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The TicWatch Pro is an advanced fitness tracker that offers a ton of features to fit your active lifestyle. This product runs on Google, which is amazing because it gives you access to features like your Google Assistant and the Play Store. Naturally, you will get the basic features that come with some of the very best smartwatches available to you today. There are also so super cool advanced features that you won't find everywhere. The TicWatch is becoming more and more popular because of the great versatility and style that it offers the person wearing it. When you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle through a great diet and exercise routine this device can help keep you focused and crushing your goals. You will even have great control over how long your battery lasts. With different modes that can keep you tracking the most important information but shuts down the battery-draining aspects, it could last you for an entire month without charging. Whether you are trying to increase your strength, lose weight, build stamina, or train for your next big adventure this fitness tracker can help you along your journey. Consumers are exceptionally satisfied with their purchase of this product and the performance it gives daily.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Accurate Tracking
  • Long-Battery Life
  • Beautiful Display
  • Great Screen Quality
  • Offer Pay Features
  • Excellent Face Variety
  • Access To Your Music
  • Excellent Construction
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Charging Issues


TicWatches are made by Mobvoi. They have not been in business for an exceptionally long time but they are making some truly exceptional products. Whether you are looking for a fitness tracker or voice recognition products for your home, car, or office this brand has something to offer. They have paired up with Google and in turn are able to provide you with some truly unique and high-functioning, high-quality electronic devices. When you want to go a step above this brand is working to help you get there. Making life more convenient is one of their goals and they are truly helping customers achieve this on a daily basis.

Basic Features

The basic features that come with this smartwatch are everything you would expect from the highest-quality fitness trackers. You will have access to how many steps you take during a day and you will be able to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals for yourself. This tracker will also give you information on how many calories you have burned throughout the day. This leads to great accountability in terms of your diet. It will help you keep track of the pace of your runs. You will be able to easily connect to a variety of smart devices easily. There is also a plethora of activities you will be able to track. Whatever activity it is that helps you get up and move will be easily followed so you can get detailed information about how it improves your overall health and wellness.

Advanced Features

This product gives you a ton of advanced features that can really help keep your life convenient and simplified. With the connectivity, it offers you will have access to hundreds of apps in the Google Play Store. You will also have access to your Google Assistant. This will allow you to set reminders and take care of your calendar with ease. You will also have the ability to make purchases with the flick of your wrist with the pay feature available on this device. Something unique with this watch is the fact that you can change the mode so that your battery lasts exponentially longer. It shuts down some functions but keeps the most important tracking features active. You will be able to receive call and text message alerts on this device as well. There is also a heart rate monitor in this product. It offers accurate readings that can help you keep your pace at the rate for your targeted zone for cardio and other workouts. There are many more features associated with this product and a complete breakdown can be seen via the manufacturer's website.


On the whole, customers are very pleased with the accuracy that this product offers. You will likely be keeping a close eye on your daily step count as it can really help you achieve better health by getting up and walking. So, the accuracy of this is very important. Customers have noted that this feature is spot on. It has also been said that the activity tracking, regardless of running, cardio, walking, or biking, is very accurate. A place that devices like this typically fail is with the heart rate monitor. It is nice to see that this product gets that right too. This product syncs quickly with apps so you will be able to have accurate real-time data that can help you tweak your routine to achieve the best results possible. Overall, this is a very accurate option that you can put your trust into the data it provides you.


This product comes with a charging dock and a USB cord that you will use when the battery needs to be replenished. Charging time is barely an inconvenience and can be completed within a couple of hours. The battery life, once charged, is pretty good. Depending on the use of the device the outcome of overall battery life will vary. If you are using it to stay completely connected to your world it is, obviously, not going to last as long as if you were simply tracking your activities. It is important to note that this product does have a battery saver mode so you won't have to worry if your charge starts to get a little low but you still have a long session at the gym in front of you. There are no complaints from customers about this product being difficult to charge, however, it has been noted that some defective devices were received that would never charge at all.


