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Trideer Pro Grade gloves can lead you to achieve your goals with all your high-impact workouts and training sessions. These gloves will keep you well protected which in turn makes participating in boxing or MMA classes more enjoyable. They are exceptionally easy to maintain and will last you a very long time, as they are quite durable. The materials that are used help in terms of comfort, coolness, and dryness. They truly will help keep your hands comfortable. Even when you are in the gym or at home training for hours. The construction of them will also help keep your hands in a natural position. This type of alignment will aid in overall comfort and also help you with your technique. While this brand may be lesser known, it does not change the fact that they have come up with a really good product. They have spent the time and done the research to ensure you receive a glove that will perform above your expectations. Customers are very satisfied with these gloves. Trideer uses high-quality materials that are built to last. They keep you protected and won’t break the bank. What more could we ask for?

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very Affordable
  • Even Firmness In Padding
  • Good Wrist Support
  • Great Fit
  • Promotes Wrist Stability
  • Simple Care
  • Resists Unpleasant Smells
  • Sweat-Wicking Liner
  • Sizing Runs Small


Trideer has really started to make a name for themselves. They believe that whatever life brings there is a great solution to it. The commitment they give to making sure their customers are happy is unparalleled. They do this by truly listening to what customers have to say. This is the truth whether they have negative or positive things to mention as this brand believes true growth comes from constructive criticism. The products they make have all had a lot of time invested in them. This makes them better quality due to the attention to detail that we see in aspects like material quality and overall construction. They believe that working with your customer base will lead to better business and better products. We agree.


Customers are very pleased with the padding in this glove. It is nice and thick but not overly restricting. It is firm yet pliable and it feels great from the word to go. This glove is padded with foam and the type of foam they use offers a variety of aspects that will help you. It is resistant to moisture, corrosion from cleaning products, and offers great impact absorption. This type of foam also offers you firmness that is consistent throughout the glove. When you land a heavy blow you won't notice so much vibration and rebound because of the way the padding disperses shock. It will break in overtime but will not completely degrade for an extended period of time. This means you will get longer use out of these gloves.


The hook and loop style closure of this glove makes them simple to take on and off. You won't have to worry about finding someone to help you like you would if you were using gloves that laced up. They stay closed with a wide piece of Velcro. Not all velcro is created equal, however, this brand uses a high-quality option that you won't have to worry about coming loose. You may need to clean up them from time to time to ensure they retain their stickiness. The Simplicity of this closure system is something we are seeing more often and boxing gloves. It is also something customers really appreciate as when you are working out at home you may not always have somebody to help you put them on.


This glove will not only protect your knuckles and hands they will also help protect your thumbs and wrists. The foam used, as previously noted, is great at absorbing and dispersing shock. This helps keep your hands protected. Many gloves are truly lacking in wrist protection. Trideer has spent the time to ensure that is not the case with this glove. Keeping your wrists protected is important in ensuring you can participate in your training activities on a daily basis if you so desire. The thumb is completely enclosed which also adds to the level of protection that you receive. Not only are these gloves built to keep you safe but they are also going to help keep your sparring partner safe.


The overall fit of these gloves is very good. There have been a few reports from people feeling that the sizing runs a bit small but they are very far between. They fit snug but not so tight as to make your hands feel completely restricted and devoid of movement. They offer enough room that you can use wrist wraps if you choose to. This is not necessary but some people do prefer to wear them. Over time, the padding will break in a bit and you may find that they fit a little looser. This is not necessarily a bad thing unless you find that your hands are moving around a lot. If your hands move too much it can lead to blisters or raw areas on your skin. There are no reports of these gloves causing these issues but it is something you should be aware of.


More than likely, you will be extremely satisfied with the overall comfort that this glove provides. It's it's nicely on your hand and while it helps you maintain a natural punching position it does not completely restrict your movement. Many gloves available make it so you can't move your hands at all and people tend to not like that. They offer enough padding and support through the wrist to keep you protected but not so much that it is uncomfortable. There is also a liner inside of this glove that is silky and feels nice to the touch. It also helps keep your hands dry. You will be able to train in these gloves at home or in the gym for extended periods of time and maintain high levels of comfort with ease.


