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The Under Armour SC30 shorts brings you a fantastic pair of quality basketball shorts that customers love. They feature everything that you would expect from the UA brand. They are super comfortable, moisture-wicking, and offer a true to size fit. One of the things that many consumers can appreciate about the product is that they have hand pockets. This means that you can bring some of the essentials with you while you are working out. Taking your cell phone along for music is possible without the need for an armband.

The bottoms are available in a wide array of colors and sizes so they can accommodate many customers. They are available in sizes small through 5X. It is always nice when you can find athletic clothing in plus sizes. After all, they need workout clothes just like everyone else.

Overall, customers love this product. The Under Armour SC30 shorts are ideal for a lot of your workout needs. Best of all, they are from a brand you know and trust.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Durable construction

Hand pockets

Adjustable waistband

Soft and comfortable

Moisture-wicking materials


Thick fabric

Seams are uncomfortable

Performance features are lacking


Under Armour is a household name. You would be hard-pressed to find an athlete, regardless of their level, that hasn't at least heard of this brand. They have been producing high-quality sports gear since 1996. It all started with a shirt known as The Shorty. It was a soft, skin-tight, and stretchy top, but most importantly, it could wick away moisture like nothing else available at that time. It swept your sweat away faster than the competitor's garments, keeping customers dry, cool, and light.

Later they decided to expand their brand to reach a more extensive array of athletes. They developed Hotgear and Coldgear to help keep you cool or warm, respectively. They had something for just about any temperature so you could get up and go without worrying about the weather.

It wasn't until 1999 when they got their big break. They were signed to feature their gear in the Oliver Stone movie Any Given Sunday. The football team in the film wore UA accessories and apparel, and athletes took notice. While still experiencing the hype from the movie, they decided to take it a step further. The UA team took out a half-page ad in the ESPN magazine, which helped to boom the business.

Eventually, they became the official supplier of the NHL and signed licensing deals with MLB and USA Baseball as well as major retail partners.

It's been a long journey, but one that paid off. Under Armour boxers became a phenomenon in the sports world. Athletes everywhere wanted their superior gear. They produce high quality and functional clothing for their customers.


When you are heading out for a training session, you want to try to make sure you are finding the right apparel for the task at hand. There are so many options when it comes to athletic shorts, it can be hard to know what is right for your preferred activity.

The Under Armour SC30 shorts are great for a lot of physical activities. However, they might not be ideal for everything. The intended use is for basketball players. They are a little longer than some other shorts and have a thicker construction that suits that sport much better than others. Additionally, the bottoms make a decent choice for your typical gym or at-home workouts.

However, they might not be the best suited for activities such as running, weightlifting, or other cardio workouts. The longer length and thick fabric can hinder your movements in certain activities. Yes, of course, you can wear them for any activity, but you will find better garments that will fit your needs better.

There are a handful of customers who don't even wear these shorts for their training sessions. They are comfortable enough that people prefer wearing them around the house on their lazy days. Others opt to wear them to bed while they sleep. The possibilities are endless.


The Under Armour SC30 shorts consist of 100% polyester. This is extremely common in the construction of sports legging apparel. You would be hard-pressed to find a quality piece of athletic clothing that doesn't contain mostly polyester. No, it is not the most breathable material out there; that title goes to cotton. However, the use of this synthetic material just works better for this type of garment.

Polyester has a superior durability thanks to the tight-knit and synthetic construction. Not only is it stronger and will hold up better, but it is also hydrophobic. This is one of the best reasons you should be wearing this fabric when working out. It wants to stay dry just about as much as you do. It aids in wicking away moisture as it doesn't want to absorb your sweat. If it does happen to get wet the material is fast drying, unlike cotton, which retains moisture.


It is important in your sports shorts that you find something that is breathable so you can stay as comfortable as possible. When you are working up a sweat, you want to be able to stay cool enough that you will be relatively comfy. You don't want the lack of ventilation in your apparel to cause you to overheat or hinder your overall performance. The harder you push yourself, the more you are going to sweat, and you need something that won't impede your training session.

The polyester material might not be the most breathable on the market, but it works really well for this type of product. The fabric help make sure that the heat from your exertions will not be trapped against you, causing discomfort. Additionally, the loose-fitting cut of the bottoms makes sure there is room in the legs of the garment to help the heat escape.

Something that you might want to note about the Under Armour SC30 shorts is that they are a bit thicker than other shorts out there. This is typical for basketball type shorts like this. The thicker construction is excellent for some sports but can get in the way and cause discomfort if you are a runner.

