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Boxing gloves come in all shapes and sizes; they are designed with varying levels of durability as well as comfort providing capabilities. The TITLE Boxing Pro Style Gloves has all the features that a boxer would need in their boxing gloves. The actual design of the glove is one that provides the wearer with everything that they need in terms of cushioning and has a fit that enhances the overall feel of the glove and ensures that the wearer is able to do everything that they need while in the glove; it can handle the rigorous aspects of the sport and does so with a high level of finesse.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Form-fitting
  • High level of wrist support
  • The lighter versions come apart during sparring


The material throughout the glove gives the wearer with what they need in terms of protection. TITLE is known for designing gloves that have ample padding that can be utilized to provide the wearer with a bit of distance from the impact while the glove is being used; the padding itself is highly shock absorbent and prevents the wearer from really feeling their punches while they are being thrown. The glove provides the wearer with a ample wrist support due to the Velcro strapping that is featured in its design; TITLE is known for designing gloves that give the wearer a decent amount of support due to the use of highly adjustable Velcro straps in its design. Something to take note of with the strapping on the glove is that there isn’t very much Velcro incorporate into the design which somewhat takes away from the snug fit provided by the glove.


The materials in the gloves design are of a decent quality. The gloves have an amazing level of padding incorporated into the design that allows them to provide the wearer with all that they need in terms of cushioning; the material lasts for a relatively long time which is something that one should take a great deal of care to note. The glove is designed from leather, and a high-quality one at that; gloves that are designed from leather generally have a higher level of quality and last for a much longer time than those that aren’t. The same stands true for this glove and the level of quality that it provides to the wearer; after years of use in the glove, it doesn’t experience any ripping or discoloration which is extremely important. Despite the relatively small amount of Velcro that is incorporated into the design of the glove, it still provides the wearer with a decent level of wrist support and sticks with vigor for relatively long times.


These velcro boxing gloves come in standard colors; there aren’t any fancy designs or logos featured on the glove other than the TITLE “T” on the backhand. The TITLE Pro doesn’t have any flourishes in detail throughout, it’s really a rather plain looking glove; the seems don’t stand out at all nor do any of the stitching on the wrist of the glove. The mitt of the glove contrasts the backhand in that, it is really a standard white and has none of the features that make it stand out. The wrist of the glove has the TITLE logo on it as well, making the glove look a bit professional when on hand. As is standard in TITLE Boxing gloves, the glove has a rather glossy color that also aids it in providing a professional looking feel to the overall glove; in all, the stitching on the inside of the mitt is also rather muted and quality looking which ensures that the wearer has an amazing looking fit while in use.


The glove has a high level of padding that ensures that the wearer receives a decent level of snugness while the glove is in use; the bigger sizes of the glove hold even more padding, which increases the snug fit provided by the glove. One downside to the glove is that the Velcro material rather narrowly covers the wrist of the glove; this basically means that the glove has very little in the way of Velcro on the glove, which somewhat takes away from the glove’s ability to provide a snug fit to the wearer while in use. The glove has all the curvature that is customary in boxing gloves and makes it relatively comfortable to make a fist without “forcing it”; the leather still allows for a decent level of movement while the glove is in use. The excess padding in the glove should take away from the feel and restrict the wearer’s movement, but the glove doesn’t, primarily because of the leather material on the glove’s exterior.


These gloves are cushioned to the point that they provide the wearer with a feel above that provided by the wearer; the padding in the gloves, especially the heavier sizes, gives the wearer everything that they need so that they don’t feel the impact of the punches while the glove is in use. The gloves fit somewhat snuggly, despite the lack of excess Velcro and ensure that the glove doesn’t come off, at the very least. There is excess padding in the knuckle of the glove (much like primary Boxing gloves should have) to aid the glove in its ability to function and provide for the wearer’s knuckles in the form of impact resistance. The inside of the glove is the typical mesh material and is somewhat moisture-wicking (it will stay wet after a long workout though), while also reducing irritation to the wearer’s skin. Everything else in the glove that provides comfort is typical of boxing gloves; other than the gloves malleable design, there isn’t really anything that stands out about this glove in terms of comfort.


