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The TITLE Innovate boxing shoes are a mid-height boxing shoe that will help to improve your footwork and keep you moving with ease. When inside the ring, if you are wearing these shoes, you will likely notice improved speed and agility. This is because of the excellent traction they provide. The comfort level these provide is also great. There are a plethora of features to promote comfort levels. Whether this is the start of your journey into boxing or you have been doing it for years, wearing the correct shoes in the ring are imperative. The construction of this option offers you the stability you need to put true power behind your punches. Customers are thrilled about the improved pivot they get while wearing these. Working towards becoming the best boxer you can be, requires exceptional gear and true dedication. TITLE is known for providing fighters exactly that. This option also comes with a mesh carrying bag so you will have a place to store them to dry while not in use. Regardless of if you are training for a competition or you take a few classes for fitness, these shoes will keep you moving. Your feet will feel great during all of your long and grueling training sessions. Overall, customers are very happy with these boxing shoes and feel they are an excellent investment.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Design
  • Very Breathable
  • Exceptionally Affordable
  • Great Traction
  • Free Storage Bag
  • Good Support
  • Excellent Arch Support
  • Outsole Wears Easily
  • Trim Quality


For more than twenty years, fighters have trusted this brand to provide them with high-quality options that will help keep them safe and comfortable during training and competitions. They make gloves, bags, rings, clothing, protective gear, and more to fit all of the needs of boxers. This brand was geared towards boxers only for quite some time but the growing popularity in mixed martial arts has brought TITLE Boxing to expanding all of their lines to include these disciplines. So, no matter what combat sports training you are into, you will be able to get the gear and equipment you need to improve your performance and style. They offer a great variety of options and prices to work into most budgets easily. Overall, TITLE is a brand built for fighters and their requirements. Trusting this brand is a safe bet that you will get products that exceed your expectations in performance, style, and quality.


With many boxing boots, there is no sort of insole inside of it. This is due to the fact that the last material between your feet and the ring the better. With better feel comes better footwork. The problem with this is that many people will experience foot pain from a lack of support and cushioning. This option is a bit better than the rest. It offers a midsole that is built to help keep your feet comfortable. Your arches will be supported and it will provide a decent amount of shock absorption. There is also a bit of padding in the heel of the shoe. This is another common area that people feel pain and need a little extra impact absorption. Overall, consumers are very happy with the way the interior of this boot is set up.


When you go with these boxing boots you'll be getting a pair that offers great grip. This is due to the fact that they use a full rubber outsole. The use of rubber is common and it is fantastic for an outsole material. Rubber is exceptionally durable and it helps to ensure that your feet stay planted firmly. It is important to note that depending on the surface you use these on, the outsole may wear down quickly. The material of your outsole plays a role in your technique. The way that you pivot can be greatly enhanced or detrimental, depending on the outsole of your boxing shoes. A lot of the power that is in your punches come from the way that you pivot your feet. So, the fact that these will give you excellent grip and improve your pivoting means your overall performance will be enhanced. They also use a good tread pattern for moving around on the canvas.


The exact weight of these boots is not listed. Although, it is easy to surmise by the customer reviews that this is a very lightweight option. We would guess that you are looking at less than 2 lb for the pair. Consumers have consistently noted that these are lightweight and may even feel as if wearing them is like wearing no shoes at all. When you wear boxing boots that are extremely light you may notice a reduction in leg fatigue. Obviously, this will allow you to work harder and longer which in turn improves your overall performance inside the ring. There is no mention of these boots being bulky or cumbersome. In fact, quite the opposite, people find them to be low profile and sleek in design.


TITLE Uses a really good mix of materials when they put this boot together. The bottom, as previously mentioned is made of a polyurethane rubber that is not only durable but also quite comfortable. The upper is made of synthetic leather overlays and a nylon mesh. These two materials are reinforced in the areas where you will typically find splitting seams or deterioration. They also include a standard shoelace. when wearing this option you will also have some padding throughout it in the areas that you needed the most. For example, in the tongue, and in the heel. This gives better structure to the boot and enhances other aspects as well. Overall, these are solid picks in material and customers are happy with them.


