TITLE Ultra Lite Incredi-Ball Review

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The TITLE Ultra Lite Incredi-Ball punch mitts are built to last. With durable materials, you won't have to worry about them breaking down quickly. In fact, they have a bit of a longer break-in period than others. This is because they are designed to take serious abuse. Consumers have noted that they will handle any type of punch exceptionally well, however, you may want to avoid kicks. There is a hard palm ball on the interior of them that help to improve the grip. This is the feature that makes taking kicks a bit painful. The ball will push into your hand in an uncomfortable way.

When you are coaching people that are into boxing, Karate, Judo, and other mixed martial arts mitt training is imperative. It helps to improve a fighter's reflexes, as well as, their hand-eye coordination. Surprisingly, it can also help to improve their offensive and defensive skills, footwork, and accuracy. As they are working on becoming better you won't have to worry about sustaining injuries due to poor levels of protection. This item offers great protection for not only your hands but also your wrists. The padding comes down far enough that you won't have to worry about taking a blow that could break a bone. Overall, customers are really happy with the price, performance, fit, and feel of these punching mitts by TITLE Boxing.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Good Adjustability
  • Trusted Brand
  • Affordable
  • Excellent Materials
  • Great Grip
  • Stellar Shock Absorption
  • Durable Design
  • Strap Durability Issues
  • Exceptionally Firm
  • Longer Break-In Time


TITLE Boxing is a brand that fighters have trusted for generations. Roughly twenty years ago this brand started creating Stellar products for boxers. They focused on gloves, Footwear, punching bags, and other boxing related items. As the world of combat sports started to grow so did this brand. They brought out new lines that offered mixed martial artists all of the equipment in gear they need to perform their best. Today, you can find any and everything you need to stay comfortable and well protected during your training sessions and during competitions. Whether you are looking for headgear, shoes, trunks, protective equipment, or training items they can all be found from this brand. They offer some of the best options that are currently available to you. With a wide variety of price points, you should be able to easily find something that not only fits your needs but also fits your budget. Overall this is one of the most trustworthy brands out there and making an investment into their products will rarely leave you disappointed.


When looking at products from this brand, we always expect to see high-quality materials. That is exactly what we see with this item. TITLE Is known for producing some of the best equipment and gear that is currently available. This can be seen easily with their material choices. The outside shell of this product is made from genuine leather. It is important to note that not all genuine leather is created equal. The leather used here is truly better than most. The protection that this item provides you is due to the one and three-quarter inch of foam that it uses. It is high-density and exceptionally durable. There is a large piece of velcro that is secured through a hook and loop style closure. This offers a good level of adjustability to ensure that you get an excellent fit. They have also included a moisture wicking liner on the inside. This will help to improve the comfort and feel of this product while in use. You'll be able to see it soon as you look at these mints just how great they are. The quality of materials can not only be seen But felt while wearing them.


This product provides a versatile fit that consumers love. It has been stated that these mitts have a snug and secure fit, regardless of how big or small your hands are. Oftentimes, if you have very small or very large hands it can be hard to find a pair of mitts that fit well. This option offers good adjustability and therefore will be able to accommodate a larger variety of ham sizes. One element that plays a critical role in the fit of this item is the fall in the palm of this product. It provides exceptional grip and helps to improve the overall fit. There are slots that your fingers will slide into and this also helps to provide a secure fit. You really won't have to worry about these flying off for your hands or sliding around and leaving you susceptible to injuries. This product does have a longer break in time, however, once they are broken in the fit will be improved even more. They will conform to your hands quite nicely.


One of the aspects that this product is not so great in is breathability. Other brands use mesh paneling to improve the airflow throughout the mitt. There are no mesh panels built into this product. Due to the fact that it is a genuine leather construction, it is not going to breathe well. This can leave your hands in a very hot and sweaty environment that could become uncomfortable. It is important to know that they do use a moisture wicking liner that will help to remove moisture away from your skin. This will, in turn, help to keep your hands more comfortable and cooler after continuous use. If you're planning on training several fighters in a row to keep in mind that this option does not breathe well. For many people, this is more of an inconvenience than a deal-breaker but it is something that should be taken into consideration when deciding if this is the perfect item to add to your equipment.


