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The TITLE Predator II boxing shoes are said to be one of the best pairs that TITLE Boxing offers. From the lower portion of your calf down, you will have a great fit. It is important to note that customers do say the sizing runs a bit small so you may need to order a half to a full size up. You will get a good deal of support and an excellent comfort level. You won't have to worry about sliding around the ring when wearing these boxing boots as they also offer a great deal of traction due to superior outsole material. Whether you are working inside the ring, with your coach, or with a heavy or speed bags these shoes will keep you comfortable and well grounded. There are also features on these boots to help with breathability. They are quite durable and offer a very soft feel. TITLE has put time into designing these shoes in such a way that they contour to your feet nicely. When you spend a lot of time training in the gym or at home a great pair of boxing shoes can help reduce muscle fatigue and improve your footwork. Overall, customers are very pleased with these boxing boots and feel that they are an excellent investment.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Durable Design
  • Soft Materials
  • Good Shock Absorption
  • Versatile Use
  • Exceptional Flexibility
  • Great Style
  • Average Price
  • Comfortable Long Wear
  • Sizing Runs Small


TITLE Boxing has been in the world of fight sports for twenty years. They may have started as a brand built for boxers but have evolved their lines. When they saw the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts growing they expanded so that they could provide a variety of fighters with what they need to improve their overall performance. With options for clothing, protective gear, gloves, bags, and a variety of other equipment, you will be able to purchase everything you need to get started in your chosen discipline or continue on your path to greatness. This brand offers a variety of items that will fit into a plethora of budgets. This ensures that anyone will be able to find what they need and have the confidence that it will perform as expected. TITLE is a brand that people across the globe trust. They have spent the time and built a solid following and foundation. As they continue to grow we are certain their products will only get better and better.


As with most boxing shoes, there is no insole to speak of. The less material that has between your feet and the floor the better feel you have and the more accurate your footwork will be. These ones are more comfortable than most, even though they do not have an insole. They do fit a bit narrow so you may need to order at least a half size up to ensure you have enough room inside the foot section. Due to the fact that there is no real insole, if you have high arches you may find a bit of discomfort. This needs to be taken into consideration when you are considering size because the fit is quite tight. There have been no complaints about the lack of insole from the people who are currently wearing them.


The outsole of this product is superior. They use a gum rubber that offers better traction than many other outsole options. When you are moving around the ring you need to ensure your feet stay firmly planted underneath you. They are also great for pivoting. Gum Rubber is very durable. It is also very soft. This really helps with the fact that this product does not have an insole. The comfort level you will get is improved because of this soft and spongy material. They transition nicely between the ring, sparring practice, and bag work. The softness of it is also great for those of you that like to participate in mixed martial arts. You will have better flexibility with this option in outsole which makes them transition nicely to MMA practice. Overall, this is a stellar option for an outsole.


This is one of the lightest boxing boots available to you in the market today. You are looking at less than a pound. When your shoes are exceptionally light you will experience less fatigue which can help you continue to move around the ring with ease. Long sessions in the gym, when wearing heavy shoes, can lead to sore muscles and joints. So, keeping your footwear as light as possible will keep you on your feet longer. With increased work will come improved performance. TITLE has done an excellent job at formatting a pair of shoes that are lighter than most. From the outsole to the materials used, you can see they put time into ensuring you will be getting an exceptionally lightweight option to keep you moving and grooving.


All of the materials used in these boxing shoes are excellent quality and built to last. There is no exact information on what the upper is made of but the material is exceptionally flexible. It has an exceptionally soft feel. The majority of it appears to be made of high-quality synthetic leather. The ankle is made of a material that is supportive and offers a truly great fit. The upper material moves with your feet to ensure the fit stays comfortable even during your longest training days. You will find a very comfortable mesh tongue inside of this boot. Naturally, they sport a pair of standard shoe laces which offer good adjustability. As previously mentioned, this option also has a gum rubber outsole to provide stellar grip and excellent durability. Overall, these are smart materials that perform better than many other varieties.


It will take a bit of time to get these boots broken in but once you do you are sure to love the overall fit and feel of them. They are contoured to fit your feet which improves the feel of them. You will also find that the fit is improved by the great flexibility that they offer. It is important to note that the sizing of this option does run small. Customers have noted that wearing thick socks is almost impossible with these boots as the fit is quite snug. You don't want your boxing shoes to be loose as loose shoes can lead to sliding feet and improper form during a crucial moment inside the ring. So, ordering a half to a full size up will ensure you have a great fit. Other than the sizing issue customers are truly happy with the fit this product provides. A lot of this has to do with the materials that are used as they are made to fit a variety of different sized and shaped feet.


