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The TITLE Boxing Gyro speed bag is one of this brand's more affordable speed bag options. It is made from materials that are exceptionally durable and will give you great longevity of use. With a durable outer and a bladder that will stand up to constant abuse, you will be able to use this bag for years to come. If the bladder does pop or start to leak air badly, simply replace it and get back to work. It is important to note that these bags are a bit heavier than other options that are available to you. This also means they will be a bit slower. This is great for those of you that are just starting out in the world of combat sports.

TITLE is known for their stellar options in fight-related equipment and gear. You will be able to easily see the quality of this item as soon as you take it out of the package. There are several different sizes available to you so you will be able to easily find your perfect challenge. Whether you are into mixed martial arts like Judo, Taekwondo, or Karate or you are into Boxing, training with a speed bag is a critical element. It can help you to improve your performance, as a whole. Choosing to go with this brand means you know you will be getting high-quality items that will perform better than expected. Overall, the fighters using this bag are thrilled and leaving glowing reviews regarding it.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 4 Size Options Available
  • Highly Rated Among Users
  • Trusted Brand
  • Excellent Materials
  • Great Balance
  • Durable Bladder
  • Stable Rebound
  • Withstands Constant Abuse
  • A Bit Heavy
  • Slower Than Expected
  • Some Bags Misshapen


TITLE has been a leader in the world of boxing for more than thirty years. While their focus used to be only on boxing, as the world of mixed martial arts started to blow up, they expanded their lines to include the gear and equipment for those into a variety of fight sports. Whether you are in need of gloves, trunks, footwear, rings, punching bags, or other pieces you will be able to find a high-quality option with this brand. They spend more time investing in new products and improving old ones than many other brands and it shows. Fighters of every level rely on this brand. They use the best of the best materials and designs to ensure you get the best every time. There are a variety of different options in each category so not only will you be able to fulfill your needs but you won't have to worry about breaking the bank. Overall, people love the TITLE brand. They stand behind their products and work hard to give us top rated items, every time.


TITLE is known for using some of the best materials available. The outer covering is made from genuine leather. Most bags from this brand are, however, it has been noted from consumers that this is not the highest quality leather that TITLE uses. it is quite thick and offers great durability even though it is not the best of their stock. The inside of this item is made from a Butyl Rubber bladder. This type of bladder offers better durability, however, it is heavier than others. This will slow your bag down. There is a standard shoelace at the top to keep this item closed. It is easily adjustable so replacing the bladder will be barely an inconvenience when and if you need to. The loop on the top of this item is made from the same genuine leather that the outer construction is made from. It is triple Stitch to ensure great durability. As you can see, this product was truly built to last.


Most companies only offer one or two size options for their speed bags. This one offers several more. You will have four different options to choose from. This will, in turn, help you to easily find the level of challenge that you're looking for. The smaller the bag the faster it's going to move and the more skill you need to keep it flowing. You will be able to choose from an extra small, small, medium, or large bag. If you are an advanced fighter you'll want to look towards the extra small or the small. The extra small is only seven inches long and has a diameter of four inches. This is, indeed, exceptionally small. The next size up is eight inches long with a diameter of five inches. If you are an intermediate fighter you may want to look toward the medium option. It is nine inches long and has a diameter of six inches. The largest option that is available to you is ten inches long with a diameter of seven inches. It is the slowest option and will be best suited toward youth or beginning fighters.

Hanging Style

As with most speed bags, hanging this one will require a swivel and a speed bag platform. These pieces are not included with the bag itself. If you do not already have them and you want to use this product as soon as you receive it you will need to make that investment prior to or at the same time as ordering this item. Hanging this item up is a breeze, there is a simple Loop stitched onto the top of the bag that you will attach to the swivel. The loop is double sided and triple stitched for great durability. It is attached to the bag by triple stitching as well. Many brands use metal rivets to secure the loop. This can be detrimental to the material of the bag itself. Overall, the fighters that are using this bag are very happy with the simplicity of the hanging style. There are other ways to hang a speed bag, however, the traditional style will give you the best training use with it.