Don't be getting a very good level of protection when you invest in this item. They use an exceptionally durable piece of foam to keep your fingers, hands, and wrists protected. The slight curve of these myths also plays a role in protection. The high-density foam that they use will absorb a serious amount of impact. Even when you take a heavy strike you will barely feel it. It is important to note that wow this item does offer wrist protection it doesn't offer much wrist support. It may be advantageous to wear a good pair of hand wraps underneath them to help support your wrists. Consumers have noted that the foam used in this product is very stiff. This will mean that the person you are working with should be wearing gloves of some sort. They will not want to be striking these with bare hands. If they do they are risking injury to their fingers, hands, and wrists. Obviously, these types of injuries can take you away from your chosen fights or for quite some time and should be avoided at all costs.


Coaches, Fighters, and sparring partners alike are all impressed with the level of comfort they get while wearing this item. While it is true that these do not breathe very well it does not change the fact that people find them exceptionally comfortable. There are several factors that play into this. The curved design makes them fit onto your hands more comfortably than others. In addition, the half ball built into the palm plays a major role. The fit is exceptionally secure and with this great grip, you will find using them is exceptionally comfortable. The person that you are training will also have a comfortable striking surface as long as they are wearing gloves or at Minimum hand wraps. Overall, people are pleased with how comfortable this item is. They have found that the longer they are being used the better they feel. As they break again you will find that they are truly comfortable and they will stay this way for an exceptional amount of time.


These mats are a smidge lighter than most other options that are currently available to you. They come in at barely over a pound for the pair. Keeping your protective gear light is important in making sure you maintain great levels of energy. When you are wearing heavy gear your muscles will become fatigued more quickly. Obviously, if you are a trainer or coach this is going to be a major problem when you are getting to your last couple training sessions of the day. So, the fact that this product is incredibly light is a major advantage. Wearing a lot of gear can be cumbersome and burdening. This item will not add to the weight of all the other pieces very much. Overall, customers are very happy with how lightweight this item is and the fact that they can use it for hours without feeling exhausted. A little bit of weight that they do have to them is barely an inconvenience.


One of the biggest advantages of this product is the fact that it will fit so many different sizes of hands. It offers great adjustability so regardless of if you have very small or very large hands these will fit nicely. It is a very secure fit that you won't have to worry about sliding around or it flying off your hands completely. This is a great relief as you will no longer need to worry about injuries during training sessions. At least not in this area. This item is also made of truly high-quality materials. You will get exceptional longevity of use out of this product which is, obviously, a major advantage. Nobody wants to invest in a piece of equipment that is simply going to fall apart after being used. Level of protection you get while using this item is also a major advantage. You won't have to worry about injuries to your fingers, hands, or wrists. Overall, these are only a few of the many advantages that come along with products bought from TITLE and this product in particular.


Honestly, a couple of the disadvantages can be looked at as advantages. What we mean by this is one of the things that people complain about is the firmness of the padding. This can make it impossible to strike this item without wearing gloves. Some can see this is a disadvantage, however, we do not. The high-density foam absorbs a ton of impact. Not only that, but it also offers great durability. Another aspect that consumers aren't thrilled with is the long break in time. The break-in time is lengthened because the high-density foam does not break down easily. Here again, we see this as an advantage. The only true disadvantage that we have found is that some people have issues with strap durability. The hook and loop velcro closure May tear away from the item itself. This could make it unusable. There are not a ton of reports of this happening but it has been mentioned more than once and it is something you'll want to consider and look at when you received this item.


We feel as if this product is an incredible value. Oftentimes, products from this brand are quite pricey, however, this one is actually very affordable. It is made of fantastic materials and offers great durability. It was surprising to us how affordable it actually is. Most people will be able to work these mitts into their budget with ease. You shouldn't have to spend any time saving up money before calling them your own. Trying to pin down the actual value of a product is difficult because all people see these things differently. Looking at the overall reviews and the different aspects associated with this product we feel that it's simple to see why so many feel like it is an incredible value. We believe that if you give these mitts a chance you will also feel that you made the right choice.

Bottom Line

When you are responsible to train boxers, as well as, mixed martial artist you need to make sure you have the equipment and gear required to keep you and them safe. This particular option offers a comfortable and secure fit. They may not be as breathable as other options but they are going to last you much longer. They are more affordable than many others that are currently available to you and they are better quality. You won't have to worry about this product falling apart after only a couple of uses. In addition, it offers a good level of protection so whether you are working with a beginner fighter or somebody who is advanced in their skills the impact that you take will be minimal. Overall, this is a solid option in punching mitts and we believe you'll be satisfied with your purchase and the level of protection it provides to both you and the fighter.