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The TicWatch E is a fitness tracker that will keep you truly connected to your everyday life. You will be able to connect to all of your favorite Android apps. This means you can work on everything from your fitness routine to getting the phone number for your favorite local restaurant. Having access to your Google Assistant is extremely convenient and can make getting through your day easier than ever. You will have reminders of what’s going on with your calendar, to drink more water, or to step up your game during your next training session. Whatever vibe you need it to give you for motivation it will. While these are nice things they are not typically why people wear fitness trackers. So, on that thought know you will have all of the basic features you come to expect from a good fitness tracking device. You will be able to see how many steps you have taken throughout your day as well as keep track of your heart rate or change the music you are listening to, all at the touch of a button. When you are making this type of investment it can be intimidating. This one is less so, as it comes with a money back guarantee. Overall, customers are very satisfied with this option and feel it is a great investment.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Operating System
  • Very Comfortable Wear
  • Great Advanced Features
  • Easy Access To Apps
  • Access To Google Assistant
  • Stylish Design
  • Customizable Faces
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Battery Issues


The TicWatch E is brought to us by the brand Mobvoi. They have been in business for roughly five years and they are doing there best to truly change the way we interact with our technology. When it comes to technology that functions with the sound of your voice they are a leader in the industry. From fitness trackers to home goods they offer a little bit of something for everyone that can help update your current home technology. Gaining a lot of trust among their users, their products are backed by satisfaction guarantees to ensure you are getting products that function better than you would expect. Overall, this may not be FitBit or Apple Watch but they have developed great products that seem to be up-and-coming in the world today.

Basic Features

Sometimes what one brand calls a basic feature, others to call advanced. We have taken this into consideration for our reviews and what it has shown is that the leading brands carry very similar basic features. They are more advanced than some lesser trackers have to offer at all. This option falls into the same category as the leading trackers as it gives you a plethora of what we would call basic features. You will be able to accurately track your steps. This can keep you motivated towards reaching your daily goals and improving your fitness levels. In addition, you can keep track of how many activities you have burned throughout your day. It will monitor your sleep schedule and is able to wirelessly connect to a variety of devices. On top of all this, you will also be able to track a huge variety of activities to help keep you on track with your diet and fitness routine.

Advanced Features

The TicWatch comes with quite a few unique advanced features. With access to your Google Assistant, you will be able to set reminders and keep track of your schedule with ease. You will also have access to all of the Android Wear applications that you have to come to love and rely on. This means you will be able to work on your form as well as your fitness in a massive variety of activities. This product also has a heart rate monitor. With this, you will be able to keep your heart in the perfect zone, such as when you are working on your cardio routine. This item will also keep you connected to your favorite apps as well as keep you connected to your people via text messages and phone calls. It is important to note that iPhone users will not have access to the call and text feature of this smartwatch. On top of all this, it also has built-in navigation to help you track your longest runs with accuracy and ease. As you can see, there is a lot this watch has to offer. While we have covered many of its features, please understand that it is not all of them as there are simply too many to list.


The tracking features of this product are much more accurate than others you may have used in the past. Oftentimes, with smartwatches, the heart rate monitor does not work well at all. That is not the case with this option. It actually gives you an accurate read which is majorly appreciated among users. The GPS aspect is also very accurate and will give you great information on the pace and longevity of your run as well as the path that you took. They use a built-in antenna that helps provide better accuracy overall. So, when it comes down to it this is quite an accurate option and it is one of the biggest advantages in using this tracker above some of the other options currently available today.


This product comes with an easy-to-use charging dock. You'll simply need to lay your Smartwatch into it and give it a couple of hours to become completely charged. It is important to note that many people have had issues with the longevity of the battery charge they receive with this item. They have stated that a sudden drop and the life of your battery is not abnormal nor is it a quality problem. When you first receive the watch you will need to charge it a bit longer than the standard to our charging time to ensure that it is fully charged. You will then want to use it until it's completely dead before recharging. If you do this for the first few times you'll be left with a long lasting battery that shouldn't cause you much issue.


