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Vega Snack Bar is a stellar plant-based snack that will satisfy you in a variety of ways. This Vegan-friendly snack tastes great and is extremely convenient to eat at any point during your day. Having it before your workout will give your body the fuel it needs to ensure you perform at your highest level. It will also benefit you at any other time you are looking for a nutritious option to fill you up. Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain optimal nutrition, or build muscle this protein bar can help you succeed. You won’t have to worry about consuming all the artificial ingredients we commonly associate with this type of product as it does not contain any of them. This is a truly clean product that will help keep your energy levels up and provide your muscles with the protein they need to not only feel great but continue to grow. When you pair this snack with a stellar exercise routine and diet plan it can benefit your overall health. Having a choice that tastes good and gives you the fuel you need to make it to your next meal can be difficult. By choosing this protein-boosting product you will meet both of these expectations easily.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 10 Grams of Protein/Serving
  • Tastes Awesome
  • Excellent Snack
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Excellent Any Time of Day
  • Enhances Energy Levels
  • Speeds Recovery Times
  • Very Dry


Vega does things a bit differently than most protein product manufacturers. They make Vegan-friendly, plant-based supplements to support your overall health in a variety of ways. People that try and lead a healthy lifestyle and participate in weight lifting, running, or a variety of fitness classes need help along the way and Vega can provide this. Their plant-based products will give your body the energy and drive to do your best in every venture you take on. They are committed to making better products with better standards to ensure you are consuming the highest quality products possible. They never include artificial ingredients. Offering truly healthy and clean products is what Vega is all about and why so many people have decided to use their exceptional products.


The taste of these snack size protein-boosting bars is exceptionally well-liked among users. There are not many reviews stating that people feel that this far as overly sweet. This is a nice ass back to considering most options contain this negative point. The flavors are well balanced. You will actually get the taste that is intended with each flavor option. Many people think that vegan-friendly products will never taste great. This is a misconception and this product is proof that there are great tasting plant-based options available. It is important to note many people feel as if this is the best tasting protein bar that is truly green. While we understand taste is not the most important aspect of a product it is a nice advantage that you will look forward to eating this on a daily basis.


Vega offers a decent amount of flavor variety in the snack size protein bars. It is important to have some variety in your daily routine so you don't get bored eating the same thing every day. There are four flavor varieties available that you can choose from. They offer Chocolate Caramel, Blueberry Oat, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Coconut Almond. each of these flavors is very well-liked. You should have no trouble finding a couple that you really like the taste of which will allow you to switch it up anytime that you like. There is no front-runner for favorite flavor nor is there one that seems to be disliked among the group. We are quite impressed with the flavor options that are offered as it suits a variety of pallets.


There are very mixed reviews about the consistency of this product. Most customers find that is exceptionally dry and quite crumbly. There are few reports that say it is chewy and that they are impressed with the texture. It does contain ingredients that give it a bit of crunch and this is an aspect that most people like about this product. We must admit that Vega has some work to do in terms of the consistency of their protein bars. The texture is not so bad that it becomes inedible. Due to the mixed reviews, we feel as if you will need to give this bar try before you decide how you feel about its consistency.


There are a variety of ways that this product is effective. It will give your body the Boost of protein your muscles crave to work at their top level. As your body breaks down the protein your muscles will recover more quickly between sets and after grueling training sessions. This will reduce your overall muscle soreness and allow you to hit the gym more often with less pain. Obviously, this will enhance your muscle growth because you'll be able to work out more. In addition, this is an exceptionally healthy snack that will fit into pretty much any diet very easily. It will help control your appetite and increase your daily nutrition intake. On top of all of this, your muscles will also be better maintained when you increase the protein that you consume on daily basis. This means that when you overuse them you will have less deterioration and keep the hard work for growth that you have done.


The clean ingredient list that this product contains is impressive and an aspect that is truly important to most consumers. Depending on which flavor variety you choose there will be a slight variation in the ingredients list. The basic outline is the same regardless of which one you decide to give it a try. You will be consuming Pea Protein, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Rice Starch, Tapioca Syrup, Cane Sugar, Brown Rice Protein, Almond Butter, Inulin, Palm Kernal Oil, Pea Protein, Sunflower Oil, Brown Rice Crisps, Sea Salt, Chia Seeds, Vanilla, and Hemp Seeds. This is a stellar ingredient list that is exceptionally healthy and will benefit your nutritional needs.


