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The TITLE Platinum Body Protector is stellar when working with a fighter on body shots. Whether you are training with a partner in boxing, Taekwondo, Karate, or other mixed martial arts, keeping yourself protected during sparring is imperative. This item will seriously help. Constructed with quality materials, it will handle the most devastating of blows. It has been noted by consumers that this product will stand up to heavy strikes. This includes not only punches but kicks as well. It is so good at absorbing impact you will barely feel it. You absolutely won't have to worry about sustaining injuries. It provides full-coverage protection. From your chest to your hips you will be well-covered. We all want excellent longevity of use out of our equipment and gear. This can seem hard to find considering the nature of fight sports. However, this brand and their products always have you covered. When you want the best of the best in fighting equipment and gear, TITLE is a brand you should always look towards. This body protector is well-regarded among its users. It offers excellent durability, adjustability, comfort, and protection. What more could we ask for in a piece of equipment like this one? Overall, you will have a solid piece of gear that will last you for years to come. Not only that, you will feel better than ever after intense training sessions with your best fighters or sparring partners.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Affordable
  • Exceptionally Lightweight
  • Durable Materials & Design
  • Breaks-In Quickly
  • Stellar Impact Absorption
  • Simple Care Routine
  • Trusted Brand
  • Solid Construction
  • Bulky
  • Difficult to Adjust
  • May Require On/Off Help


Just over twenty years ago, TITLE Boxing came to fruition. Focusing on boxers, in the beginning, this brand decided to do things better than the competition. As the world of fight sports grew, so did this brand. About ten years ago they saw the world of mixed martial arts taking the world by storm. They expanded their lines to encompass all fighters whether they are into boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, or other mixed martial arts. Regardless of if you are looking for clothing, boxing gloves, punching bags, protective equipment, or other fight-related items this brand is sure to have a quality option for you. They strive to help fighters become their best. Whether you want to improve in your discipline or simply become for physically fit it will require stellar equipment to keep you comfortable and well-protected. Trusting this brand to provide you with these items is a win for sure. You won't find better options out there and can trust that TITLE will always have an option to suit your needs.


The outside material of this piece of protective equipment is made from PVC Nylon. This is a blend of these two materials. It offers fantastic durability. When you are taking a serious beating, this item will hold up no problem. Not only will it hold up well, but it is also exceptionally easy to care for. The interior lining is made from fabric. They use a fabric that is excellent at wicking moisture away from your skin which will, in turn, help you stay dryer and more comfortable throughout all of your training sessions. The strapping system is made of nylon and the buckles are made of plastic. Nylon is exceptionally durable and will give you great longevity of use. The plastic buckles are secure but may be susceptible to breaking if they were to take a hit. It's important to know that they are located at the back of you so they shouldn't be being struck but you will want to be careful of this. The padding that is used inside of the shell is made up of several different layers. It comes in at nearly 3 inches thick. It is cell foam padding. Cell foam padding is better at absorbing shock than many other options. In fact, with this type of protection, you are going to feel very little, in terms of impact, after being struck. With a brand like TITLE, you know you are getting the highest quality materials available and it shows.


This product is going to provide you with ample protection. Not only does it give you excellent coverage it is also designed to take a heavy impact. Whether you are practicing with a fighter on their punches or their kicks your chest, abdomen, and sides will be very well protected. As noted, cell foam padding does an excellent job of absorbing and disbursing shock. Regardless of if you are working with a youth fighter or someone at the professional level this product will be able to handle their punches and kicks. It has been noted from consumers many times that you barely feel it when you take a blow. Obviously, this is because of the excellent protection of this product provides. You won't have to worry about it shifting around while you wear it and leaving you open to injuries. It has a secure fit that will keep you protected throughout your entire session.


The closure system of this product consists of three different straps. Each strap has its own click-in-place buckle. Two of them cross between the shoulders and then one goes around your back. They are all adjustable. Some consumers have mentioned how much they love the easy on and off design that this closure system offers. Things can move very quickly in the gym and spending a lot of time fussing with your gear can inhibit training sessions. So, as you can see, using a simple closure like this one makes it easy and convenient for everyone involved. It is important to note that consumers have said they are impressed with the stitching where the straps attached. This can be a common area of problem for items in this category. Due to the pressure in this area, if the stitching is faulty, your straps could become undone. This can not only leave you open to injury but it can also make your equipment unusable.


