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The TITLE Boxing Air Dryer is not your standard glove deodorizer. This product helps open up your gloves to allow them to dry exceptionally quickly. When air can easily flow in and out of your gloves, naturally, they will dry more quickly. Limiting the amount of time that your gloves are wet with sweat will prolong the use you get out of them. The material will not breakdown as quickly. Another important aspect of quickly drying your gloves is that bacteria will not have time to grow. In turn, your gloves will not smell nearly as bad. This product has a bottle of deodorizing spray. This will help to improve the smell of your gloves even more. These air dryers are exceptionally easy to use. Simply slide them into your gloves and you are good to go. It is important to note that they may be too big for youth gloves or adult gloves that are exceptionally small. This product is made from durable materials.  Due to this fact, you will get great longevity of use from them. Keeping your gloves in great condition and smelling good doesn't have to be a burden. Using a product like this one will simplify the entire process. Overall, consumers are pleased with the results they are getting from this item by TITLE Boxing.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Durable Design
  • Helps Gloves Hold Shape
  • Comes With Deodorant Spray
  • Easy To Use
  • Promotes Air Flow
  • Seriously Improves Drying Time
  • Natural Way To Fight Odor
  • Pricey
  • Limited Uses
  • May Not Fit In All Gloves
  • Limited Information On Included Spray


TITLE Boxing has been a common name among Fighters for more than 20 years. Their focus started with boxing, however, over the years they have expanded their lines to include a variety of options for not only boxers but also wrestlers and mixed martial artists. If you are into high-impact sports it is likely they have what you need to help improve your performance and keep you comfortable during your training sessions. Whether you are looking for gloves, punching bags, protective equipment, or clothing this brand has an option for you. People across the globe have been trusting their safety and equipment needs with this brand due to the fact that they produce high-quality equipment that functions better than you would expect. You'll be able to find a good variety of prices to ensure that the equipment you need will fit into your budget. Overall, TITLE Boxing has done a good job at building products to suit every fighter's needs.


The nature of this product does not use a sent to eliminate odors. It works by allowing your gloves to dry exceptionally quickly which reduces the amount of time the bacteria has to grow. With the reduction of bacteria, you will have a reduction of foul odors. It is important to note that this product does come with a deodorizing spray that you can use along with the air dryers. There is no information available on the scent of this spray so unfortunately, we can't let you know if it is overpowering. It will also be impossible for us to give you the information on whether or not it will be okay for those of you that have sensitive skin. You will absolutely have a reduction in foul smells by simply using the air dryers themselves. You can give the deodorizing spray or try to see if it is something you enjoy the scent of. If it is not and you don't believe your gloves are smelling good enough with using the dryers themselves you can invest in a separate deodorizing spray or powder to provide you with a fresh scent you are looking for.


If versatility of use is what you are looking for this may not be the best product for you. This item is specifically made to help dry your gloves. Many deodorizers offer the ability to use them not only in your gloves but also in your shoes, gear bags, and sometimes even on your protective equipment. The fact that this item can only be used for your gloves can be a bit of a disappointment. It will do a good job at keeping them dry and in the correct shape. You will be able to use it on a variety of gloves, however, even this is limited due to the shape and size of these are dryers. While there are many positive factors in regards to this item the versatility level is not one of them. Overall, this does not give you a lot of views outside of your gloves and it may mean that you want to look towards different options that offer better versatility and more bang for your buck.


The air dryers themselves are made of PVC plastic. This is an exceptionally durable material that will give you great longevity of use. Over the course of time it will maintain its structure with ease. As long as you are not purposely causing damage to this item it will last you for years to come. You won't have to worry about it causing your sensitive skin to break out. It will maintain the structure and design of your gloves quite nicely. As for what is used in the deodorizing spray that comes along with these are dryers we are unsure. There is no list of the ingredients used and so there is no way of telling if it is going to be a good fit for those of you that have sensitive skin or are affected by strong smells. The PVC plastic that this product uses is exceptionally lightweight yet will stand up two years worth of use. Overall, consumers are pleased with the material choice that this brand has chosen for this product.


