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The TITLE Boxing Zero-Impact Rair Air focus mitts are a coaches dream. They offer better shock absorption than most others and they are exceptionally comfortable. With a very thick layer of padding and extra protection around the fingers and wrists, you will be able to take blows from the heaviest hitters. In addition, they can handle knees and kicks with ease. Consumers are very impressed with how little they feel while wearing this option from TITLE. This brand is known for its top-quality items and this one fits right in. These mitts offer exceptional durability and some of the best materials around.

One aspect that people are really happy about, is the level of breathability that these offer to the wearer. It is surprising due to the fact this type of equipment is very rarely breathable. They are also exceptionally comfortable. In addition, they offer a stellar fit that will accommodate most hand sizes with ease. Adjusting them is also a cinch. It is nice that you don't have to worry about a difficult on and off process. These mitts were made to help you get through multiple training sessions with ease. You will be able to go from a beginner boxer to an advanced mixed martial artist without noticing much difference in how you feel. Overall, the coaches and sparring partners using these mitts are very happy with the level of protection, comfort, and performance that this option has to offer.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Handles Power Punchers Easily
  • Superior Impact Absorption
  • Stellar Fit
  • Solid Construction & Design
  • Top Quality Materials
  • More Breathable Than Most
  • Exceptionally Secure Fit
  • Good Wrist Protection
  • Pricey


Just over twenty years ago, TITLE Boxing started making a name for themselves. Today, their name is known on a global scale and for all the right reasons. They started out focused solely on boxers. Creating top performing gear and equipment to keep fighters well protected and comfortable during training sessions and competition. As the world of mixed martial arts started to gain footing, this brand started to expand their lines. Today they offer quality gear for people into Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Boxing, and other combat sports. When you are looking for great options in footwear, clothing, gloves, bags, and a variety of other training gear and equipment this brand will have exactly what you are looking for. They will provide you with durable options that will last through the most arduous training sessions. Whether you are a fighter, coach, or you just like to dabble in fight sports you will need stellar equipment to help you along the way. TITLE is a great place to find all of those needs.


It was not surprising to us to find that this brand has used Stellar materials in the makeup of this product. They are known for using high-quality materials that offer better durability than most others. As seen with many other options in this category the outer material is made from genuine leather. Keep in mind that not all leather is created equal and the type that this brand uses is better than most. There are also several layers of padding to keep you well protected during training sessions. The phone that they use is excellent at absorbing shock. This means that you're not going to feel as much when you are taking punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. There is a 2-inch strapping system that has velcro secured to it. This slides through a D-ring and helps to provide an exceptionally secure fit. There is extra padding at the wrist to help keep this area better protected and more comfortable. There are also mesh panels to help with the overall level of breathability. The inside material that is against your hands is a sweat-wicking fabric that also plays a part in keeping you cool and comfortable throughout your longest routines. Overall, customers are very pleased with the materials that were chosen to be used in this product.


The coaches and sparring partners that are wearing these mitts are very happy with the fit. This option offers a good level of adjustability so it will be able to accommodate a large variety of hand sizes. A typical problem in this type of item is that it is not well suited for exceptionally large hands. In addition, it can be quite difficult if you have very small hands to find a great fitting pair. What we are seeing from consumers in regards to the fit of this item is all positive. They have noted that regardless of if you have very large or very small hands this option is going to fit nicely. This is partially due to the good level of adjustability you'll find in the strapping system. It is also been said that the fit is quite snug. This is a good thing as you don't want your mitts to be shifting around or flying off while you are using them. The secure fit ensures that you should not sustain any injuries while training with fighters of any skill level.


These Mets offer better breathability than many other options that are currently available to you. This brand has done a good job and their research and development phase to ensure that you will get the coolest most comfortable environment for your hands. They use a special technology in the finger channels that they have patented and called Aerovent. This system helps to force air through the finger channels. In turn, it will keep your hands cooler and drier. In addition, they are going to be much more comfortable when you are working for hours in the gym or at home. For a trainer that works with a variety of different fighters is the fact that this mitt is breathable is a major advantage. More often than not items in this category do not breathe at all and leave you with a sweaty environment that becomes uncomfortable quickly.


