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The TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0 is very large, so you will have ample storage space. In addition, there are a couple of other pockets to help keep things organized. This can save you some time when getting to the gym and allow you more training time. You will have all the space you need for everything from your sparring gear to your gloves and clothes.

With most gear bags you get a choice of a backpack or a duffel bag. This option is both. You will be able to easily convert it between the two to suit your exact needs. So, whether you need to wear it on your back so you can ride your bike to the gym or you just want to grab it and go, this bag can do both.

This bag does offer a bit of breathability which is not always found in items from this category. It has a couple of pockets with mesh panels. This will help with airflow and allow what you house in them to dry a bit more quickly. In addition, the sweaty gear you put in these pockets won't have such a foul odor as they will be able to air out.

Overall, fighters are satisfied with the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0. They feel that it is a solid investment because it offers plenty of room. Additionally, you can use it on a daily basis without worry of it falling apart. When you decide to invest in this item we are certain you will be happy with your purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Large Size
  • Convertible Style
  • Mesh Side Pockets
  • Excellent For Commuting
  • Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Stylish Design
  • Excellent Durability
  • Nice Color Options
  • Not Super Breathable
  • Durability Of Plastic Pieces


Just over twenty years ago the TITLE Boxing brand came to be. In the beginning, they focused solely on gear and equipment for boxers. As time went on, they expanded their lines to encompass all sorts of combat-related sports. This is due to the fact that MMA was seriously growing in popularity.

Today you can find everything from punching bags to sparring gear, clothing, gloves, and other accessories needed to be successful during combat sports training. When you are looking for a brand that is dedicated to giving fighters what they need to succeed this is a good place to look. It is not very often that we find customers are disappointed with the items they have purchased from TITLE.

Oftentimes, you will find that you have to make a slightly higher investment call their goods your own. This is because they always provide high-quality options that are built to last. Investing a bit more is advantageous if you want your gear and equipment to last as long as possible.


As with most other gym bags, the outer material of the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0 is made from nylon. It is a tighter weave so it is not going to give you an excellent level of breathability. Nylon is extremely durable which means it is going to last you a good amount of time. You'll be able to carry this bag on a daily basis without worry of it breaking down.

The straps are also made from nylon. The shoulder straps are padded so that you will be more comfortable when lugging around your gear. They have also added padding to the single shoulder strap. Overall, this is one of the more comfortable bags to carry.

There is a bit of mesh worked into the design of the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0. It is on pieces of the outside pockets. There are no reports of this area lacking in durability. We believe that they have done an excellent job in putting this bag together and ensuring that it is going to last you a very long time.


While the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0 does not offer you a plethora of pocket options it does offer enough that you should be able to stay relatively organized when using it. Obviously, there is one large main compartment where the bulk of your items will go into. This is pretty standard in a bag that is styled like this one.

TITLE has added a couple of pockets to the outside. These are quite a bit smaller than the inside pocket. You will find that they are perfect for holding items like your keys, mouth guard case, hand wraps, and other small items.

It is important to note that the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0 does not have a special pocket for your shoes or your gloves. You will not be able to separate them from your other items. Some people look at this as a bit of a downfall, however, as long as you have enough room to carry all your items it shouldn't be a big deal.


You are going to be getting a good size bag when you go with the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0. It is quite a bit larger than other options in the same category. You will not be struggling to fit your sparring gear and other items inside of it.

You are going to be looking at a length of a whopping 30 inches. This is a good 6 inches longer than a classically sized duffle bag. As you can see, if you are large in stature and can never fit items like your shin guards into your gym bag that's not going to be a problem here.

You will also be getting added height and width when you decide to go with this option. The width comes in at 15 inches and so does the height. These are both a few inches bigger than what we would see in a standard sized bag. Consumers are quite pleased with how much room the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0 offers.


Like most gym bags, the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0 is not exceptionally breathable. There are a couple of mesh panels built into the outer Pockets that can help the items in there get added air flow. However, on the whole, this bag does not offer good breathability.

What this means is that you are going to need to unpack your bag between uses. This will allow items like your gloves and shoes to dry completely between uses. In addition, letting your items dry completely will help cut down on the foul odors that are associated with sweaty gym sessions.

