Vapor Fresh Natural Deodorizing Powder Review

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Vapor Fresh Natural Deodorizing Powder is a dream come true for active people. Whether you love to box, skate, wrestle, climb, fight, or just stay moving this product can help eliminate foul odors. In addition, you will prolong the life of your gear. This is due to the fact that your gloves, shoes, and equipment will dry faster. The less moisture, especially from sweat, that is left to sit in or on your equipment the better because it breaks the materials down over the course of time. When you invest a lot of time into your physical fitness and health with activities like Taekwondo, Kung Fu, wrestling, and other high-impact sports, it requires a lot of gear. These pieces can be very expensive so giving them more life with a product like this is, obviously, advantageous. Many similar products contain harsh chemicals and fragrances. These types of ingredients can cause skin and eye irritation. You won't have to worry about this if you go with this deodorizing powder. It is free from these unwanted and unneeded ingredients. It does contain essential oils which leave a pleasant and light fragrance in whatever item you are using it in. You don't need to use a lot of this product to accomplish a dry and fresh environment. It is important to note that you will also want to tap loose powder out of your shoes or gloves before wearing them again.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Light Fresh Scent
  • Good For Sensitive Skin
  • Minimal Amount Needed
  • Exceptionally Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Contains Essential Oils
  • No Artificial Fragrances
  • Promotes A Very Dry Environment
  • May Feel Grainy
  • Longer Wait For Results


Raw Athletics is the brand behind all of the Vapor Fresh products. For over 10 years, this brand has been developing products that will help keep your active lifestyle smelling great. In addition, they make products to clean your clothes, house, home gym, and others. Across the country you will find their wipes and sprays in a plethora of local gyms. The founder of this company needed to find a product that would make his exceptionally smelly gear more pleasant to be around yet not affect his sensitive skin. All of the products that this brand offers are free of the harsh chemicals in fragrances that can cause serious skin irritation. They rely on proven methods from simple ingredients that will help provide an environment which will keep all of your clothing, equipment, and gear smelling great. Consumers are exceptionally satisfied with the items they have tried from this brand. Their products fit easily into everyday routines.


Oftentimes deodorizers, whether they are sprays, powders, or bags, come with exceptionally heavy fragrances. This can only be distracting but it can also cause irritation to your eyes and your skin. This product does not have a very strong scent. You will not find the heavy fragrances in this item that we commonly see with others. Instead, they use essential oils in their mixture which provides a light yet pleasant scent. Consumers have noted several times that they enjoy the smell of it. It is noted to be quite fresh smelling. It is nice to know that there are brands out there that don't rely on masking odors yet are still able to provide a nice smelling product. Overall, customers are very pleased with the scent Left Behind after using this item. Of course, there is always a possibility that it won't be your favorite smell but it'll certainly be better than the fragrance of hard and sweaty routines.


This product is surprisingly versatile. We don't always think about powders being a great option because they can be a bit messy. This item will do an excellent job in a variety of different equipment. You only need to use a small amount of powder so it's not terribly messy. You can use this powder in any sort of glove including boxing gloves, MMA gloves, punch mitts, or even baseball gloves. Basically, if it's something that you can put your hand in and it gets sweaty this powder would be a good option to dry out the environment and keep it smelling fresh. You can also use this powder in any type of Footwear. From your daily sneakers to your ice skates it will be appropriate. Some consumers even use a little sprinkle in the bottom of their gym bag. This can help cut down on the moisture of this environment and, course, the smell. While you'll probably not want to sprinkle a bit of this powder in the bottom of your locker you could put some in a small dish and set it in the bottom of it to help control the smells that are escaping. Overall, you can use this powder anywhere you need to freshen and dry things up.


There are only a few simple ingredients that are included in the makeup of this product. It avoids many of the unwanted ingredients we commonly see in this category. You won't have to worry about coming into contact with talc. Talc is commonly used in foot powders and other types of powders but research says it may be linked to adverse side effects. So, the fact that this product doesn't use it is a plus. As previously noted there are also no heavy fragrances or chemicals in this product. You'll simply be coming into contact with Kaolin Clay, Eucalyptus Globulus which is used for scent, Sodium Bicarbonate, and Mentha Piperita. As you can see, this is a very limited ingredient list. Most people will have no issues with skin irritation when using this product. It is important to note that while it is very uncommon if you were to notice any sort of redness or irritation after using you may want to discontinue using it and try a different product.