The materials used for this option by TITLE are all made for durability. The upper flexes and moves with your feet and ankles which gives it a much longer life expectancy. The lack of a lot of seams means you won't have to worry about them blowing out. In addition, the gum rubber outsole is built to last. It has a tread pattern that won't wear easily and is a naturally tough material. It is important to note that the improved traction of these boots for surfaces like a canvas boxing ring does decrease the durability of the sole when you are using them on other surfaces. They are great for boxing and mixed martial arts related training situations but you won't want to wear them outside or on the pavement as it may detriment the integrity of the outsole. Overall, this is a very durable option that will last a plethora of training sessions.


This boot is one of TITLE Boxing's best options. The materials used are stellar and the thought that went into the design is also fantastic. The quality seen in these boots is amazing. They are streamlined and exceptionally lightweight yet very durable. You will be able to see the quality as soon as you slide them onto your feet. The construction is sound and customers are more than satisfied with the overall look and feel that these provide. For the price point, this is an exceptional pair of boxing shoes. This brand has hit the nail on the head with them and the quality really couldn't be much better. The sizing is a bit of an issue but, as you know, each brand's sizing varies so we don't really feel like it takes away from the quality of this option.


Consumers are raving about the comfort level that this product provides them, even with exceptionally long sessions wearing them in the gym. The flexible materials used throughout this product really help with the comfort level that it provides. Even though there is not an insole the comfort for your feet is great because of the spongy outsole that this item uses. The collar of this shoe is also made to help enhance your overall comfort levels. It offers good support and structure to ensure a great fit. Even the tongue of this shoe is made to help keep you comfortable. It is made of a mesh material that is not bulky and helps the shoe to breathe. Customers have noted that the fit is snug and if your feet are wide that may lead to a bit of discomfort. Overall, this is a very comfortable option and we don't think you will be disappointed after you have them broken in.


There is really only one feature of this boxing boot that helps with breathability and that is the tongue of it. Most boxing shoes are not very breathable but they have come a long way with it. For many options, we see improved breathability because of strategically placed nylon mesh panels. The fact that this option does not have these means it is not going to breathe nearly as well. A mesh tongue does help them breathe a bit but it is not the best option to help keep your feet dry and cool. The inside of a boxing boot is a dark, wet, and warm place. This makes it perfect for breeding bacteria, which could leave you with a nasty case of athletes foot or other foot-related problem. The fact that these boots don't breathe so well is a bit of a let down for many people but as long as you give them time to dry between uses, should not be a major problem.


You will be getting a decent level of support when you decide to go with this option by TITLE. They are a mid-height option so, they will not give you quite as much support as one with an increased height. The materials and structure of these shoes do offer a good amount of ankle support. There is no real insole so you won't have much in the way of arch support. If this is going to be a problem you can always add an insert. Be careful when doing this because it will, obviously, change the fit. This is a problem because these boots are already pretty narrow inside. If you are looking for an exceptionally supportive pair of boxing boots this may not be the best option. Customers feel that the support level they get from them is average and for most people it works out perfectly fine.


Consumers feel as if this product is a great value. The price tag is average in the world of boxing boots. Not every budget will be able to afford them easily but with some saving, it should not be totally out of the realm of doing fairly easily. The durability that they offer makes the value even better. You will be able to wear them for a long time without seeing any signs of detriment, this even goes for those of you that like to train every day. So, while some feel they are a bit pricey we feel that they are well worth it. You need a comfortable and very light pair of boxing boots to ensure your footwork is the best that it can be and so you can work as long and hard as you want while staying comfortable. These boots can do exactly that for you.

Bottom Line

This is a reliable pair of boxing boots that look as good as they feel. Finding the correct size can be a bit difficult but it seems that everyone says the same thing, order a size up. Once you have them broken in you will find that they are insanely comfortable and versatile. While meant for boxers, mixed martial artists will also be able to wear this for comfortable training. They are not nearly as expensive as other options even though it may take a bit of time before you can fit them into your monthly budget. They are sleek and stylish. Overall, this is a solid option in boxing boots whether you are just starting out in the world of boxing or you have been working on your skills for years. Consumers are very pleased with their purchase and many say they will be getting another pair after their current ones finally wear out.