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TITLE Gel World Gloves carry some of the most positive reviews of all the gloves we have reviewed. They offer great style and superior protection. The resistance to impact is amazing and will keep your hands feeling great. TITLE has also used a liner in this glove, that promotes comfort, dryness, and coolness for your hands. All of the materials used in this glove are of the utmost quality. From the outer shell to the inner liner you really can’t get much better. Regardless of if you are training on your heavy bag at home or in the gym with a sparring partner, these gloves will be a good fit. Speaking of fit, this is also an area that these gloves excel. They are adjustable and you will be able to handle them on your own. Simplicity is key and taking these on and off is exactly that, simple. These gloves are a  bit pricey but you won’t find many options that compare to their quality and longevity of use. TITLE is a brand that has been trusted by fighters for generations. This is due to the fact that they consistently produce some of the absolute best options available in today’s market.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Best Materials Available
  • Insanely Durable
  • Exceptionally Versatile
  • Trusted Brand
  • Help Keep Hands Cool
  • Superior Impact Absorption
  • Very Comfortable
  • Require Extra Care
  • Expensive


For twenty years, TITLE has been a leader in the world of boxing. With exceptional gear, they offer a wide variety of options for today’s fighter. Not only do they offer products to suit all of your boxing needs but about ten years ago they expanded their line to help out Mixed Martial Artists too. Whether you are a weekend boxing class participant or if fighting is life, they offer products to help you reach your goals. You can depend on this brand to help keep you, your trainer, and your sparring partner protected and using some of the best quality gear that is currently available. They continue to work on their product and use innovation to develop new lines that are, more often than not, superior.


This glove is padded with several layers of foam padding. It is exceptionally durable padding and can take years of abuse. This means that once you get these gloves broken in they will stay comfortable and continue to protect your hands for an exceptionally long time. The padding this brand uses is also stellar at absorbing shock and disbursing impact. What this means to you is that when you land a hard blow against your heavy bags you will feel it less. This will lead you to your hands and Joints feeling better than ever. This glove also includes a lining that is enforced with gel. This gel adds a bit of padding to the glove that feels great and also helps absorb impact. There are almost no negative reports in terms of the padding of this glove which is awesome when you start to read over reviews of other gloves.


The closure of this glove is adjustable. This will allow you to find a comfortable fit in the beginning, middle, and end of your training sessions. It's strapped with a hook and loop style closure that uses a D-ring. You will have a very secure closure when using this glove. This will allow you to rest easy knowing that they will stay in place during sparring, mitt work, and bag work. The glove uses a large swath of Velcro. It is top quality velcro which means it will stick to itself easily for a very long time. It is important to note if you notice any strings or debris building up in your velcro you will want to remove them to ensure you maintain a secure closure. If your gloves light off you may sustain unnecessary injuries.


These gloves offer a very high level of protection. All of the materials and the structure of this glove are built to keep your hands, fingers, wrists, and thumbs protected. The multi-layers of foam that are used are superior at absorbing and distributing impact. This means you will feel it less and continue to be able to work hard. The gel liner also helps in terms of protection. It will help to keep your hands cool and dry which will help you avoid raw areas and blisters on your hands. In addition, the outer shell is very durable and will help keep your hands safe for an extended period of time. It's important that you understand that while these gloves keep you protected they will also help keep your sparring partner safe. They offer to cushion to the blows that you will be landing.


Consumers are exceptionally satisfied with a fit of these gloves. They are adjustable around the rest which means you can make them fit comfortably very easily. Depending on the exercise you are participating in you may need to loosen or tighten your gloves and this one makes that simple to do. It offers a bit of room in the hand cavity but not so much that you have to worry about them sliding around. There have not been mentions of these gloves being overly tight. You will not have to worry about them pinching you and making you uncomfortable. These gloves may become a bit looser as you break them in but this does not typically lead to fit issues. It is also been mentioned that you will be able to use hand wraps underneath them easily if you choose to do so.


When you first wear these gloves you may not find them to be the most comfortable that you have ever worn. This is because they are going to be quite stiff. Stiff gloves will limit movement and some people find this to be uncomfortable. However, as you get them broken in you will be left with an exceptionally comfortable glove. This brand, as previously mentioned, uses a gel liner. This liner really enhances the overall comfort of this love. It will not only help keep your hands cool and dry it also feels very nice against your skin. The liner of a glove plays a huge role in how comfortable it is. Again, as you break it in you will find that these gloves are more comfortable than most others you have probably tried in the past.


