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The TITLE Speed-Flex Encore boxing boots are a very affordable choice from a brand that is well-trusted among fighters, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts alike. Available in a mid and tall height, they offer the support you need to truly dance around the ring. Wearing the wrong shoes when sparring and training can leave you with sloppy footwork and decreased speed. These shoes are designed with boxers in mind. They are light and comfortable. You will see your footwork improve as you wear these on all of your training days. The material of them is quite durable which is awesome as we all know how hard on equipment combat sports can be. Some customers have noted that they are a bit time consuming to take on and off but overall this is a minor inconvenience. This is especially true when you see the support they offer. They transition nicely to bag work. Overall, consumers are very pleased with the way these boots look and feel. They are tight fitting in the beginning but they don’t take a long time to break-in so you will enjoy wearing them quickly. TITLE is a brand that is known for providing great boxing gear at a vast range of prices. This product is a solid option for those of you that are on a tight budget.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very Affordable
  • Mid or High Top Options
  • Variety of Color Choices
  • Good For Bag & Ring Work
  • Quite Flexible
  • Exceptionally Lightweight
  • Very Supportive
  • Tight Before Broken-In
  • Hard Taking On & Off
  • Glue Durability Issues 
  • Sizing Runs Small


For more than twenty years, TITLE Boxing has provided boxers of all levels the equipment they need to meet their goals. Whether participating for fitness or for competition you need great gear to assist you along the way and trusting TITLE is a great start. They may have started with only boxing gear but have expanded their lines to include mixed martial arts. As MMA grows in popularity, so does the demand for items to improve training and competition-related goals. If you are a coach looking for protective gear or a fighter that is just getting started, TITLE has gloves, bags, clothes and more to keep you looking great. You will be well-protected and better able to perform in all the activities that help you become the best fighter you can be.


There is no real insult to this boxing boot. This is not terribly uncommon as the more your feet can feel the better your toes can grab and the stronger you will find your punches becoming. This does make them a little bit roomy in the interior of the shoe. For those of you that have narrow feet, you may need to add a pair of insoles to get a truly great fit on the inside. The lack of an insole can be uncomfortable for some people but it really is a benefit in maintaining proper footwork. You will easily be able to feel the contact your feet are making with the ring in this can improve your overall form and performance. Finding that you do need a bit of extra support is a simple fix and a minimal investment in a pair of insoles.


The outsole of this boxing boot is made of polyurethane. Most other options use rubber as the outsole material as it provides the best grip. Polyurethane is not a terrible choice but it does not give the same grip and traction that you would get with rubber. It is quite durable and will perform well on the canvas inside the ring. You will also be able to use them while working a bag quite comfortably. The tread pattern on these is decent and there are not a ton of complaints about fighters feet slipping while wearing them. It has been noted that the glue which binds the upper to the outsole is not exceptionally durable. With frequent where you may find that the outsole of your boot is separating which can be very frustrating. Some people have found that regluing them works just fine While others needed to replace them altogether.


There will be a slight weight varies depending on which height of this boxing boot you choose to go with. Obviously, the taller the boot that heavier it will be. Unfortunately, we were unable to find the exact weight of this boxing boot. However, all of the reviews state the same thing they are exceptionally lightweight. It has even been noted by customers that once they are broken and it feels like you're not wearing any boots at all. This is fantastic when you're trying to stay light on your feet while dancing around the ring. Another advantage to a pair of extremely lightweight boxing boots is that you will experience lesson and leg fatigue. This will allow you to train longer and harder and, in turn, improve your overall performance.


The upper portion of these shoes is made of a blend of materials. Part of it is made out of quality synthetic leather. This material is quite durable and has a nice feel to it. The upper also has a nylon weave. The panel's of this material is there to help improve the flexibility and breathability of this boxing shoe. As previously mentioned, the outsole is made of polyurethane. All of the materials used within this option are standard for the price point that this comes in at. They are not the very best quality materials but they are average. The structure of this item is well thought out and offers a decent lifespan. Overall, customers are pleased with the look and feel of the materials used for making this.


