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The TITLE Classic Speed Bag will stand up to the toughest training sessions with ease. With triple stitched seams you won't have to worry about your bag blowing out in the middle of your routine. Training with a speed bag can truly help you improve your skills inside of the ring or the cage. Most people think speed bags training is only good for making your hands fast. This is not the case. It will help you in just about every facet. From your hand speed to your footwork, you will notice many improvements. Additionally, it can help your accuracy.

This particular bag offers great durability. When you are training in a combat sport like boxing, Judo, Karate, or other mixed martial arts you need equipment that can withstand constant abuse and this item will. TITLE is known for providing fighters of every discipline all of the gear and equipment they need. One major flaw in most speed bags has to do with the bladder. Either it constantly needs refilling or it pops from a hard strike. That won't be the case when you invest in this item. The bladder in this product is solid and reliable. In addition, it is lightweight. This helps keep it moving quickly as you work through your routine. Fighters of all levels will find the challenge they are looking for when they decide to give this speed bag a try.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Doesn't Leak Air
  • Small Reinforced Top Loop
  • Durable Materials Inside & Out
  • Fast & Challenging
  • Excellent Movement
  • Great Balance
  • Improves Accuracy
  • 2 Sizes Available
  • Large Stitched On Label
  • Mixed Reviews About Speeds


TITLE Boxing has been in business for more than twenty years. They started out by providing boxers everything they needed to perform their best inside of the ring. As time went on and the company grew, naturally, they expanded their lines. In the same timeframe, the world of mixed martial arts was blowing up. TITLE stepped up their game and started offering items for MMA enthusiasts, as well as, boxers. So, when combat sports are your thing you know you will be able to find gloves, clothing, bags, protective gear, and the other pieces of equipment you need to do your best. It is important to note that TITLE also offers options for everyday active people. Whether you are into fitness, boxing, MMA, or other physical activities this brand truly does have you covered. They are known for providing items of superior quality and excellent craftsmanship. you will likely be paying a bit more but you will be able to tell the difference. Consumers are quite pleased with their purchase of products from this brand.


The materials used in this speed bag are better quality than many others that are currently available to you. The outer material is made of lightweight yet durable leather. Leather is the most common outer material for a speed bag. This is due to the fact that it offers exceptional longevity of use and is relatively easy to maintain. The seams of this bag are triple Stitch to ensure excellent durability. They are welted with leather which also helps to extend the life of this piece of equipment. At the top, there is a small reinforced Loop. Obviously, this is going to be used for hanging. Inside of this item is a rubber bladder. It offers less hassle than others you may have tried in the past. This brand does an excellent job of paying attention to detail and using materials that are at the top of their class. While all of the materials they are using are quite standard in this type of item they are of better quality than most other brand's choices.


There are two size options that are available to you when you decide to go with this item from TITLE Boxing. The first option is sized as an extra small. It is roughly 8 inches long and 5 inches wide. This is an exceptionally small bag. It will be best suited towards more advanced fighters that already have pretty fast hands. The smaller the speed bag you use the faster it's going to move. The other option that is available to you is only slightly larger. It measures in at about 9 inches long and 6 inches wide. Now, typically, this bag would be a bit slower than the extra small size. However, it is a point of contention among consumers. Many people feel that the larger option moves faster and more consistently than the smaller option. This may have to do with the loop that they use at the top of the speed bag. Overall, this item will provide you with a significant challenge regardless of your level of fighting prowess. Not every brand offers a variety in size so the fact that this one does is an aspect that customers appreciate.

Hanging Style

You will hang this speed bag as you would any other traditional style speed bag. It has a small reinforced Loop located at the top of it. It is completely stitched on rather than being riveted to the bag. This offers better durability over the long haul. Consumers have noted that even though the loop is small it is not difficult to hang on your swivel. As noted, with a smaller sized bag it may inhibit the movement of it. While most people will choose to hang this on a swivel which is attached to a speed bag platform there are other options. Some consumers paying their speed bags with a variety of other items. Including, things like carabiners and chains or straps and bungee cords. It is important to note you will have the best training success when you hang this bag with a swivel and platform. It will provide you with the most consistent training routine and allow your bag to perform at its best level.