This item is designed to promote natural air flow in and out of your gloves. What does is going to do is allow them to dry exponentially more quickly than they would if they were just taken off and set down. When you increase the drying time you reduce the amount of time that bacteria has to grow. With a reduction of bacteria also comes a reduction of smell. The shape of this item is also important. It will help your boxing gloves to maintain the correct anatomical shape that they start with. This means that you will have a pair of gloves that stays more comfortable over the course of time and will also have a better life span. When you reduce the amount of moisture in your gloves it will also reduce the breakdown of the materials. Sweat can be very hard on equipment. Overall, this is a solid design that works exactly as specified.


As long as you are not throwing this product against the wall or smashing it you will get exceptional longevity of use out of it. The material used is extremely durable. As long as you maintain it you will be able to use these are dryers for years and years. The fact that they will not need to be replaced is an amazing benefit of them. The spray that comes along with it is not a huge bottle and if you choose to continue to use a powder or spray you will need to replace it on occasion. Most people find that allowing their gloves to dry quickly reduces the odor enough that a deodorizing spray is not necessary. Others feel that they want that fresh scent and continue to purchase it. Overall, you will get great longevity out of the air dryers themselves. They truly are great bang for your buck.


This product is exceptionally effective at allowing your gloves to dry quickly. They open up your glove so that airflow can naturally move in and out of them. When you place them in a well-ventilated place they will dry in no time. It is important that you allow your equipment, such as gloves and shoes, to dry completely between uses. It is not only important in reducing odors and extending the life of your gear but it is also important in maintaining optimal levels of skin integrity and health. You won't have to worry about bacteria building up and causing fungal growth or moist areas rubbing at your skin in causing breakdown. It is important to note that we are unsure of the effectiveness of the deodorizing spray that comes with this product as there is very limited information on it. Overall, however, customers are happy with the effectiveness of the air dryers themselves.


We would say that the biggest advantage of using this product is the time frame in which you'll be able to use them. This product is truly durable and will last you for multiple years. With the ability to dry your gloves quickly the life expectancy of them will also be greatly increased. You won't have to worry about replacing this item anytime in the near future which makes the investment even more sound. If you are the type of fighter that puts their gloves on every day for some type of training be it with a sparring partner, on a heavy bag, or a quick shadow boxing session in your basement keeping them dry is imperative. This product will, ultimately, keep your gloves dryer than most others. You won't be dealing with Messy powders or residues that leave your gloves feeling sticky. Another advantage to this item is that it helps your gloves maintain their shape. Over the course of time are gloves can break down and change shape which can make them uncomfortable. The fact that this product will help promote the anatomical structure of your gloves is a major advantage.


One of the biggest downfalls of this product is its lack of Versatility. While it will do a good job at helping your gloves to dry quickly you're not going to be able to use it for any other of your sports gear. Consumers are also not pleased with the fact that there is so little information in regards to the spray that comes with it. It can make it hard to decide if this is the right product for you or not, especially, if you have sensitive skin. Another important piece to take into consideration is the size of this unit. You may find that it is too big for your gloves. This is especially true if you are wanting to use this product for your boxing gloves for kids or if you have very small hands. Obviously, some of these points are pretty serious disadvantages and should be taken into consideration before you proceed with purchase. This product is quite effective, however, it is not going to be the best fit for all high-impact sports participants.


We feel as if this product carries a slightly better-than-average value. It will take a bit more of an investment own these are dryers as compared to other glove deodorizers but you will also get much longer use out of them. Most glove deodorizers last anywhere from six months to a year whereas this airflow promoting option can last you for several years. In fact, you may never need to replace them at all. While the price tag is slightly elevated is still a very affordable option and most budgets will be able to work it in pretty easily. When you look over all of the varying aspects of this item it is easy to see why we have placed the value in the category that we did. They do not offer exceptional versatility but they will help to keep your gloves in great condition. Overall, this item is a good value and will help to keep your gloves smelling better than before.

Bottom Line

It is true that this item is not very versatile but it will do an excellent job at drying your gloves out between uses. This is not only good for your gloves but it is also good for your level of comfort while wearing them. It will help to maintain the shape of your gloves and reduce the odor associated with the sweat that is filling them on a frequent basis. When you train hard and your chosen sport it is naturally going to be a sweaty experience. Giving your equipment the proper amount of time to dry can be hard if you work out on a daily basis. By improving the air flow to your gloves they will dry exponentially faster. Does products does cost a bit more than other drying and deodorizing options, however, it also provides phenomenal longevity of use. We believe that if you make the investment into this item you will be satisfied with the results that you get after using it.