Svasthya Copaiba Muscle Rub Review

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Svasthya Copaiba Muscle Rub is an all-natural option for those of you that are trying to fight aches and pains. Whether you are into combat sports like Boxing, Muay Thai, or Kickboxing or you suffer from arthritis or plantar fasciitis this product can help you feel better than ever. This item can help ease the pain of overworked muscles and stiff joints. It is truly versatile and can have an impact on how you feel daily. You can safely use it at any point during your day. In addition, it can help you sleep better and get started the next day faster. You are sure to notice the positive impact it has on your routine.

When you are dealing with minor aches and pains on a daily basis it can negatively impact your mood and your overall health. Adding a muscle rub to your routine can help correct that. Consumers are happy that this item is not overpowering in scent. They have, however, noted that it is a bit greasy and hard to rub in. There are other muscle rubs available that do not have these two negatives associated with them. Training sessions can be grueling. Whether you are working with your coach, a sparring partner, or wailing on a heavy bag, feeling great can seriously improve your performance. Use a product like this one and see for yourself what a great difference it can have.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 100% Organic
  • Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients
  • Simple Formulation
  • Light Pleasant Scent
  • Helps Improve Blood Flow
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Good For Daily Use
  • Greasy
  • Difficult Absorption
  • Not As Effective As Others


Svasthya is a brand that wants to help make the world a healthier place. This goes for not only your body but also your mind. All of their products are made with natural ingredients. You won't have to worry about harmful chemicals in any of the items you purchase from them. There are quite a few different products that can help you in your daily life. Whether you are on the hunt for an item to help soothe sore muscles or you need some great skin care products they have you covered. They stand behind every item they offer. Finding products that are safe and high-quality can be difficult in the world today. This brand is worth putting your time and money into. All of their options aim to please and from what we can derive from their customers, they are meeting this goal. Overall, deciding to try out their products when you are feeling less than your best can prove to be seriously advantageous.


You're not going to get a bunch of different options and how you put this item on. There are many out there that offer a plethora of different application options. With this one, you will simply find it in a rub. Most people have stated that they do find this item to be a bit greasier than other options. You will simply need to use a small amount and rub it into the affected area. Keep in mind, the fact that this item is a bit greasier than others is going to mean that you need to do extra rubbing to get it to fully absorb. This can be a bit of a frustration. Not everyone loves the greasy feeling that they have even after this item is rubbed in. Getting it off of your hands can be a bit more difficult than others. So, it's easy enough to use this item as you'll use it just like any other lotion, however, some people may truly dislike how it feels when it is on their body.


Typically, the smell of a muscle rub is very overpowering. This can be a major problem if you are sensitive to strong smells. When you decide to give this item a try you're not going to have to deal with that. Many people have stated that it is a lighter sent. You will notice that instead of smelling like a menthol cough drop it is a mixture of eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint. These smells are actually quite pleasant. The scent of it will fade away fairly quickly so you won't be bothering the people that are around you. This is going to make it extremely easy to use this item before you head to the office, at the gym, or at home. Consumers are very pleased with the lighter scent of this option. There are so many others that are extremely overpowering and this can be a major downfall for men. Using this item is more pleasant than many others do to this simple aspect.


Depending on what you're using this item for it can be quite effective. It is important to note that many consumers have stated that this product is not as fast acting or as strong as other options. It does penetrate fairly quickly and can help to relieve sore muscles and Joints. If you are dealing with more serious levels of pain this item may not be very helpful. In fact, you may not find any relief from it at all. When you were dealing with minor issues that can be very successful when using this product for pain relief. It does have the cooling and heating effect that you would expect from a decent muscle rub. The coolness is going to help ease the pain while the heat is going to loosen up your muscles, leaving you feeling much better. When you overwork your muscles training in fight sports like karate it is likely that you were going to experience some minor pain that can become very uncomfortable. Using a muscle rub like this one can help you work through it quicker.


Unfortunately, when you decide to go with this item you're not going to have any size variety. This can be a bit of a letdown if you find that this is the product you truly prefer to use when you're nursing your sore muscles. This option only comes in a 2-ounce container. Obviously, this is not a very large container so, depending on how much you use it it's not going to last very long. Another downfall to this is that you won't get any sort of discount for ordering multiples. Many brands that only offer one size will offer you a discount for purchasing more. This is a major advantage to choosing a different option over this one. When you are going to make an investment and use something on a daily basis having some size variety is a bonus. While many people can get past this aspect it can be a deal-breaker for others.