Training Improvement

Training with a speed bag is not only going to improve your speed. In fact, it can help you perform better through pretty much every aspect of your boxing or mixed martial arts training. Training with an item like this will also help you improve your hand-eye coordination. This can make your strikes more devastating. It will also help to improve your accuracy. This is especially true due to the fact that these are a smaller size to speed bags. These are not the surprising training improvements that this option can help you with. What is surprising, is that training with a speed bag can also improve your footwork. As you move around you will find that this area is getting better. Additionally, training with a speed bag will help your head movement. Learning how your head should move will help you to avoid being struck by not only the bag but also your opponent. It plays a key role in your defensive maneuvering. So, as you can see this is a very useful training tool. It is going to impact the way you perform inside of the ringer the cage in every way.


As with most other traditional-style speed bags, this product uses a rubber bladder. It offers excellent durability. It is important to note that a rubber bladder is a bit heavier than other options out there. There are bags that use latex bladders, however, they do not offer the same durability that a rubber one will. Not all rubber bladders or latex bladders are created equally. Some of the most common issues with this component of a speed bag is the fact that they leak are constantly or they pop altogether. It has been noted by consumers many times that neither of these things is an issue when you go with this option. Surprisingly enough, most people are reporting that it doesn't leak Air at all. You will get months worth of use if not more before you need to add air to it. Obviously, this is an awesome aspect as it saves you time and effort that can be better-spent training for your chosen fight sport.


The maintenance routine on this product will be a bit more extensive than if you were to buy a speed bag made of synthetic leather or vinyl. Keep in mind, buying one made of synthetic leather or vinyl will not give you the type of durability that you're going to be looking for. These outer materials tend to fall apart. Taking care of genuine leather does require special cleaners and conditioners. You will not be able to use your standard deodorizers and disinfectants. While the care routine does require a bit more elbow grease it does not need to be done exceptionally frequently. Most people only do maintenance on their genuine leather speed bag every 3 to 4 months. It is simply to ensure that the leather stays hydrated which will give you the best longevity of use out of this item. It will also keep it looking and feeling great. Overall, it is not much of an inconvenience to take care of this item. In addition, taking care of it will make it last for years to come.


The obvious and biggest advantage in training with a speed bag is going to be seen in your performance. Of course, this is with consistent use, a healthy diet, and other training in your chosen combat sport. There are also some advantages in this particular item as compared to others in the same category. This option uses the highest quality materials in their classes. You will get insane longevity of use. The fact that the bladder in this product does not leak air constantly and you won't have to worry about it popping during use is also a pretty good advantage. You will be able to train daily, if you so choose, without the hassle of changing out or pumping up the bladder in the middle of your routine. Another advantage is the fact that this brand is truly trustworthy. They put a lot of time and effort into their products and it shows.


One of the most consistent complaints about this item has to do with the large label that is located on it. It is stitched onto the outside of the bag. The reason it is a problem is that some people like to train with their speed bag without wearing gloves. This large patch will likely a tear up the skin on your knuckles if you train without wearing any hand protection. You don't necessarily have to wear gloves but a solid pair of gel or other high-quality hand wraps can keep you better protected. The other comment that is being made that is a bit negative has to do with the speed of these bags. Typically the smaller the bag the better it moves and the faster it is. That is a point of contention in regards to this item. Many people find that the larger size moves at a higher rate of speed and has better bounce. Others disagree. This is something that you will need to take into consideration when you're trying to decide which size is going to work best for you.


This product is a truly fantastic value. The price tag that it carries is slightly higher than other options available but it is a better bad. With that being said, it is not very expensive at all. Most budgets will be able to work it in exceptionally easily. It is likely that you won't have to worry about saving up money to call this bag your own. When you compare the advantages against the disadvantages we feel it is simple to see why so many feel that it is a great value. You'll be able to use this bag for years to come. In addition, you won't have the typical headaches with this item as you would with others. This includes annoyances like the bladder leaking air. It simply doesn't happen with this quality item from TITLE Boxing.

Bottom Line

If you take Combat Sports seriously training with speed bag is imperative. Finding the right one to suit your needs can be difficult. This is especially true if you are an advanced fighter as you will need a faster moving bag to offer you a good level of challenge. Both sizes of this bag move incredibly well. It should be able to challenge any and everyone that decides to use it. In fact, beginners may find that it's a bit too fast for them. You will notice improvements to your performance all the way around. From the way, your body is moving to your strike speeds you really will get better. People have found that consistent training with this product has helped them achieve better results throughout their training and their competitions. There are consistently good reviews in regards to this item. We believe that if you decide to go with it you will not be disappointed and will continue to look towards this brand for all of your boxing and mixed martial arts needs.