The price tag that these gloves carry is pretty high. That is not at all surprising, considering what an exceptional quality they are. For some people, the cost of them will be out of reach. There are other, cheaper, options available to you when looking for a good pair of boxing gloves. However, they will not stand up to the test of time as well as these gloves well. If you are just beginning it may be advantageous to find a more affordable pair until you know if you are going to stick with boxing or not. On the other hand, if you are already invested in this impact sport then making the decision to invest in a great pair of gloves is probably a good idea. Over time you will save money because of the great durability these gloves offer. Overall, we feel they are a great value.


Many gloves available today are made of synthetic leather because it is fairly durable and it is much cheaper. These gloves, however, are not made of synthetic leather but actual genuine leather. Genuine leather is the most durable material that can be used in a boxing glove. It looks great and it feels great. Traditional gloves are made of real leather. This glove also uses foam and a gel liner, as previously mentioned. The multi-layers of foam are high-density which is what allows them to absorb impact so well. Other than these things the only other materials used are the piece of velcro that they use to keep them closed and the D-ring for the adjustable fit. All of the materials included are of the best quality available today.


Boxing gloves are not known for being breathable. While they do offer ventilation holes to try and cut down on sweat build up inside your gloves it does not always work so well. These gloves use a liner that helps wick moisture away from your skin. This will help your hand stay in better condition and help you avoid blisters and chafed areas. In terms of boxing gloves, these ones are fairly breathable. There are options available to you that use mesh Palms, which are much more breathable. This, however, does not lead to a glove that is as protective as this one. Consumers do not feel let down by the breathability of this glove and feel as if it is what they expected from a boxing glove.


This glove comes with a variety of uses. Due to the fact that you will be able to put them on and take them off by yourself, they will work very well for home use or gym use. They offer enough protection that you can use them with your heavy bag training or speed bag training. In addition, they are well-suited when sparring or working with your trainer. Some people even use these gloves for Fitness classes. It is important to note that because your fingers will have restricted movement these gloves will not transition well to MMA style gloves. We say this because in those Styles you, typically, practice grappling. Grappling practice will be exceptionally difficult if you are unable to move your fingers freely.


The weight of these gloves is a bit different than others you may have experienced in the past. They offer sizes youth, small/medium, large/extra large, and another large/extra large. The weights vary and coincide with the sizes. They are six to eight ounce, ten to twelve ounce, fourteen ounces, and sixteen to eighteen ounce. The weight of your glove will be based on your body weight. Typically, under a hundred pounds are considered youth sizes and run about eight ounces. A small/medium is going to be for those of you up to one hundred and fifty pounds. If you are between one hundred and fifty-one and one hundred and seventy-five pounds you will want to go with the fourteen ounces large/extra large. Lastly, if over one hundred and seventy-five pounds you will want the sixteen to eighteen-ounce gloves.


The quality of these gloves is outstanding. they're made from tremendously high-quality leather. This makes them insanely durable and over the course of time help to make the price completely acceptable. Not only as the outer shell high-quality everything inside of it is also the best you could ask for. From superior foam to a great liner this glove is built to please. This brand pays attention to the fine details. A ton of gloves available to you today suffer from some major stitching issues. That will not be seen here. When you purchase these gloves you will not have to worry about receiving something that does not meet your expectations. In fact, we believe that these will exceed your expectations in terms of quality. Consumers agree that they are more than satisfied with the quality of these gloves.


Taking care of genuine leather is not nearly as simple as taking care of synthetic leather. With synthetic leathers, you can simply wipe them down with a variety of cleaners. You absolutely do not want to do this with real leather gloves. Genuine leather requires special cleaners and conditioners. You will have to invest a bit more time but what you get in return is a great feeling glove that will last you for years to come. Leather is, hands down, the best option when looking for longevity of use. It will not break down the way that synthetic leather does. Nor will you have to worry about it peeling and flaking away. Overall, most fighters don't mind putting in a bit of extra time to ensure that their favorite gloves last as long as possible.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it these are an exceptional pair of boxing gloves. They offer versatile use and a great fit. They are adjustable so they will continue to stay comfortable regardless of what you need at any certain moment. Not every budget will be able to work them in as they are quite expensive. For those of you that are just beginning you may want to make sure boxing is for you before you invest this kind of money. If you are fully vested in this hard-hitting sport and you have the money to spare, this glove is a great choice. You will gain superior protection and improved comfort. Consumers are very satisfied with their purchase when they go with us glove and we feel that you will be too.