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Vega One All-In-One Shake Reviewed Review Facts

Vega One All in One Organic Shake is a naturalists dream. Certified 100% organic you won't have to worry about dangerous chemicals and fillers that can inhibit your fitness goals. You get a decent amount of plant-based proteins, as well as OMEGA-2, Antioxidants, Vitamins, and minerals. These are only some of the things you will find when using this product by Vega One. You will also get a decent amount of fiber, which most of us need more of in our diets. Going to the gym, working hard, and following up with a Protein product, be it a shake or a bar, is part of a fitness lover's life. Finding a product that tastes good, has an excellent consistency, and is Organic can be quite difficult. Especially in the taste category. This shake will knock your socks off, you will find good flavor and consistency which is surprising due to how clean it is for our bodies. Full of greens and nutrients our bodies crave this option will keep you feeling great by reducing muscle soreness. Additionally, it will help your muscles grow. It is a bit pricier than some others on today's market but will give you an Organic option that is a step above the rest.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Tastes Great
  • Organic
  • Simple Formula
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Good for Meal Replacement
  • Increases Energy
  • Sample Packs Available
  • Contains Probiotics
  • Keeps You Full
  • Higher Sodium Content
  • Contains Heavy Metals


Vega One has been trusted by people all over the world for quite some time now. Their reputation has recently taken a bit of a hit due to the fact that a couple of their products have been rated as the worst in heavy metal values. This has pushed a lot of customers away, however, many have trusted this brand for so long and are so impressed by their results that they overlook this fact. Vega One offers a Vegan-friendly option that does taste good and mixes even better. While we understand that some may not be able to get over the fact that there is lead in this Protein powder, overall it is a decent product that many values and will continue to use.


Finding a supplement shake that doesn't taste awful can be a challenge. Be it a bad aftertaste or a bad mouthfeel, choking down a shake after a grueling gym session can be bad. The taste of Organic products tends to be even worse because they are all natural ingredients. Vega One gives an option that does not taste horrible and in fact, most customers seem to really enjoy. Vega One has worked on their overall taste throughout the years and seems to be getting it right. While there are not a huge variety of flavors, the taste won't leave you dissatisfied and throwing away another tub of Protein Powder because you simply can't stand the taste.


You aren't looking at your three standard flavors when you look at Vega One All in One Shakes. You have a choice of seven different flavors. Of course, you are going to get Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry. What about something a bit different? You can try your shake in Coconut Almond, Mocha, Berry, Plain, or even Vanilla Chai. A lot of brands offer a peanut butter chocolate or cookies and cream but they again are pretty standard. Vega One understand how important it is to be able to get nutrition in a variety of flavors so you don't get burned out on one certain thing. Giving this type of variety is helpful and appreciated by Boxers, Wrestlers, and athletes alike.


If you are mixing this product with water and stick to one scoop you will find it to be a bit runny even with additional mixing time. There are a couple ways to combat this, you can use almond milk or add a bit of crushed ice to thicken it up a bit. You can also use slightly more than a scoop to add to the thickness. Some shakes are too thick and can be hard to drink if you want something a bit thinner this could be a great choice for you. It mixes up well and there are very few reports of chunks or grittiness in the bottom. So, you will get a smooth drink with a nice finish rather than a chunky, gritty, exceptionally thick shake.


Adding to your daily Protein count can be done fairly simply. There are many great products on the market that can help you meet your goals in terms of Protein and Amino Acids. This product goes above and beyond those things by offering probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in this product. So, not only will you be getting the boost you need in the area of Protein you will also get it in a variety of other areas, helping you attain your goals. Meeting your daily needs in the dietary department can be very hard with the chaos of life. Adding this to your diet can make achieving goals easier and make your recovery period quicker.


This is an Organic product and the ingredients reflect it. While you must understand the list of items on it is exceptionally long. Rather than give you a list of everything listed in this choice by Vega One, we will give you the highlights. You will receive a product containing Pea Protein, natural flavoring, fruits and vegetable powders including spinach, kale, lettuce, pomegranate, blueberry, and agave. It also uses Stevia Extract for its sweetening agent. This is a great show of what you will get when you use this product. Again there are others not listed here. It is important to note, it is made in a facility that processes Peanuts, Dairy, Eggs, Soy, and Tree Nuts.


Vega One All in One Organic Shakes will give you twenty grams of Protein per serving. This is 100% plant-based. Vegans and vegetarians alike can find solace in the fact that no animal products are used in it and it is still loaded with a good amount of Protein. We need about a one to one ratio of Protein per pound of body weight. Doing this with your diet alone can be quite the challenge. Adding in a great supplement can make you meet your daily goal. On top of that, adding this directly after your workout will help keep your muscles feeling good and keep them building, getting you to your fitness goals faster and easier than ever before.