When you first get these boots the fit is exceptionally snug. They do take a bit of time to break in but once they are you should be very happy with the fit. The lace-up style closure gives you great adjustability and the tightness and support of these boots. It has been mentioned by customers that they are a bit roomy inside due to the lack of an insert. This is a simple fix by purchasing a pair of insoles to help tighten them up. Your boxing shoes should fit rather snugly as you don't want your feet to slide around in them. If you do experience a lot of motion it could lead you to injuries, such as blisters or raw rubbed areas on your skin. In addition, your form may be negatively impacted by a poorly fitting pair of shoes.


This is not the most durable boxing boot option that is available in the market today. Part of that is due to the cost of it. It is a more affordable option so the materials used are not as durable as others. This makes sense. Now, with that being said for their price point they are very durable. They will last against fairly frequent use for quite some time. Obviously, depending on your feet and how often you are wearing them and what type of training you are doing in them the longevity of use may vary. Overall, my customers are very pleased with the life that these boots offer and don't feel that it is a big deal when they need to be replaced. The only time we're seeing real negatives as when the soul detaches from the upper as this could happen fairly quickly after purchasing.


TITLE’s products are always good quality. This boxing boot, when you look at what you're really getting, is fairly good quality. The materials are used in a smart fashion and the stitching is solid. There are durability issues with the outsole and the way it is attached to the upper. This is not always a problem but it has been mentioned fairly frequently by customers. We feel that this is definitely a quality issue and expect that title will correct it if you are having a problem. The fit and construction of these are of great quality. TITLE has built this shoe with boxers in mind and it is easily seen by the way that they fit and conform to your feet. Overall, customers are more than satisfied with the quality of the materials and the overall construction of this product.


The people wearing these boots are very happy with the level of comfort they provide. It is true, in the beginning, they're going to fit quite snugly. Some of you may find that uncomfortable. With continued we're in a bit of time for breaking in they will loosen up. Keep in mind, but they do lace up so you will be able to adjust the tightness fairly easily. The thin sole of this product makes it feel as if you almost aren’t wearing any shoes at all. For some people, this is a fantastic thing and for others, it is not so much. If you find them to be uncomfortable you can slide a pair of inserts into them to improve the cushioning level that they provide. It is important to note that the lack of insole does help with overall performance and footwork while inside the ring.


This brand has done a good job at giving us an option that breathes quite well. Many items in this category are made of leather and offer no breathability at all. This leads to a hot sweaty environment that is unhealthy for your feet. When you continually put your feet into those type of conditions it can lead you to fungal or bacterial growth. These Boots Are structured with nylon panels that help air flow. This added air flow will help your feet maintain excellent comfort levels. They will be cooler and you'll be less likely to develop problems like athlete's foot. It is not always easy to find a decent pair of boxing boots that actually breathe. The fact that these do is aspect consumers are very pleased with.


You can purchase these in a mid or a high top version. What does for you is gives you more option in terms of support. The taller boot that you wear the more support you are going to have. With added height does come decreased range of motion. The mid top version still offers a good amount of support but it will give you a bit more movement if that's what you're looking for. The lace-up style gives you the ability to tighten or loosen the fit and thus adjusting the support that they are giving you. Due to the fact that they do not have an insult they also don't offer much in terms of arch support. If you have very high arches this could be a problem and you may need to add an arch supporting insole to ensure your feet continue to stay feeling great.


Consumers feel as if this product is a very good value. As previously mentioned, these boots are very affordable and most budgets won't have a problem purchasing them. it is important to take several aspects into consideration when trying to figure out the actual value of a product. You will not get the same type of durability out of this boxing boot as you would others that cost exponentially more. So, when you look at aspects such as materials, comfort levels, construction, and reviews it is easy to see why people feel that this product is a good value. In most areas it hits the nail on the head and where it is lacking it is understandable. These are probably best for beginners, however, would even work for intermediate and advanced users.

Bottom Line

If you are just stepping into the world of boxing, be it for fitness or because someday you would like to be competing against others, these boots are a good place to start. They are exceptionally affordable and offer a good fit. You won't have to spend a long time breaking them in. they will give you a decent level of support and they really do look and feel great. They are not an exceptionally high-end boxing shoe but they will help you improve your footwork. you will have a lightweight option that is flexible and can be worn in and outside of the ring during training. Overall, consumers are very satisfied with this boxing boot and would recommend it to others that are looking for a good affordable option.