TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Socks

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The TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Socks are a great sock for any runner or anyone dealing with certain types of foot ailments. They are specifically marketed as a compression sock which can help with multiple types of foot pain. It provides relief from arthritis, sprains, muscle fatigue, and stress fractures. Perfect if you are looking for gradual foot and ankle compression without any leg compression. 

Not only are they great for injury relief and recovery but they are also great for everyday use as well. They improve circulation and reduce inflammation of everyday walking and running specifically soothing tired feet. For the stylish wearer, they come in multiple different colors. Not only do they come in different colors but also different men's and women's sizing so you will be able to find the right fit for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Anatomical Feet

Flared Top

Multiple Colors


Moisture Wicking


Too Tight

Less Ankle Support



Most compression socks look relatively the same, they come up to your knees and have a lot of flashy branding. It's usually a large brand name running the length of the sock or around the calf. To some, this doesn't bother them but it's not the most stylish look you could have. When you are wearing your socks to go about your day or to go to the gym do you really want everyone to know what brand you use? They make their branding small enough that to the normal person it just looks like another normal cotton sock brand.

These TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Socks are designed so that they don't look as obvious as other compression wear. They will show above your sock as they don't currently offer a low rise option but they are designed to not even be detected as traditional compression wear. Different people with diverse wants from a sock have all found this style suits them. If its an athlete or a runner with an injury or one that wants to prevent one. Or just the everyday person who wants improved circulation from their socks. They also come in a wide variety of different colors to choose from, currently, they offer beige/beige, black/pink, black/grey, black/blue, and grey/black. With so many colors to choose from you would have any problems matching these to your wardrobe.


When looking to purchase compression socks there are a few key things you will want to look out for. They need to be properly breathable or else your feet will get too hot too quickly. But at the same time, they need to help keep the muscles warm so the production of lactic acid is lessened and so they can help repair themselves quicker. The TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Socks are made from a breathable moisture wicking lightweight fabric so you never have to worry.
Feel free to wear these socks for both athletic purposes as well as during everyday activities because they will never feel overly stuffy or get too hot. The fabric they are made of is very soft and lightweight compared to most compression wear that feels the exact opposite, very thick, restrictive and stifling and that's never a feeling anyone enjoys.
Even though they do make these out of a soft and lightweight material that doesn't mean they are lacking in the compression department like some of their competitors. They still provide snug support and are not too loose like they might seem while boasting about how breathable and comfy they are.


If comfort is one of the biggest aspects in a compression sock this might be the sock for you. Not only because of the ultra-soft and breathable design but because of the way they designed the compression. Instead of being the same amount all the way through the sock it's a gradual compression so you really get that true second-skin feeling.
As well as the gradual compression they also have anatomically designed right and left socks so that you are getting the best fit possible and the maximum comfort level on both individual feet. They also designed the top band of the sock to flare and be just ever so slightly looser so the socks are not hard to put on or won't cut off circulation around your ankle.
All of these features make sure that leg pain is being lessened as well as a large number of other things such as plantar fasciitis or arthritis just to name a few. These painful conditions will not be an issue anymore and you can finally find relief. The only downside customers complained about was that some found the sock to be too overly tight. It’s suggested to size up 1 to 2 full sizes if you get your pair and you find it to be too overly tight for you.


No one wants socks that are prone to holes, they can't be patched up and still be comfortable and they ruin the whole sock. Even if you decide to keep wearing it with the hole in it you can create a spot where there is rubbing or irritation which is never a good feeling. The TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Socks are made of great quality materials and will end up lasting you for a very long time.

They will stand up to multiple washes without the compression giving way, sagging or getting loose at all. Keeping tightness in a compression sock is the key factor and if your sock can't hold up to simply washing it then what's the point? However, I would keep in mind that putting these socks under any heat setting while either washing or drying may lead to shrinkage of the sock which will make it way too tight and too small to wear. It's recommended to wash on a cold water setting and hang or lay flat to dry. If you really want to pop them in the dryer because you are low on time make sure it's on an air only setting with no heat.


