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Twins Special gloves are truly versatile. They offer options that you can use for competition or training. You will be getting a genuine leather glove. This gives you some great durability of use. Made in Thailand, every detail of this glove has been scrutinized over. From the stitching to the padding this glove is made to perform. When you spend long hours training with your coach, sparring partner, or working the bags you need a glove that will keep you protected and feeling great for the next round. This glove can do that. They are simple to put on and take off. This means you will be able to use them at home just as easily as at the gym. Beginners to advanced fighters can use these gloves with the assurance that they will keep you from injury and help you progress through your training. They are shaped to ensure proper punching technique and will help your wrist maintain its alignment. This helps decrease the risk of injury. Customers rate these gloves quite well and honestly, we are not surprised. Twins have been in the game a long time and know what it takes to produce high-quality options that last.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Genuine Leather Outer
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Trusted Brand
  • Hand-Made In Thailand
  • Quality Construction
  • Great Shock Absorption
  • Durable Wear
  • Vast Color Variety
  • Pricey
  • Tight Fit In Beginning


The Twins name is synonymous with boxing and fight sports alike. They have been trusted for generations by fighters all over the globe. With superior quality, their items will stay with you through the toughest sessions at the gym. From fitness classes to advanced Capoirera they have the equipment you need to stay protected and focused on your goals. Whether you need a mouthguard, gloves, clothing, or accessories they have everything you need. With a variety of different lines, it should be simple to find the products you need all while staying in your budget. This brand stands behind their products and they continue to research and innovate. This allows them to stay a leader in the world of combat sports. You can rest assured that when you go with this brand you will be receiving top quality products that will perform better than you expect them to.


The padding of this glove is several layers thick. It is made up of high-quality foam that offers great protection from devastating impact. The reduction of shock on your body will keep your hands, knuckles, wrists, and thumbs feeling great. This, in turn, allows you to train more frequently and for longer intervals. This foam is shaped to keep your hand in the proper punching position. There is not as much worry about injury because of this stellar form helper. It is important to note that customers have stated the foam in this glove is very stiff in the beginning. While this may be true, it does not take away from the great quality and form that this glove uses as padding.


You will be using a simple hook and loop style closure when you decide to buy these gloves. This is very common among items in this class. The advantage to a simple closure such as this one is the fact that you will be able to take them on and off with ease. When you use a lace-up style closure it can require help to put them on and take them off. This can be very difficult or even impossible for those that like to work out at home. There is a large piece of Velcro at the end of the strap that secures this glove. As long as you keep it clean you won’t have to worry about your glove slipping off. If you do notice build-up in your Velcro you will want to clean it out. If your glove slips because of an insecure closure you could sustain unnecessary injuries.


Your hands will be extremely well-protected when you wear these heavy bag gloves. The padding used is firm and gives better protection than many others. This is also due to the fact that they use premium foam and several layers of it. The thumb of this glove is attached to the mitt which helps keep your hands in proper punching position. This proper position will alleviate the worry of twisting your thumb while practicing. You will have enough protection to use these gloves on a heavy bag without paying for it for days to come. Your wrist will also gain proper alignment while wearing these gloves. This will help you avoid injury. Thumb and wrist injuries are some of the most common among fighters. These two features will help you avoid them quite easily. Overall, consumers are thrilled with the level of protection these gloves provide.


Customers find these gloves to be quite snug in the beginning. This is pretty typical of boxing gloves. They are not stating that they are overly tight to the point of causing pain or pressure areas. It may, however, be difficult to fit wraps under them until they have broken in some. It has been oftentimes stated that as these gloves break in the fit becomes perfect. The closure offers a bit of adjustability in the wrist which plays a major role in how a glove feels and fits. In addition, the inside of this glove offers enough room for a bit of wiggle but not so much that your gloves are sliding around. If you find your gloves have a lot of movement on your hands you may end up sustaining blisters or raw rubbed areas. In this regard, a slightly tight fit is perfect and something you should be looking for not trying to avoid.


