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The TITLE MMA Freestyle grappling dummy offer a huge variety of training uses. You will not only be able to work on throws, but also on takedowns, strikes, submission maneuvers, and so much more. It's nice to be able to use one training tool for so many different activities. In the long run, this item can save you time and money.

When you are training in combat sports like Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and other mixed martial arts a grappling dummy is necessary. You will find that pretty much every area of your performance improves. In addition, it is a more realistic type of training. This makes what happens in actual sparring sessions and competition less surprising.

Not all brands offer much in the way of size and weight options. This dummy, however, comes in several different varieties. This will make finding the perfect match for you easy. Obviously, training with a dummy will never be the same as with a person, but it can be a great benefit to many.

You will get excellent longevity of use when you pick this option by TITLE Boxing. With that being said, it does take some time to get it broken in. You will find that the arms and legs are very stiff in the beginning. This can make working on some maneuvers quite difficult. Given some time it will loosen up and become easier to train with.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Several Size & Weight Options
  • Comes Pre-Filled
  • Insanely Durable Outer Material
  • Exceptionally Versatile
  • Simple To Care For
  • Great For All Skill Levels
  • More Affordable Than Many
  • Long Break-In Period
  • Stiff Limbs


In the beginning, TITLE Boxing only focused on boxers. This makes sense when you think about their company name. However, over the last twenty or so years, they have expanded their lines. They have done this because fight sports, in general, have truly gained in popularity and they wanted to offer stellar options to all types of fighters.

Regardless of if you are a coach, fighter, or someone who only dabbles in boxing or mixed martial arts, they have a variety of items that will fit into your routine very well. Whether you are looking for punch mitts, shin guards, trunks, gloves, punching bags, or different pieces of equipment and gear it can all be found here. The TITLE brand truly has you covered.

Consumers are more than pleased with this company. They offer high-quality options that will suit all of your wants and needs. Their prices do tend to be a bit higher, however, you can find some great deals with a bit of looking around.


There is not a huge variety of materials used in grappling dummies. That is easily seen when you start to look at all of the different options out there. However, this does not mean that they are all created equal even though many of them use the same materials.

The TITLE MMA Freestyle is created a bit better than others. The outer material is made from synthetic leather. Many other options are made from vinyl or nylon. Synthetic leather is going to hold up better and longer than everything other than genuine leather.

This item comes pre-filled. The exact filler items are not listed. However, with the weight options that are available, we feel that it is safe to assume it is filled with a combination of materials. You are likely looking at a mixture of sand and shredded fabric.


This brand is known for producing exceptionally high-quality items. It is easily seen when you first take a look at this grappling dummy. From the stitching to the shape they have really hit the nail on the head.

All of the materials used in this product are also very good quality. They are built to last. This is obviously, very important due to the high-impact nature of training in mixed martial arts. When you train hard at home or in the local gym quality is key.

Putting your trust in a brand to offer high-quality options can be difficult nowadays. Knowing that this brand consistently offers some of the best quality products available helps to set your mind at ease. Consumers are not only pleased with the quality but also with customer service. If you run into any quality issues simply contact them and they will do their very best to make it right.


We were pleasantly surprised to see that there are four different sizes available of the TITLE MMA Freestyle. Many Brands only offer one or maybe two. It is important to note that all of these are fairly large and may not work very well for youth fighters. Adults will have more success when using this dummy.

The two smaller sizes are going to suit quite a few different people. The smallest option comes in at a height of just under five and a half feet. The next size up is not that much taller. It comes in at a height of just over five and a half feet. The true difference between these two items is the weight.

There are also two larger options that should work well for you folks that are taller. There is an option that is 6 foot tall. This is probably one of the most popular. The largest option has a height of just under six and a half feet tall. It will be too large for many but for some, it will be the perfect fit.


As you can probably guess, due to the fact that there are four different size options available there are also four different weights. Each dummy has a different weight that can help to satisfy a variety of users. It is important to know that even the lightest option is probably too heavy for most you fighters.

The lightest option weighs in at 70 pounds. Keep in mind that this is 70 lb of dead weight. That is going to make it seem heavier than working with a human that is 70 lbs. The next option up weighs in at 90 pounds. This is the preferred weight for most users.