This option gives you a stellar level of protection. You will not only be well protected in the fingers and hands but also in the wrists and at the back of your hands. Sometimes, a wayward blow can land somewhere unexpected and cause some serious damage. So, the fact that this has some extra padding at the back of the hand is a pretty nice feature that we don't oftentimes see. The phone that they use in this product is high-density and can seriously take a punch. Consumers have noted that it is quite stiff in the beginning but this is a good thing as it won't break down easily. Keeping your hands protected is exceptionally important in maintaining the ability to train with your fighters, day in and day out. The padding of this product also helps to keep the person you are working with safe. It is not overly hard and offers a nice cushion to all of the blows they will be delivering.


The people wearing this option are truly impressed with the level of comfort they are experiencing. There are several features built into this option to ensure that you maintain an optimal level of comfort. A big part of this goes to the improved breathability that this pair of mitts offers. When your hands are in a cool dry environment they are going to, obviously, be more comfortable. The adjustable fit also plays a big role and how comfortable these are. You won't have to worry about them sliding around and chasing your skin or causing blisters to occur. And addition, there won't be any worry of them flying off and leaving you open to a devastating injury. The superior shock absorption is another key element in how comfortable this item truly is. When you are taking hard hits and barely feeling it, naturally, you're going to feel better afterward. You will be able to spend long days in the gym training with these and go home feeling better than ever.


Consumers have noted that they feel this is an exceptionally lightweight option. We were unable to find the exact weight of these mitts, however, people are really impressed with how late they are. There have been several notes throughout the consumer reviews stating as much. It is impressive to us that these are so lightweight considering the fact that they are made of such high-quality materials. Typically, products made from genuine leather that uses high-density foam 10 to weigh a bit more. This can lead to added muscle fatigue as you work through sessions at the gym. Consumers have made no note of this being an issue with this product so we are confident and saying that they are lighter weight than other options that are currently available to you. Overall, we don't feel that the weight of these mitts will drag you down.


One advantage in this item that we don't see with others is the excellent breathability that it offers. Typically, when you're wearing this type of gear you just expect that you're going to be on hold due to the hot sweaty nature of them. That simply isn't the case here. With features built-in to help this item breath, you will be more comfortable than ever. Another advantage is the versatile fit that this product offers. Regardless of the size of your hands, you will find a secure fit. Obviously, when you don't have to worry about your protection flying off your hands it is an advantage. The top quality materials that this product is made of leads to exceptional durability. When you're making an investment into fight gear you want to know that it will be able to withstand heavy abuse. This item will stand up to your toughest challenges. Training with this item also offers large advantages to the fighter. They will be able to improve their performance on the whole when training with a pair of focus mitts like these ones.


We scoured through customer reviews looking for a few negative aspects of this product. We were, honestly, unable to find any. People are exceptionally impressed with every aspect of this item. They are easy to put on and take off and they will fit just about anyone. It is very rare to find a product that doesn't come with a list of disadvantages. It is not terribly surprising in this case when you take into consideration the brand that has brought them to fruition. TITLE Boxing truly cares about what they are putting out on the market and consistently do their best to exceed customer expectations. If anything negative were to be said about this item we were unable to find it. There is a slight possibility you may find them to be a bit bulky and cumbersome to move around from place to place. However, this is more of an inconvenience than a disadvantage. Overall, this item is exceptionally well-regarded among its users and it is very easy to see.


As with most options from this brand, these mitts are a bit pricey. Not every budget is going to be able to absorb the blow easily. If you can, however, you will not be disappointed. This item truly is a fantastic value. You'll be able to use them for years to come without worry of them falling apart or bursting at the seams. If you were going to make a slightly larger investment it's imperative that it's going to last you a long time and this item well. You will also have a great level of protection which is a requirement when you're coaching or participating in fight related sports. This item will keep you better protected than many others. Once you have given them a try we believe you will be able to easily see what an awesome value they truly are. In addition, it will be simple to understand why the price is slightly higher than others in the same category.

Bottom Line

Making the investment into this item will not be a mistake. After using them you will realize how much better your hands, fingers, and wrists feel. This option offers a better level of protection than many others and can help protect you from Wayward blows. They are quite adjustable which makes them suitable for just about anyone to wear. They will also give you a secure and comfortable fit that will breathe better than many others. This leads to a more comfortable environment for your hands. The combat sports participant that you are working with will also appreciate this option. They will have a nice striking surface that will absorb the impact of their blood leaving them feeling better as well. Overall this is a solid option that we are sure you will not be disappointed with after using them the first time and every time thereafter.