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Vega Sport Protein Powder Review Facts

Protein comes in a huge variety of forms, from bars to shakes, you can find protein all over today's market and for good reason. Protein supplements are most often used to replace meals or after working out. The human body needs roughly one gram of protein for each pound you weigh. If you are excellent at eating superfoods and high-protein items a supplement may not be needed, however, most of us don't reach that and it can have a major impact on muscle growth and recovery.  Athletes and gym junkies know that a protein shake will absorb much more rapidly than other types of protein which aids in the overall benefits. They have also found, that when you rely on Vega you will get a smooth texture and bearable taste all while helping you to recover faster and increase your strength.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Silky Smooth Texture
  • USDA Organic
  • Flavors Not Overpowering
  • Easy to Digest
  • Zero Cholesterol
  • Quite Sweet
  • Very Thick
  • Contains Lead and Arsenic


Brendon Brazier and Charles Chang founded Vega almost two decades ago. This occurred when Brendon, an athlete, realized that what was needed to become truly better was a convenient plant-based supplement. What started with a pitch for an all-natural, plant-based, food alternative shake has become a large nutrition business. Wanting to help you succeed with your goals Vega is a leader and one of the hottest items they offer is the Vega Sport Protein. Vega Sport Protein is GMO-free and certified giving you a safe alternative to other options on today's market. In addition, it is also gluten-free and Vegan-Friendly. Protein is great for muscle building and will help just about anyone venturing on a fitness journey.


Many protein powders don't taste very good. Vega Sport Protein has a variety of flavors and the consensus is tragically skewed when it comes to the overall flavor. Some reviewers say the flavors are not awful but taste a bit synthetic while others say after one sip they could not swallow anymore. It is also quite sweet. For some people, this is a very good thing and for others, not so much. The taste is not overpowering and you may find that Berry is too sweet, Chocolate too bitter, but the Vanilla is just right. This ultimately comes down to personal preference.


Vega offers four flavors in their protein powder. You can have Vanilla, Mocha, Berry, or Chocolate. The nice thing about having a variety is if you find you don't like the one you may very well love a different option. In addition, the ability to switch it up day to day is quite convenient, especially to those that have a diverse pallet. Getting bored with your everyday protein supplement is not uncommon and choices in flavor can help ease this.


While some find Vega Sport protein to be chalky most find that it is smooth and easy to mix. Perfect for your favorite shaker, it mixes quickly for that post-workout protein boost. In addition, depending slightly on what you mix it with, this powder causes a thick drink. It really will be a shake consistency. If you things nice and thick this could be the absolute perfect option for you. The overall mouthfeel of a protein drink can make or break it. All in all, customers seem quite satisfied with how this feels. Smooth and lacking that awful chunky last drink all the old irritations of your protein drinks will disappear when you give Vega's Vegan choice a try.


Vega Sport Protein is one of the most effective Vegan options on the market. Most powders are made with animal byproducts and unfortunately, truly Vegan options tend to not rank as well. Vega is certainly the exception here. Easy to digest and packed full of protein you are sure to reap the benefits of adding a shake into your daily routine. On top of that, it has a great number of other nutrients that will help keep you focused and keep your muscles growing and feeling great even after days of hard exercising. Customers really love this brand and the products that they offer, a huge part of that is the fact that they are very effective at giving you exactly what you need to support how your muscles feel day after day.


The main ingredients in this choice are all plant-based. It contains Organic Sunflower Seed, Alfalfa, Pumpkin, and Pea proteins. There is also tart cherry, probiotics, and Stevia Leaf in it. It is important to note, there are other things like Sea Salt in this product but they account for less than 2% of its makeup. Also, it is manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, and eggs. There is a slight problem with the label's ingredient list, it doesn't actually list everything that is contained in their product. Recent studies have been released showing a variety of other things that are in this, such as Arsenic.


With thirty grams of protein per serving, you will have no problem consuming what you need to in a day. Most Vegan options don't offer quite this amount. On top of the amazing Protein content, you get six grams of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and glutamine. Nutritionally it really increases the value of this product. We buy Protein powders, bars, and supplements because it gives a great advantage to muscle growth and health when paired with an amazing workout the protein-packed option we show you here will certainly give you the effect you have been looking for.


