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The Orb Massage Ball the fantastic products if you're looking for deep tissue massages at home. The use of this product can leave you feeling fantastic after a hard workout. I can help you reduce muscle fatigue, promote flexibility, and even boost your overall performance. The multi-directional movements that you can achieve with this ball allow you to reach muscles that you might not be able to reach with some other massagers. Consumers love that you can hit those Target muscles easily.

The ball is small enough that you can travel with it. It fits nicely in a suitcase or even your gym bag. Don't let the small size fool you though; it's plenty big enough to give you what you need. One of the best parts of the ball is it's affordable. The budget-friendly price tag makes it the perfect option for almost everybody.

If you suffer from chronic muscle pain or if you're recovering from a strainer injury, deep tissue massages might help. If you want the ability to give yourself these massages at home without going to a spa, then this is going to be the perfect item for you. The Orb Massage Ball Can pack quite a punch, and we'll give you almost the same feeling you'll get from an expensive Spa.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Easy to use

Targets deep tissue

Variety of sizes

Affordable price

Versatile use


Sometimes too intense

Easily loses shape


There are a wide variety of reasons why somebody would want to use this product. The most common use, however, is for deep tissue massages. After all, that is the main selling point of the Orb Massage Ball.

One of the great benefits of using this product is that it can help reduce muscle fatigue. It massages and works out your muscles, whether you choose to use it before or after your workout. Sometimes if you don't push yourself at the gym, your muscles are going to hurt when you get home. This ball is going to be a great choice to help you soothe those sore muscles. If you choose to use it before your workout, it can help prevent muscle fatigue altogether.

In addition to soothing sore muscles and preventing fatigue, the ball can also help promote flexibility. When you're using it, you're stretching and massaging your muscles which can allow for increased flexibility. The more flexible your muscles are, the less likely you are to receive an injury when you are going hard at the gym. Additionally, if you're recovering from a muscle strain or injury, the use of this massage ball can help aid in the healing process.

One of the great things about the use of this product is that it can help improve your overall performance. If you're keeping your muscles and excellent condition, then you can push yourself harder and further, which in turn can increase your performance. Obviously, this isn't something that's going to happen overnight and something that you do have to work for us. However, over time, you can easily push yourself to meet all of your fitness goals.

If you're looking for something to help your injured muscles, or if you need a product that you can use to massage your muscles and loosen them up, then this product will be perfect for you. It enables you to achieve amazing deep tissue massages which can help you get to where you want to be.

There is something that you want to keep in mind when using this product. Some consumers have stated that it might work just a little too well. Reviewers have complained that the massages they've got from this ball are just a bit too intense for their liking. If you don't want an intense deep tissue massage, then there are better options out there for you. But if you're going to go all-in, then you come to the right place.


There are a variety of sizes that the Orb Massage Ball is available in. You can pick one or more that will best suit your needs. Each one has its own benefits and downfalls so make sure you are getting the one that will work best for you.

The classic ball is the biggest of these products. It has a diameter of 5 inches. This is the perfect size for the average customer

Deep Tissue Targeting

What is a deep tissue massage? It's a particular type of massage that involves applying pressure using slow and deep strokes to the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues. It can help break up scar tissue that forms after an injury and reduce tension in both your muscles and tissues. They can help promote faster healing because it can increase your blood flow and reduce inflammation. A lot of people will get these types of massages after a strain or any other kind of sports injury.

When it comes to deep tissue massage, this product does a phenomenal job. It can easily target your deep tissues to help give you relief from pain and discomfort that you're experiencing. Since you can Target the tissues deep down, it can help relieve some pain you might suffer from chronic muscle tension, help soothe aching muscles, and reduce the risk of muscle spasms. If these are problems that you experienced, then the Orb Massage Ball might be an option to help with pain relief. Of course, you might still want to consult the doctor if you're having chronic pain, but this might help give you a little bit of relief.

There are a plethora of other reasons why you might want to experience a deep tissue massage like this. Consumers have suggested that deep tissue massages can help with plantar fasciitis, high blood pressure, sciatica problems, and even tennis elbow. Additionally, it's been known to help reduce the symptoms of arthritis as well as treating anxiety.


The Orb Massage Ball is made using EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) foam. Do use of these materials in the construction helps give the ball a more durable and sustainable form. The purpose of this type of foam is used commonly among different kinds of sports equipment, and this massage ball is no different. Since the ball uses this type of phone, it's going to help give you better maneuverability. The ability to move around is something that you need for a deep tissue massage. You'll get all the benefits, without the discomfort from using a harder ball.

Customers love this product. They say it's their go-to when they need to work out the tightness in their muscles or any other aches and pains. Consumers have suggested that foam rollers just can't reach all the right places like this product can, giving it the edge over some competitors.