Even though they are a bit on the thick side, they still offer a decent amount of ventilation and can wick away moisture fantastically. They will do everything that they can to ensure you are staying cool and dry throughout your activities.


The harder you push yourself at the gym, the more grateful you will be to have a pair of comfortable shorts. If you are stuck in something ill-fitting and uncomfortable, it can distract you from the task at hand, and nobody wants that.

The Under Armour SC30 shorts have a wide leg cut that gives you a lot of room to move around freely while you're training. They don't feature an uncomfortable liner that can restrict your movements and hold you back.

The polyester materials give you a decent stretch for decent flexibility. The ability to move around without restriction is always a huge component of your overall comfort level.

There is one downfall, however. The seam, especially the one on the left leg, can cause a little discomfort and irritation, especially when you are sitting down. If you have sensitive skin, you may experience this discomfort even when you are moving around. This doesn't discourage a lot of customers from enjoying the bottoms, but it is worth noting.


When it comes time to purchase athletic apparel, you want to make sure that you are finding something that will be able to live up to your active lifestyle. It can be frustrating when you spend your hard-earned money on a product only to have it fall apart soon after the purchase. This is common with a lot of sports clothing out there. You will experience things like ripping at the seams or fraying which can lead to irritation. If you find yourself going through your training clothes quicker than you would like, then it is time to find something more substantial.

Thankfully when it comes to the Under Armour SC30 shorts, you won't have to worry about premature wear and tear. UA is known for producing great quality materials, and these bottoms are no different.

Since the shorts are made out of polyester, you can be sure that they are going to have a little added durability. It is a hard-wearing material that offers impressive longevity when they are cared for properly. Thankfully, caring for these shorts takes almost no maintenance, so it isn't much of an issue. The materials feature a tight-knit so ripping and tearing is a non-issue. Additionally, the reinforced seams are strong enough that you won't have to worry about splitting.

This product will be able to handle numerous washes without the risk of fraying or cracking. There is no reason to fret about the designs, including the logo, from flaking off. These shorts really are meant to last.


Laundry day isn't always a fun activity, especially when it's time to wash those dirty and smelly gym clothes. A lot of specialty athletic gear requires special care and instructions that can be frustrating, especially for those who dislike laundry in the first place. You will find things that have to be washed in cold water, or even hand washed. Some things have to be laid flat to dry or hung up. There are so many different things that can go wrong when it comes to cleaning your clothing.

Something that customers can appreciate about the Under Armour SC30 shorts is that they don't have to deal with any of that. There is no need to take special care or guess on how to clean your grimy sports apparel. The bottoms can be tossed in the washing machine with the rest of your wardrobe with no problem. They can be thrown in the dryer with no worries. Thanks to the polyester, you don't have to worry about premature wear from the wash or shrinking in the dryer.


One of the best features of Under Armour and something that you want to look for in all of your athletic apparel is moisture-wicking technology. The thought of sweating up a storm and being stuck in damp and smelly clothes isn't that appealing. Thanks to this tech, this becomes a non-issue. The water, whether from sweat or light rain, will bead up and roll right off the material, keeping you dry.

The Under Armour SC30 short, like all of UA's apparel, offers moisture-wicking fabrics. There is no reason to be stuck in your sweat for the duration of your workout.


The Under Armour SC30 shorts are available in a wide range of sizes. Unlike some of the competitors with limited sizes, these can accommodate a variety of customers with ease. These shorts are available in sizes small through 5X. Anything over 3X might be a little more challenging to find, but they do exist. The other sizes are readily available for anyone who needs them.

One of the great things about this product is that it is running true to size. You don't have to worry about sizing up or down. You are going to get the right size every time. Additionally, the shorts do have an adjustable waist to help you achieve the perfect fit!


The Under Armour SC30 shorts have a sporty and casual style. They have the standard reflective look that you will find in the majority of athletic shorts. You will find the iconic UA logo on the right hip, letting the world know that you are wearing this excellent brand. Additionally, you will also find on the left leg the letters SC (Steph Curry) wrapping around the bottom of the shorts. This design was created digitally and printed on to the shorts giving them a crisp design and great contrast.

Bottom Line

If you are searching for the perfect pair of basketball shorts, then you are in luck. The Under Armour SC30 might be for you. Of course, they are great for more than just basketball, but might not be ideal for some activities. Make sure that you are finding garments that are right for you and your training needs.

The shorts are available in a plethora of sizes and colors, so there is bound to be something out there for everyone. Customers love the shorts, and many would recommend them to their fellow athletes. UA offers a comfortable and quality garment from a brand you trust.