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The TITLE Tri-Tech Sports Bag is a solid option to house all of your training and sparring needs. Consumers have noted that this bag is exactly what you would expect it to be. It offers several different compartments so you can organize your gear easily. In addition, the zippers are better quality than most so, you won't have to worry about losing your items along the way.

They have added a little extra to this bag. It includes a mesh bag that most people use for their hand wraps. It doubles as a bag you can use in your washing machine. Additionally, you can find things like your keys or mouthguard easily while using this extra bag.

Carrying this bag is quite comfortable. There are two different handles that you can choose from. You will find carrying this bag on your commute to be very comfortable. The shoulder strap is not only padded but it is also adjustable, which also enhances your comfort level while lugging around heavy gear.

Toting this option is not only stylish it is also efficient. TITLE has done a great job in the construction and design of this particular gym bag. The typical problems that you run into when packing up your gear will be thoughts of the past after using this one for the first time. The reviews are glowing and we are sure if you decide to go with the TITLE Tri-Tech Sports Bag you will be satisfied.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Classic Sizing
  • Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Extremely Durable
  • Removable Mesh Bag
  • Affordable
  • Has Wet/Dry Pocket
  • Heavy Duty Zippers
  • Solid Construction & Design
  • Plastic Shoulder Strap Buckles
  • Not Very Breathable


TITLE Boxing has been around for just over twenty years. Starting out focused on boxing, as time went on and mixed martial arts started to explode, they expanded their lines. Today, you can find any combat sports related items that you need from this brand.

Consumers trust them due to the fact that they offer some of the highest quality options available. This does tend to mean that you are going to be paying a bit more for products by TITLE Boxing. Investing in them is rarely a mistake.

So, when you are on the hunt for trunks, footwear, protective gear, gloves, and other pieces of equipment you can rest easy knowing they have you covered. Participating in fight sports requires a variety of different things. Finding quality choices all in one place is an advantage that consumers truly appreciate.


This bag has been built to last. The bulk of the bag is made from ripstop Nylon. As you can imagine from the name, you aren't going to need to worry about this bag shredding when you have a lot of gear in it. It stands tough through daily training sessions.

The handles of this bag are made from nylon as well. They are padded to ensure that you can find a comfortable position while carrying this bag. The shoulder strap is adjustable and the padded piece can be moved to wherever you would like it. So, these straps are not only comfortable but they are also durable, it is a win in both directions.

As noted, they include a removable mesh bag. It doubles as a bag you can throw in your washing machine for your items made from more fragile materials. The mess they have made it from is also quite durable. The only other materials you'll come into contact with our velcro closures around the carrying handles and the zippers that are used to secure the closures.


Having a variety of different pockets in your gym bag can truly help to keep you better organized. In addition, it makes it easy to separate your used gear from your clean options. This bag offers a good variety of pockets to house all of your training and competition needs.

Obviously, there is a large main compartment where you will put the bulk of your items. There are also several other pockets located around the outside of this bag. There is a small mesh pocket on one side of it. Many consumers like to use this pocket for their cell phone, mouth guard, mouth guard cases, or other small items.

The TITLE Tri-Tech Sports Bag also offers a wet-dry pocket. This will keep your sweaty items away from your dry items. Obviously, this is a big advantage when you pack your bag for a couple of days at a time. Overall, customers are very pleased with all of the pocket options they have when they choose this item.


This bag is considered to be classic sized. You don't get any option in what size you get when ordering this back. We must say, looking at the dimensions, it is just a tad smaller than what is considered standard. However, customers seem to be very pleased with the overall size of this product.

The length is one of the areas that is a tiny bit smaller than average. It comes in at 22 inches. For comparison, most gym bags that are considered classic sized have a length of 24 inches. As you can see, it's not a major difference.

The width and height are just where they need to be. You'll be looking at a width of 13 inches and a height of 11 inches. Putting these measurements together it is easy to see why you're going to be able to fit such a good variety of items inside of this option.


Breathability is an area that this bag is lacking in. Many options in this category offer mesh paneling throughout the outer design. This helps to improve airflow which, in turn, helps your gear to dry out more quickly and it helps keep foul odors at bay.

