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The TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 offers some very convenient features to keep you organized. In addition, they can help you easily access your most crucial training items. For example, they have a specific place to store your water bottle. You won't have to worry about it falling over and making a mess in your bag.

Another feature that this bag has but many others do not is a wet pocket. This will allow you to easily separate your sweaty gear from your clean dry gear. You will find this advantageous when you pack your bag for a couple of days. It helps keep odors down and away from your clean dry options.

Finding a gym bag that can stand up to the challenge of daily use can be hard. This bag will suit you just fine. The stitching is reinforced, as is the bottom. They also use good quality zippers so you won't have to worry about them breaking if your bag is overly full on occasion.

The TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 is only available in one size. You will have a standard sized duffle bag which will give most people the room they need. However, if you are very large in stature you may find fitting items like your shin guards into it a bit tight. For the most part, people can fit a good variety of training wants and needs inside of this product.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Reinforced Bottom
  • Water Bottle Pocket
  • Padded Straps
  • Standard Size
  • Wet Pocket
  • Several Color Options
  • Water Resistant
  • No Breathability


TITLE Boxing is a brand that has been around for generations. They starting out with a sole focus on boxing and boxers. As the world of mixed martial arts started to become popular they saw that these fighters needed solid choices in gear and equipment as well. Their lines expanded to encompass fighters of every variety.

Today if you are on the hunt for gloves, bags, clothing, hand wraps, protective gear, training equipment, or other items related to combat sports you can trust that this brand will have it. Not only that, you can rest assured that you'll be getting good quality and sound designs. TITLE strives to provide the best options available in the world of fight sports.

You won't be making a mistake when you put your trust in this brand. They pay attention to all the fine details. In addition, they offer several options and each category. Easily finding items to meet your wants, needs, and budget is not so difficult when you turn towards this brand and their items.


When you are looking for a truly durable design and materials that are going to hold up, the TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 has you covered. The outer material is made from ballistic nylon. And you won't have to worry about it ripping or tearing even when you decide you're going to use it on a daily basis. Consumers are very pleased with the outer material this brand has chosen for this product.

Sometimes the straps on gear bags aren't so tough. The stitching on these ones is reinforced to guarantee that they're going to hold tough while carrying around all of your different items. Let's face it, your bags can get heavy and you need to find handles that are up to the challenge. These ones are.

There is a mixture of different types of closures on the TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0. They use zippers, drawstrings, and velcro. This makes accessing different pockets easy. Depending on what you want to put into each pocket you will find the perfect fit and secure closure to ensure you aren't losing items along the way.


As noted, TITLE has done an excellent job at providing a variety of pockets with his bag. Some of them are specifically designed for certain items. You will find the perfect place for your water bottle, as well as, your smaller items. Staying organized in this bag is simple.

Some bags don't offer smaller pockets which can make finding items like your keys, mouth guard case, hand wraps, and other small items difficult. The TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 gives you a variety of smaller pockets to choose from. Locating these items quickly will no longer be a frustration.

You will, of course, have one large compartment in the middle. This is going to house the majority of the things you want to carry. It also has end pockets. On top of all of this, it does have a wet compartment so you can easily separate your sweaty gear from your dry stuff.


When you decide to go with the TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 you will not have a choice in size. It is of a standard size for a classic duffel bag. It will provide a decent amount of room and be able to hold quite a few different things.

The standard size length of a duffel bag and the length of this item is 24 inches. This is going to accommodate a wide variety of gear. It is important to note that if you have a very large stature you may have difficulty fitting some of your larger pieces of sparring gear into this item.

The width and height of the TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 are also standard. They both come in at 12 inches. So, as you can see this bag is not overly large or bulky. When you think of a typical bag that is styled like this one that is exactly what you will be getting.


Unfortunately, the TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 truly is lacking in breathability. This is not an uncommon thing among items in this particular category. Some brands choose to build mesh panels into their design to help your sweaty gear and equipment dry out more quickly. Some people are a bit let down over the fact that this bag doesn't breathe but most people can get past it.

