Vega 20g Protein Bars Reviewed

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Vega Protein Bar is a Vegan-friendly protein-boosting bar. With twenty grams of protein, your muscles will perform better and you will be more apt to stick to your diet. You will be getting a decent amount of fiber which is also great for a healthy diet. Whether you are trying to eat healthier, lose weight, or build muscle this can be a great addition to your daily routine. This product does not contain any artificial ingredients which are preferred among users. It is truly healthy and will make meeting your daily nutritional goals easier. Protein is what makes up our muscles and when you pair this product with a stellar diet and exercise routine you will certainly notice extra muscle growth and a reduction in overall muscle soreness. This plan-based protein-boosting product comes from a brand that is trusted and provides excellent nutritional choices. When looking for an item to increase your protein intake it can be difficult to find a great one that does not contain any milk ingredients. This one fits the bill and will not only increase your energy levels but also help you avoid the unwanted side effects that are commonly seen with Whey protein products.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • 20 Grams of Protein/Serving
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Suitable for Snack or Meal Replacement
  • Gluten Free
  • Decent Flavor Variety
  • Aids in Suppressing Appetite
  • Promotes Muscle Growth & Recovery
  • Very Dry
  • Exceptionally Dense


Vega understands that staying healthy is one thing but doing it with plant-based products can make it exceptionally difficult. While there are many options available that are Vegan-friendly, oftentimes, they don’t taste very good and leave us looking for more. When using plant-based nutritional supplements, your muscles will recover faster and you will have the fuel your body needs to perform every activity at top levels. Vega offers truly clean products that will never contain artificial ingredients. No matter if you are looking for something to boost your protein levels or help balance your daily nutrition, they offer a great green product for you. From lifting weights to taking boxing classes, Vega has a product that will aid you in exceeding your performance goals.


We are happy to report that customers really seem to like the taste of this vegan-friendly protein bar. While there are many out there that need to do some serious work on the taste. Vega has spent the time to ensure you are getting a product that satisfies you in terms of taste. There are some reviews stating that they feel this product is overly sweet. Naturally, everyone's taste differs slightly so this may or may not be the case for you. We commonly see reports that this type of product leaves a terrible aftertaste in your mouth. However, we do not see people saying this is an issue with this one. Overall, people are satisfied with the taste and the flavor options that are available to them.


For most people, having a variety of flavors available to them as important as they like to switch up their daily routine. It can become quite boring eating the same thing every day and this may lead to cheat snacking moments. Vega does not offer a large variety of flavors in this protein-boosting bar. You will be able to choose from Salted Caramel or Chocolate Peanut Butter. While we understand you may want more variety than what is offered here it is important to note that the two flavors that are available are exceptionally well liked. Finding a nutritional supplement that is vegan-friendly and tastes as great as this one is not an easy thing to do. This is why people easily accept the fact that they don't have much choice when it comes to flavor.


While researching the consistency of this product what we have found our exceptionally mixed reviews. Certainly, this has something to do with the flavor variety customers chose. Many people say that this option is quite dry and crumbly. Others have stated, and this may have been said the most, that the consistency of this product is very similar to what you would expect from a protein bar. We would like to mention that some customers were satisfied with the texture of this product. They found it to be chewy and crunchy at the same time. Overall, we would have to say that you really will need to try this product to find if the texture is suitable for you or not.


The plant-based proteins in this product are exceptionally effective in a variety of ways. They will help your muscles recover more quickly. whether you are working hard at the gym or spending long days training for a marathon you have probably experienced sore muscles. Due to the fact that this product will help you recover faster, you will notice a decrease in how your muscles feel. The reduced soreness will allow you to work out more often. In addition, you will be able to work out harder than before because your muscles feel better. This will lead to increased muscle growth. It is important to note that increasing your protein intake will also enhance the muscle growth that you achieve. Your muscles will also be better maintained so if you overuse them they will be better protected against deterioration. This product is also great for helping to keep your diet on track. this will help those of you that are trying to lose weight.


It is nice to look at an ingredient list that is full of clean and healthy ingredients, like this one. Depending on which flavor option you choose the ingredients will vary but only slightly. The base of what you will be consuming is Pea Protein, Cane Sugar, Brown Rice Protein, Vegetable Glycerine, Almond Butter, Tapioca Syrup, Palm Kernel Oil, Sea Salt, Organic Agave Syrup, Sunflower Oil, and Sunflower Lecithin. These are all ingredients that are high-quality and proven effective. You will be getting fifty grams of protein per serving. This is a great amount and will make hitting your daily protein goals easier than ever before.


