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If you like to spend a lot of time outdoors and enjoy hiking, biking, running, or anything else, keeping yourself hydrated is essential. Thanks for products like the TRIWONDER 5L Hydration Vest, keeping water on you is super easy. This vest comes with either too small soft flasks or a water bladder and hose, depending on your choice. Whichever one you choose, you'll get the equivalent of 5 liters of water to take with you when you go.

Not only is this vast great for keeping water on you, but it has tons of pockets. Who doesn't love a lot of pockets? You can keep everything with you that you need from energy bars, healthy snacks, phone, keys, raincoat, and so much more. Customers love that they can keep all the essentials right within arm's reach. You can grab what you need without having to stop what you're doing.

Not only is this garment functional, but it is comfortable. The butterfly mesh materials ensure that it is breathable. Additionally, it uses moisture wicking Fabrics so you can stay dry. There are two size options you can pick from. Combine that with the many adjustable straps, and you're going to be able to get the perfect fit. This is essential for your overall comfort. Customers don't have to worry about the best bouncing around or your water sloshing about while you're running.

Overall, customers love this vast. It has an affordable price tag an adorable design, making it a fantastic value.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Adjustable fit

Two size options

Comes with bottles/bladder

Lots of pockets

Affordable cost



Limited color options


There are a plethora of reasons why you might want to wear a running vest like this. Most people wear it as a companion for marathon running, jogging, hiking, cycling, backpacking, and so much more. The TRIWONDER 5L Hydration Vest is full of lots of pockets and gives you an excellent fit so you can carry everything you want with you while still staying comfortable. Regardless if you choose to go with the water bladder or the two water bottles, you'll have the ability to carry about 5 liters of water with you.

This is ideal for some of your shorter trips. If you're going to need more water than that, if you're going to be out for long periods, you might want to consider something with the larger bladder. However, for you're shorter trips, this is going to be ideal.

The vest perfect for men, women, and children. No matter who you are or what you're doing, this vest is an excellent choice for all your adventures.


The TRIWONDER 5L Hydration Vest is created using butterfly mesh fabric. The elastic material can adapt to your body shape and handle all of your activities. It gives you a lightweight and comfortable feeling without the annoying bounce and slashing of your water as you're on the go.

The vest is extremely breathable, thanks to the mash materials, so you can be sure to stay cool and comfortable throughout your adventures. It'll let air flow freely through to prevent you from overheating. Additionally, it does use moisture-wicking fabrics, so you don't have to worry about being stuck in a weight vest all day. If it's a warm day outside and you are sweating a lot or if you get stuck in the rain, the best will help you stay dry. If it does get wet, it dries quickly, which is always a bonus.

Water Bottles

When you purchase this running vest, you'll be happy to know that it comes with your choice of a water bladder or soft flasks. Regardless of the one you choose, it is made out of 100% BPA and PVC free TPU so you will be sure to have a tasteless sip of water.

Customers appreciate the fact that they have a choice on how they're staying hydrated. Some customers prefer the water bladder so they can just take a sip from the hose without having to use their hands. The length of the tube is 3.44 feet, making it the perfect length, so it doesn't get in the way, but it's easy to reach. Additionally, it is effortless to fill. The end opens up and seals tightly so you don't have to worry about a leak, but you get the convenience of easy filling.

However, if you opt for the soft water bottle, you're actually going to receive two of them. The hydro flasks each hold 450 mL of water. They measure at 27 cm by 8.8 cm (10.6 in by 3.46 in), and they weigh 36 grams (1.27 Oz). Customers like these bottles because they're easy to use and small enough to fit in the pockets of the vast without wearing them down too much. Additionally, they are super easy to fill and to drink from.


Who doesn't love pockets? The TRIWONDER 5L Hydration Vest is loaded with them, which customers love. The vest is designed with a lot of pockets which are within Arm's Reach, keeping everything that you need easy to get to while you're out and about. There are pockets for your water bottles, phone, healthy snacks, energy bars, and much more right in the front of the vest. If you choose the one with the water bladder, it'll easily fit into the back pocket, and then you could run the hose up over your shoulder for convenience.

The vest features a waist pocket, which is great for some of your smaller things like a thin poncho or raincoat. You also find a key hook, which is great for storing your key, so you don't lose them while you're out and about. It's nice to know that your keys are safely secured to a hawk that it is attached right to the vest.

The pockets on the front that hold your water bottles have an elastic rope that you can wrap around it to secure the bottle. This is going to help prevent the container from shaking and bouncing around while you're running, which can lead to annoyance and discomfort.