If you decide that this is the bag you want to go with you will probably need to make an extra investment. Putting some money into a good deodorizing product can keep everything smelling fresh. When you are sweating hard because you're working hard there are definitely some foul odors that are associated with it. Cutting them down is advantageous to you and everyone around you.

It is important to note that due to the fact that the TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 does not have much breathability, you will need to unpack it between sessions. This will allow items like your gloves to completely dry out before using them again. It can be a bit inconvenient, however, it is best to do in the long run.


The TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 is a standard duffel bag. You can tell by the classic look and design exactly what this bag is. One large compartment with pockets at each end is the standard look for this type of item.

Duffle bags are an excellent choice for those of you that carry around quite a bit of equipment. If You Haul items like shin guards, headgear, gloves, shoes, clothing, and other items a backpack is simply not going to cut it. So, investing in a duffel bag like the TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 will make toting your gear to and from the gym easier than ever.


The TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 is more durable than many other options out there. They have taken measures to ensure that you will get excellent longevity of use out of it. With features like a reinforced bottom, you won't have to worry about your gear detriment in the material. This bag truly is meant to last.

They have done things like reinforcing the stitching to ensure that your handles stay on no matter how much gear you're carrying. This is nice considering so many other options the handles tender rip right off. Options from TITLE Boxing are known for excellent durability.

We have noticed that the TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 uses plastic buckles to secure the shoulder strap. This is a very common type of buckle and many people have issues with it over the course of time. This is because plastic is very susceptible to breaking and people tend to be hard on their gym bags. While there are no complaints about the durability of the plastic buckles it is definitely something to watch out for.


One of the big advantages and choosing the TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 over others in the same category as to how organized it's going to help you stay. With pockets that are meant for specific items, you will have decreased worried and increased speed when looking for certain objects. For example, the water bottle holder is going to keep your water bottle upright and you won't need to worry about it spilling over inside of your bag.

Another advantage of choosing this product is the fact that they offer a wet pocket. This is a pretty common feature in gym bags, however, it is one that we think is necessary. Working hard means getting sweaty and keeping your soiled items away from your clean items can really help reduce smells and keep you ready for your next training session.

Consumers are also impressed with how comfortable the TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 is to carry. The shoulder strap has a padded area so it will sit comfortably even when you are carrying a large amount of gear. In addition, the other two handles have a padded velcro piece that wraps around them. So, no matter how you decide to carry this bag you will do it in Comfort.


One downfall that the TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 has is the fact that it's not breathable at all. Your wet items will not be able to dry out while inside of this bag. It will require you to empty it after every use so that everything has enough time to dry before you need it again. This can be a bit of an inconvenience, however, it's not a major disadvantage.

In relation to this downfall comes another one. Due to the fact that this item is not breathable, it's going to mean that you need to spend some extra money on deodorizing products. To be fair, these are relatively inexpensive but sometimes it can be a little hard to work extras into a tight budget.

Overall, customers are very pleased with the TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0. There are not any major complaints or concerns that we can see. The reviews are consistently good. So, taking these minor disadvantages and consideration is important, however, we don't believe that they should be deal breakers.


We feel like investing in the TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 is investing in a fantastic value. You are going to get excellent longevity of used because this brand pays attention to the details that matter the most. The people that are using this bag daily are very happy with his performance. We believe that you will be too.

We, obviously, need to think about the price of an item when trying to determine its value. The TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 is very affordable. Even if you're working with a fairly tight budget you should be able to work it in quite easily. We were honestly, surprised to see how fordable this option is because it is a high-quality option.

Bottom Line

The reason so many people trust Adidas is that their items are almost always better than the competition. They stay focused on using high-quality materials and sound designs. When you decide to invest with them we are certain you'll keep coming back for other options that they offer.

Your gear bag is a huge part of your training life. It can make or break an experience. So, finding one that is large enough and can easily fit all of your needs is important. The TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 is going to work exceptionally well for most people.

You won't be making a major investment and you will be getting excellent durability. Reliability is a big deal and this product will exceed your expectations. When it comes down to it we believe that investing in the TITLE Deluxe Gear Bag 2.0 is a good decision