Active Ingredients

You will not be looking at the typical active ingredients that you find in muscle rubs. Instead of using Menthol and camphor this item uses ingredients like eucalyptus and lavender. The ingredients do you help to keep the smell pleasant and they are also natural. You will get some cooling from ingredients like peppermint. You will also find this item heats up decently. It's not going to be nearly as cold or as hot as other options but that is because it doesn't contain the harsh active ingredients that we find in some of the other options that are out there. Being able to rely on the fact that you will only be getting natural ingredients when you go with this item is an aspect that many people truly love. Avoiding harsh chemicals is something we should all do as it leads to better health. The ingredients used in this are proven to work quite well for most people.


You need to be careful when adding an item to your daily routine. Basically, all medical related things come with a set of precautions that you don't need to heed. This item is not going to cause you as many issues as other ones. Due to the fact that it does heat up, you will not want to use this item with a heating pad. This could cause skin problems and even burns. You will also want to avoid wearing extremely tight-fitting clothing over the area that you have used this Rob. Most people do not have any negative side effects when using this option, however, it could happen. Obviously, if you have allergies to any of the ingredients you'll want to avoid it or you could be dealing with rashes or skin breakdown. Overall, this product has many fewer precautions than others and it's due to the fact that they use all-natural ingredients.


One of the biggest advantages of using this item is the fact that it does not have the overpowering sense that you are used to. This is going to make it more appropriate to use in a variety of places. You won't have to worry about it bothering those that are around you. Another great advantage to this product is a tiny bit goes a very long way. It's true, the formulation is greasy, however, it does mean that you'll be getting a great bang for your buck. Due to the fact that a little does go a long way the small container becomes less of an inconvenience. Consumers also love the fact that this product is all-natural. There are so many options out there that are full of chemicals that can be more harmful than good. Avoiding these things is a big deal in many people's lives. So, the fact that everything in this is able to be found in nature is a pretty big bonus that works in everyone's favor.


There are definitely a few disadvantages associated with this product that needs to be discussed. Customers are not thrilled with the fact that this product feels so greasy. There are many other options out there that absorbs completely and won't leave you feeling this way. Associated with this issue comes another one. You're going to have to spend more time working this item into your skin than you would with others. It is quite difficult to get it fully absorb. This is more of an inconvenience than a major disadvantage but it's definitely something that should be taken into consideration if you have an issue with these types of feelings. The only other issue that we had to discuss the fact that this product may not be as effective as others. The ingredients used are going to help to soothe minor aches and pains but it's not going to is deep is other options. You may have to use several applications to find the pain relief that you're searching for whereas with others it would only take one.


We consider this product to be slightly better than average value. We say this because not everybody is going to find it as effective as they need it to be. The cost that is associated with this item is extremely fordable. It's important to note that depending on where you purchase that you may find some variation in the cost. Obviously, this is a bit frustrating as you would expect it to be the same price everywhere you find it. When we start trying to determine the true value of a product we have to look at all of the different aspects. There are a ton of different advantages associated with this item that will make it very valuable to some people. On the other hand, there are some downfalls that are not going to work out so well for others. This is another part of the reason that we give it the rating that we do. It is going to work quite well for minor aches and pains for many people. Keep in mind that there are definitely other options that may fit into your routine better than this one does. In addition, there are many in the same price range that will give you more relief.

Bottom Line

If you are on the search for muscle rub that does not smell as strong as others and you're only looking for a bit of relief this could be the perfect option for you. It definitely does smell better than many others. Many consumers are very pleased with the outcomes they're getting and the relief that they see from this item. It acts relatively quickly even though you will need to work a bit harder to get it fully rubbed in. As noted, it is greasy so absorbed in is a bit more difficult and it does leave your skin feeling greasy as well. Overall, the consumers using this product are fairly happy with it. It has improved the quality of their life and help to reduce problem areas. If you decide to invest in this item it won't be a major burden to your budget and you will likely find that it does help to make you feel better than you were feeling before.