This product is designed to work by absorbing moisture which reduces the amount of bacterial growth inside of dark damp environments. It is in a typical round foot powder container. Simply twist the lid and sprinkle it inside of whatever item you are trying to remove odors from. This product is exceptionally easy-to-use and designed to keep your skin healthy. All of the items that you choose to use this product will have better longevity of use. You won't be having to fight against the breakdown that sweat causes. This can extend your ability to use your clothing, footwear, and gloves exponentially. While the thought behind this product and the ingredients used are very simple it doesn't change the fact that it was well thought out. Consumers are quite pleased with the idea behind this product and the way that it works in keeping their active Lifestyles smelling great.


Each container of this product is 4 oz. Depending on how many pairs of shoes or how much equipment you are using it in will depend on how long each container is going to last you. You only need a small sprinkle to accomplish the task at hand. If it is being used in a pair of shoes you wear on a daily basis you will want to use a little sprinkle everyday. There is some option available to you in how much you get. You can order this item in a singular container, a 3-pack, or a case of 12. This will enable you to stock up to ensure that there is always a way for you to keep your gloves, shoes, and other items smelling great. Consumers have mentioned that they feel they get a good number of uses out of each bottle when taking the cost into consideration. You will get a decent amount of use out of each container but stocking up is never a bad idea so you won't have to worry about running out and hearing others complain about the foul odors coming from your active gear.


This product is very effective at drying out an environment and leaving a fresh scent behind. It is important to note that you may need to use it several times before you notice a true difference. This is especially true if it has been a while since you have deodorized your equipment or shoes. All of the reviews agree that given a bit of time and daily use this product is very effective. You won't notice an improvement in smell after a few uses, however, the dryness of the environment will take effect immediately. This means you get a reduction in bacteria very quickly. This leads to a more harmonious environment for your hands and feet. Overall, consumers are very happy with the way this product works and how quickly it takes effect. One of the reasons it does take a bit longer is because it's actually combating moisture and odors rather than simply covering up an unpleasant smell. So, whether you are using this powder in your gym bag, running shoes, lockers, or gloves you should find a more pleasant atmosphere within the first few uses.


One of the biggest advantages about this product is that it is appropriate for everyone. It is made of ingredients that are likely not going to cause any sort of eye irritation, headaches, or skin irritation. This is great news considering so many products can be difficult to use for these very reasons. Another advantage to this item is you need to use very little to accomplish a great task. This will give you better longevity of use for each container. It is also quite versatile. While you may have to think a little outside of the make it work it is appropriate to use in just about any location. This brand has done an excellent job at developing a product that is simple to fit into your daily routine. The fact that it is also very effective and will leave you with a light and fresh scent is also an advantage. Other aspects that work in the favor of this product are things like its ability to control bacterial growth in a warm and dark environment. This, as mentioned, prolongs the life of your equipment as there will be less material breakdown.


There are a couple of disadvantages that come along with this product. In all honesty, they are not disadvantages, as much as they are minor inconveniences. A couple of customers have noted that this product feels very grainy, unlike the exceptionally fine powders they have tried in the past. If you make sure to knock any access powder out of your gloves or shoes prior to using them again this should be no problem at all. The other aspect that consumers are a little less than pleased with his the amount of time for this product to be truly effective. You will have to use it several times if the gear, equipment, bag, or gloves that you are trying to deodorize are already quite smelly. It will, however, given a bit of time remove the odor from even the worst smelling items. So, as you can see there is not a whole lot to complain about in regards to this powder and that is pretty awesome.


Consumers feel as if this product holds fantastic value. It is very effective and does not rely on harsh chemicals and fragrances to cover up odors. It truly works the way it is supposed to. In addition, it is not going to break the bank. Most people will be able to work it into their budget exceptionally easily. It is important to note that if you buy a 3 pack or larger you will get a pretty significant discount. So once you have given this product to try and know that you liked it, it may be advantageous to stock up. Not only will you not have to worry about running out anytime soon you'll also save some money. After perusing through what everybody else has to say about this item and doing a great deal of research we have found that this product really is a good value. Once you work it into your daily routine and it takes hold, you will be satisfied with the results. Overall, this is one of the better deodorizing powders that are on the market today.

Bottom Line

When you are looking for a natural deodorizing option that is great for people with sensitive skin this may be the perfect fit. You will be left with a light and fresh scent that will not overpower you. The effectiveness of this product is also very good. It will leave you with a dry environment free from bacteria. This well, over time, completely remove the smell from a variety of different items. It is easy to use and a little bit goes a long way. Consumers have come to trust this brand because their products truly work. It won't take a major chunk out of your bank account and you will get good longevity of youths. Overall, fighters, sports enthusiasts, and every day active people can benefit from keeping a product like this around. It will not only keep your skin healthier it will also improve the durability of the equipment you use on a daily basis.