Twins Special Competition Guards Review

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The Twins Special Competition Guards will give your shins a high-level of protection. This is excellent when you are into fight sports like Muay Thai, Karate, Kickboxing, and other mixed martial arts disciplines that involve kicking. You will not only have shin protection but you will also have foot protection. Fighters are pleased with the protection they are getting. In addition, you won't have to worry about them slipping. The secure fit and closure system will ensure this for you. Wearing protective gear can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. So, the fact that this item is reported to be comfortable is very much appreciated by the people wearing them.

Another area that fighters get frustrated is in putting their protective gear on. It takes a lot of time and this, obviously, keeps you away from training longer, even if only for a few minutes. This option won't slow you down. The fast and easy to use velcro closures are secure and quick to put on and take off. You will get a great level of comfort and exceptionally easy use when deciding to go with these shin guards. Twins have done a great job in the materials they have chosen for this option. They are very durable. Additionally, fighters are happy with the strap that goes under their foot. It won't dig in and will keep these secure.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Genuine Leather Outer
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Won't Slide Out Of Place
  • Secure Closure
  • Slim Design
  • Handmade
  • Good For Sparring & Competition
  • Expensive
  • Buckle Durability Issues
  • May Need Ankle Support


Almost thirty years ago, the Twins Special brand came to be. All of their products are handmade in Thailand. Handmade items tend to be higher in quality and their products prove this. They offer a plethora of gear and equipment that can help to keep you feeling, looking, and performing your best. When you need top-notch items made from excellent materials that will last quite some time you can look toward Twins. There are a variety of options in gloves, protective gear, punching bags, and other items that you will need throughout your fight training. The options that they offer do tend to have higher price tags but this is due to the better quality that is seen. Overall, fighters, fitness enthusiasts, and everyday active people put their trust in this brand because they have worked hard to deserve it. When you invest in their products you will likely be pleased with the durability, design, and overall performance that you experience.


All of the materials used in this option are impressive. They are durable and truly built to last. The outer material is made from genuine leather. This is a common item as it offers an incredible feel and excellent longevity of use. There is also a layer of high-density foam padding. This is what is used to keep you well protected while wearing these shin guards. You will be able to easily secure them with the velcro hook and loop style closures. There are two straps located on the back of these shin guards that will ensure they stay in place. The only other material you're really going to come into contact with is the elastic strap that will go under your foot. Obviously, this is to ensure that the foot protection stays in place while you are working on your kicks and while you are down on the mat grappling. Overall this brand has done an excellent job at choosing materials that perform well.


The reviews concerning fit are consistently good. This option offers quite a bit of a just ability so you will be able to find the fit that you are looking for. In addition, there are three different sizes available. You can get this item in small, medium, or large. This will help to accommodate just about every sized fighter. Consumers have mentioned that the velcro straps offer great sticking power. On occasion, you'll want to make sure that they are free of debris so that they don't come loose while in use. Consumers have also mentioned that they're pretty impressed with the elastic strap that goes under the foot. With some options, the elastic they use is too tight and we'll dig into your foot to making them exceptionally uncomfortable. That won't happen with these. These three features all help to give you an exceptionally secure fit that won't slide around.


You won't get the very best level of breathability with this option. This is partly due to the fact that the outer shell is made from genuine leather. While genuine leather is exceptionally durable it does not offer any breathability. One facet that will work in your favor is that the back of your calf will basically be exposed while wearing this item. Obviously, the more skin you have shown the cool or you are going to be. Consumers have mentioned that this item does not breathe very well which can lead to some exceptionally sweaty legs. Overall, we don't wear protective shin guards due to the level of breathability we look for the ones that are going to offer the most protection. So, the fact that this item is not the most breathable option available to you should not be a deal-breaker. You won't be exceptionally cool while wearing them but you will be well protected which should outweigh this minor aspect.


When you are looking for a higher level of protection this could be the perfect option. Twins have spent the time to develop a product that will keep your shins, as well as, the tops of your feet while protected. It starts with the layer of genuine leather. Genuine leather can stand up to some serious abuse and does offer a bit of impact absorption. What is more important, however, is that the high-density foam padding that they use. It is excellent at absorbing shock. This means that when you take a devastating kick to the shin you're not going to feel it nearly as much. In addition, you won't have to worry about sustaining terrible bruises or abrasions. Overall, customers are very happy with the level of protection that this product provides. You'll be able to use it regardless of the level of fighter that you are working with. Keep in mind this item will also help to keep your sparring partner while protected.