For an oddly sweet product, you will find there is no sugar in it at all. Sugar in excess is not going to lead to the results we are looking for and finding options without sugar is key. This is exceptionally important for those who suffer from Diabetes. This uses Stevia Leaf for its sweetening element. Stevia is all-natural and has taken the world by storm in recent years. It is significantly healthier than sugar and is sure to give the one who loves sweet just what they want. Stevia is a bit overpowering when it comes to its level of sweetness but for many, that is no problem at all!


Low carb diets are something we hear about frequently and with this protein powder, you won't have to worry about the impact of your post workout shake, not really anyway. It contains roughly six grams of carbs per serving. This is not typically enough to have a major effect on people with Diabetes and won't add much to your daily quota if on a low carb diet.

Amino Acids

Amino acids really help during muscle recovery. This is what helps you avoid the pain of a heavy lifting session. Vega Sport Protein contains an extensive list of Amino Acids. In addition to keeping your muscles feeling good, Amino Acids can help with focus, concentration, as well as increase your performance. This option also contains a good amount of L-Glutamine. This is a powerhouse in the world of Amino Acids and while we produce it naturally, the added boost helps with brain function and plays an integral role in overall health.


There is a reason so many people love this product and here is another one. No fillers at all. So many products add fillers which add to calories, carbs, and other things we need to try and avoid. The lack of fillers is loved by users. When you really want to keep it natural and clean Vega understands and steps up to the plate to ensure you have what you are truly looking for.


You have some options when it comes to buying this option from Vega. There is a variety in the sizes of packaging ranging from sample sizes to pretty large tubs. If using a tub they give you a scoop to measure with and one scoop is one serving. When dealing with individual packages, they are each a single serving, which makes them quite convenient. Having the ability to not only try a small amount with a sample but also buy a variety of flavors in larger quantities once you fall in love with it is not only time saving but also more cost-effective.

Side Effects

Whey protein can cause many more uncomfortable side effects than plant protein usually does. Some customers have reported having mildly upset stomachs, dizziness, and nausea. While these side effects are fleeting typically they can still be annoying. A few other side effects that are common with plant-based proteins are diarrhea, due to taking in an overabundance of protein and bloating.


Whether you love to Box, weightlift, or just in general work out, a protein supplement can help you in many ways. This option gives you an amazing amount of Amino Acids for a quick recovery. You can make it with water or any other non-dairy option and you won't have to worry about it not mixing well. The probiotics and focus you get when taking this are also things that cannot be denoted and are exceptionally valuable when looking at Protein choices. Lastly, let's not forget that it is Vegan-friendly and will keep those who don't tolerate Lactose feeling better and recovering faster.


The biggest disadvantage found in this product is the fact that the label doesn't clearly state exactly what is in it. We looked into the Clean Label Project and found that this product does contain some chemicals that are not often smiled at - things like lead and arsenic. These items are obviously not healthy for us and should be avoided. Many believe you should avoid this product until they remove this type of thing from their product.


The quality of this product can be debatable depending on what you want most out of your protein powder. Many will say that due to the harmful reports of Lead and Arsenic being in this product that the quality is minimal. Others will completely disagree because of the decent flavor, easy mixing ability, great amount of protein and other natural options make the quality off the charts. Unfortunately, manufacturers are not always as honest as we would like and they don't spell it out really clearly on their labels. You will have to decide what is the most important thing and if the risk is worth the reward when deciding on the overall quality.


The cost of this item varies depending on what size and flavor you buy. When just trying it out you can order a sample pack for an exceptionally affordable price. This allows you to see if you like it before investing, as the larger packages can be a bit pricey. Depending on your budget and if you like the flavor and consistency of the product you may find it worthy of purchasing in a large quantity. Overall, buying a larger quantity does save you money per serving and will always ensure you have your shake at the end of a killer workout.

Key Features

  • Informed Choice Certified

  • Certified Vegan Friendly

  • 1 Billion CFU Probiotics

  • Three Grams of Fiber

  • No Artificial Sweeteners, Colors, or Flavors

  • Non-GMO Certified
  • Bottom Line

    Overall, this is one of the best options on the market when looking for a Vegan-friendly Protein powder. Their label may not lay everything out clearly but this powder is sure to dissolve nicely and won't be nearly as chalky as others. While very sweet, the flavor is not overpowering which is something most seem to really like. Additionally, you can order it in a variety of package sizes and flavors to ensure you get exactly what you need at a price you can afford. Finding a Vegan/Vegetarian Protein Powder is not difficult, however, finding one that actually tastes decent and contains all of the natural things you are looking for can be. When you give this choice a try you are going to see the real difference between Vega and the other brands.