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The TITLE Super Speed Bag is not the best speed bag that TITLE offers but it is quite affordable. While it may not be the top of their line it is still an excellent option for fighters of every level. There are multiple sizes available so you will be able to easily find the level of challenge you are looking for. One aspect customers are not thrilled with is the bladder used. it does not offer the bounce and rebound that other bags offer. While this may be a big concern for some fighters, you can easily switch it out. TITLE offers some much more responsive bladders. In addition to being more challenging, the bounce and rebound of their orange bladders are much better.

The construction of this item is solid. We would expect nothing less from such a reputable brand. The leather is good quality and the seams are triple stitched to ensure great durability. They did an excellent with the structure of the loop as well. It will ensure that the bag swings evenly. With six different size options available it won't matter if you are just starting out in boxing, Judo, Taekwondo, or other mixed martial arts or if you have been at it for years. Finding the perfect bag which provides ample challenge will be a cinch. Overall, customers are happy with the performance that this product provides and feel it is an advantage in their training routine.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Strong & Flexible Top Loop
  • Affordable Option By TITLE
  • Nice Size Options
  • Easy To Find Rhythm
  • Good For Beginners & Experts
  • Excellent Balance
  • Easily Replaceable Bladder
  • Not The Best Rebound
  • Lacks Bounce


TITLE Boxing has been a leader in the world of combat sports for quite some time. For more than twenty years they have been striving to be the best. What started out as a company geared towards boxers only has turned into one that has the wants and needs of all fighters in mind. Whether you are into boxing, Judo, Karate, fitness, or other mixed martial arts they have the gear and equipment you need to become your best. Finding a reputable brand that stands behind their products can be a hard thing to do in this world. TITLE is one you can trust. They provide some of the highest quality options out there. They have a variety of options in each category so, it should be easy to find something that suits your needs and your budget. Overall, this brand has done a great job of researching and developing their products. They are always a solid choice. Customers are more than satisfied with the performance they get when buying items from this brand.


The materials this bag is made of are all better than average quality. The shell of this item is made of genuine leather. Consumers have noted that it is not as good of quality as some of the other speed bag options that TITLE offers. Even though it may not be as good in terms of quality when compared to other speed bags by this brand, it is still better quality than many other options in the same category. The bladder is made of butyl rubber which is more durable than other types of rubber. This will give you better longevity of use and you won't have to worry about the bladder popping frequently. The loop is made of the same leather as the outer material. It is important to note that these bags are a bit heavier than most. This makes the rebound and bounces a bit less than stellar.


Typically, we only see one or two size options when we go to buy a speed bag. When we are lucky we get four or five different options. This brand gives us more than that. You will be able to choose from seven different size options. This can help to personalize your routine. Whether you are a youth fighter just starting out or you are an advanced fighter that has been at it for years, you will be able to find the size you prefer. The size of your speed bag plays a major role in how fast it moves. Obviously, the smaller it is the faster it will be. In addition, the smaller the bag the less striking surface you will have. When you train with a smaller bag your accuracy is surely going to improve. Their smallest option is a mere seven inches long and four inches wide. This will give you an insane level of challenge. The next smallest is eight inches long and five inches wide. Their mid-sized bag is nine inches long and six inches wide. Their larger speed bags are starting at ten inches long and seven inches wide. There are also options with lengths of eleven or twelve inches. Their widths are eight and nine inches. As you can see, there is a ton of option so, you can find exactly what you need to continue to improve your skill level.

Hanging Style

TITLE uses a traditional hanging style for this speed bag option. The loop is centered nicely so you won't have to worry about your bag being thrown off balance. It is triple stitched to ensure great durability. The leather will hold up for years to come. You won't have to worry about it ripping after consistently abusing it. Due to the fact that it is a traditional hanging style means you will need a swivel and a speed bag platform. You can find everything you need from the TITLE brand but you can also go with other options as there are many available to you. If you want to be able to use your speed bag as soon as you get it you will want to acquire these items when you order it. It won't take up too much room in your home gym which is an advantage if you are working with limited space. Overall, customers are happy with how easy it is to hang up this bag.


