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If you are looking for a pair of trunks that offer a roomier fit than most, the TITLE Edge Boxing Trunks may be the perfect choice for you. They offer a longer length that covers the knee. This may make you concerned over whether or not they will restrict your movement. You don't need to worry, this pair of trunks has slits on the sides of them to ensure you have a great range of motion while working on mixed martial arts disciplines like Muay Thai. Consumers have found that these trunks are not the most versatile but they do give you some range in opportunities to wear them. Whether working on your cardiovascular health or lifting weights, these shorts will be a good choice. Obviously, they will perform very well inside of the ring too. It has been noted by consumers that these trunks are a bit heavier than others. This makes them durable but it also makes them hot. Most people will be able to add them to their workout wardrobe with ease. TITLE Boxing is known for their reasonable prices and this product proves it to be true again. Overall, this is a decent pair of trunks that just about anyone can add to their collection easily. There are certainly higher quality trunks available on the market today, however, most people are quite happy with their purchase of this pair.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Adult & Youth Sizes Available
  • Nice Color Variety
  • Roomy Fit
  • Room For Protective Equipment
  • Slightly Longer
  • Decent Stretch
  • Durable Material
  • A Bit Heavy
  • Not Very Breathable
  • Possible Seam Durability Issues
  • Not As Versatile As Some


TITLE Boxing came to fruition twenty-one years ago. With their main focus being boxing they started to provide fighters with gloves, trunks, protective gear, and the equipment needed to give it their all. Fast forward from 1998 to 2007, what we see is the world of mixed martial arts exploding. Taking their strong background in one of the most popular fight sports, TITLE expanded their lines to include other high-impact sports. Today you can buy gear for a huge variety of activities. So, whether you are into boxing, cage fighting, mixed martial arts, wrestling, or you just like to try and stay fit, you will be able to find what you need to improve your performance and exceed your goals. With a huge variety of options, you will be able to find something to fit your particular needs and budget with ease. Overall, consumers are very happy with this brand and the products they offer.


The most common material used in boxing trunks is Polyester. These trunks, like most others, are made from 100% Polyester. The thing about this type of material is that the quality, weight, feel, and fit can vary drastically depending on the manufacturer. So here's the deal with these shorts. They use a fairly heavy Polyester with a nice shine to it. It is exceptionally durable and will handle being washed frequently beautifully. It is important to note that there have been reports from consumers concerning the durability of the seams. There are very few complaints about seams busting but it appears there is a chance of it. They do have a four-inch wide piece of elastic that is used for the waistband. In addition, there is a hidden drawstring which allows decent adjustability and a secure fit. This is a very common set of materials in terms of boxing trunks.


These trunks offer a roomier fit than many others, especially when comparing them to MMA shorts. They are a bit longer than most boxing trunks and fall at the bottom of the knee. They do have side slits to ensure you have a fairly decent range of motion. There are no complaints from the people wearing them about experiencing restricted movement. When wearing belly or groin protection, these shorts will still fit nicely. They offer ample room where you need it most to accommodate this type of protective equipment. The elastic waistband also helps ensure a great fit while wearing gear under your trunks. It is important to note that these trunks are a bit heavier than others in the same category. This may mean you need to cinch them tighter and this may lead to a bit of discomfort in the waist area. Overall, customers are saying the sizing runs a bit small but the fit, when you take your time in picking your size, is fantastic.


How well your trunks breath can play a major role in how comfortable you are while working at the gym, training with your coach, and during all of your fitness-related activities. Breathability also plays a role in keeping you healthy. By this we mean the cooler and dryer you are the less like you are to experience fungal infections like Jock Itch and skin break down. These shorts are not as light and airy as other options available to you. Due to their heavier nature, they won't breathe as well. They are also a bit longer than most. This will, obviously, make them hotter. So, if you are looking for a truly lightweight pair of boxing trunks you may want to check out a different pair like the Sanabul Essential Combat Shorts. Overall, Polyester does offer a bit of breathability depending on the weave and construction of the trunks. Most people will wear these comfortably, however, if you area pretty hot person to begin with another option may be better suited to you.


