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Universal Nutrition Hi Protein Bars offer exceptionally high values of protein and avoid the high carbohydrate and sugar contents that we often see in this type of nutritional supplement. This product uses the best quality proteins that are available. With top quality ingredients, you end up with top quality products. What this means for you is stellar recovery times after long training sessions and in between sets. In addition, your muscles will be better maintained and the growth that you experience will be accelerated. Consumers have found that this product tastes great and works better than they expected in keeping them. And eating in prosperous exercises. You will be getting a great tasting product that works very well as a snack throughout any point of your day. Whether you are looking to find a healthy snack, lose weight, increase your energy levels naturally, or build muscle this product can help your efforts. With 32 to 35 grams of protein per serving you will find meeting your daily protein goals easier than ever before. Your overall health and well-being will benefit from this and make every activity you do better performed and easier than before.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Good Blend Of Vitamins & Minerals
  • Excellent Protein Content
  • Low Sugar Value
  • Top-Quality Ingredients
  • Very Few Carbohydrates
  • Good Size
  • Improves Muscle Health
  • Limited Flavor Variety


Universal Nutrition has been in the nutritional supplement world for more than forty years. They are a powerhouse in their field because of dedication and honesty to not only their customers but in their goal of providing the best supplements to athletes, weightlifters, and everyday people alike. Regardless of your goals, whether trying to lose weight, increase energy, cut carbs, or gain muscle they offer a superior supplement to help you achieve them. With extensive research and cutting-edge technologies this brand takes their products and puts them a step above the rest. People all over the world trust this brand and their products because of the real results they get when pairing them with a healthy diet and frequent exercise routine.


We were actually surprised to see that this product tastes decent. It was surprising because of the exceptionally high protein content that it yields. Typically, products that carry high values of protein tends to not taste the best. While there are not a huge variety of flavors options available, the ones that are are pretty well regarded. These are not the best tasting protein bars in today's market but they are also not the worst. They contain excellent ingredients that will aid your overall health and they are not so terrible that they become difficult to eat on a daily basis. It is important to know we have not read any reports that say this product is overly sweet nor any that say it leaves a terrible aftertaste in your mouth. These are welcomed aspects of this product.


Having a variety of flavors available to you when you are going To use a product every day is exceptionally important. If there is no flavor variety you will eventually become bored with it and have to venture out to find something new. While this product does not offer a huge amount of options you will have a few that are very good. You can choose from S’mores, Peanut Butter, or Chocolate Brownie. these are all common flavors among protein bars and honestly, there are options out there that are more unique and that taste better. The s'mores option is the most well-liked among the ones that are available. There is no clarity and which one is the least liked but overall customers are pretty satisfied with the flavors available to them.


The consistency of this product was a bit difficult to find information on. After scouring reviews we have found that this product is exceptionally soft in terms of texture. They do not appear to be exceptionally gritty nor do they seem to fall apart as soon as you open the package. This is an Improvement compared to others you may have tried in the past as they tend to be quite crumbly. It is important to know we did not find any reviews that stated this product leaves a chalky feeling in your mouth. This chalky feeling is coming among protein-boosting supplements. Consumers seem to be happy with the fact that this brand’s product is lacking this aspect.


When you are looking to increase your protein levels to bulk up, this product is exceptionally effective. It contains approximately 34 grams of protein per serving. This protein will be broken down within your body to form Branched Chain Amino Acids. these amino acids not only support muscle growth but they also support overall muscle Health. You will notice a reduction in soreness and your body will be able to better maintain your new muscle growth. Not only is this product effective in helping you build muscle, but it is also effective in helping you maintain a healthy diet. When you use this product for a snack you will get a natural increase to your energy levels. Additionally, it will help keep you full between meals which in turn will help you avoid less desirable snacks.


The ingredients used in this product, as previously mentioned, are exceptionally high-quality. They include a large variety of vitamins and minerals. It is important to note that if you are currently taking a multi-vitamin or another supplement that contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals, that you check to make sure you aren’t getting too much of the ones that can build to toxic levels, like Vitamin K. Each flavor uses a slightly different ingredient list, however, the bones of them are all the same. You will be consuming Whey Protein Concentrate, Isolated Soy Protein, Hydrolyzed Protein, Water, Glycerine, Polydextrose, Corn Syrup, Vegetable Shortening, Potassium Sorbate, Artificial and Natural Flavoring, Peanut Flour, and Acesulfame Potassium. These are all commonly found in this type of product and are effective in giving your body added nutrients as well as protein.