Using a speed bag on a frequent basis can truly impact your training for the better. When you are training in a fight sport like boxing, Taekwondo, Judo, or other mixed martial arts it requires a lot of focus in different areas. A speed bag can help you not only improve your accuracy but also how quickly you deliver strikes. These are the typical ways people see the training going with a speed bag. In addition to this, you will notice that your reflexes improve drastically. With a fast-moving speed bag, you will also improve your defensive maneuvers. This is due to the fact that your head movement and body movements will improve. You will also notice the difference in your footwork. While your shoes play a major role in the way your feet your head and body movement also do. Pairing this item with a healthy diet and a strict training routine can help you become the best fighter possible.


The bladder used for the interior of this product is a bit heavier than most. In addition, it is also more durable. This means you're not going to have to worry about it leaking air has frequently or popping with consistent use. The type of rubber that they use for this product is called Butyl. It is thicker and heavier which is what makes it last longer. It is important to know that this type of bladder being used does mean that the bag will be slower. Some fighters prefer to swap this out for the orange bladder that this brand sells. It is lighter and moves exponentially faster. Switching out the bladder of this item is barely an inconvenience. With a simple lacing system, you can swap it out for a faster interior if you so prefer. This also makes this item more versatile. If you start out with the heavier bladder and find that your performance is truly improving you can always switch it without having to buy a whole new bag.


Taking care of this item will require a bit more care than one that is made from synthetic leather or vinyl. With synthetic letters and vinyls, you can basically use any type of disinfectant cleaner that you prefer. Working with genuine leather will require leather cleaners and conditioners. Taking the time to properly care for this item will give you the best longevity of use. In addition, it will ensure that your bad continues to look and feel great for years to come. Some people are intimidated with genuine leather products is they think it's going to be a major headache to maintain. This simply is not the case. You only need to clean and condition your bag once every 3 or 4 months. Now, when you do it will take a bit longer than wiping down vinyl or synthetic leather piece. It is important to keep in mind that genuine leather does give you the best durability so the slightly longer care routine is understandable and well worth it.


One of the biggest advantages of this item is the fact that it offers superior bounce and rebound. The gyro style will help to enhance its overall performance. When you take training for your chosen fight Sports seriously a bag like this can play a major role in improving your performance. You will notice the difference not only in your offensive skills but also in your defensive Maneuvers. Speed bag training really is all around training. It also plays a role in strengthening and conditioning efforts. Another fact about this bag that is a true Advantage is its exceptional durability. This brand pays attention in the way their products are made and constructed to ensure or you will get fantastic longevity of use from it. The fact that there are also several sizes available is an advantage. You will be able to find the perfect level of challenge to suit your needs. If you find that this bag is a bit slow you can also replace the bladder to speed it up and truly challenged yourself. Overall, these are only a few of the many advantages that this product has to offer.


There have been some comments from consumers that are less than Stellar in regards to this product. One that we saw crop up a few times had to do with the shape of this bag. Some consumers have found that after blowing it up it is misshapen. This can be frustrating, however, it is more of an inconvenience than a major disadvantage. This is due to the fact that you will simply need to reach out to customer service and let them know what your problem is. They will quickly replace your bag to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase. Another area that consumers are not exactly thrilled about with the speed that it offers. The bladders that are used inside of it and the durable leather outer are quite heavy and it does slow this option down. As noted, you will simply need to switch it out for faster bladder if that's what you're looking for.


We would consider this product to be an excellent value. The price tag that it carries is more affordable than many other options from this brand. With that being said some people may consider it to be pricey. There are definitely options available to you that are cheaper, however, they will definitely not be the same quality as this item. TITLE Boxing truly pays attention to the small details and it can be easily seen in the construction of this product. When you take into consideration all of the different aspects we've covered we believe it's easy to see why it is considered to be an excellent value. The fighters that are currently using this speed bag are very happy with the results that they are getting in their performance and from it. Overall, we believe you'll be truly happy with your investment into this product and your bank account will not have to take a major blow to call it your own.

Bottom Line

Putting your trust into a brand like this one will never be a mistake. They truly work to make sure that their customers are satisfied with their purchases and if they're not they do everything in their power to correct it. The fine attention to detail can be easily seen. The stitching is all fantastic and you won't have to worry about this bag bursting as you continuously whale away on it. Whether you are using this at home or in your local gym it will stand up to the challenge. Making an investment in your fighting future can be intimidating. You'll be spending good money on products that you hope will last. This one truly will. Customers have great things to say about this speed bag and if given the chance, we believe that you will feel the same way. The fact that this item is more affordable than other options by the same brand is also an aspect that consumers are pleased with.