Twins Curved Focus Mitts Review

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The Twins Curved Focus Mitts have a well thought out design. They offer a great level of protection. In addition, they offer better levels of comfort than many others. This is partly due to the fact they the breathability is better than most. When your hands stay cool and dry you will, naturally, be more comfortable. The excellent protection that they offer is not only for your hands but also for your wrists. Consumers are impressed with how well this item stands up to constant abuse. With durable and high-quality materials, this item should easily be able to last you for years to come.

When you are coaching boxers and mixed martial artists you will need to acquire several pieces of protective gear. This item will offer you that protection and versatile training for your partner or the person you are coaching. The design will allow you to easily transport these mitts. This means you will be able to use them in your home gym, with your coach, or in the local gym with your sparring partner. You won't have to worry about them flying off while in use. This is an obvious advantage as it means you won't have to worry about sustaining injuries. Overall, the people training with and wearing this pair of focus mitts are very happy with the quality and performance of them.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Quality
  • Stellar Customer Reviews
  • Superior Durability
  • Nice Fit
  • Quite Comfortable
  • Good Breathability
  • Great Internal Grip
  • Very Expensive
  • Small Striking Surface
  • Not Suitable For XL Hands


For more than twenty years the Twins Special brand has been giving fighters everything they need to become their best in their chosen combat sport. With options in clothing, gloves, punching bags, protective equipment, and more you will be able to find everything you need. This brand focuses on all things fight-related. This brand is a leader in the industry. They have worked hard to become as such. With constant innovation and improvement in their product lines, people from across the world have really taken a shine to their items. You won't be disappointed when you put your trust and your hard earned money into products produced by the Twins Special brand. Overall, coaches, fighters, and everyday active people are very happy with the performance and durability of the items they have gotten from this company. In addition, they want to make sure you are satisfied with your purchases and are always there to help correct an issue should one arise.


As we looked over the materials that are involved in the making of this product we were not surprised to find that they are all exceptional quality. As with most other top options the outer material of this product is made from genuine leather. Genuine leather is a bit harder to take care of but it does offer great durability. You'll be able to use these mitts for years to come regardless of how many people are taking their turn abusing them. There is a padded strap located at the wrist area of this item. It improves the fit and comfort of it. They use several inches of foam padding to provide a great level of shock absorption and protection. The peace that you will put your hand inside is made of genuine leather, as well. It is open at the fingers to help the level of breathability. Overall, customers are impressed with the quality of materials seen in this item.


The fit of this item is not as secure as others you may have tried on in the past. This is due to the fact that there is not an adjustable strap located at the wrist. It has been noted by consumers, however, that the fit is quite snug. So, the likelihood of these flying off while using them is exceptionally low. In addition, if you have very large hands you may not be able to fit them into this item easily. If you do manage to get them on they may not be the most comfortable. In fact, they could cut off your circulation which could lead to some major problems. For the most part, these Mets are going to fit most people fairly well. Due to the fact that they are made from genuine leather, they will have a bit of stretch and after you break them in it is likely that the fit will be even better.


This item is one of the more breathable options that are available to you. This is due to the fact that your fingers will be exposed while you are wearing it. This does not mean that you will not be well protected. Your hands will be shielded by the large piece of foam that is used for the Striking surface. Keep in mind, a wayward blow could hit you in your fingers or the back of the hand and caused an injury. This is unlikely, however, it is possible. Many Brands put a hood over the top of your fingers to add some protection but it seriously limits the level of breathability. This item doesn't do that and it's why they breathe so well. Your hands will be cooler and more comfortable while wearing this option than they would be with many others. When your hands are less sweaty and cooler you'll be able to last through more training sessions which is a major advantage to the people that you are working with.