As noted, this bag uses a butyl rubber bladder. It will not leak air nearly as badly as lesser quality rubbers will. In addition, latex bladders tend to leak terribly so, it is an advantage that you won't have to fill it up daily. Butyl rubber is heavier than other types of rubber. It does slow these bags down a big. Consumers have mentioned that they are a bit less than impressed with the responsiveness of this bladder. In fact, many people choose to replace it right away. TITLE offers an orange bladder that advanced fighters truly prefer. It moves a lot faster and offers better bounce and rebound. If you are just starting out in the world of combat sports these slower bladders may be just what you need to really improve your form, accuracy, and performance. So, give the one that comes with it a try and if you find it isn't up to speed simply replace it with a different one to find the challenge you are looking for.


When you are working in the gym or at home, you want equipment that will truly help to enhance your performance. This product will absolutely help you in a variety of training situation. Everyone knows that working with a speed bag will help you attain better accuracy and fast hands. What some don't realize is that working with one can also help to improve your footwork. You can move all the way around a speed bag which makes for versatile training sessions. In addition, it will help to improve your reflexes. Speed bags are good for improving your offense, as well as, your defense. Your head movement will improve which will also improve your body movement. This could lead to you taking fewer blows during competitions. Overall, you will notice an improvement in all of your training situations while using this bag.


Speed bags that are made from genuine leather will need actual leather cleaners and conditioners to keep them in top form. If you use your standard cleaners, disinfectants, and deodorizers you may end up damaging the leather. Using a leather cleaner and conditioner will keep your bag looking and feeling amazing. In addition, it will help prolong the life of it because it will be well-hydrated. Some people avoid leather products because they think they will need to spend a plethora of time caring for it, however, this really isn't the case. It will take a bit more time while you are actually doing it but you will only need to care for it every few months. It will honestly be a minor inconvenience. You will get much better longevity of use from a real leather bag than you would from synthetic leather or a vinyl outer option. Overall, customers are not overly burdened by the care routine.


The biggest advantages of this bag are going to be geared towards the fighters that are just starting out on their venture. The bladder that they use is a bit heavier and it won't move as quickly which will help you improve your skill in the beginning. The fact that you can easily switch out the bladder for a lighter one is also an advantage. If you are an advanced fighter, looking for true speed, you can switch it out with ease. TITLE products are also all made to last. The materials are all good quality and will last you through all of your grueling training sessions. Having a product that can stand up to the abuse that combat sports training involves is an amazing advantage. This product absolutely will. When you pair a strict training routine with a healthy diet and the use of a speed bag you will absolutely notice it in your performance during sparring sessions and competitions.


There are really only two complaints about this item. They both come from fighters that are more advanced in their training. The first is because this bag does not have the best rebound. This is because it is a bit heavier than others and does not move quite as well. Another issue that fighters have is with the bounce. The reasoning the bounce isn't so great is the same as why it does not rebound as well. These bags are simply heavier than others, this is especially true of the larger sizes. Due to the fact that you can easily swap out the bladder these two inconveniences are really not a major problem. So, as you can see, the disadvantages associated with this item can be easily rectified. Most people really love these bags and don't have any complaints about it and we believe you will be satisfied with your purchase if you decide to go with this option from TITLE.


This option is a pretty great value. It is rather affordable, especially when compared to other speed bag options from TITLE Boxing. Most budgets will be able to absorb it easily. This is obviously an advantage, as investing in your fighting future can be very expensive. The sizes available are vast and it will be easy to find exactly what you need for your particular skill level. It can be hard to find the true value of an item as reviews are typically exceptionally mixed. This item is very well-rated among users. When you start to look over all the different aspects it is simple to see why so many feel as if it is a great value. You will be doing your future self a favor by investing in this bag as it can truly help your performance improve. Overall, this is a solid option as with all options from this exceptional brand.

Bottom Line

Trying to find the perfect speed bag can be exceptionally difficult because there are so many options available to you. This brand is known for its top quality options and this one is no different. It offers good durability and an excellent variety of sizes to choose from. The price tag that it carries is quite affordable which is an advantage to those of you that are on a stricter budget. The reviews on this product are consistently good. You will absolutely see the difference in your performance when you decide to add this item to your training routine. There are a couple of disadvantages, however, they are ones that can be easily corrected with the simple switch of the bladder. Overall, people are very happy with this speed bag and feel that they will continue to go back to this brand for all their combat sports-related needs.