This product is compatible with not only Android devices but also with iPhones. You'll be able to sync to your phone wirelessly through Bluetooth. This is, as you can imagine, exceptionally easy and convenient in today's busy world. It is important to note that the text message and call feature that this watch offers are not available to those of you using iPhones. If you are looking for those types of capabilities you may want to look towards an Apple watch. Apple products are known for working best with items they produce and having trouble with options they don't. Those of you using old smartphones may also have a bit of trouble getting this item to sync and connect correctly. This is annoying but not uncommon as most cutting edge technology needs like-minded products to work well together.


With all of the features, this product has to offer it is quite a bit more versatile than others. You'll be able to keep track of all of your daily activities with ease. Obviously, this will give you a great scope of your overall energy levels, calorie intake, exercise patterns, and sleep patterns. When you can see such a well-rounded picture of how your day flows it is simple to make adjustments to improve your overall level of Health. This product will also keep you well informed about what's going on in your day-to-day life. With access to your Google assistant and Google Calendar, you won't have to worry about being late for that important meeting because your morning run lasted too long. You will also be well connected to a variety of apps that can make your workouts more interesting. In addition oh, you will be able to keep your heart in the targeted zone with an accurate heart rate monitor.


Consumers love the comfort level that this smartwatch has to offer. The bands that come with it are made from a silicone blend that is breathable and comfortable. Due to the fact that it uses regular watch size bands, you will be able to change them out as often as you need to. You will have the opportunity to buy bands that are made of leather, synthetic leather, silicone, textile materials, or metal. This offers great comfort as you'll be able to find whatever material you prefer when choosing different bands throughout your day. In addition, this is great for those of you that need your smartwatch to transition from your day at the office into your workout routine and then I'm to your nightlife.


This product comes with some slightly different advantages when compared to other fitness trackers. The way that it charges is secure and simple. As long as you follow the recommended instructions you will also get decent battery life. This means you'll be able to track your activity levels more fully. you also have access to all things Google. This means you'll have the help of your Google Assistant, access to the Play Store, and a plethora of other apps to help you along your journey towards a healthy weight and overall great fitness. Another huge advantage to this product is the accuracy that it provides. Many trackers are simply lacking so, it's nice to find one that you can rely on the information. When you can track everything from your sleep patterns to how many calories you burned in a day it is easy to stay motivated towards making healthy decisions.


The biggest disadvantage to this product is probably the lack of accessibility for iPhone users. While this is not uncommon it can be extremely frustrating. If you are looking for a fitness tracker that is very compatible with an iPhone this is not the one for you and would honestly be a waste of your money to put the time in it. There are many other options out there available that will pair well with your iPhone and provide you with the added bonuses that this offers to Android users. The battery issues seem to be abundant in the reviews. So much so, that the company has addressed how to handle your battery to ensure that it maintains a great life expectancy. This is appreciated the information, however, it does make us question the actual longevity of use that we will get with their battery.


We, as well as consumers, feel that this is a very high-quality item. It has a beautiful design that is built to last. The screen offers great clarity and its ability to keep you connected with your world is impeccable. The operating system doesn't appear to have too many thanks. Even the bands that you get with this product are great quality. While they may not be fancy enough for some even they are perfect during your exercise routine. it is easy to see that attention has been paid to the fine details of this product. There are many reasons consumers feel that this product is high-quality and we think that once you give it a try you will agree.


In terms of price, this product is more affordable than many other advanced smartwatches. It offers features we don't see in some of the leading brands and can truly impact our daily lives. This is not to say that this product is cheap. In fact, it may still take a bit of saving for many people to work it into their budget. The people using this product feels as if it is a great bang for your buck. You will have access to accurate tracking at a price that is a bit more reasonable. The basic and advanced features speak for themselves. As long as you can get past a slightly shorter battery life, you will have a great fitness tracker that provides you with the information you need to blow past your current fitness goals with ease.

Bottom Line

If you don't have a ton of money to spend on a smartwatch but you need one with a lot of bells and whistles, this could be the perfect one for you. A allows you access to a massive variety of apps and features to help keep you on track with your diet and exercise routine. Maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle and striving toward true healthiness is a difficult task. when you add a fitness tracker, such as this, I can keep you focused and motivated in meeting a variety of different goals. This one is also exceptionally convenient in your day-to-day life. Overall, it is a solid option in this category and most feel that it is better than they expected it to be.