The padding used in this item is going to offer you a high level of protection. It is excellent at absorbing impact which means your body will be taking less shock. With a reduction of shock, you will notice that your muscles and joints are less sore and you won't fatigue as easy. There is not a lot of protection for your hands, fingers, and rests at the back of this meant, however, as long as the strikes are hitting the target zone you won't need to worry about it. The size of this item offers ample wrist protection. This is a feature that we don't always see in focus mitts but it's one that is seriously important. Sustaining an injury to the wrist can take you away from your fighters and your chosen combat sport for a good long time. Overall, people are very pleased with the level of protection they are getting when using this item. It also will help to keep your fighter protected as they unleash a variety of combinations on these pads.


The people using this item feel that they are very comfortable. The level of breathability that they offer plays a big role in this. Naturally, when you're cooler you're going to be more comfortable. The fit is secure but it is not overly tight for those of you that have small or average sized hands. This also plays a big role and how comfortable they are. Keep in mind that if you do have large hands you may find that these are too tight and quite uncomfortable. The break-in time for this item is a bit longer than most and this means that your level of comfort may not be the best in the beginning. With some time and some use, this product will become exponentially more comfortable. Leather is good at conforming to your hands. So, if you are not sharing this product with other people eventually they will feel like they were made it just for you. Another aspect that plays a role in comfort is the grip on the inside of the palm. This is a feature that we don't see in every pair of focus mitts but it's one that we should always be looking for.


We were unable to find the exact weight of this item by Twins. The people who are wearing them have noted that they find them to be exceptionally lightweight. They are not overly bulky and you won't feel like you're dragging your hands through the air. Keeping your gear lightweight is imperative in your ability to continue to train hard throughout every training session you have on the books. There is a large variety of protective equipment that you will likely be wearing while working with a boxer or a mixed martial artist. The lighter all of these options are the better. While the exact weight is unknown we feel it is a safe bet that these are one of the lighter options in the market today. Twins have done a great job in the Construction and design of this item so it makes it easy to believe that they would take the weight of them into consideration.


We feel as if one of the biggest advantages of using this pair of focus mitts as compared to others is the excellent level of breathability. You truly will be more comfortable and training with this option for long hours. Typically, if you are involved in combat sports it comes with a lot of hours spent in the gym wearing bulky equipment that can make you exceptionally hot and sweaty. The fact that this item breathes so well well allow you to work longer and harder which, in turn, will help to improve you and your fighters performance. The contoured design of this item is also an advantage. It will help your fighter improve their hand-eye coordination as well as their accuracy. It is also more comfortable for the person that is wearing them. Overall, these are only a couple of the advantages and using this item but they are some of the most prominent ones.


There aren't too many disadvantages associated with this product. In fact, one of the things that people are complaining about can be looked at as an advantage depending on how you see it. This is concerning the fact that the striking surface of this product is quite small. These pads are not exceptionally bulky and this means they are also lightweight. A small striking surface can lead to Wayward blows that don't land where they are supposed to and could leave you with an injury. However, a small striking surface also means that your Fighters accuracy is going to be seriously improved. The only other thing that customers aren't thrilled about is that if you have very large hands you will likely need to look for the different option. The fit of this product is very snug and there is no adjustability so extra large hands are going to have an issue.


The cost associated with this product is astronomical. You can find Focus mitts that are equally good in terms of quality but for a more affordable price. Many budgets are not going to be able to absorb the blow easily. If you do decide that this is the exact pair that you want it is likely you're going to need to save up a bit of money to call them your own. With that being said they are a solid option that will provide you with years worth of use. You will have excellent protection and you won't have to worry about them falling apart. There are very few disadvantages associated with this item. This is an advantage and plays a role in determining the overall value of this item. It can be hard to pinpoint the True Value but we feel that this item has a better-than-average one. Overall, customers are very pleased with the performance of this item.

Bottom Line

Putting your trust and money into this brand and this product, in particular, will not be a disappointment. Yes, they are quite expensive, however, we are sure you will be happy with them once you start using them. When you are knowingly going to get years worth of use out of something it makes it a bit easier to absorb the impact of a high price tag. The level of protection that you get while using this item is better than many other of the cheaper options. All of the reviews on this item are consistently good and the downfalls that are associated with it are barely an inconvenience. You'll be able to easily take care of this item and know that it's going to hang in there with you through the toughest of training sessions.