There is a downfall to using EVA foam. It doesn't do the best job at holding its shape after extended use. Reviewers stated that it would start to flatten out a little bit, losing its roundness and becoming more oblong in form. When this starts to happen, you might want to consider replacing the ball, as it won't have the same benefits and ease-of-use as a round ball would have.

These materials are standard for the original Orb Massage Ball. If you are venturing into the extreme versions, the materials are going to be a little bit different. Instead of using Straight EVA foam, they use a non-toxic and latex-free Eva / polyolefin foam. The use of these materials helps the ball keep its shape a little bit better, giving you a little bit of a harder surface that still has a little bit of flexibility. It'll help give you a more extreme massage for those who need it.


There are a variety of benefits that you can take advantage of when using this product. As mentioned previously, you can reduce the risk of injury, promote flexibility, prevent muscle fatigue, aid in the healing process, and so much more. Since there are so many things that you can do with the Orb Massage Ball and a wide variety of muscles that you can reach, there are going to be so many benefits that you can reap.

One of the best benefits, and perhaps the main reason customers use it, is the deep tissue massage. It's going to help loosen up tight muscles and soothe your aching body. Since you're going to be able to massage your muscles, it's going to promote flexibility which can, in turn, prevent injury at the gym. As long as you're taking care of your body and your muscles, then you're going to be able to push yourself harder, helping you reach your goals.

Since it's a ball and round, you're going to get a multi-directional roll. This might not seem like a big deal, but it's going to give you a broader range of exercises and stretches that you can do with it. It's going to eliminate the need for multiple massage products since you can do most things with just one ball.

The ball gives you the ability to target specific areas that are in pain. In fact, it can help you achieve a myofascial release. This is something that they use in physical therapy to help with sensitivity and tightness and Jeremiah facial tissues. They are the tissues that surround and support your muscles in your body. The orb all can help reduce that pain and tightness because it can massage specific trigger points to relieve the pain that's associated with it.


Customers love that they can take this product just about anywhere they go. The portability is fantastic. Whether you want to toss it in your gym bag or you're going on a trip, and you want to shove it in your suitcase, it's going to fit perfectly. The ball is so small and compact that it makes it super easy to take just about anywhere. The standard ball only has a 5-inch diameter, and the other versions are even smaller, making it ideal for throwing in a bag.

Something that reviewers have stated, however, is that the small size makes it easy to lose. If you're taking it with you on a business trip or vacation, make sure you aren't leaving it in the hotel room. This seems to happen more often than it should. It's so small, and it's easy to forget. Some consumers suggested that it might be better if the ball came in brighter, more visible colors to make it easier to spot. But that doesn't deter people from purchasing the product and loving it.


When you're spending your hard earned money on a product, you want to make sure that it's durable. It can be very frustrating when you go to use something just to find out that it's broken or doesn't work as intended. For the most part, this product doesn't have many durability problems. Most consumers are content with the longevity they get with the massage ball.

That being said, there are some customers who had complaints about longevity. After using the ball for an extended period of time, it starts to elongate and flatten out a little bit. This is something that you should expect since you're going to be putting a lot of pressure in the middle of the ball it will start to flatten out a little bit. When this happens, it's going to need to be replaced as it's not going to work as well as it had in the past. This isn't a problem that every consumer has, but it has happened enough that it is worth mentioning.


When you're spending money on a product, you want to make sure that you're getting something that's worth it. The Orb Massage Ball is full of wonderful features, it can do so many great things, and it has an affordable price point as well. You're going to be able to reap all the benefits of using a deep tissue massage ball like this, without having to break the bank. You'll be hard-pressed to find a better deal than this for such a great product.

The massage ball has about an average price tag. Yes, there are products out there that are cheaper, but they might not give you the same benefits and the same durability as this one. Additionally, there are far more expensive balls out there that can do just about the same things that this one can. There is no reason to spend more money than you have to.

Customers are content paying the affordable price for this product. There are no complaints from reviewers when it comes to the cost.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a product that can help give you deep tissue massages, but you don't want to spend an arm and a leg, then the Orb Massage Ball it's going to be the perfect product for you. Customers love the variety of things they can achieve with this ball. You can target specific muscles so you can work out the problem areas.

This product can help you increase your overall performance and reach and surpass your goals. It's going to help promote flexibility which can, in turn, reduce the risk of injury at the gym. If you do happen to get an injury or a strain, the use of this ball can help aid in the healing process, getting you back out there faster. If you use the product before the gym and can help prevent muscle fatigue, or if you choose to use it after the gym, it can help relieve aches and pains.

The portable massage ball is an excellent option for anyone who he spends time at the gym. It's going to help you feel great and keep you feeling fantastic, no matter how hard you go with the gym.