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The TITLE Gel Contoured punch mitts are exceptionally well-regarded by not only the coaches wearing them but also the fighters training with them. They use a couple of different layers of padding to keep your hands, wrists, fingers, and shoulders feeling great. When your body takes less impact it can keep you in the game longer than before. TITLE has done an excellent job in developing this product. You can see it in the details like the seams, as well as, in the way they perform. You will be able to take devastating strikes and barely feel them at all. Obviously, this is a win for the people on both sides of these mitts.

There are several features about these mitts that you will impress just about everyone. They are exceptionally easy to adjust. Due to their great adjustability, it won't matter how big or small your hands are, you will be able to find a comfortable fit. In addition, you will be able to take them on and off quickly and easily. Taking care of them is also very easy. The contoured design gives a great target for striking. Some have mentioned that these are smaller than they expected, however, this is not really a bad thing. It will help your boxer or mixed martial artist become more accurate when striking. Overall, consumers are more than pleased with this item from TITLE Boxing.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Gel Reinforced Lining
  • Exceptionally Well-Rated
  • Simple Adjustments
  • Excellent Protection
  • Great Durability
  • Top Quality Materials
  • Good For All Skill Levels
  • Helps Improve Fighter Accuracy
  • Quite Expensive
  • Long Break-In Period
  • A Bit Heavy


TITLE Boxing has been providing fighters with the gear and equipment they need for just over twenty years. With their focus on boxing, this brand started producing some of the best items available on the market. The world of combat sports started to become more and more popular and mixed martial arts started to explode. When TITLE saw this happening, they knew that these fighters were going to need stellar options as well. They expanded their lines so they could provide the clothing, footwear, punching bags, and other training tools that fight-sport participants require. consumers are always impressed with the quality of items that come from this brand. Their products really are the best of the best. Whether you are a coach, fighter, or you are simply looking to switch up your training routine you can find everything you want and need from this brand. overall, you will pay a bit more money for their items but they are well worth it in the end.


You will be getting some of the best materials out there when you put your money into products from TITLE Boxing. As noted, they are known for using materials that are at the top of their perspective classes. the outer material is made from top quality genuine leather. It is a better quality genuine leather than other options out there. There is also a large piece of velcro attached to a strap that offers excellent adjustability. They use a thick layer of high-density foam padding that is part of the reason this product absorbs shock so well. There is also a layer of gel padding on the front and back of the pad to improve the shock absorbing power. There are also gel inserts strategically placed in the most prominent strike zones. This will keep you feeling better than ever. The materials chosen for this product are stellar.


Regardless of how big or small your hands are you'll be able to find a great fit with this item. Consumers have mentioned that easy adjustability is a big part of the reason they love the fit. The simple hook and loop style closure will allow you to loosen and tighten this item whenever you need to. You'll be able to make these options snug and secure on your hand. You will slide your hand into a glove-like spot that offers exceptional grip. Part of the reason the grip is so good is because of the half ball located where your palm will be. This is a feature we see in top quality options like this one. Keep in mind there are options out there that do not offer this feature and they will not fit nearly as well. The fact that you won't need to worry about these mitts sliding around or coming completely off is an advantage. Losing your mitts in the middle of a training session could lead you to sustaining injuries that can take you away from your fighters and your chosen fight sport for quite some time.


The level of breathability that you get while using this item is not the best out there. There are no mesh panels built into its design to help them breathe. There are holes cut into the knuckle area where you will put your hand that helps to improve airflow a bit. When you are wearing this item for a long period of time it is likely that your hands are going to become hot and sweaty. The interior of them is lined with leather so there is no real material to help wick moisture away from your hands. While this brand does an excellent job in the development of their products we believe they could do a little bit of tweaking in the breathability level that this item offers. Overall, there are not any major complaints regarding these being uncomfortable due to a lack of breathability. We do believe you should take this into consideration, especially, if hot hands are a burden for you.