This protein bar offers 190 calories per serving. This makes it an excellent snack at any point throughout your day. It is important to note that this is not enough to replace an entire meal, however, it could be added to one of your lighter meals throughout the day. The calories you consume when eating this bar will help improve your energy levels and give your body the nutrients you may be missing within your diet. Most snack options like this one hang around the 200 calorie Mark which is pretty much the standard among products in this class. Keeping your snacks below 300 calories will ensure that you stay on track with your diet.


Each flavor option available to you contains 11 g of sugar per serving. These are natural sugars so you won't have to worry about the negative side effects that are associated with artificial sweeteners. The amount of sugar in this product is a bit High compared to its size. For some people, it may be difficult to fit that into their daily diet routine. It is important to note that these natural sugars are better for you and are broken down more easily within your body to give you energy. So, the amount of sugar in this is not as big of a deal as some people would like to make it out to be. Overall, it's an adequate amount and helps with the great taste that this product offers.


The increase in energy that you will experience from this product is long-lasting and will never lead you to the devastating crashing effects that are associated with supplements like pre-workout, caffeine pills, and energy drinks. Naturally, when we consume calories our body uses them to improve energy levels. Eating this is a snack throughout your day can ensure that every activity you are a part of you is able to perform at your best level. The protein included in this is also part of the reason you receive an increase in energy. Protein fuels are muscles and will allow them to feel less fatigue as we work hard. Consumers feel that the energy provided by this product is better than others they have experienced in the past.


A single serving is, naturally, one bar. Each bar is about 45 grams. This is average when compared to other protein-boosting products available in today's market. You will have several options when purchasing this product in terms of how many you get per order. They do offer a single bar so that you can give it a try without committing to a larger container size. You also have the option of ordering them and a four-pack or a 12 pack. Once you find the flavor that you like you can stock up on it. Likewise, if you find a couple that you like you could order them in a four pack which would allow you added variety in your routine.

Side Effects

Unlike other nutritional supplements that is very unlikely that you will suffer adverse side effects when consuming this product. There are a few things that you may encounter even though they are exceptionally uncommon. It is important to note that we have found no reports through customer reviews of this product causing negative effects on the consumers. There is a slight chance you may experience upset stomach, diarrhea, bloating, nausea, or fatigue. These are quite rare and typically very minor. Overall, this product is very safe and you really don't need to worry much about experiencing effects that would make it unusable. Lastly, you should know it is produced in a plant that handles Soy, Egg, Peanuts, and other Tree Nuts.


Eating clean can be exceptionally difficult in finding Stellar products that are vegan-friendly can seem impossible. Vega snack bars are an incredible option that will give you some major advantages in your daily life. You will have a healthy snack that you can consume easily whenever you want. It will enhance your energy and if you are headed to the gym it will Aid you in accomplishing a superior workout. It will help balance your nutrition as well as help you control your appetite throughout the day. The protein will support your muscles in recovery, growth, and maintenance. While it may be a minor thing we have to note that this product tastes very good and in the world of vegan options that is an appreciated aspect.


One of the biggest disadvantages of this product is the consistency. Vega has some work to do to get this product at the level of others in terms of texture. This is really a pretty small thing in the grand scheme. The only other thing we can think of that may be considered a disadvantage is the fact that there are not more flavor varieties. For is a decent amount, however, many people like to switch it up often. Here again, this is an exceptionally small thing and the flavors that are available are well balanced and well-liked. Overall, we really don't see much else about this protein bar to complain about. This is amazing especially when you look over some of the other products available to you.


We, as well as consumers, feel that this product is an exceptional value. The price is extremely reasonable regardless of which size you decide to go with. Anyone will be able to afford to give this product to try, especially if they go with the single serving before committing to a larger container. The larger box also carries a reasonable price that pretty much anyone will be able to afford. It's nice to know there are affordable and high-quality products still available. looking over all of the features and aspects of this product we feel that it is easy to see why people have surmised that this product is an exceptional value.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a vegan-friendly product that will enhance your energy and protein levels you really can't go wrong with this option from Vega. People have flocked to this product because it tastes exceptionally good and provides them with long-lasting energy to support them throughout their day. It is very convenient and surprisingly affordable. Adding this into your daily routine will enhance your overall nutrition and allow you to reach your goals more easily. Regardless of if you want to lose weight, eat healthier, or build muscle this product will help you achieve your goals. Vega has pretty much hit the nail on the head with this product. we are certain that Vega will continue to research and develop their products and provide us with high-quality supplements we can trust.