Regardless of which flavor you choose you will be getting 290 calories per serving. This puts this bar into an odd category. More often than not we want to keep snacks under 300 calories and many protein bars sport around 200. Because this is sitting so close to the 300 calorie mark some may decide to use it as a meal replacement for a lighter meal throughout their day. It is important that you understand each person's caloric intake differs and 300 calories may not be enough to substitute a meal. This bar is quite nutritious and the calories you intake will help keep you full. This bar is quite versatile and can be fit into just about any diet without killing your calorie count.


If you decide to go with the chocolate peanut butter option you'll be getting 18 grams of sugar per serving. The Salted Caramel yields 16 grams of sugar per serving. It is important that you understand these are natural sugars so this content is not as high as it may seem. You will not need to worry about suffering the negative side effects of using artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols. For some fitting, this amount of sugar into their daily routine may be a bit difficult depending on their diet. Most people can fit it in and because it is natural sugar they do not have a problem accepting the amount that these options contain.


Maintaining energy throughout your day makes you more prosperous in every activity you decide to get involved with. Unlike pre-workouts and energy drinks, that rely heavily on caffeine to energize you, this product will give you natural clean energy. Part of this is due to the caloric intake. Naturally, when you eat your body Uses it for energy. Not only will the calories help provide you with energy so well the boost and protein that you consume while using this product. Protein fuels your muscles so that you can perform at your top level. The energy that you get from this supplement will be long-lasting and there is no risk of it causing a crashing effect.


You will have two options when it comes to how many bars you order. You can do a sample and only order one bar. This will allow you to give this product to try before you actually invest the money to stock up. Customers love that this product is available this way. You also have the option to order a 12-count box. This option will give you a healthy snack to mix into your routine and keep things interesting. If you find that you truly love both flavors you could order one of each which would give you just about enough to last an entire month. We do not often see brands offering sample sizes and it is something that can be appreciated when you decide to give something new a try.

Side Effects

While reading through reviews we did not find any that listed this product is causing them adverse side effects. This is not to say that you will not experience any. Whenever you add a new supplement into your routine it is possible for you to experience side effects. For example, this product contains soy and some people have an issue with it that may result in cramps, itchiness, or nausea. Other issues that have been associated with vegan protein products are constipation, bloating, headaches, nausea, fatigue, and diarrhea. These symptoms are usually mild and few and far between. If you experience them you may want to discontinue use and discuss with your doctor whether or not it is advantageous for you to be using this type of product.


There are several advantages to adding extra protein into your diet, especially if you are trying to build muscle and lose weight. the high-quality protein that this product provides your body will allow your muscles to perform better due to decreased soreness. They will be better maintained which means you will not lose Mass when working hard on a daily basis. As previously stated, you will also enhance your muscle growth as long as you continue to work out consistently and maintain a healthy diet. This product will also help you maintain a healthy diet as it is full of beneficial ingredients that will aid you and reaching your daily nutritional goals. It will help keep you full which will allow you to avoid extra snacking throughout your day. Overall this product seems too seriously enhance your fitness and health.


It was really quite difficult to find disadvantages when looking over this product. For many, the consistency is a major downfall that they simply can not get past. It does carry a decent list of side effects, however, they have not been reported among users. There is the fact that it has a fairly high sugar content in this could be a bit of an issue for some consumers. We also feel that it is a slight disadvantage that the calorie intake associated with it sits at 290 calories per serving. This doesn't quite make it enough to replace a meal yet it ends up being a pretty hefty snack. These are fairly small disadvantages and we are honestly quite impressed with the Difficulty we had in coming up with this advantages for this product.


Given the fact that you can try one of these products before you invest in a larger count makes giving this product a chance exceptionally easy. Ordering one is very inexpensive. Once given a try if you decide that you love it carries a price that is quite average among others in its class. Most people will be able to afford at least one 12 count box per month. If you decide that you want to have more of them throughout the month it will become, obviously, more pricey. Value should not only be determined on the price of a product. When you look at the aspects discussed in this article it is easy to see that this product is an exceptional value, especially to those that are looking for a vegan-friendly option. Consumers agree that they feel this product is an exceptional value and when added to their life has been exceedingly beneficial.

Bottom Line

Finding a vegan product that tastes great and gives your body the nutrition you've been looking for can be exceptionally difficult. Trusting in Vega protein bars is a sure bet that you'll be getting exactly what you're looking for. Working hard at home or in the gym takes dedication, as does sticking to a healthy and Clean Diet. This product will help you achieve your daily nutritional goals in a green way. we are certain that Vega will continue to develop and produce high-quality products that will aid us in a variety of ways. We are impressed with this product and feel that given the chance you will be too.