The two larger sizes, obviously, come in at heavier weights. The 6-foot variety weighs in at one hundred and twenty pounds. It is going to be quite a challenge to handle. In addition, it can really help to improve your strength.

The heaviest option comes in at a whopping one hundred and forty pounds. This grappling dummy is a beast. It will be a lot to handle. For extra large fighters that are very strong, this may be the dummy you have been searching for.


If maintaining a simple care routine is important to you, you will love this item. Maintaining it between uses is barely an inconvenience. You won't have to worry about using a special type of cleaner when you decide to go with this product.

Synthetic leather is not only exceptionally durable but it can be cleaned with just about anything. Whether you prefer to use soap and water or a disinfecting spray it will handle it all. You will simply need to wipe it down between uses and it will be ready to go during your next session.

Consumers love the fact that maintaining this product is so easy. You will get excellent longevity of use and it will continue to look great even after daily abuse. You won't be adding a bunch of time to your care routine when you decide to add this piece of equipment to your home gym.


Other than quality, durability is probably one of the most important aspects of combat sports related training equipment. The TITLE MMA Freestyle is going to hold up exceptionally well. You won't have to worry about daily use turning it into an unusable piece of equipment that needs to be replaced. Obviously, this is crucial since making the investment into a grappling dummy is not a small one.

One of the key components in this item's excellent durability is the outer material. Synthetic leather is a great choice. It is not going to shred or deteriorate over the course of time. It truly is a nice choice of outer materials.

Another place that is typical, a problem with this type of equipment is the seams. They are known to burst with frequent use. This brand has paid attention to this fine detail. To combat it they have reinforced all of the stitching so that you won't need to worry about it coming undone.


One of the biggest advantages in choosing this item over others is the fact that they are actually a realistic size. Not only that, they are realistic shape, as well. Many grappling dummies don't offer arms and legs that mimic a real person. So, this item is going to better prepare you for actual sparring sessions and competitions.

Another advantage in choosing this product as opposed to others is the fact that it comes pre-filled. Adding your own stuffing to a dummy can be very time-consuming and frustrating. In addition, it can make you wait several days before being able to use it if you don't get it filled right away. With this option, you will be able to start training right away.

Consumers are also very impressed with the options that are available. You will be able to not only find the perfect size but an appropriate weight for your training routine. These dummies offer great versatility. You should be able to fit it into your training routine exceptionally simply.


The disadvantages associated with a product always need to be discussed and considered prior to purchase. This can help ensure that you make the perfect choice for your specific needs and routine. The disadvantage is associated with this product are minimal. In fact, it was pretty hard to find them.

It has been mentioned by the fighters training with this dummy that it is very stiff. This can make practicing different submission moves, like armbars, pretty difficult. It is important to note that over the course of time it will loosen up. This will make it easier to train with this dummy during all activities.

The other disadvantage goes hand-in-hand with the one previously listed. Consumers have noted that the break-in time for this product is pretty long. You will have to put it through quite a lot of abuse before it starts to loosen up.


When you decide to go with this item you'll be investing in an exceptional value. This product is going to hold up much better than many others in the same category. In addition, it's not going to cost you as much money as lesser quality options.

We were surprised to see how affordable it actually is. That does not mean that it is cheap. You will still be making a fairly large investment if you want to call this item your own. The difference is, you are getting better materials and a higher quality item when you decide to go with this option.

Participating in grueling training sessions requires gear that is going to stand up to the challenge. It can be difficult to lock down the exact value of an item as it is subjective. We believe that this item is going to fit into all routines seamlessly. You really will be getting a great bang for your buck.

Bottom Line

We feel like the TITLE MMA Freestyle is one of the better options available in the world of grappling dummies. Not only are the materials better but the longevity of use is, as well. This item is going to handle a daily beating better than most others. Obviously, equipment that is going to withstand the nature of mixed martial arts is critical to your training and your budget.

You will be making a decent investment when you decide to call this item your own. However, you won't be spending as much as you would with other options. This means you won't have to save up as long and you'll be able to get to work with it more quickly.

We feel that the advantages associated with the TITLE MMA Freestyle grappling dummy far outweighs the disadvantages. In fact, the disadvantages really do work in your favor in terms of how long you're going to be able to train with this option. It overall, customers are very pleased with the style, performance, and versatility that this option has to offer.