The level of adjustability that you get with this item is excellent. Each strap has the ability to be adjusted individually. It is important to note that the straps are not as long with this item as they are with others. However, they are plenty long enough to offer a very good amount of adjustment. Consumers have mentioned that making adjustments has a little bit difficult. This is especially true if you are wearing the equipment while trying to tighten it. You may want to have the fighter you are working with help you. The ability to adjust each strap will give you a seriously personalized fit. You won't have to worry about the strap sliding out of place or loosening while you are wearing this product. Overall, we, as well as customers, are impressed with the adjustability that this product offers.


Wearing a variety of protective gear can become exceptionally uncomfortable very quickly. When you are wearing mitts, chest protection, leg protection, and possibly other pieces it can weigh you down and make you insanely hot. This item will help ease the burden a bit. It is extremely lightweight. Some do find it to be a bit bulky, however, it should not inhibit your movement too much. Adjustability in the strapping system also plays a role in the overall comfort that this product provides. There are areas of extra padding in the shoulders. This is a major purpose component of the excellent comfort level that you get with this item. Another factor that plays its part in this is the sweat-wicking material that it is lined with. When you have less moisture on your body, you will, obviously, be more comfortable. Overall, consumers are satisfied with the level of comfort that they get with this item.


The outer PVC and synthetic leather material that this product is made of are exceptionally simple to care for. If you prefer to use soap and water that will work just fine. Likewise, you can use a variety of different disinfecting sprays or cleaners. This material will hold up to just about anything. You won't want to use harsh chemicals on the inside liner of this product to avoid causing any detriment to it. For the most part, it can also be cleaned with pretty much anything. You will want to always ensure that your gear has time to fully dry before you put it back on. This will help you avoid unpleasant odors, as well as, issues with bacterial build-up. The rest of this item really requires very little care. You will find that taking care of this item is barely an inconvenience and it takes no time at all. With minimal effort you'll be laughed with a good-looking, great smelling, durable piece of equipment that you can use time and again.


One of the biggest advantages to this product, in particular, is the fact that it is insanely lightweight. When you add a bunch of gear to your sparring session it can not only slow you down but heat you up. This product is lightweight and will ensure a great level of comfort. You also get phenomenal protection while wearing it. The core of this item is built to take a hit better than almost any other. This means you'll feel less shock and less pain after hours of training with a seasoned fighter. You will also get fantastic versatility when you use this item. It will be appropriate for sessions with boxers as well as mixed martial arts participants. You will find the perfect fit while wearing this item, as well. The fantastic adjustability and the conforming materials help to ensure this. These are only some of the many advantages that this product has to offer.


The disadvantages that come of the long with this item are relatively minor. Some customers have mentioned that it is a bit bulky. This could end with your movements being slightly restricted. It is not a major league common complaint in concerns to this item but it is something that was mentioned enough we thought you should be aware of it. Consumers have also mentioned that adjusting this product can be a bit difficult. This is especially true when you are wearing it. Honestly, if you are wearing protective sparring gear then there will be somebody available to help you make adjustments when you need to. The closer system is easy to use and most people have no issues taking it on and off by themselves. With this being said, there have been a few reports from consumers that found it would be difficult to get on an off. This simply required help to buckle the buckles. Overall, as you can see, these are more inconveniences than actual disadvantages.


This item is an outstanding value. The price tag that it carries is more affordable than those seen an inferior Brands. The quality of the materials is better and the functionality of this product is also better. With that being said, depending on your budget, you may have to do a bit of saving. Investing in your protective equipment can be a bit of an expenditure, however, it is absolutely necessary. When you take into consideration the phenomenal durability you get with this item the price becomes more understandable. You will be able to rely on it for years to come which also means you won't have to worry about replacing it. There are a plethora of aspects to take into consideration when determining the true value of an item. When you look over the performance, materials, structure, and design of this item we feel that is simple to see why everyone feels that it is such an outstanding value.

Bottom Line

When you are going to put your hard-earned money into sparring gear you want to know that it is with a product and brand you can trust. You get both of these things when you go with this option from TITLE. This brand truly does spend the time to research and develop their products to suit your needs. When you are training with a fighter keeping yourself protective is critical and your continued participation and not only their growth but also your own. This is a solid investment that customers are exceptionally pleased with. As with all items, there are a few negatives associated with it. However, they are fairly limited and don't have major impact on the consumers opinions about this product. Overall, we believe you'll be truly satisfied with the comfort, fit, and level of protection that you get when you start to use this piece of equipment.