Venum 360 MMA Shin Guards Review

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The Venum 360 MMA Shin Guards offer one of the most secure fits available to you. When you are training with sparring partner accidents happen and ill-fitting protective gear can lead to catastrophe. The design of this item will ensure that it does not budge. You will have the peace of mind of knowing you will stay truly protected no matter what mishap may happen while working on the mat. Obviously, you buy gear like this to keep yourself protected but keep in mind that it also helps to keep your sparring partner and coach protected. This option gives this to everyone due to the fact that the padding is stellar at absorbing and dispersing shock.

The Venum brand is known for making good products for decent prices. This set of shin guards are a bit pricey when compared to others but they are of good quality. The materials used in the design will hold up well to consistent abuse. It is important to note, however, they may not hold up as well as options from brands like Hayabusa that are made from genuine leather. While the materials are not of the utmost quality they are still very good. The performance of this item, even better. Overall, the reviews surrounding this product are insanely positive. We believe you will be satisfied with the fit and level of protection they provide when given the chance.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Exceptionally Secure Fit
  • Decent Adjustability
  • Protects Ankle, Shin, & Foot
  • Great Shock Absorption
  • Won't Budge While In Use
  • Solid Design
  • Extremely Durable
  • Hard To Put On & Take Off
  • Pricey
  • Very Limited Breathability


The Venum brand has been around for almost fifteen years. They came to be because of the world of combat sports was growing in popularity and there were a ton of brands offering expensive products that were not well thought out. Wanting to do something better the founders took it upon themselves to find a way to make great equipment and gear for more reasonable prices. Today, fighters across the globe look toward them for all of their fight-related needs. When you are looking for trunks, gloves, wraps, protective gear, punching bags, or other high-impact sports needs they will have a great option for you. They not only have items well suited toward beginners but they also have items for intermediate and advanced fighters. Whether you are into boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts of any discipline you will need a variety of items to stay safe and ready for the next round. This brand has you covered.


The materials that this brand has chosen for this item are all good quality. It is important to note that this option may not be quite as durable as other options do to the outer material they have chosen. They use high-quality synthetic leather. It will stand up to frequent abuse fairly well however, it will never stand up as well as genuine leather does. There is a neoprene sleeve surrounding the back of it that you will slide your leg down into. Customers have mentioned that this is a very snug fit and can make it difficult to put these on. They have also included a couple of large velcro straps to help ensure that this item stays put while in use. As with most items in this category, they use several layers of high-density foam padding to ensure you maintain a great level of protection. Not only do you get this padding in the shin area but also on your ankle, foot, and instep.


This item offers a tighter fit than many other options. It is slightly adjustable and most customers find it to be fairly comfortable. It has been noted several times that putting this item on and taking it off can be quite difficult. This is because of the narrow sleeve that you will slide your leg down into. The fact that it is made of neoprene means that we'll have a bit of stretch, however, if you have thick calves it may be hard to get them in the correct position. With that being said, once you do have them on you won't have to worry about them sliding around. These stay in place better than most other options. This is due to features like the velcro strapping system that they have included. Finding a secure fit in your protective gear is exceptionally important. It ensures that you will not sustain any major injuries while working through all of your different training routines.


Unfortunately, this is going to be one of the least breathable options that are available to you. While most of us don't expect a high level of breathability from our protective gear the fact that this item is a bit worse than others is a slight disadvantage. It is likely that while you are wearing it you will notice that you are hotter than normal. This is due to a couple of different reasons. First off synthetic leather does not breathe so the coverage that it gives you is going to hold in heat. In addition, the entire back of your leg will also be covered. Many other options that are out there strap around the back without using any sort of sleeve. This leaves your skin open to Air and can help you maintain a more comfortable temperature while working through your sweaty sessions. Overall, most people can get past the fact that this item does not breathe while due to the fact that it does offer a good level of protection.


