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The TITLE MMA Anatomical kick pads offer an excellent grip to the trainer that is holding them. There are a few different features that ensure you experience a great level of comfort combined with a good level of protection. The grip is reinforced to ensure that you have a solid place to hold on to. They also use a foam wedge to support your elbow and take away the negative space that is typically there. You will notice that it stays firmly against your arm throughout your entire training session. In addition, you will be able to work with your fighters for hours comfortably.

This set of training guards offers ample striking surface. It offers a curved design that will give your fighter a great target for striking. This can help to improve their strength, as well as, their accuracy. Not only will this product help to improve your fighters performance it will also help keep you well protected. When you are working with advanced fighters you need something that can take a wildly heavy blow. This item will be able to stand up to the challenge. Some people find them to be a bit bulky, however, they do offer the protection that you have been looking for. Overall, fighters, trainers, and sparring partners are happy with the performance, fit, and feel of this set of guards.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Solid Grip
  • Anatomical Design
  • Easily Handles Punches & kicks
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent Sweet Spot
  • Durable Construction
  • Stays Flush
  • Pricey
  • Bulky
  • Heavier Than Some


Twenty years ago the TITLE Boxing brand came to fruition. They started out focused on the world of boxing. As the world of mixed martial arts started blowing up, they decided to expand their lines to encompass all fight sports. Regardless of if you are a fighter, sport, or random participant you will need a variety of different items to perform your best. This brand has it all and there are several options in every category. You will be able to easily find items to fit your budget, wants, and needs. Whether you are in search of gloves, bags, wraps, shin guards, or other pieces of equipment and gear, TITLE has an option for you. It is important to note that their most affordable pieces do not always offer the best durability, however, overall they offer solid options in just about every category. People are very happy with the performance that the items from this brand offers.


This brand has done a good job of choosing materials that will stand up to the hardest-hitting athletes. The outer material is made from genuine leather. This is one of the most durable outdoor materials that you could ask for. It is going to truly stand up to any and all blows that your fighter can throw at it. They use a thick layer of high-impact foam that will help to keep the trainer or sparring partner protected. It absorbs a great deal of impact and will keep you comfortable even if you're using it all day long. The fit and design are also pretty fantastic. They offer a fairly large grip handle at the top to ensure that you can find a solid hand hold. They have also worked in a couple of straps to go around your arm. This product is anatomically designed so it'll sit the way that it is supposed to and keep you quite comfortable. It is easy to secure and will stay in place rather nicely.


The set of pads will give you a very good level of protection. They use a thick piece of foam that is not only going to absorb impact but also dispersed it which will help to keep you feeling great even when you were working with fighters of all different levels throughout the day. The anatomical design of this product also plays a role in keeping you protected. It is designed to sit comfortably with a curve of your arm to ensure that every area is covered during striking sessions. You won't have to worry about it sliding around or losing your grip and it falling off completely. Obviously, these things need to be avoided to ensure that you don't sustain any injuries wow proceeding through a variety of routines. The padding of this item will hold up very well which means you'll be able to rely on it for a good amount of time. Overall everyone using these pads are very happy with the level of protection they are getting while using them.

Closure & Grip

The closure of this item is designed to give you a good level of comfort. In addition, it is going to be secure and easy to hold onto. As noted, there is a reinforced handle at the top that will give you an excellent grip. There is also too large velcro straps that will go over your arm to help keep this item in place. You will want to keep an eye on the velcro to ensure that it stays free of debris. This will make sure that it offers the best level of sticking potential possible for as long as possible. As noted, there is a wedge of foam where your elbow sits. This is going to help keep your arm securely and its place and help this item not shift around while it is in use. It does offer a good level of adjustability so that people of all sizes will be able to wear this with ease. Overall, people are very happy with how easy it is to adjust this item and how secure the closing system is.


Holding onto a set of pads for long hours can be quite a burden. You'll notice that over time your muscles fatigue and it can take longer between sessions before you're ready to go again. People find this product to be quite comfortable to use. They have built in a variety of features to ensure that you continue to feel great regardless of if you are in your first training session of the day or your last. They have wind where your skin is touching with a moisture wicking material that will keep you cooler and more comfortable. In addition, they have built-in features like thicker straps to make sure that you are feeling your best. Even aspects like the extra piece of foam will play a role in keeping you comfortable while using this product. Some people have noticed that they feel these are a bit large, however, this does give a better level of protection. One other aspect that will play a role in keeping you comfortable is the grip bar. It is going to fit into most people's hands nicely and is an aspect people are giving positive reviews about.