This item provides an exceptional level of protection for not only the person wearing them also for the fighter. As noted, they have built gel packets into the heavy strike zones of this mitt. What this means is that when you strike an area with a gel pocket both people will feel less impact. As a coach, less impact means that your hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders will all feel better than ever. Reducing soreness and fatigue will help you train harder with your fighters. In regards to the fighter, the excellent impact absorption will keep every part of your body feeling better. As you work through training punches, kicks, elbows, and knees you won't take as much shock. This item also offers good wrist protection to the wearer. This is because of the contoured design and the length of this item. Your wrists are very susceptible to injury so the fact that this keeps them well protected is an obvious advantage.


We believe you'll be seriously impressed with the level of comfort you get while using this item. One of the major components in the comfort level of this item is its awesome adjustability. When you can tighten and loosen your gear to accommodate the fit and feel that you're looking for it is naturally going to lead to a higher level of comfort. This item is not the most breathable option so that may reduce your level of comfort if you're wearing these for long hours, however, there have not been any complaints from consumers regarding this. The curved design and palm grip also play their roles in making this a comfortable item to train with. They fit nicely in your hands and it feels very natural while holding them. Overall, regardless of the size of your hands, you should get a great level of comfort from this set of focus mitts.


You will be facing a heavier pair of mitts when you decide to go with this option. This is partially due to the exceptionally high-quality materials that are being used within it. In particular, the gel pockets and layer of padding are pretty heavy. When you are wearing protective gear it is important that you keep it light or you may experience fatigue more quickly. This can make lasting through a plethora of training sessions difficult. Consumers have noted that they find this option to be a bit heavy. It can also slow down your hands as your training with your fighter. This is not always a problem, however, if you have speed Striker it could lead you to sustain injuries or inhibiting their growth. Overall, this is not the lightest option and it should be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not this is the perfect item for you.


There are several advantages that come along with choosing this item. One of the first and most important is the level of protection that it gives you. Not only does it keep you very well protected but it will also help to seriously reduce the shock that your body is taking. This is also true for the fighter that you are working with. As noted, when you are taking less impact your body is going to feel much better. This is an obvious advantage. Another advantage in using this item is that it's going to last you an exceptionally long amount of time. This brand uses some of the best materials available and they spend a lot of time structuring and designing their items to truly stand up to the challenge. Training in the world of combat sports requires seriously tough items and this one won't let you down. One other advantage of this item is the awesome adjustability. The fact that no matter how big or small your hands are you'll be able to find a secure and comfortable fit is an advantage to everyone using this item.


There are a few downfalls that are associated with this item that should be considered for buying it. One of the most common things being complained about is in regards to the weight. These, as noted, are heavier than many other options that are available to you. This could increase the level of muscle fatigue that you experience. Going with lightweight options is important in maintaining the ability to train several sessions in a row. Another disadvantage that has been pointed out is the long break-in time. Some find this to be a disadvantage, however, we disagree. It will take longer before they truly mold to your hands but that is because of the exceptional durability of the materials. Once they are broken in they will stay this way for quite some time in the offer great longevity of use you simply need to be patient. The last disadvantage that should be considered is in terms of breathability. This is not the most critical feature of an item but you may want to think about it before deciding if you want to go with us option from TITLE.


Investing in this product is investing in an item we feel is a great value. We must admit that there are better options from this brand that offer the same level of protection but also have better breathability. With that being said, the gel inserts of this item do offer better shock absorption than many other items in the same category. The price tag that is associated with this item is quite a bit higher than others. You may have to do a bit of saving before calling it your own, however, it is likely you'll be very satisfied with your purchase. They will last you an exceptional amount of time which means the price becomes a bit more understandable. Overall, the people wearing these and training with them on a daily basis are very happy with the performance. Making an investment like this is a pretty serious one and the fact that almost everyone is truly satisfied with this item says a lot.

Bottom Line

People continue to put their trust in this brand and their products because it is very rare that you will find disappointment. This is a solid product that will offer great protection to not only you but also the fighters that you are training. It is quite versatile and will allow you to easily handle punches, as well as, kicks, elbows, and knees. Your body will feel better even after taking repeated blows, this is due to the fantastic shock absorption of the gel padding. As with most products from this brand you will get an item that will last for years to come. It truly can't handle consistent abuse from fighters of every skill level. Overall, if you decide to save up and call this item your own we do not believe that you will be disappointed. You will notice an improvement in the way you feel and your fighter will notice an improvement in their overall performance when consistently training with this tool.