As with most gloves, these ones do not become truly comfortable until you have used them for a while. We previously mentioned that in the beginning, these gloves are a bit snug. This is not usually to a level of discomfort and if you find that it is you may not have ordered the correct size. You will have a decently comfortable glove in the beginning but as you break them in they become more and more comfortable. This will make long hours pounding on the heavy bag easier than before. In fact, the level of comfort you get from them will make all your training exercises more enjoyable. It has been said by customers time and again that these gloves are very comfortable and as time goes on they only get better.


Wanting these gloves will mean paying a bit more for them. The price will not be easily afforded by all budgets. In fact, some people won’t be able to afford them at all. There are absolutely gloves available to you that are cheaper, however, there are also many that are more expensive. This glove’s cost is only slightly higher than average when you consider the quality and durability you are getting with them. We can not solely base value on the price of a product, however. This glove will give you a great fit, excellent comfort, and superior protection. These things play their part in the value. Consumers feel as if this is a truly exceptional value when you start to compare these gloves with others available. We agree that Twins has produced a stellar glove that you really can’t go wrong with.


All of the materials used in this glove are of a very high caliber. The outside shell and wrist strap are covered with genuine leather. Genuine Leather is much more durable than synthetic leather. Synthetic leathers are commonly used and they have their place but when looking for the best materials, real leather is the way to go. This glove also has several layers of dense, high-quality padding. This padding offers a great feel and even better protection. The closure, as previously mentioned, is secured with a large swath of Velcro. The materials in this glove are all quite common. That does not mean that there are varying degrees of material quality. You know that when you buy a Twins product you will be getting some of the best materials around. This glove proves it.


You will, unfortunately, not be getting the most breathable glove available. Many gloves in the market today offer a mesh palm for added breathability. This glove, however, does not. There are a few holes in the palm to improve the ventilation but overall this glove lacks breathability. Honestly, most customers expect this as boxing gloves are not known for being exceptionally breathable. The leather palm is more durable than a mesh palm and why so many gloves still use this ventilation style. So, what this means for you is that your hands may be a bit hotter and a touch sweatier when wearing these. Most people can get past this easily as they are getting such a good and durable glove when they choose this one.


These gloves will suit you for a variety of different scenarios. Those that like to participate in fitness classes that require gloves, boxers, Muay Thai fighters, and anyone that requires full coverage protection for their hands will be able to use these gloves. They will not be great for grappling practice as you will have very restricted movement in your hands and thumbs. So, you will be able to use these in any of the above categories with ease. In terms of your routine, they will be well suited for heavy as well as speed bag work. You can also use them during mitt training with your coach. They will do well during sparring sessions. Overall, you can use this glove for almost anything. Twins also state that they will work well in competitions. There are no comments from customers about this but it is likely a solid option.


When looking for stellar quality you can always count on Twins to oblige. These gloves are comprised of the highest quality materials available. From the leather to the stitching it is quite obvious that you are getting a top-notch glove. So many gloves nowadays are made very cheap and this leads to quickly busting seams or the shredding of the protective foam. You won’t see either of those problems with these gloves. They are very durable and built to last. Even when you hit the gym on a daily basis, these gloves will hang tough. The construction and design are flawless and leads to superior quality over many others. Twins brand has been doing this for a long time so trusting them to create a great boxing glove is an easy thing to do.


Due to the fact that these gloves are made with real leather, they will take a bit more effort in terms of caring for them. Many gloves that are currently available are made of synthetic leather. While this is a decent material it does not offer the same longevity. People like it because it is much easier to maintain. With genuine leather, you will need to take the time to clean and condition them to ensure you get a great lifespan out of them. You will also want to make sure to let them dry completely between uses. This takes a bit longer because these gloves are not exceptionally breathable. Overall, they are pretty easy to care for. If you need a great glove that will last a vast amount of time and you have the time to put in the care, this is a great fit.

Bottom Line

Working these gloves into your budget may be a bit difficult but for a very good reason. Due to the longevity of use that you will get out of them, it makes the price tag a bit easier to handle. You will be getting a glove that truly protects your hands, knuckles, fingers, and wrists. They are also quite comfortable and provide a good fit. You will be able to find a color to suit your preference and they will allow you to participate in a variety of activities. If you truly love combat sports, you can’t go wrong by choosing the Twins Special. They are very well rated and customers are very pleased with the performance of this glove. Overall, customers are satisfied with them and what they offer. If given the chance, we believe you will be too.