Customers can agree that the TRIWONDER 5L Hydration Vest is exceptionally comfortable. The adjustable straps and short design make sure you're going to have the perfect fit every time you wear it. You aren't going to have to worry about your vest bouncing with every step you take, as long as you are securing it's your body and taking advantage of adjustability.

Additionally, the mesh fabric is a significant contributor to the overall comfort level. As mentioned above, the vest is highly breathable, which helps keep you cool and dry while you are out and about. After all, if you are stuck in a damp garment and are overheating, you're not going to be comfortable at all.


Even though the vest is adjustable and has a variety of straps to get a more customizable fit, it does still come in two different sizes. This is going to help you achieve a better fit for optimal comfort.

You can choose from medium-large, which is great for chest size is 83 - 92 cm (32.7 to 36.2 in). If you need something a little larger, you can opt for the large extra-large size. This is ideal for chest sizes 89 to 98 cm (35 to 38.6 in).

The sizes are based on the chest circumference, so you can just take a quick measurement around your chest to get a good idea of which size you should order.


The TRIWONDER 5L Hydration Vest has a versatile style and design so you can have everything that you need for your adventures within arm's reach. The vest has mesh shoulder straps as well as breathable mesh on the lower back. Additionally, it features flexible seeming and an invisible water outlet for your water bladder. There are numerous pockets on the front of the best for you to store your Essentials. Additionally, you're going to find waist pockets and a pouch in the back for your bladder.

A lot is going on in this vest, but every part of it is there for a reason. The hydration vest comes in three different colors so you can pick one that you like the best. If you want something neutral that goes with anything, you can choose black and blue. However, if you want something fun and a pop of color you can go with mint blue or red-orange.

Regardless of the color, you choose you'll find Printing and reflective detailing on both the back and the front of the vest. This is there to help keep you safe in low light conditions.

No, it isn't the most stylish running vest, but it's functional and comfortable.


The TRIWONDER 5L Hydration Vest offers a fantastic fit for optimal comfort. It has a shorter design so you can achieve a closer fit and to prevent it from bouncing around and slashing your water about. Sometimes it can be hard to achieve a snug enough fit with the longer vests, that's why this one is so great.

Additionally, it comes with two adjustable sternum straps as well as nine fixed positions. This is going to allow you to adjust the vest the way you need to for a customizable fit. It's great for just about anybody type and figure since you can personalize the way the garment fits through the multitude of straps.


When you're spending time outdoors, especially in low visibility conditions, you need to make sure that you're taking certain safety precautions. It is extremely important that you are staying visible to passersby when you are adventuring in low light places. Whether heading out at dawn, dusk, or overcast days reflective gear is a must.

There is good news for those who wear the TRIWONDER 5L Hydration Vest. It comes with a decent amount of reflective accents. I'm both the front and the back of the vest you'll find detailing that will reflect easily when the lighting is low, ensuring that you're staying safe and seen while you're out and about.

You may also want to consider pairing the vest with additional reflective gear or lights if you're going to be spending a lot of time outdoors after dark.


The TRIWONDER 5L Hydration Vest has a very reasonable price tag, especially when you're comparing it to other hydration packs on the market. Not only are you going to get a durable vest that is loaded with pockets, but you're also going to get either two water bottles or a water bladder, depending on which one you choose. When you combine the functionality, high quality, and affordable price tag, then you have a winner. Customers can appreciate the great value of this vest.

Bottom Line

If you're in the market for an all-around excellent hydration vest, then you've come to the right place. The TRIWONDER 5L Hydration Vest Makes a great budget-friendly option for those seeking a product like this. It comes with either two soft flask water bottles or a single water bladder and hose. The choice is yours, how you want to stay hydrated is up to you. Regardless of the option, you'll have the ability to carry 5 liters of water with you on your adventures.

Customers love the affordable price tag and the high durability of this vest. This means that it's great for athletes on a budget and can't afford the high-end hydration vests. Not only is it affordable and durable, but it's incredibly comfortable as well. The Garment features mesh materials throughout, so it stays breathable, keeping you cool and comfortable while you're out and about. Additionally, it offers moisture-wicking Fabrics so you can stay dry. If you do get wet, then it's going to dry quickly. There's no need to worry about being stuck and damp running gear.

Overall, customers love this vest. There are a couple of different color options that you can choose from so you can pick something that best fits your personality. It has an affordable price tag with amazing durability. And it has tons of pockets for storage. What's not to love?