Artificial sweeteners are used so commonly we don't even notice it oftentimes. When you are looking for natural this is something that can be a real problem. Vega One really does keep it natural with the use of Stevia. Stevia does an excellent job of adding sweetness without overpowering the flavor with simple sweetness. It does not leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth that we often associate with artificial sugars. The sugar content is only one gram per serving. This is minimal and won't ruin you on sugar for the entire day. Overall, the sweetness level and actual sugar level is preferred to many other brands.


Each serving of this nutritional supplement contains eight grams of carbohydrates. This is about average in the world of Protein powders. While there are many on the market with less there are even more that exceed this amount. Keeping your cabs low can really add to overall weight loss and muscle gain. You need a certain amount to maintain a healthy lifestyle but keeping them low is essential. This choice of Protein powder will aid you in keeping your carbs low which is appreciated in the grand scheme of being healthy and physically fit.

Amino Acids

In many non-organic options, they add the Amino Acids to the product. That is not the case with this supplement by Vega one. The Amino Acids you will receive while using this product all occur naturally in the ingredients used to make it. The plant-based Proteins contain all of the essential Amino Acids. The actual content is not known as the company does not check for them and they do not add any in, simply relying on what is there naturally. It does contain enough of what you are looking for to ensure your muscles keep building and recovering quickly after extremely long gym sessions.


Vega One does not use fillers in their product. Many options on today's market use fillers to take up space and add things we really don't need so that it looks like you are getting a better bang for your buck. Vega One knows that is a silly thing to do and being as this product is 100% Organic it is easy for them to stay away from unnecessary fillers. You won't have to worry about unwanted ingredients that don't help you at all when you make your daily Protein shake out of this All in One Organic shake.


Typically, when you are using a product like this, the serving size is one scoop. In this option, it is the same. One scoop equals one serving. You can order it in a variety of flavors and sizes. The nice thing about being able to order a product such as this in a variety of sizes is that you don't waste so much money if you decide you don't like the flavor, consistency, or effect of the product. Buying a large container of something you know you love is one thing but buying one that you have never tried is intimidating. Once you have found the flavor you love you can order an extra-large container that will give you roughly 45 servings. This will last more than a month and keep you in delicious shakes for the foreseeable future. Save yourself the hassle and try a little before you try a lot.

Side Effects

Whey Proteins tend to lead to upset stomach, especially for those who have any sort of lactose intolerance. Plant-based options can help to alleviate some of the stomach upset. However, some people do still have to combat bloating and diarrhea that is caused by this type of supplement. It is all natural and in turn, doesn't cause nearly as many negative symptoms. Few have reported anything other than these two things. You may have a sensitive stomach and have a bit of stomach upset but overall there are very minimal side effects to worry about with this product.


The advantages of using this product are pretty obvious if you are in the market for a plant-based product. Finding an all natural alternative does not have to be difficult and you do not have to sacrifice flavor or quality to ensure you are maintaining a healthy, animal byproduct free lifestyle. Working hard at the gym is one thing, seeing the results adding a protein shake it can do is something completely different. Assist muscle growth and recovery when you use this shake. Your body will thank you and so will your mind when you are crushing yesterdays goals.


The disadvantages of a product like this can be hard to see in the beginning. It is Organic and packed full of a variety of nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis. When we look a little bit deeper into the consumer report we find that this product does contain higher levels of heavy metals. This contains things such as Lead and Cadmium. We, naturally, don't want to add too many of these types of things into our diet and it is a major downfall in this product. Vega One has taken a hit since these reports have come out and hopefully, they will make some changes so we aren't consuming dangerous levels of heavy metals in our daily Protein shakes.


Looking past the consumer report and at the bigger picture, this product is of very high-quality. The ingredients are well balanced and packed full of not only Protein but other essential daily nutrients. There are not many of these types of products out there that offer antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, Protein, and Fiber. So, when you are looking for a top quality product that can take your health a step above what the others can offer look towards Vega One's All in One Shakes. Great taste and good consistency are two other things you can count on when looking at the quality of this product.


The cost of this product is quite a bit higher than others on the market. Depending on the size and flavor you order the price can change quite drastically. You may be asking yourself if the price is fair for what you get. In our opinion, yes. You aren't just getting a Protein boost you are getting an overall health boost which exponentially increases the value of this product. It also makes an excellent meal replacement which helps with the cost piece because you will certainly spend more to eat out.

Key Features

  • Contains Large Variety of Greens

  • 8 Minerals and Vitamins

  • 4 Grams of Fiber

  • Contains Antioxidants & Probiotics

  • Smooth Mixture

  • 500mg of Omega -3

  • No GMO's

  • Gluten Free

  • Certified Vegan-Friendly

  • Bottom Line

    While the consumer report for this product can be a bit intimidating, overall this is an excellent product. It will give you the muscle recovery and growth you have been looking for on top of adding many other needed nutrients into your daily routine. It can help you maintain regularity throughout life and keep you feeling and looking your best. Why workout hard if you aren't showing any results? Adding this in will improve your overall results and make crushing your goals easier and easier. In turn, it tastes great and you can use it in a variety of ways to keep it interesting.