This bag does not have mesh panels built into its design. There is one small mesh pocket on the side and a mesh bag that is inside of the bag altogether. These are not going to give you enough space to put any large or even medium sized pieces of equipment in.

This means for you is that you're going to have to spend a bit of extra money to purchase a deodorizing product. In addition, you'll want to empty your gym bag on a nightly basis. This will allow items like your gloves to dry completely before you use them again.


You will be getting a standard duffle style bag when you go with this option from TITLE Boxing. Duffle bags are a great option for those of you that are carrying around sparring gear or other bulky items. In addition, if you want to be able to pack your gym bag for a couple of days this item will accommodate that.

It is not as easy to commute with a duffel bag if you like to ride your bike or walk to the gym. A backpack style would suit you better. However, a backpack style is not going to carry as much gear and Equipment as a duffel bag will be able to.

As far as duffel bags go this is a solid option. It gives you all of the features that you are looking for in this kind of bag. It gives you a versatile choice in grips and plenty of pocket options. Overall, this is exactly what a duffel bag should look like.


You should be able to use this gym bag for several years. It truly is built from durable materials that can handle daily use. You want me to worry about the outer material falling apart over the course of time. This brand has done an excellent job in the construction and design in terms of durability.

Often times, people have trouble with the zippers on their gym bag. This is because they pack them full and it puts a lot of pressure in this area. You will find heavy-duty zippers when you choose this product. This means you won't have to worry about them busting open even when you have your bag packed full.

There was not a lot of information on the durability of the clips that attach the shoulder strap. However, the clasps are made of plastic and this tends to be an issue. You want to be careful to make sure that they don't get crushed or they are sure to break. So, the clip durability may be an issue when using this bag.


One advantage that you'll get with this option over others is the fact that they include an extra mesh bag on the inside. It can be used for a variety of small items. In addition, you can throw your hand wraps in it and stick them in the washer without the worry of detriment to the material.

You will also find that keeping yourself organized is exceptionally easy with this item. They offer such a good variety of pockets it's simple to find a place for everything. You will find that your saving time at the gym and getting to your training sessions more quickly when you are organized. You can also separate out your dirty items from your clean items.

The size of this bag makes it very versatile to use. Whether you are headed for the gym for a lifting session or stepping into the ring for competition, this bag will be able to handle carrying everything you need. Many consumers even use this bag for other sports or activities.


The disadvantage is associated with this bag are limited. In fact, most of the reviews surrounding it are absolutely Stellar. It was a bit difficult to find things that are downfalls. Obviously, it's nice when you have a hard time finding the disadvantages of a product.

One thing that does not work in its favor isn't lack of breathability. You don't have any built-in mesh panels so it is going to have very limited air flow. You may notice that this bag smells pretty bad pretty quickly. With the investment into a deodorizing product, you can Rectify this relatively easily.

We can't say that this is a true disadvantage as there are no reports stating it to be a problem. As noted, the buckles are made from plastic and these tend to break very easily. With the limited information on the durability of this area, we feel that it is definitely something you're going to want to watch out for.


We feel if you choose this item for your daily gym bag you will be getting an excellent value. It is made from truly durable materials which means you should be able to get years worth of use side of it. You'll be getting a truly good bang for your buck.

Obviously, when we're discussing the value of an item we need to take the price into consideration. This product carries an average price tag for an item in this category. You should not have to spend much time saving up and it's not going to be a major blow to your budget.

Taking all of the other factors into consideration is also important when determining the value of a product. It is obvious that there are some pretty big advantages and choosing this bag and the disadvantages are quite limited. Overall, customers are very satisfied with this product and have stated that they will go back to it once the one they are using finally breaks down.

Bottom Line

Putting your trust and hard-earned cash into this brand is very rarely a disappointment. We strongly believe that if you decide to go with this particular gym bag you will be more than satisfied. It offers a plethora of advantages like being able to keep you organized even when you're carrying a crazy amount of gear.

In addition, this bag is pretty affordable. There are many others that are much more expensive but not nearly as durable. You won't have to worry about bursting seams are breaking zippers when you are using this item on your way to or from the gym.

While there aren't a ton of reviews surrounding this item all of the ones we have read through our positive. People are truly happy with the construction and design that this brand has chosen for this bag. Once you start to use that you will easily be able to see why so many people have fallen in love with it.