It is important to note that, due to the fact that the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0 is not breathable, you will likely want to invest in a bag deodorizer. This can help things stay smelling fresh and clean. Obviously, this is going to be important to not only you but everyone around you.


Typically, when you're choosing a gear bag you have to choose from one of two styles. We see a lot of options in a duffel bag style and there are quite a few in a backpack style. It is not frequently that we find one that offers both styles in one. The TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0 does.

If you find that you are walking or riding your bike to the gym you can easily put the shoulder straps on it. This will allow you to wear it like a backpack which is comfortable and convenient when traveling to the gym in a green way. Many consumers prefer this in the backpack style and they are happy with how easy it is to convert.

If you decide to use the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0 as a duffel bag it will still be comfortable to carry. It offers a long and padded shoulder strap or you can carry it by the shorter candles down on the back. Overall, this gives you very versatile use in style and carrying. Consumers are more than pleased with the fact that they can switch it up on a daily basis if they choose to.


The fighters carrying the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0 tend to be using it on a daily basis or at least, a few days a week. It is going to stand up to the challenge quite well. The construction and design of this product are both solid. You aren't going to have to worry about it bursting at the seams even when you have it packed full of gear.

We have noticed that the buckles are made of plastic. While there are no complaints from consumers of these areas breaking it is something to watch out for. Plastic buckles tend to get cracked very easily and may end up being a bit of a problem in the long run.

The TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0 uses heavy-duty zippers. Zippers are a point of come and contention with products in this category. They are, typically, lacking in durability. So, the fact that this brand is using a heavy duty zipper that you won't have to worry about falling apart is a pretty big advantage.


The sheer size of the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0 is one of its biggest advantages. You won't have to worry about whether or not all of the different pieces of gear and equipment that you need for training will fit in it or not. Customers don't find it to be overly bulky which is a bit surprising considering how large it is.

Additionally, it offers a few different pockets to help keep you organized. An important key to organization is being able to find the small items that you carry frequently. You will absolutely be able to separate these pieces out and find them quickly when you get to the gym.

Obviously, another big advantage of choosing the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0 is the fact that it is convertible. It's like you're getting two bags in one. Depending on your exact situation you will be able to find a comfortable and convenient way to transport this bag. It truly does work in everyone's favor.


It was pretty difficult to find true disadvantagesto the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0. Consumers are very happy with it, overall. It's nice to find products that you have to search for downfalls. Typically, they are very easy to see and they come in abundance.

This bag is lacking in breathability, however, this is not uncommon among products in this category. You will have to take the time to empty it out after each session to ensure that things get completely dry. This can be a bit of an inconvenience but most people can get past its due to the fact that there are so many other positives surrounding this product.

The only other possible negative is the fact that the buckles of the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0 are made from plastic. As noted, customers are not having issues currently with them breaking, however, it could be something that we see cropping up in the future. Overall, we don't feel as if you need to worry about this much since we aren't seeing any reports of it.


You will be getting an incredible value when you decide to invest in the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0. It is going to be extremely convenient to use. In addition, the amount of room that you will have with it is fantastic. Customers are truly in love with this option from TITLE Boxing.

The cost that is associated with it is pretty average. It may be a bit higher than others but this bag is of better quality. It is also more convenient than other bags due to the fact that it is convertible. You will not be taking a giant chunk out of your bank account if you decide that you want to call this bag your own.

Seeing the value of the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0 is not difficult. Looking over the variety of different features and aspects it is simple to weigh it out. The disadvantages are extremely minimal and shouldn't be issues that consumers get hung up on. Overall, choosing this option is a smart decision.

Bottom Line

Putting your hard-earned money and trust in this brand is very rarely a mistake. Once you get the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0 you will understand why so many people continuously go back to TITLE Boxing for all of their fight sport needs. When you are on the hunt for quality and reasonable prices they truly do have you covered.

Spending the time to really research and develop products is something that this brand excels that. You can see it in the fine details of this bag. They understand that life is busy and so the more convenient they can make their products the better it is for everyone.

Searching for the perfect gym bag can be difficult as many of them are much too small or they simply fall apart. Having one with ample storage space, a decent amount of organization options, and good durability doesn't have to be a dream. You can find all of it right here with the TITLE World Champion Sport Bag 2.0.