These gloves are a tremendous value. The value of an item is based on a variety of aspects. Not only will they help keep you and your partner safe they are also very comfortable. They'll fit great and are simple to take care of. When we think of value we often times think about the price of a product. In terms of price, these gloves are still a tremendous value. The price tag they carry is more affordable than most other options that are available to you. It's nice to know that quality was not sacrificed yet your bank account won't take a major blow when you decide to purchase them. Basically, anyone will be able to afford these gloves. For obvious reasons, customers love the fact that these gloves are so affordable and actually perform better than expected.


There are a variety of materials that are used in the construction of this boxing glove. The outside shell is made of synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is very durable and simple to care for. Some synthetic Leathers seem very much like plastic this one, however, does not. They are quite soft. As previously mentioned their padded with foam. there is a silky liner within the glove that helps keep moisture away from your hands. They also use a wide strip of velcro to keep them closed. All of the materials used in this glove are high-quality and built to last. They will not break down quickly, even when you use them on a daily basis. Overall, we are impressed with the materials used for this love.


This glove, in terms of breathability, could use some improvement. While they do include perforation in the Palm to help them breathe some it does not work as well as a mesh Palm. What this means for you is that your hands may be hotter while wearing these gloves then they may be with other options. This could also lead you to sweaty your hands and possible skin breakdown if you wear them for extended periods of time. This also becomes more prevalent if you spend excessive time training with a sparring partner or on bags. There are no major complaints from consumers about the breathability of these gloves. It is important to note, however, you may find that they are too hot for you.


You'll be able to use these gloves for a variety of activities and sports. They are best suited for boxing and kickboxing. You can use them for other disciplines within mixed martial arts, however, you will find them difficult to practice your grappling in. This is due to the fact that your fingers are completely enclosed and they will restrict the range of motion. When you are sparring these are a great glove to be wearing. In addition, they will work exceptionally well when training on a speed bag or during heavy bag sessions. The ease of use when taking them on and off makes them perfect for use in your home gym or in your local gym. It is easy to fit these gloves into your routine and people are satisfied with the multi-use that they get out of them.


These gloves come in a variety of Weights. You can order them in 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, or 16 oz weights. Many gloves also come in 8 oz variety, so they can be worn by kids or people with very small hands. This option is not currently available with these gloves. More often than not you will base the weight of your glove on your actual weight. Some people like to wear heavy bag gloves to train in so that during about, with lighter gloves, their speed increases. making sure to measure appropriately for your gloves will guarantee a great fit and improved comfort levels. The fact that these come in a good variety of weights is advantageous in ensuring your overall safety. While these are the standard weights for gloves it shows that this brand has spent the time to do the research and are providing you exactly what you need to succeed in your high impact fitness goals.


The quality of these gloves is very good. While they are made of synthetic leather which does not offer the same durability as real leather they are easier to take care of. They will last quite a long time. This is even true when you decide to train frequently. The materials Within These gloves are all high quality and resistance to break down. You'll be getting quite a bit of bang for your buck when you decide to go with this option by Trideer. When you participate in boxing or mixed martial arts the gloves you wear need to be able to take a serious punishment. These will stand up to the task better than you may expect. This brand may not be well known but they are producing superior products that will last you a great amount of time.


Keeping your gloves in great shape is necessary for your protection and comfort. It also plays a role in your health. These gloves, as previously mentioned, are made of synthetic leather. What this means for you is that you won't have to spend a lot of time using leather conditioners to ensure that your gloves stay in optimal shape. You'll be able to Simply wipe them down to keep the outsides clean and smelling good. You will want to allow them time to dry between uses and this will cut down on odors caused by sweat. These gloves easily maintain their shape. overall, customers are exceptionally satisfied with how simple it is to take care of these gloves. It will not take a lot of time or effort which is awesome because not many of us have either of those things to spare.

Bottom Line

When you are looking for a pair of boxing gloves to wear for a random Boxing class or daily for training these gloves are a good option. They are quite durable which will give you the good longevity of use. The materials they use truly will hold up to a beating. They will keep you and your sparring partner well protective and provide your hands and wrists with the support they need. The reasonable price tag makes giving them a try easy on your bank account. Simple maintenance will allow you to continue with the use of these gloves without needing to invest a lot of time. Overall, customers are very satisfied when they decide to purchase these. If you decide to give them a try we feel that you will also be quite satisfied and even surprised at how good they truly are.