These socks are made with the athletic customer in mind. Which means they have designed them with a fabric that is breathable to combat the heat your feet get from moving around and exercising. Where there is heat there is most likely sweat too, having a moist sock while running or training may just feel uncomfortable at first but they can easily cause blisters and other discomforts that will hinder future training.
Avoiding this discomfort is crucial and you will be happy to know that these socks are breathable, moisture-wicking and on top of all of that they are soft and comfortable. They are made of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. Both these synthetic fabrics don't easily absorb or hold any moisture which means it will move any wetness away from your feet.
Because these are exceptionally breathable and moisture-wicking they are ideal for any training scenario like running, sports or just training. You don't have to be a dedicated athlete to wear these though. They are great for everyday life if you have that one particular pair of shoes you know get way too moist at the end of the day.


Socks that don't fit can really make or break your whole experience. The TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Socks are available in 4 different sizes, small, medium, large, and x-large. These sizes cover a span of women's sizing ranging from 5-11.5 and for men's size range from 5-15. They also give you an ankle measurement on the size chart so you can make sure they are not going to be cutting off circulation.
For the best fit, most of the customer reviews said to actually not size it by your shoe size but go solely by the ankle size to ensure the best fit without it being too tight. This sock did come with some complaints about it being too tight for some of the customers that purchased it. Focusing on the ankle circumference sizing seems to really make a difference on if it fits well or not.


The average consumer is looking to purchase a garment once and expects it to be good quality, they don't want to keep purchasing it over and over again and wasting their money. These days that can be hard to find but look no further than the TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Sock. It's designed to go the distance and last, and at a decently affordable price.
Because these socks are made with 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex they have amazing stretch qualities. They will stretch up to 4 ways, so not just length or width but both. This makes it truly the most comfortable experience and the added stretch will help in the durability and longevity of the sock. Lessening the unnecessary strain on a fabric trying to stretch a way it does not want to will ensure this sock is going to last.
The compression technology is gradual and focused in places where it's needed most. Such as the arch of the foot and in the plantar fasciitis ligaments to help minimize inflamed heel pain so you can stop the throbbing and walking will become easier. Along with that, they are anatomically designed to have a specific right and left foot so it has a superb fit, as well as having a looser top band it's not too tight around and ankle and easier to get off and on.

Odor Control

Most compression garments are quite prone to becoming odorous. This not even taking into account anyone who has specific foot odor problems. What makes them start to smell is the amount of moisture and sweat that accumulates during wear. Moisture and sweat are harbors for bacteria and the bacteria is what makes that familiar sweaty foot smell we all hate.
TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Socks are specifically designed breathable, unlike most compression garments. They are made to keep moisture and sweat at bay so you won't be embarrassed when you take your shoes off in front of friends or family. They are made with 100% synthetic fibers which are less likely to smell as fast as natural fibers are since they don't absorb sweat and lock it in. Instead, it wicks it away from your foot before the bacteria can even harbor. Even though they are designed to keep odor at bay it's still recommended to wash ever 1-2 wears to insure maximum odor protection.


If shopping for compression garments is new to you and you are not sure what you are looking for to treat exactly what you have or want to prevent they list everything their socks protect and alleviate against. They provide comfortable relief from stress fractures, muscle fatigue, sprains, arthritis, tendonitis, as well as can help relieve plantar fasciitis pain. It specifically targets plantar fasciitis by compressing the ligament that reduces inflammation in the heel and lessens any throbbing making it so you can walk and stand more comfortably. They may help with edema and heel spurs but it's not guaranteed.
The reason compression works so well for all of these conditions is that it increases blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the muscles resulting in faster healing and a quicker recovery. Which isn't that what everyone wants when they are suffering from something painful?

Bottom Line

In the world, on compression garments, most look medical and displeasing to look at. The TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Socks change all of that by being designed minimally but without compromising quality and construction. No too big flashy unsightly logos and are available in a tasteful range of colors to blend in or stand out.
If you are an athlete looking to prevent or alleviate an injury these are great socks to look into. They are breathable and moisture-wicking which is perfect for comfort and will keep you active. Even if you are not an athlete these are great socks to look into if you are looking to prevent any future injuries or just for overall comfort.