The fit of these boots will become better with time. It has been noted by customers that they are very snug to fit. due to the materials that they are made of, with continued where you will break them in and it will improve the overall fit. The padded areas in this boxing boot to do help it to keep its structure and form but they make them a bit stiff in the beginning. This is not the most flexible shoe available. People are very happy with the fit around the top and the fact that they can adjust the laces to find the perfect tightness. They appear to run true to size which is great if you decide to give them a try. If you have exceptionally wide feet you may have discomfort when wearing these because of the snug fit.


For the most part, this is a very durable option. It has been noted by customers that there are some durability issues with the synthetic leather that trims These Boots. It is not of the highest quality and deteriorates quickly. Even though the seams are reinforced customers have still had issues with seams breaking. This does not seem to be exceptionally common but it does happen. Another issue with durability has to do with the outsole. While rubber is an excellent outsole material and the last quite some time you'll need to be careful where you are wearing these. If used on a surface that is not a boxing ring or mat you made where the souls down quickly. This can lead to decreased traction and grip. Overall, they are decently durable and will give you a good amount of time using them before needing to replace them.


If you decide to go with this product you'll be getting one of the more average quality products from this brand. there are more affordable than many others and, honestly, this can be seen in the quality of this boxing boots. They are by no means of poor quality but they are also not top-of-the-line. The materials used in them are very good and the structure is sound. The problems with quality lying the thickness of the soul and in the synthetic leather that is being used to put these boots together. There are no complaints about the quality of this boxing boot but some feel that investing more maybe the smarter way to go. If you are serious about boxing or other fight sports and plan on using your boxing boots frequently you may want to look for something of a higher quality than this option.


When wearing this boot you will be exceptionally comfortable. In the beginning, before they are broken in they may not be the most comfortable option. however, once broken in people really fall in love with these boots. The materials are flexible and form to your feet quite wow. You will actually get some support throughout the arch and heel of your foot because of the way the insole is built. In addition, the outsole is thin yet structured in a way that it will absorb shock fairly easily. You'll be able to wear these boots for long hours in and outside of the ring with ease. In general, consumers are exceptionally pleased with the comfort level that they get when wearing these boots for all of their boxing training needs.


This is one of the more breathable options in boxing boots that are currently available. The construction of this boot is such that the upper is mainly made of nylon mesh. This is, obviously, breathable. It will help improve the airflow to all areas of your feet which in turn helps to keep them cool and dry. Keeping your feet dry is important for a large variety of reasons some of which include your comfort and foot health. Avoiding things like blisters and raw rubbed areas is important if you're someone that likes to train on a daily basis. So, if you are trying to avoid wet and sweaty feet this is a great option to ensure that you get the airflow that is necessary to keep your feet comfortable.


These boxing boots provide a decent level of support. There are different areas of a boxing boot that support different areas of your feet and ankles. Oftentimes, boxing boots are missing any sort of arch support which can lead to some seriously uncomfortable feet. That is not the case with this option. They have done an excellent job at providing the wherewithal arch support inside of this boot without the need of adding extra insoles. In addition, they offer decent ankle support. The structure of this boot helps to provide that however, the material used has more give to it so it may not support your ankle as well as a full leather boot. So, with that being said, if you have weak ankles or have sustained ankle injuries you may not get the level of support you need with this item. If that is not the case for you, these will give you a bit of support through the ankle and a good amount through the arch.


These boots are an extremely good value, in terms of price. They are very affordable when you compare them to other options that are available to you most bank accounts will be able to absorb this product fairly easily and without any saving required. When we look at the issues that this boot has with things like durability it is understandable because of the price point it carries. Overall, customers feel as if this product is an exceptionally good value. That is because they get a lot of positive aspects and use out of them for a minimal price. When you need a decent boot for a lower-cost this option by TITLE is a good one. There are higher quality options available through this brand and others but they will cost you exponentially more.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, if you need a decent pair of boxing shoes that are comfortable and will improve your footwork in the ring, these are a good option. They are not the most durable Choice available to you but they will last quite some time. This obviously depends on how frequently you are using them and the surface you are using them on. The minimal investment it takes to buy these is, obviously, and aspect the customers can appreciate. They look good and they feel good. You will have an exceptionally lightweight pair of boots that, given time, will fit great. Spending your day's training can lead to sore muscles and joints, put that worry to bed when you go with this item. We feel if you need a quick and affordable solution, this is a safe bet.