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A lot of people question the importance of boxing. They think that it is an outdated fighting style since it only focuses on punching.

For whatever reason, usually poor information, they feel that other combat sports are superior and that boxing isn’t as good because it doesn’t involve kicking, choke holds, or wrestling moves.

In reality boxing is a legitimate and extremely tough sport that requires intense training and incredible athleticism.

All fighters, no matter their training style, can benefit from some boxing training. They could easily improve their reflexes, develop a better mindset, and master their punching technique.

Every fighter should do some boxing training in order to become better at hand-to-hand combat.


Benefits of boxing

Boxing has a lot of great benefits that everyone can experience. Whether a person is a seasoned fighter looking for ways to improve their skills or just a normal person who wants a fun and challenging hobby, boxing is advantageous for all.

The sport hones both mind and body, transforming individuals into focused and knowledgeable warriors. It can be a great addition to anyone’s lifestyle.

People who study and practice boxing will learn to refine their fighting techniques, develop their reflexive skills, and improve their mental condition.


Out of all the fighting disciplines boxers have the best punching technique. Because of the focus on handwork and hitting, people who practice boxing have some of the best punching techniques.

In addition to this they also are capable of throwing highly functional punches.

While there are all kinds of karate masters who can break bricks and MMA fighters who are able to hit with a lot of power, neither is as good as a boxer.

People who practice boxing learn how to throw fast punches that carry incredible amounts of power and are hard to detect.

On top of this, boxers are capable of unleashing an onslaught against their opponents, throwing dozens of perfect punches that land with power.

Anyone who wants to learn the art of throwing quality punches needs to invest some of their time into boxing. It will teach them tricks that no other fighting style will be capable of offering.


Fights happen at a breakneck speed. Boxers don’t have the time to sit around and contemplate their next move. In other sports, like wrestling, opponents have plenty of time to work out their strategy and accommodate for their enemy’s moves.

Boxers never get this luxury. Instead they have to coordinate fighting with defending themselves, often being forced to do both at the same time.

Because boxing is a close range fighting sport, both opponents are always in danger of being attacked by one another.

Sports that allow kicking tend to move a lot slower than boxing due to the fact that participants can fall back on ranged leg based attacks.

To get good at boxing a fighter needs to hone their reflexes to an incredible level. They need to multitask and be able to switch between offense and defense at a moments notice.

Only by mastering their own reflexes can they ever succeed at the sport.

Mental training

Going into a fight and being aware of the dangers that are present is a tough situation. Every type of fighter has to have a strong mind in order to handle the skirmishes that they throw themselves into.

However, a lot of fighting sports do not offer very intense training. There are thousands of institutions all across the nation where members have never actually fought or even spared with each other.

Instead they do drills and have a very laid back approach to their training. Boxing isn’t like this at all.

The sport is competitive and made for people who are strong. When someone joins a boxing gym they are going to spar and compete with others. As such, they need to develop an iron will so that they can train with intensity.

Boxing requires fighters to put their egos aside and learn how to actually push their limits and test their capabilities. It’s a sport that builds willpower and sharpens the mind.

Essential gear

People who are interested in boxing will want to pick up some appropriate gear so that they can partake in the sport. While there are a lot of optional tools that they can purchase, these are not necessary for them to begin their training.

All that an aspiring fighter needs are a few basic fundamentals. These will allow them to work on their craft and hone their skills while staying safe. Read our full BOXING GEAR GUIDE 2016.


best boxing glovesNew fighters are always looking for “the best boxing gloves.” Like “the best MMA gloves,” these are the fabled tools of legend. In truth there is no one single best pair.

While there are some great boxing gloves on the market, each pair is designed to meet certain needs and preferences. While it is alright to use community gloves for a little while, most fighters will eventually want to buy their own pair.

This allows them to get exactly what they want and to use high quality equipment that enhances their performance. By purchasing gloves a fighter can bring their training to the next level.

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HandwrapsNo one wants a sore and blistered hand. People don’t want a broken or sprained wrist either. Instead of risking anything, it is a good idea for all fighters to invest in a pair of handwraps. Doing so will keep them safe and comfortable as they train.

It also helps to protect the gloves. Additionally, no boxing gym on Earth will allow a fighter to do anything if they aren’t wearing their handwraps under their gloves. These are an essential item for all.

Heavy Bags – Punching Bags

best heavy bagLike with boxing gloves, fighters should shy away from the idea of finding “the best heavy bags” and focus on finding what works for them instead. Owning a bag is great for home training and it prevents fights from ever having to miss a training session.

People who live in areas with bad weather, or who lead a busy lifestyle, will really want their own heavy bag.

Having one allows them to train whenever they want and keeps them from having to skip practice. Even if they can’t make it to the gym, they can still get a few rounds in.

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Boxing is a great sport. It’s something that everyone can benefit from. Seasoned fighters and martial arts experts can learn a lot from it.

Regular people can also use the sport to enhance their own physical and mental proficiency.

By learning how to box people will be able to master the art of throwing effective punches, develop fast reflexes that enable them to switch between offense and defense within fractions of a second, and build the mindset of a competitive and confident winner.

All of these factors are great and they can really assist almost anyone.