These pads are a bit larger than other options that are currently available to you. This has led to some consumers feeling as if they are a bit bulky and cumbersome to use. However, most people are truly happy with the size, structure, and design of this piece of training equipment. The measurements are fifteen inches by five inches. These pads are seven inches thick which is what provides such a great level of protection. So, as you can see these are not tiny pads. You will have ample striking surface for your fighter to practice with. It is important to note that most find that this option offers a great strike zone because of its size and curvature. Whether you are working with someone who is just starting out and throwing wild punches or you are working with somebody that has excellent accuracy this product will do a great job in helping improve their performance. The size of this product is an advantage and most people are quite happy with it.


Keeping the training equipment you were using light is imperative in allowing you to work through long hours. This product comes in weighing at 3 lbs for the pair. Overall, this is not very heavy and should not totally drag you down. You may notice that while using this product your muscles do fatigue a bit more quickly. You could also be looking at longer recovery times. However, most people are exceptionally satisfied with the weight of this item. They are fairly light yet they will hold up to the constant abuse that they will be taking. Obviously, it's a major advantage to keep your gear is lightweight as possible. So, there are options out there that are lighter but be aware that there are many that are heavier as well. All of the materials used in this product are exceptionally high-quality and therefore will weigh a bit more. With great protection and longevity of use, most people can get over the fact that these weigh slightly more than others available to you.


There are two aspects of this product that are truly advantageous to the person holding them. The curved design is the first one. This will fit in nicely against your arm and keep you more comfortable throughout your entire day. Obviously, when you are comfortable you're going to be able to stay more focused and help your fighters learn even more. In addition to this, is a major advantage that they use a wedge of foam at the elbow. This is going to help keep this item flush with your arm and keep you and your fighter better protected. This item is also made from insanely durable materials. Even when you are taking consistent heavy blows you won't have to worry about it bursting at the seams or leaving you injured. This product also offers a good level of adjustability. This means that a variety of different people will be able to use the same pads. This can save time and money whether you are working in your home gym or at your local fitness hangout.


As with all items, unfortunately, there are few negative aspects that need to be discussed and concerns to this product. The first has to do with the fact that several people have mentioned that they find this item to be bulky. This can make them a bit cumbersome to work with. However, keep in mind they will give you a great level of protection so most people can understand why they are bulky. Another aspect that is a bit less than stellar is the fact that these do weigh a bit more than other options. You may notice some added muscle fatigue while using them and this can truly start to slow you down over the course of time. These are truly the only two negative things we could find in regards to this item. Overall, truly happy with the fit, feel, and performance that they are receiving from this item. There may be other aspects that you are not truly thrilled with, however, people are truly saying great things about this product.


This option from TITLE Boxing is a very good value. Not only do we feel this way but so do the people using them. The cost that is associated with them is a bit pricey. You may find that you need to spend some time saving up money before you can call them your own. Once you do, however, we believe you'll be truly satisfied. You will get exceptional longevity of use out of this item. This is due to the fact that it is made of high-quality materials that are made to withstand a serious beating. When you are going to invest in boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts gear and equipment oftentimes, you get what you pay for. So, by making a slightly larger investment you can end up getting a much better bang for your buck. This product is proof of that. If you decide to give this product to try we are confident that you'll be more than satisfied with it each and every time you decide to use it during a training session.

Bottom Line

When you are on the hunt for great training tools that will keep you and your fighter well-protected looking towards this brand is typically a safe bet. This option offers great durability and materials that will withstand the test of time. You won't have to worry about a devastating blow making these pads burst at the seams. That simply will not happen. You also find that you have an exceptionally comfortable grip and fit. This is due to the fact that TITLE pays attention to the fine details. From the way the grip bar is to the level of adjustability with the velcro straps, you should be truly happy with how this feels while you're using it. There are a few disadvantages that you'll want to take into consideration, however, we don't really feel that their major disadvantages or should impact your decision in a major negative way. Overall this is a solid choice in kick pads that will help your fighter to become their very best.