While there has been a dearth of reports stating that this product has seam durability issues, we feel it is important to note. There is a small possibility that these shorts are going to rip on you quickly. More often said is that the durability of these shorts is pretty decent. They are made of a good quality Polyester that is fairly heavy. This means that these trunks are going to stand up to your washer and dryer with ease. You won't have to worry about how hard you are training when you go with these as they will last with you. Most consumers are getting a couple of years worth of use out of them. When you look at the price that is fantastic. Overall, consumers seem to be very happy with the durability of the stitching and construction seen in these boxing shorts.


These shorts are styled like a traditional boxing trunk. They sport the large elastic waistband and a hidden drawstring that we expect to see in this type of apparel. You will notice a few differences in these shorts as compared to others in the same class. They are longer than most which mean they look a bit different. Many people prefer the look and feel of this feature. You will have a roomier fit that will make the style of them a bit baggier. The loose fitting nature of these shorts is not always found easily. The added length should not inhibit your range of motion too much as they do have slits in the sides to improve the flexibility of these shorts in this area. There is a good range of colors to choose from that will suit the needs of men as well as women. With ten different options, you are sure to find a few that you want to add to your weekly selection of gym clothes. They are shiny, however, they are not overly flashy like some other types of athletic shorts.


While these shorts offer some versatility in use, they are not as versatile as other options. The length of this product is what limits the use of them. They will transition nicely from your cardio routine, to sparring with your coach, and then on to a lifting session in the gym. Where you will find they don't perform quite as well in kick training and ground-work. The longer length and loose fitting design just don't seem to do as well in those types of situations. So, you will absolutely be able to comfortably wear these shorts for outdoor routines, as well as, indoor or home gym routines. They will stay in place quite nicely and give you a bit more coverage than many others. Overall, customers are pretty happy with the number of opportunities they are finding that they can wear these trunks.


One of the advantages that come along with choosing this pair of boxing trunks is the fact that you can find a pair to fit your entire family. They are available in adult sizes as well as sizes that are appropriate for your youth boxer. They are a bit heavier so they do provide excellent durability. They will wash and we're very nice for an exceptional length of time. You'll be getting a decent level of versatility when you choose shorts. Whether you find yourself working hard to meet your goals indoors or outdoors these trunks can meet your needs. They have a nice high waistband to keep them securely in place and you will be able to easily fit protective gear under them. The loose fit is very comfortable which is a major benefit during sweaty sessions in the gym.


You will be facing a couple of disadvantages when you decide to go with these trunks. Consumers have mentioned that they are heavier than other options they have tried out in the past. This could lead to a hot and sweaty routine. Another issue that adds to the overall heat of your routine is the fact that these shorts do not breathe very well. With reduced breathability, you may not be as comfortable in these shorts as you would others. It has been noted in a review from a consumer that these shorts busted at the seams fairly quickly. This does not appear to be a common problem with this product but it is something you should be aware of. The only other concern that we can see being labeled as a disadvantage is that these shorts while offering some versatility, are not as versatile as others.


Consumers feel as if these trunks are a very good value. The price tag that they carry is quite affordable. Pretty much every budget will be able to fit them in with ease. It is important to note that the youth sizes are slightly more affordable than adult sizes. The fact that these shorts offer good durability and a decent level of versatility plays a role in the overall value. It is important to look at all of the factors of a particular product when trying to figure out if it is something you should put your money into or not. If you are a boxer, fitness enthusiasts, or you are into martial arts these shorts can be the perfect choice to add to your weekly gym clothes. They do offer a bit more coverage and an exceptionally comfortable fit. When you put all of these facets together it is simple to see why so many people feel like they're getting a great value when they go with this option by TITLE Boxing.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a solid pair of trunks. They will not restrict your movement about the ring and they offer a bit more coverage to help keep you comfortable. They are plenty loose enough so that you can wear the protective gear that you need without worrying about being uncomfortable or your shorts not fitting well. The quality of these shorts is also pretty excellent. While there have been reports of a few issues, on the whole, customers are more than pleased with the performance and longevity of use that they get from these shorts. As previously noted, they are suited best for those of you that are interested in boxing, however, they can also be worn by a large variety of other fighters. We are certain that if you decide to invest in this great-looking pair of trunks you will not be disappointed.