after consuming this bar. It is also nice for those of you that need to watch your sugar levels on a daily basis.


Naturally, when we consume calories are body gets a boost of energy. This is part of the reason that this product helps enhance your energy levels. However, this is not the only reason that it helps you in terms of sustained energy. When we consume extra protein our muscles use it to help fight off fatigue and tiredness. The increase in energy you get from using this product is not from a stimulant like what is used in pre-workouts and caffeine pills. What that means for you is a good dose of long-lasting energy that will never lead to devastating crashing effects. This energy will not only help you at the gym but also in any other activities you decide to participate in after consuming it.


One of these bars is only 39 G and that is equal to one serving. This is quite a bit smaller than your average protein bar. What this means is it is not going to fill you up quite as well as other ones you may have tried in the past. You'll still be getting a decent amount of calories to help sustain you but you may not feel as full and it may lead you to extra snacking. These bars are only available in a 12-pack. This means you won't be able to give them a try individually. It is also important to note that you do not receive a discount for ordering multiple boxes. While you will always be getting a 12-pack they do offer containers that include a variety of flavors. This will allow you to give them a try and figure out which one is your favorite.

Side Effects

Protein boosting supplements are some of the safest supplements available to you today. While basically, every nutritional supplement we purchase comes with some sort of side effects this one has no reports from consumers of causing any. There is a possibility that you may experience adverse effects by adding proteins whether plant-based or not into your diet. The common side effects are bloating, nausea, upset stomach, headaches, fatigue, gas, or an increased frequency of bowel movements. These are typically very minor, however, if they are severe you will want to discontinue use and discuss the benefits of using a product like this one with your doctor.


There are a few different ways that this product will be an advantage in your life. First, you'll be getting a healthy snack that people for the most part like the flavor of. It will help satisfy your sweet tooth which in turn will allow you to avoid less healthy options. The extra protein that you'll be getting from this product also gives you some advantages. It will reduce muscle fatigue and allow you to work out longer and harder on a daily basis due to less muscle soreness. when you pair this with a frequent exercise routine it will also help you and hands your muscle growth. All of your muscles will be better maintained which means you'll keep more growth even when you're working out exceptionally hard.


One of the major downfalls of this product is the texture. Some people simply cannot get past it because it is exceptionally chalky and a bit gritty. This becomes even more important because there are so many other brands available that offer great consistency, like the PowerCrunch Bars, which are crispy and light. There is also the fact that this product does not contain as much protein as others available to you. This may not be a big deal if you're already eating a high-protein diet but if you struggle it could be a problem. Lastly, we need to take into consideration that this bar is quite a bit smaller than others in its class. This means you are not going to become as full when consuming it and it could lead you to unhealthier options.


When you compare the price tag of this product to others like it you'll find that it is actually quite expensive. You will only be getting a 12-count box which means if you want enough to stock up for a month it's going to become increasingly more expensive. Not every budget will be able to afford this product on a monthly basis. We do need to understand that value is not solely based on the price of a product. When you take the other aspects of this product into consideration it doesn't Hance the value. Customers are quite satisfied with the taste and it will give you a bit of protein to help you meet your daily goals. Overall people feel that this product is a decent value when they can fit it into their monthly budget.

Bottom Line

When you decide to give this product to try you'll be getting a decent protein bar that can help you stick to your diet and satisfy your sweet tooth. They have a bit of work to do and several areas including the consistency and cost of this product. Consumers truly do like the taste and it fits easily into diets like the keto diet. There are a decent amount of flavor options and because you can get it in a whey protein or a plant-based product it is appropriate for a large variety of people. We would not say that this is the best protein-boosting supplement on the market but, honestly, you could do worse. They use quality ingredients and strive to ensure they are able to a jewel on your fitness and weight loss journey.