TITLE has very few if any extremely expensive gloves. They create high-quality gloves that still function and give the wearer what they need in terms of comfort and allows the wearer to have what they need in terms of cushioning. The quality of the gloves does much more than justify the price; the leather make by itself provides the wearer with a decent level of protection; something that most gloves simply don’t experience by themselves. The gloves have a basic level of aesthetic pleasure due to the basic materials that are incorporated into the design; no one can ask for an easier way to color coordinate their workout fit than a glove a basic black boxing glove. It just doesn’t take much to match with that. Despite the high level of cushioning in the glove’s design, the glove looks rather thin; this is an incredible quality of the glove’s design simply because of higher levels of cushioning signal a heavier glove; this is another feature that works to justify the price level of the glove itself. For an entry-level boxing glove, the does its job to give the wearer a high level of cushioning and enables the wearer to have all that they need while in use; for the price, this is really all that a boxer can ask for.


The glove is of the extremely popular “TITLE” brand name. TITLE creates all types and levels of boxing gear ranging from headgears all the way to heavy bags; they have the most sought-after gear and own a training gym franchise that is in various places in the United States. From this, one can tell that TITLE provides the wearer with high-quality material. Their boxing materials are generally of a rather high-quality and don’t experience much in the way of tearing or anything of the like, even after strenuous use; just a heads up that this is one thing that should be checked for in a boxing glove because of the type of activity that boxing is; it’s a high energy sport that will most likely result in tearing of a glove if it is of a terrible quality. Another exciting thing about them is that their gear is generally inexpensive; their gloves and other material provide the wearer with all that they need in terms of quality while not forcing anyone to go too deep into their pockets or in other words, spend copious amounts of cash.


Title makes their gloves from all the regular materials. Most of the glove is designed from a leather material; the good thing about the leather make of this glove is that it moves rather easily and gives the wearer what they need in terms of protection when the glove is being used for heavy activities like sparring and for use on the heavy bag. The use of leather instead of synthetic materials allows the gloves to be tremendously resilient as well; something that will be covered more in depth in the next section. The threading on the glove is of the standard variety; it is threaded using a Nylon material that keeps the gloves intact without opening them up to any of the possible loose threading that occurs when gloves are in heavy use. The padding inside of the glove is also relatively standard and continues to provide the wearer what they need in terms of cushioning time and time again. Lastly, they made use of Velcro on strapping to make sure that wearer gets a decent fit while the glove is in use.


The gloves are of a decent quality, a fact that becomes horribly apparent when the glove is in use. The leather make of the glove ensures that it doesn’t come apart with constant use; this is definitely something to keep in mind for those who are seeking a glove to do heavy work with such as sparring and the like; a low-quality glove won’t be able to handle the blows that will be dealt to it while they are in use on a heavy bag, they will rip apart. The threading is a nylon material (standard) and it doesn’t loosen very easily with the constant use of the glove. This is something to keep note of when purchasing a glove as well. The padding is of the average variety and provides a decent level of impact resistance for the wearer while in use; the feel provided by the material stays with the wearer and simply doesn’t dissipate with time. The gloves won’t come off the wearer’s hands either, something to take note of; the Velcro strapping keeps the glove feeling rather snug and makes sure that it doesn’t come off the wearer's hand during a bout.


Boxing is a 2 points of contact sport (depending on which one that the wearer is partaking in.) meaning that the wearer generally only uses their fists when partaking in the activity. These gloves are meant for training purposes in the boxing realm really. They work well for heavy bag/mitt use and the heavier versions of the glove can even be used during sparring.


TITLE’s boxing gloves come in the traditional weight classes; 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz. The lighter gloves are great for mitt work while the ones with a bit more weight to them will give a boxer a bit more cushion when used on the heavy bag or during sparring activities.

Key features

• Soft leather
• Highly cushioned


Overall, TITLE makes very durable boxing gloves. The materials used in the gloves allows them to be worn for a plethora of activities and ensures that the wearer doesn’t experience any of the things that generally come with the use of a boxing glove such as; ripping, tearing, or falling off. The Velcro strap may be a bit of a pain for some wearers simply because of the minimal amount of it that it is on the glove in the first place; it only stops the glove from fitting as snugly as it should, it doesn’t allow the glove to slip off the wearer’s hand or anything like that. The aesthetics of the glove are decent to say the least. This means that one gets a rather professional looking glove when they purchase this one and don’t have to worry about this really matching with any of their outfits.