This item gives you a very good level of protection and you will find it in more than just the shin area. This set of shin guards will protect the tops of your feet, your ankles, as well as, your shins. The fact that this item gives you better coverage than other options that are out there is an advantage. Your feet have some of the most fragile bones of your entire body and are exceptionally susceptible to injury. So, as you can see the fact that this item gives you better coverage is going to help keep you safer. We wear protective equipment not only to protect ourselves but also our sparring partners. It is important that all fighters maintain a high level of safety when working through striking drills. If you sustained an injury it could take you away from your chosen fight sport for a long period of time. You'll be able to rest assured that this item will keep you both in excellent condition by offering a high level of shock absorption.


There are mixed reviews about the level of comfort you'll experience while wearing this item. Some consumers find that the exceptionally tight fit becomes uncomfortable when you are wearing these for a long time. Training sessions can go on for extensive amounts of time so wearing protective gear that is comfortable plays a role in how long you will be able to hang in there. As long as you are careful with sizing and keep in mind that this item runs a bit small you should be okay with the level of comfort you experience. If you find this item is way too tight and cutting off circulation, obviously, you're going to want to exchange them for a bigger size. Overall, while the reviews are about comfort most people are able to find a pair of these shin guards that fit well and feel great. One other factor that decreases the level of comfort is the fact that this item offers no breathability.


The exact weight of this pair of shin guards is not listed. With that being said, they are considered, by the brand, to be ultra lightweight. This would make us suspect of the pair comes in weighing less than a pound. Due to the fact that this item is made with synthetic leather rather than real leather, it is easy to believe that it is truly lightweight. Genuine leather weighs more. The fighters that are wearing this item agree that it is extremely lightweight. This is an excellent feature. When you are wearing a plethora of protective gear it can really weigh you down. This can affect your performance as you will Tire more quickly and you may not be able to move is fast. So, keeping everything is light as possible will help you perform at your best level. Overall, customers are very happy with the weight of this item.


The secure fit that this item offers is one of its biggest advantages. If you've been in the world of combat sports for some time and have landed a blow where your gear moves you understand how important this is. Shifting gear can lead to substantial injuries. Obviously, this needs to be avoided. In addition to the secure fit, the foam that this brand uses is great for absorbing impact. This means you're going to feel less during your training sessions. In addition, when your body takes less shock you'll feel better after your training sessions. The better you feel the longer you are going to be able to train and the better your performance, overall, will be. This item is also pretty durable. It will be able to take frequent abuse from not only you but also your sparring partner. You'll be able to use this item for the foreseeable future without worry of needing to replace it.


There are two fairly consistent complaints about this item. The one we are seeing the most often has to do with the amount of time it takes to put them on and take them off. Due to the exceptionally snug fit, it can be difficult to get your calves inside of them. This is especially true if you are thicker throughout the calf area. You'll want to keep this in mind when you are purchasing your item. They offer a size chart that you can take measurements and ensure that you get a great fitting pair of shin guards. The other advantage that customers are not so pleased with the fact that this item is totally lacking in breathability. While breathability is typically an issue with this type of protective gear it is worse with this one than with others. Like will be basically completely enclosed and this could lead to some exceptionally hot sessions.


The fighters using this item feel as if it is a very good value. You will be paying a bit more for it, however, it is fairly well thought-out and the design is well-regarded among users. Making the investment into this product may be a bit of a stretch for some budgets. Some people feel this is a let-down considering they are not using the highest quality materials that are out there. You could make the same type of investment and have a product that is guaranteed to last years upon years. Now, with that in mind, this product does offer an excellent level of protection. It will also give you good coverage so that your foot, ankle, and shin are all well protected. As noted, your sparring partner will also experience high-level protection when you are training with this item. Overall, we do agree that is a good value and worth the investment even though the price is a bit higher.

Bottom Line

Overall, the people using this item are more than satisfied with it. It can be a burden to put them on and take them off, however, you won't have to worry about them sliding around while in use. Your mind will be able to focus on the fight in front of you rather than trying to avoid injuries. While the materials are not the absolute best they are all of good quality and will provide a good amount of use before you notice any detriment. The price tag is a bit higher than other options but it does provide you with an exceptional level of protection. Most customers are able to find a fit that they are happy with. There are some negative aspects that should, naturally, be taken into consideration before you decide if this item is the right product for you or not. We believe that most people will be truly satisfied with the performance that this item provides during use.