You'll experience a fairly high level of comfort when you are sporting this product. There are several aspects built in to ensure a great level of comfort. It starts with the materials that were chosen. They are all quite adjustable and offer a comfortable fit. One part that plays a major role in this is the elastic that goes under your foot. You won't have to worry about it digging in or becoming uncomfortable even throughout your longest training routines. Another aspect that plays a big role in your comfort is the strapping system. You'll be able to loosen and tighten them to ensure you get a secure fit and the level of comfort you are looking for. You'll be quite pleased with the padding they use in this item as it absorbs shock and also helps to keep you comfortable during wear. Keep in mind, this is not the most breathable items so that can decrease the level of comfort you have while wearing this option but it should not impact it dramatically.


This item, as a pair, weighs in at just under one and a half pounds. This is fairly average for items in this category. Honestly, when you are wearing an item that is this lightweight you're barely even going to notice that it's on. Obviously, this is great news for your performance. When you're wearing a lot of protective gear it can truly weigh you down and slow you down. This could lead you to a loss that you wouldn't typically have. So, keeping your gear light is imperative to performing at your top level. This brand has done a good job of using materials that are not only durable but also lightweight. Typically, items made from genuine leather are a bit heavier and so the fact that this one is not is a nice feature. Overall, customers are very happy with the weight of this item and feel that they have done a great job and keeping you well protected, comfortable, and not weighed down.


We would have to say that the biggest advantage of choosing this item is the great level of protection you will get. Obviously, we wear protective gear so that we're not sustaining injuries. The fewer injuries you sustained the longer you'll be able to train and the better you will become, overall. Another advantage of choosing this item is the exceptional durability that it offers. Made up of top quality materials this item can truly withstand the abuse that comes along with Combat Sports training. Customers are also very pleased with the level of adjustability this product has. Not only will you be able to choose your perfect size but then you'll be able to adjust it for your perfect fit. Overall, these are only a few of the many advantages of wearing shin protection during sparring sessions. As you use this item, you will find even more advantages to using it.


There really are not too many disadvantages associated with this product. It's nice to find that there are some options available in the market today that don't come with a plethora of downfalls. Some consumers have mentioned that you might want to wear ankle supports or sleeves underneath the shin guards. This is because there is limited protection where the crease of the ankle is. The only other issue that customers have had has to do with the durability of the plastic D-ring that the velcro strap will slide through. Due to the fact that its plastic, it is susceptible to Breaking. This is especially true if you take a strike in this area. There are not a ton of complaints regarding this and it does not seem to be a common issue, however, it is something that has been mentioned a couple of times. Overall, these are more inconveniences than true disadvantages but should be thought about before making your choice.


Consumers feel as if this product is a good value. It is important to keep in mind that this option is quite expensive. Some people may have to spend a bit of time-saving up their funds to call this item their own. For many people the price can take away a lot of the value of an item, however, when dealing with protective equipment it only plays a small role. Making an investment in your safety and health is not a bad thing. As with most items the more you invest the better the quality of the item. You'll get exceptional durability of use when you use these shin guards. They are all built from great materials and the stitching is solid. Handmade quality really can make a difference and it does in this item. Overall, this item is going to be quite valuable to all levels of Fighters due to the great protection that it offers.

Bottom Line

When you are looking for an excellent piece of protective equipment looking toward this brand is never a bad idea. They use excellent technology and pay very close attention to detail. The fit of this product is fantastic. You'll be able to find a secure and structured set of shin guards that will keep you very well protected. They are not going to break down easily. This is even true when you are training with them on a daily basis with advanced fighters. It is true, the cost is a bit higher and this will play its role in whether or not you can call these your own, however, they are well worth the investment. Overall, the fighters that are training with this option are not only recommending them to their fellow combat sports enthusiasts they're also using them on a frequent basis. Once you give them a try we are fairly certain you will not be disappointed with any aspect of them.