The caloric intake you will receive when consuming One of These Bars is approximately 300 G. It does vary slightly between flavors but each one hangs right in this area. It is important to note that this is not enough to fully replace a meal, however, it is an excellent snack. Most people like to keep their snacks under 300 calories and while this once it's right there it does give you long lasting energy that will support you throughout your day's activities. It contains enough calories to help keep you full between meals which in turn will keep you from snacking on other things. overall, we feel this is a good caloric intake when compared to the nutritional information we have reviewed in the ingredients section.


When looking for something with exceptionally low sugar content this product fits the bill. Each flavor variety only contains one gram of actual sugar. This makes it exceptionally simple to fit into every diet. It is important to note that they all contain sugar alcohols and the content of this is exponentially higher. Ranging from 26 to 29 grams some customers are dissatisfied with this due to the fact that many people have digestive issues with sugar alcohols. We are not dissatisfied with the use of sugar alcohols as they are natural as opposed to artificial sweeteners like sucralose. Overall, the blend of natural sweeteners in this product is a better and more acceptable alternative to the zero-calorie artificial ones we see and not only protein bars but also protein supplements, BCAAs, and pre-workouts.


Obviously, when we eat any sort of food are energy levels increase. Eating a product that contains high levels of protein will help energy levels even more. Many people rely on pre-workouts and caffeine pills to boost their energy levels, however, this can lead to some serious problems. For example, products with high levels of caffeine tend to lead to crashing effects that make you feel completely devoid of energy. The long-lasting energy that you receive while using this product will not lead to any of the negative effects we associate with products that contain stimulants. The energy you gain will support you throughout the day and ensure that all the activities you participate in you go into and come out of feeling great and ready to move on to the next thing your day brings.


The serving size of this far is quite large when compared to other snack size protein bars. One bar is equivalent to 85 G which is plenty to help fill you up and keep your energy levels boosted in between meals. Each box contains 16 bars or servings. This is quite a bit more than others that we have reviewed in the past as most of them offer 12 or less. There is no variety in box size, however, you won't have to buy as many to make it through an entire month if you plan on using this every day. Overall, they are a good size and the serving that they provide will leave you more satisfied then much smaller options. This is beneficial in a variety of ways and will assuredly keep you from finding other things to snack on before your next meal.

Side Effects

In terms of side effects, protein bars carry less than many other nutritional supplements that you may have tried in the past. Whenever we add a new product to our routine it can be intimidating looking over the list of side effects that we may experience. This product does contain quite a bit of sugar alcohol which may cause digestive issues for some people. While we have not seen reports of this product causing adverse side effects, it may for some people. During use, you may experience an increase in your bowel movements, upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, gas, or bloating. These are all typically minor and, honestly, most people won't experience any of them at all.


The true advantage to boosting your protein levels are the effects that it has on your muscles. As previously mentioned, your recovery times between workouts and throughout your sets will be decreased. This means you will feel less sore and you will be able to work out more frequently yielding better results. As your muscles grow and you continue to work them you could experience is atrophy due to overuse. This product will help you avoid that by better maintaining your muscles. In addition, you will notice better muscle growth as you continue to work hard at home or in your local gym. This product also tastes it pretty good and offers a decent consistency. if you are trying to lose weight, this product will also help you in this regard. You will have a healthy snack option that helps you continue to feel full throughout the day and allows you to avoid less than healthy snacks.


One disadvantage in this product is the high level of sugar alcohol that it contains. Those of you that have trouble digesting this ingredient won't be able to use this product. In addition, they do not offer very many flavor options. While the flavors available are decent they are certainly not the best on the market. Universal Nutrition has a bit of work to do on the formula they use to create the flavors of their product. It should be mentioned, however minor, that this product does contain some artificial ingredients which some may want to avoid. Overall, these are the only disadvantages that we can really see in using this product. They are quite minor and that is awesome when comparing this to others you may be looking into.


At first glance, this product seems quite a bit pricier than others we have looked into. However, when you take into consideration that you were going to be getting 16 bars per box it decreases the price slightly. This makes it carry a very average cost. While not every budget will be able to fit it in easily, if you already have a supplement budget, you should be able to make it work. We can not only focus on the price when discussing overall value. The high-quality ingredients and good reviews that this protein bar has increased its value. When looking through what customers have to say they feel that it is a good value and will provide a positive impact not only on your health but also your overall Fitness.

Bottom Line

This protein-boosting bars a great option for a variety of people. The flavors and taste are not the absolute best but many people really like them and even look forward to eating them on a daily basis. You'll be getting a substantial amount of protein which will aid you in energy levels and muscle health. Many of the unwanted ingredients that we often see in this type of product are not being used and that is a good thing. Customers are satisfied with the overall effect this product has. We're sure that this brand will continue to grow and improve their products to ensure no matter what you choose you are completely satisfied.