This device connects via Bluetooth and WiFi. This means you will be able to pair it with a variety of devices. From smartphones to tablets and computers you will be able to connect to it all. This option will pair well with an Android or an iPhone smartphone. If you are using an older device of either version you may have difficulties. The fact that this item pairs well and easily with iPhones is pretty awesome. Apple is known for their products only working exceptionally well with others they produce and many fitness trackers can not give iPhone users all the same features. That is not a problem here and you will have access to all of the same great features with this that Android users get.


With all of the different features that this product has to offer it truly is a versatile option. It will fit easily into pretty much any one's routine and can make your life more convenient. With access to your music, the ability to make payments, and of course the tracking of all things activity related you'll be able to stay in full control of your day. It also gives you features like weather conditions an advanced tracking options for activities like running, CrossFit, and Cardio. The design is quite elegant and transitions easily between day and night. Another reason that we feel this product is quite versatile are all the apps that you will have access to. Pairing us up with your favorite fitness apps is simple and you can do it across a wide variety of devices.


Consumers have noted that this is one of the most comfortable smartwatches available. The bands that come with it are made of leather on the outside and are built to keep moisture away from your skin. This is done with an inner layer of silicone on the band. It provides great flexibility and an even better feel. They are adjustable which means you'll be able to find the fit that feels best for you. It does not appear that these bands are able to be switched out which means if you don't like the one that comes with it you may be in for a bit of trouble. We do not feel that you will dislike them as consumers seem exceptionally pleased with the comfort level of them.


Wearing a fitness tracker on a daily basis will allow you to reap a variety of health-related benefits. For example, seeing how many calories you burn today can help keep you accountable on your diet. If you are not moving enough and burning calories it is easy to see and this can stop you from making poor food choices. In addition, when you track activities and you start to see your performance improve it acts as a true motivator. When you are motivated to work harder, obviously, you are going to get better results. This is true for things like muscle gaining, weight loss, and endurance building. Another huge advantage of this product is the way that it keeps you connected to the world. With so many apps available and access to Google pay, you'll be able to use this device throughout your daily routine with ease.


There are really two main disadvantages to this product. The first has to do with their customer service department. If you run into trouble with your Fitness tracker getting help can be extremely difficult. When you make this kind of investment in a product you want to know that there are people standing behind it that can help you work through any issues. Obviously, poor customer service is a problem with this. The other main issue customers have with it is that there have been quite a few defective devices that will not take a charge at all. What this means is after the initial charge runs out the device is useless. It does come with a warranty so most people are able to get it replaced easily.


This product is extremely good quality. From the band to the bezel you can see all of the attention they have put into the details of the smartwatch. The technology behind it is exceptionally sound and offers high-quality functioning. Another place where quality really matters is in the app associated with this product. Customers are very happy with it and the fact that they have access to so many other fitness apps with this item. Overall, quality is not an issue. We feel that once you give this track or a try you will quickly see why so many feel that it is extremely good quality and we're fairly certain that you will agree.


You need to make a pretty hefty investment if you want to make this Fitness tracker your own. It could take some budgets quite a bit of saving to do this. Honestly, for some people, it will be completely out of the question. We understand that the price of a product plays a big piece in the overall value but it is not the only thing to take under consideration. When you look at the extreme capabilities that this product has to offer it is easy to understand why so many feel as if it is a great value. We would have to agree that this is a very good value. You will have access to a plethora of features that can help keep you focused on your fitness goals. It can improve your overall health and well-being which is invaluable to so many people.

Bottom Line

When it comes to high-quality fitness trackers this is a solid option. It offers all of the features you could ask for and fits easily into any busy lifestyle. Regardless of if you are trying to train, become more motivated, or simply trying to be a bit healthier this activity monitor can help keep you focused. It is more compatible than many other options that are currently available to you which is obviously nice. You won't have to worry about using an Android or an iPhone and this is also very convenient. When it comes down to it, customers are very pleased with this product and if you are able to make the investment we believe that you will also be happy with it.